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In Response to “What Happened to the Good Ole Days?”

“To desire the good old days is to sit in a state of nostalgia and nothingness. We have today, the good old days are old and gone forever. What are we going to do today?  Ministers and their wives are always going to be talked about. I am a pastor’s wife. We have been abused and talked about enough that for me I am just going to do what pleases me. Most of the members don’t care about us. They feel that they can just call the conference office and request a new pastor, not caring how it may affect the pastor and his family. Cant speak for everyone, but as for me, I am not taking any more abuse.” Anonymous

“Bad News from the Prez”

A Fictitious Cartoon

The pounding sounds of fists beating on the door of a suburban home disturb the crisp morning air. The sounds increase from desperate to urgent. Awakened by the sudden noise, the underworld “deal maker” puts on his slippers and bathrobe and hurry’s down stairs to respond quickly to the urgent pounding coming from the front door of his palatial flat.

Frank: Who is it?

Dino: (whining) Its Dino and Jerry. Open up the door boss, I’ve got some bad news…bad news boss…open up.

(The door slowly opens only for Frank to find the frozen expressions of Dino and Jerry’s faces.)

Frank: Come on down to my office in the basement. By the way did you guys look around to see if any pigeons are hanging around the windows and doors? Those guys are always spying around. Find me a Great Owl…they hate pigeons.

Dino: By the way Frank don’t Great Owls eat rats?

Frank: Ya, ya, ya…scratch that idea that could be bad news for us.

Dino: We didn’t see any…but boss sit down…I gotta tell you what’s going on.

Frank: Tell me Dino…tell me. This better be good or you’re gonna be hanging out back!

Dino: We were sniffing around the headquarters of the Southwest like you told us to do, and we heard the Prez and his Adviser talking. The Advisor brought some information to him. Frank, you know what they were doing? I heard the Prez say to his Advisor “Get on your cell phone and call Stinky at A-1 Pest Control to exterminate Frank, Dino and Jerry.” The Prez said to Stinky to “Round them up, their bones are mine.” What are we going to do Frank, what are we going to do? I don’t want the Prez to take my bones. (Crying)

Dino: Give me the order Frank. Give me the order Frank! I’ll hit them now before he takes our bones. Give me the order!

Frank: (Slap, slap) Jerry! We’re losing our composure. Get control of yourselves. You’re always thinking with your fingers instead of with your brains. So get control of yourselves.

Jerry: Ya! Ya! Frank you’re pretty smart.

Dino: That’s right…why didn’t I think of that? But I don’t know Frank the Prez took the bones and threw them in the trash bin like practicing for a basketball game. He hit the bin pretty good. (Crying) We’re trapped…Frank we’re headed for the trash bin. The pigeons are gonna collect our bones Frank.

Frank: don’t insult me again. When the time comes to give up our boned…let’s have some dignity about it. I have a plan. Remember this, Dino and Jerry the Prez can’t do anything to us as long as we control the pigeons. Focus! We gotta take control of the great Pigeon meeting coming up. If we do that, we have nothing to worry about. Do you get it! The Prez can’t out smart me. I’m always a step ahead of him. Hold on a minute…I gotta call Falcon first to see how he wants to handle this.

Stay tuned…

And remember, I’m LEFT BEHIND.



I have to admit that Craig has tied the knot on this one. THANKS!
Let me clear the house for many of you who are following this by relating to you a fictitious novel concerning the political struggle for power in this field.
First out, you have at least four players in the political contest created by this republican system.

First you have the Rat Pack, Frank, Dino, and Jerry. Now Frank is leading the opposition and pretending and hiding his involvement. Truthfully he’s running the show. Right now, Frank is marshalling his two generals Dino and Jerry. They have been doing this for years. Frank’s mad because the Prez cut the heart out of him when he took the responsibility of the campground from him. Frank craves power and authority and essentially, wants the top spot or some other area where he can feed his addiction.Now Dino, a chameleon whom you never know what color he will appear, will talk to the devil to figure out what color he should be to gain his own selfish interest. Frank uses him.

Frank knows he has the gift of changing colors and will sell his soul. “He’s this way and that way with a smile of deceit. What he doesn’t understand is the people’s resentment towards his deceit and self-centered mentality. Last of the rat pack is Jerry. He’s Frank’s hit man and will do anything to get the hits accomplish. Now what’s in it for them? Position and power and even some tainted Adventist recognition! And power certainly corrupts everything around it and all becomes evil. In the end the republican government looks on, and is thrilled with the rat pack. Because the main man would like one of his in, that might do his bidding and deal with the regional retirement. (Maybe?)

The third entity is the Bush Administration.The current Prez made the local conference a killing field for senior ministers. For me and others, he cut the heart out of good men and placed us in the trash bin. The laity is collecting the bones of dead men as souvenirs for their showcases while the Bush Administration looks on.

Last of all there is the Fraternity Brothers comprised of young pastors who are seeking position and power for recognition and fame. They are looking to be written into the annals of Adventist history as change agents. But they won’t be in the Southwest very long. Craving power and position that surely corrupts shows them the way toward their selfish desires all in the name of Christ. What they don’t realize is they will grow older too. They will eventually be on someone’s best list for hits. The Fraternity Brothers will end up in the trash bin if they continue to maintain and function within the republican system of deceit, failure, spiritual genocide, and cowardice. This system says, “You can’t move on unless you are a company person and validate the present system that will get you where you want to be. So yes, Sister Girl some ministers became the tools of evil. Cut throats!
Why am I angry? Let me be very clear, I’m one of those who are left behind.
What can we do?

“Lord God, step in and save all of us from ourselves!”


It seems that the Forgotten Shepherdess has forgotten a very important definition related to the role and function of a Shepherdess. From the blog title, it would seem more reasonable that the Forgotten Shepherdess would be more interested in opening a dialogue about opportunities to improve the plight of Shepherdesses in the ministry.

This current string of topics are issues that have been discussed for years, yes years, with very few meaningful conclusions reached. The unfortunate reality is that most of these issues will remain in a state of discussion and will not be resolved until Christ comes. Shepherdesses remembered and forgotten would welcome blogs that focus on the specific tasks that can be done to hasten the soon return of our Lord.

That being said, it may be a better use of time and resource to provide suggestions to support the truly forgotten shepherdesses and take the subjects in this blog to an appropriate forum where key issues can be discussed and recommendations can be shared with the appropriate persons.

Of course, another option is to modify or remove the ‘forgotten shepherdess’ label, retitle the blog, identify the blog founder and disclose the primary agenda or goal for this dialogue. This would raise the level of credibility surrounding these discussions and increase the chances for meaningful results. We love to remember and not forget our Shepherdesses, and welcome suggestions to step up our ministry to them as well as our Shepherds. This approach gives honor to Christ.


A young African American man was anxiously waiting to speak with Frederick Douglas, the famous abolistionist and lecturer. He approached Douglas and asked him for a word of advice as he started his political career. Douglas took the young man to his house and showed him his washing machine and said these words: Young man, when you look inside a washing machine you will notice that there is a device called an agitator. This device stirs things up in order to keep the clothes clean.” Your role in society said Frederick Douglas was to “agitate” “agitate “agitate. Sister Sheperdess, “you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” The only way that change will take place in this conference or any other is when we have the exchange of ideas. Never, allow anyone to discourage you are to weigh you down with their many suggestions on the purpose or method for this blog. Like the people of God used this methodology in South Central Conference to evoke change you have developed a forum for the gathering of ideas. God Bless you and all those who are not afraid to speak truth with wisdom and kindness.

Jonah_77-Expert on Strategic Planning

Previous blog from

The strategic planning commitee chair brings up several points that I would like to comment on. Again, the thought process for planning is going in the right dircetion. What we need to consider is the how. When corporations or organizations start to think large scale there are more levels. There are in my opinion three levels of heirarchy in the SWRC. The strategic level, which would be the president, offices, and executive committee. The level that was overlooked was the Operational level. That would be the pastors and churches. They however can operate at both the strategic and operational level. Then the last level is the constituents or tactical level. Thats where everything is executed according to the plans at the strategic and operational level. Strategy is direction and focused on all areas of work, growth, mentorship, building, and special projects. Operations is the break down of this strategy applied to the tactical level. In essence, knowing where you are going, how to get there and who is taking you. These simple principles can always take you to greatness. However, deviation from it to protect the few will lead to decline in morale, growth and spiritual fitness. What say you?


14 Responses to Memorable Comments

  1. W.schrauth says:

    After mismanagement of over 200 million dollars over the past 30 years at the GC level and local conferences you will have problems. Read David Dennis, Fatal Accounts. David was head auditor at GC for 15 years. We’re is the transparency. Or lets blame it on the Russians.


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  3. frederick douglass says:

    What a brilliant idea!As i was thinking about the 5 guys thrown under the bus,i realized that if we really want to do something really revolutionary,we should start sending some of our tithes and offerings to these 5 guys!The Lord will still bless us and we can still get tax credit and Big Dawg ,Lil Wimpy, and Shirley our poodle and lucky gordon will have to realign what is leftover or pardon the pun left behind!Like Uncle Otis used to say there is more than 1 way to skin a cat!Rally Day was a great idea but holding back on tithes and offerings or diverting them will get the sure results that we need!Those negroes lied about campground expenditures but this way they cannot lie because they will not have money to lie about!


  4. Jose' Gonzales says:

    We can easily take over by division and conquering all we have to do is smile and keep going we can take the conference over and it will become the 1st spanish conference among the regionals!They will become our servants!Isn’t this great?We are glad that they don’t trust each other but when we come around they smile at us and try to talk our language!How funny they are!They will be really surprised in September when they find out that we outnumber them and win by majority vote!Their conferences have stopped growing and now they are the new “gringos”!Lucky for us yes lucky is for us even he hops to be president 1 day!


  5. Emilio says:

    What are they gonna do to the rest of the preachers that they are trying to kill off?Wait till you see what God gives them in return for trying to destroy His anointed!The Scripture cannot be broken so they had best better leave His prophets alone!He will lift up a standard against them!He will show them what adversity and difficult times really feel like!They will see their surefire investments fail,their homes foreclosed on and their cars repossessed!They will be shocked at how hard and how fast they will fall!Just 1 stroke from the master and they will fall like the plagues fell on Egypt!


  6. RODNEY KING says:

    this was some good stuff!


  7. Johnny Cochran says:

    If the charges are true that the expenditures spent on the campground improvement and other expenses out of budget,we need to check into an unbiased audit.If the accusations and allegations are accurate,we have grounds for impeachment but as in the now famous OJ Simpson case,the gloves didn’t fit so we had to acquit!let us do the serious investigating and then take all the necessary actions!I would love to take on this case!


  8. hoss cartwright says:

    Do the pastors have a job description?Where is it posted?Do they have a 40 hour work week?Do they get mileage reimbursement?What about car repair?My pastor used to hit us up for car repair,cell phone bills, kid’s tuition,and everything else he could hustle us for!Then he would turn around and ask our sister church for the same thing!Where can we find a job description for pastors in our conference?Some are overworked and underpaid and some are quite the opposite!
    I heard that they were on call 24 /7!How are they gonna hold down another job if they are on call 24/7?How much money do they rake in?Do they get extra for weddings funerals baptisms bible studies counseling etc.?We could use 1 fulltime at the Ponderosa!


  9. hoss cartwright says:

    Here comes the cavalry!


  10. Miss Kitty says:

    Well who is gonna help me clean up this whole mess?Nobody ever stops to think about the cleanup after they messup!Of course I can get everything and basically everybody cleaned up but i don’t handle corpses!You better call the undertaker for that Festus go on take that guy to Doc’s office but when Matt gets back we will get this settled!Mister Dawg and Mister Wimpy you say it’s not mismanagement or shortage of funds but the only answer is to fire or retire seniors whether or no they got to go but now you are telling me we ain’t go no dough?Sapphire used to say”theres a dead cat on the line somewhere!”So Mister Dawg tell me!


  11. Perry Mason the Late says:

    Come out with your hands up!The administration needs to be arrested for being the crooks that they are they are worse than Frank and Jesse James and the Who Dunnit Brothers!And what gets me is that they are getting away with it!Where is the system of checks and balances?Is there no accountability?How do they pass audits if these allegations are true?Does the executive committee coverup for them and they for the executive committee?Whatever happened to good old honesty and common sense?We need to get to the bottom of this before someone else dies never knowing the truth the whol truth and nothing but the truth!


  12. Matt Dillon says:

    Allright where is everybody?


  13. dolomite9 says:

    By th the way who do you think is God’schoice for presidency?The longer it takes for us to get the right answer is the longer we will be sentenced to stay in this sin cursed world!Let us get it together!Let’s look at the list of people in our conference who are doing a worthwhile job!


  14. dolomite9 says:

    This stuff is better than the sopranos and desperate housewives!The sickening part is that these people are not actors and their actions affect everybody .The exposing them for what they are and who they are should help prevent them from being successful.The other thing is :If our leader and his buddies get back in they are going to kick alot of behind!So look around and see who could safely preside over the great SWRC with the least amount of casualties.I know Dino or Jerry claims that not everybody can pastor a large church and so if you can’t pastor a large church how can you preside over a conference?But how many pastors of large churches are:!Successful?,2.THere because someone gave them a pass,?3.Really making any impact on their members and community?The answer very few if any because their focus is getting into the office away from the real work of ministry! The honest ones will tell you it is hell out there in the pastorate full time really getting back to the basic really any of us who were really called came into the ministry!Every body is ecstatic about the “falcon coming from Atlanta” but the fact of the matter is he will come in kicking much behind and bring his own team with him!This he will do because his excsuse will be if they don’t have anyone there good enough to be their president they probably don’t have anyone good enough for anything esle!What low self esteem they must have!


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