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A lay person and member in Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.The anonymity of this blog is developed for the purpose of protecting those who have communicated their feelings and concerns to me in private and have given permission for me to explore this topic as an unknown facilitator. Some may not feel comfortable with identifying themselves because of the undeserved scrutiny it can cause their families and loved ones in the work and in representation positions where re-election is imminent. I will assure you that I am a credible person who has served for many years in this conference and in good standing with the church. Additionally, I only speak now under this tag to help facilitate discussion. If you do not feel comfortable using your own name feel free to create an anonymous profile here and join the discussion.


11 Responses to About Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am strongly considering filing legal action against the southwest region conference. My experience with the conference has been more than eye opening. Corruption appears to abound and the fact that someone like Harden Weech with his history is sent to a Houston church to help destroy it is unbelievable.


    • Deniece Anderson says:

      I don’t know you or the past of Pastor Harden Weech that would make you so dead set against him. I do know that he Pastored the Muskogee church for a few years. He came in. With his sleeves rolled up! He worked from the time he got her until he left. I saw it the record where he and his son held an Evangelistic meeting in San Antonio TX some years ago. God gives a person of their sins and gives each of us second chances.Give him a chance. Work with him and not against him to build up the kingdom of God! Pray for him and his family as well as with him. If you can’t forgive him for something that he didn’t even do to you, then how do you expect God to forgive you for things you have done to HIM? If we can’t forgive people then God won’t forgive us!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Look in to Morris McPherson, it is said that he dated women before being cleared by the committee.


  3. Anonymous says:

    How does one vouch for his or her own credibility? What is your reputation in this Adventist community and SWRC? If you were to come forward, would you or this blog be so credible? You hide behind a screen and keyboard to further your libelous agenda. This blog is far from Christlike behavior, as it appears to be nothing more than a forum for disgruntled members acting a cyberbullies. If you and your confidants would pray and fast as much as you facilitate this blog, maybe SWRC would be better off.


  4. Anonymous says:

    To the author of this blog: I stumbled across this blog. I had no idea something like this existed. I do believe that individuals have the right to be informed and as constituents, they should seek out information. As an informed and highly involved constituent of this conference, I have been appalled to read the speculations, assumptions, and flat out gossip in the two articles I read. This is nothing but organized gossip. Although, the intentions may be well, the execution has not been. There has been gross mismanagement in this conference and constituents should be made aware of that. But facts need to be given, not half truths and opinions. This blog is reckless and does not aide in the resolution of the problems in this conference nor further the advancement of the kingdom.

    For the readers: please do not take the accounts written on this blog as facts. 2 articles I read are full of false notions. Although I am not a conference employee nor an executive committee member, I am a member of 2 other bodies that are discussed on this blog. Thus, I know directly that many of these assertions are not true.

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    • Thank you for response and opinion I think readers should hear your response I would like to post on the page but I have a question…what parts aren’t true? In my articles I have asked for any reader to correct my reports. If your opinion is that this is a gossip blog, which I respect, but I am not sure I believe that your response is any different than what your accusing, gossip opinions, I have reported facts that I do fact check prior to post I have received no requests for retraction or clarification on reports I would say that fans and critics can at least attest that I am fair and will retract or adjust findings that can be proven untrue.


  5. dolomite i removed this post because I am going to post it as this evening’s devotional I will move mine to next week. ~TFS


  6. Anonymous says:

    Don’t Let Them Do It!

    In 1997, Parliamentarian at our Southwest Region Constituency meeting ruled that it is the duty of the nominating committee to fill all offices to be voted in by the constituency. Looking at our present list of nominees, it is apparent that a number of positions have been left vacant or referred to the conference committee. In my estimation, this is an abdication of the nominating committee’s responsibilities. It is seldom wise to allow a few to make decisions for many. We all know from past experience, that referring a name to the conference committee is usually “The Kiss Of Death” for that individual / individuals. Therefore on May 21, 22; The constituents should insist that a partial report is unacceptable. Commuications Director, Health Ministries Director, Associate Treasurer, Pathfinder Director, Women’s Ministries Director, Publishing Ministries Director, Singles Ministries Director, Hispanic Ministries Director, Family Life Director, Wills And Trusts Director should all be nominated and approved or disapproved by the constituency. Remember the words of the legendary Yogi Berra who said: “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over.”


  7. Jonah_77 says:

    Please post this to the Hardball site and replace the Current Post. Thanks TFS!!

    The Process of Elimination

    Often, when we take a test, most of us pick C if we don’t know the answer. With the exciting climate of the upcoming constituency meeting I have to ask, do we even have a choice?

    We are at a crucial point in our spiritual and religious history in which the leaders we select will play a huge role in our organization moving forward.

    How will they address the issues in front of us like; why young Adventist professionals do not attend church regularly? Marriage and the Adventist Home, Understanding the Adventist Health Message, Rising Cost of Adventist Universities and schools.

    My suggestion is this, if you want the job then let it be known. I am by no means advocating that ministers start the campaign bus and travel from Louisiana to New Mexico on a speaking tour. What I am saying is that smart people who are very capable, are here in our conference. Furthermore, while I said that campaigning should not be done, a few are engaging in behind the scenes political gamesmanship as we speak.

    These tactics exist because there is no path for advancement established by your core leadership, and because the system as we know it is both broken and corrupt. That is a bold statement. I know. But the proof is in the reality of things. Some ministers have been left behind, left out, and laid aside. Is this right? What obligation do we have as Christians to take action and solve the problems that exist today so that we are ready and advent tomorrow?

    The question on Hardball today is: Should names be floated by rumors around the conference for particular office and then voted on?


    Should qualified ministers submit their names and credentials for consideration for nomination?

    What say you?


  8. Sister-girl says:

    I went to work this morning and now I am back and I cannot believe the intelligence I am realizing from these thought-provoking comments. I have not read them all but I just wanted to let people know I was afraid to comment because the site does say e-mail where you leave a reply but you can ignore that and comment, it will post anyway without your e-mail. Just thought some people might need to know that. Also, these people commenting seem to know alot about what’s going on, so if you have questions you need to ask them now, don’t wait til May. This blog is good, we still have time. I have questions and I’ll be back.


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