If You Can’t Take the Heat Get Out of the Kitchen: Certain Workers Offended By Fictitious Stories Posted on This Blog

I have several pertinent questions concerning the recent statements made about this blog by certain individuals within the organization of SWRC.  It has been reported that there will be an attempt by leadership to seek to restrict, stop, reveal, and prevent our conference workers and constituents in leadership the rights and privileges that our great country has given us, which is freedom of speech. Their participation in this blog is currently being investigated with certain consequences, such as termination, as a result.

The condemnation of this blog by certain leadership in SWRC is quite surprising. I guess they have been allowed to operate with minimal oversight and scrutiny by the public for so long that there is obvious offense to the contents and subject areas explored. As the  only administrator of this blog,  I have read the Left Behind fictitious cartoon stories  and find them to be laughter. In fact, individuals who have brought a lot of attention to themselves by making threats to this blog have been caught off camera using such cartoonish depictions of others.

I ask these questions to readers of this blog concerning this laughter. Is it opinion? Is Left Behind describing a negative process that some people have chosen to follow? I believe so. I think Left Behind wants to show how the system is being manipulated by a “few” to gain their “means.” And in fact the “offended” shouldn’t be whining when they can also contribute and clarify many issues surrounding these recent discussions.

However, have those offended ever used at anytime, at any meeting offensive language to describe their feelings about some men and women within this domain SWRC?

Has the person who felt demonized, defamed, or libeled used questionable language in regard to some of their fellow men including their use of such descriptive and critical language?

Has this offended person used off color jokes, language and descriptions to depict certain people including their own supervisor?

Has any person offended, secretly met to discuss their “choice” and formed a network of people to seek an outcome of a selection for this upcoming constituency or any other past constituency for that matter? In any of these unauthorized or “political”  sub-groups did they criticize and make inappropriate comments about the leader and his leadership? Have they notified the leader of such meetings, unauthorized and political, to discuss a future replacement? Has any individual called and/or spoken to members concerning their preference; with the intent to influence them to go along with their plans?

Have any of the offended parties ever referred to each other as disloyal?

Did the offended ever say in any group that certain men and women, who choose and continue to choose to remain loyal to this institution and organization (SWRC ministers, teachers and brethren in this conference) could not be picked up by another institution because, “nobody wanted him/her?” This would of course include some of the “offended’s” so called brothers and sisters in Christ and long time colleagues.

Has the leader declared the desire to be a leader again? If not then his/her resignation is appropriate and welcome because whether the offended accepts it or not he/she is “secretly” running for office which is called politics. If they choose to be offended by these stories and want them removed then by all means take the poll and vote. Otherwise go back to your “politicking” and continue to laugh at the “pigeons” who are responsible for your fate this upcoming election.

We the “pigeons” now know your tactics and have communicated via this blog that we will not allow this to continue.

The  “offended” should at least look at it from this point of view, “they” have said much about each other and others, concerning a number of issues with descriptive and offensive language. THIS WAS/IS UNBECOMING OF A CHRISTIAN AND DISLOYAL TO FELLOW MEN AND WOMEN!

A blog is an opinionated forum where people can express their opinions about the issues without fear of repercussion. No one is forced to reveal their identities. Some choose to as Dr. Stanley has and others choose not to. The most important keyword is “choice.” As the administrator of this blog I approve every comment posted. Unless the language is derogatory in nature or seeks to identify a specific person by name with malicious intent I will not censure the opinion of the people who have the guts and integrity to speak out even those who disagree (see Anonymous in Memorable Comments.) I welcome the spirit of debate it clears the air and helps us find a common ground.

Additionally, if you have drawn a similar identification and offense to the fictitious cartoon as described by Left Behind then maybe your own spirituality needs a serious overhaul and reality check. If you feel that you have been exposed by this story then by all means make amends with your colleagues and constituents whom YOU have left behind, left in and left out. “If you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen,” elected officials of this religious entity are responsible to the people who support them through tithes and offerings and should welcome oversight, scrutiny, even humor of their practices…it’s …well…The American Way!  Get Over It!

~The FORGOTTEN Shepherdess


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25 Responses to If You Can’t Take the Heat Get Out of the Kitchen: Certain Workers Offended By Fictitious Stories Posted on This Blog

  1. Dolomite9 says:

    I wish they would try to stop this blog!In the United States of America?Are they serious?By whose authority?Who gives any conference located on these hallowed shores the rightnto interfere with any individual’s freedom of speech?Are they above the US law?They must have more mnoey than Fort Knox!


  2. dolomite9 says:

    Right on Jonah!Power to the Holy Ghost powered pastors and members who really want to do God’s will!


  3. dolomite9 says:

    Time is of essence here and our pastors need to be the last to be passive agressive much less intimidated into inactivity because of threats to their freedom of speech!Most of them are so shy that they are afraid of really letting themselves go and be so Holy Ghost filled that they challenge the members to get rid of status quo because there is no such thing as a friendly small church!Our churches are small because we believe in taking the path of least resistance!We can have the best conference,the best church,the best choir or whatever we want if we are willing to do whatever it takes to bethe best!You do not become the best by running over the little people because everybody counts in God’s eyes!Peace!


  4. dolomite9 says:

    If we have run with the footmen and they have wearied us, how are we going to contend with the horses?We need to put aside our differences and fight in harmony against our 1 common enemy.His purpose is to divide and conquer using whatever lie he can use.To him the end justifies the means.We must lift the standard higher in SWRC because there are still at least 7000 who have not bowed down to Baal!Let us rise up and kick the enemy back to oblivion or farther!


  5. Churchmouse says:

    Also how can this be legal?


    • @churchmouse: clever tag:) Welcome to the discussion! I think it will be tough to pull off but the threat I think is enough. I really believe that if we the constituents stand together to support the workers we can send a strong message that this will not stand.


  6. Churchmouse says:

    I am floored when this post went up I didn’t believe it until it was confirmed by several people in this conference as a constituent I will never support a policy that restricts free speech.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Yikes I’m just now reading this and shocked at how serious the conference is taking this I hope they can pull it together.


  8. Left Behind says:

    Hopefully it will clear up this obvious heated debate.


  9. Left Behind says:

    Yes that’s fine I trust your judgement


  10. Left Behind says:

    I sent it to your email.


  11. Left Behind says:

    Hello Forgotten Shepherdess:

    May I send you a letter to post regarding this issue?


  12. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible that we might have a “kinder gentler conference “or have we sown the wind and now will reap the whirlwind”?When and where does it stop?Everyone is responsible for their own behavior and the consequences.Whatsoever a man soweth,that shall he also reap.You can’t plant onions and expect peaches the good you do comes back to you and so does the bad.When our kids see the example we set ,they choose either to follow or take another path.We are our kids best teachers!It will be exciting to see the choices we make at the session.Peace!


  13. Me says:

    If you don’t like what’s being said don’t read it.. Freedom of speech!!! People should be able to voice whatever they want to. I appreciate you for even creating the blog whether i agree with you or not.. The conversation needs to happen.. Kudos to you..


  14. dolomite9 says:

    Now is the time!It is high time we take care of business!Instead of being offended the persecuting powers ought to be thankful that their hand was called and they need to repent!Why add sin to sin by making idle threats?Repent,be converted, confess be forgiven and stop all of this self justification!Thank God we live in the good old USA where freedom of speech is a constitutional right!How dare any religious power especially this one threaten workers for exercising their God given constitutional freedom?If the shoe were on the other foot, they would show no mercy but would run right over you and never look back and say “i am sorry”.A repentance of sackloth and ashes would be more fitting than trying to get even because the dastardly deeds have been brought to the light.Somebody said “confession is good for the soul but I say “a little honesty never hurt anybody”.Let us rise up and transform SWRC so that it is a place where pastors love to pastor because everyone is treated right and equally .A place where merit is based on performance and people learn to love ,respect ,and appreciate their pastors and cannot didvide or pit the conference against the pastor or vice versa!This does not mean that a sorry, lazy , get over style pastor will be coddled or condoned or tolerated.But it does mean that equal support and repesentation will be given to everyone so that no one feels,left out ,left behind,or not an essential participant.We need to raise the bar and have a standard of excellence and a spirit of commradarie among the workers that says” one for all and all for one rather than the haves versus the have nots”!What do you think the new guys think that come to this conference?We are giving the wrong message out my brothers and we need to change it and not by any means necessary either.”Let everything be done decently and in order.”


  15. ANNONYMOUS says:

    Some ministers know that they watch Saturday Night Live, Paul Mooney, Bill Maher etc. They laugh at the joke and on some occasion quote them from the pulpit.

    Are ministers thinking about firing these men or women on these comedy shows?

    I have even seen some comedians immitate these stars in sermon style.

    What is the difference? Do you editorial in the news papers, watch cartoons that depict social events?

    gimme a break! this cannot be real!


  16. Jonah_77 says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Religious freedom in this country has been around for over 200 years. Are there some things on this blog that make you think? Yes. But to openly call for the firing of workers because they are practicing their First Amendment rights is asking for a court battle that no one wants. Not to mention a major problem with the SDA church advocating for religious freedom while practicing religious suppression.

    Lets take a step back here and try to see the good in this. People are actually talking about change. If the Leaders of this conference are trying to suppress the rights of ministers then they should step down. Please tell me where it states in the constitution where a minister cannot voice his opinion.

    Many of us grew up during the Civil Rights Era and this type of fear and scare tactic is not of the Spirit. If there is anything on this blog that is untrue, then someone should anonymously denounce it and replace it with fact. I submit to you however that it is all true.

    God forbid anyone was revealed here because our leaders would become the very people that they preach against every sabbath regarding the end time, Persecutors and Suppressors of religious freedom.

    We are talking about the lively hood of someone being taken away because, the Prez, Frank, Dino and Jerry got bad press? News flash, its been like that for years and now young people, old people and everyone else is calling them out for it. Craig was right!

    Someone tell me what is next, “The Adventist Inquisition”? Where we drag the Forgotten Shepherdess out on the street and burn her at the stake? Are we going torture Leftbehind because he or she voiced his/her frustration through satire? People, calm down. Ministers, step up! We are talking about you and the corrupt system that governs you. The days of strong arming the upcoming meeting and playing dirty politics should not be permitted. The will of God is at work but we must remember that Satan is at work as well. No one here has condemned the SWRC. We are simply trying to find ways to address problems.

    What Say You?


  17. Sister-girl says:

    Right on Forgotten! Well, I guess Craig was absolutely right. I really did not believe him. Who would have thought that our leaders would threaten to fire workers, ministers because they commented. That is absurd! I just clicked on and voted and the poll shows people are not offended by the story or the results would be the opposite. I tried to vote again and it would not let me. So I feel this is legitimate and fair and I am grateful for at least the people have a chance to voice their opinion.

    Well, I asked some of my grown kids to answer the question I asked the other day about the youth, about why they are not as interested in church as they use to be, and why they shop, go to clubs on Friday night, etc. and I got a mouthful. They said we parents criticize too much, we are hypocrites and they had a lot of criticism of us older folks and some of it I did not have an answer for. I had to admit some of my sabbath activities in their opinion did make me seem like a hypocrite. So since this blog has done so much good about opening up discussion, I would like someone to help us figure out how to help the young people look at the blog. I already know why the workers aren’t talking, they might get fired! The lay people are many in number viewing but few in number talking and the young people get their news from YOU TUBE and facebook. So somebody tell them on facebook to please tell Sister-girl what are we doing wrong that we cannot get them involved or is it they have just lost interest in the church? Do they think they can do better? And if they can do better, just give us a scenario of how they would run things. Many of us are open-minded and can take criticism. I really liked someone’s opinion about having observers at the constituency to filter questions. Because if someone comes to this constituency uninformed, I am going to the Mic and ask, Where you live? Under a rock!


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