An Open Letter to The Forgotten Shepherdess: by Left Behind

I am sorry that the creation of the blog site The Forgotten Shepherdess is being unfairly misrepresented by people through some of the comments written by me. Thank you for your positive intentions toward helping ministers and the laity enter into discussions with the express purpose of creating dialogue that would help us all have a better understanding of issues within our territory.

I write to you because I have recently been made aware that our committee has reportedly entered into record, items concerning the name of the blog and the issue of remaining anonymous. The readers of your blog already understand that there is no connection with another organization that concerns the wives of ministers and/or your purpose to misrepresent them.

It was never my intention to cast a shadow on anyone. Those who feel this way are people that I sincerely love, have great respect for, and wish their well being. This includes our Leader, who I have no doubt, loves God and is seeking to do His will.

Let me make this point, this really started because some individuals attempted to manipulate the process. Their actions automatically created a political “situation” through secretly contacting individuals to support their idea of who should come to be our Leader and to depose the current one. THEY OPENED THEIR MOTIVES UP FOR QUESTIONS AND DISCUSSION. The language of the stories came from them and other people who used similar words to vent their concerns as workers in this region. My message concerned the ministers who felt “Left Behind.” Is this not a legitimate concern to hear?

Entering into the discussion after great contemplation came when I was disturbed by certain people who would actually attempt to do “there will” instead of “God’s will.” I believed that the Leader of our institution deserved a fair process even though I disagree with him on many issues. In one of the satellite locations one young person said, “I hate that minister!” I then realize that people have watched over the years how ministers have in my own words “shot each other” while at the same time diminished the confidence of some vulnerable people (This young man was present at one of the meetings a few weeks ago).

The actions and statements of the recent committee are puzzling. They demonstrated that a worker cannot express their opinion and reveal their identity because of repercussions, termination and other reprisals. Meaning, they have substantiated the need for a forum of this nature. When our freedoms of expressions are restricted by “policy” then our expressions in the pulpits and other public venues concerning stories, word pictures, relationships and marriage etc. will be restricted.

I believe that the individual(s) who is/are “offended” should be reprimanded along with others for their insubordinate actions to politically manipulate, and call meetings together without the consent of the Leader, of which our electoral process does not permit. The lack of transparency is not from this blog but from those individuals who sought and seek to hide and circumvent the process and failed to openly declare their intentions. If this does not stop, more people will lose interest and have doubt in our system of elections.

The most political individual that is offended should be counseled by upper levels of this union that this behavior is not acceptable and creates further division. At the same time he should understand that other people are greatly offended by this kind of behavior and it stunts their Christianity. Upper management is the “watch dog” of our organization and cannot sit back and let a few people go out and use this type of behavior to promote change. In better words, the gavel came down on the wrong people and I am sincerely sorry that a negative connotation has shadowed such a creative and informative blog that for the first time advocates for workers and members of our conference.

I doubt that pulling these “make belief stories” off your blog will stop these individuals and raise their integrity for this process to a higher level.

Nor retract what was reportedly submitted by our Leader into record.

I also doubt that if I said to our Leader that it was never any intent to cast a shadow on him or his family that this would stop him from making blatant statements about your good intentions that would resolve this witch hunt to expose you and remove this blog from existence.

The truth is I WANT TO BE SAVED, and since they are offended I request from you at the appropriate time to remove the stories. By doing this I hope that he will let things “rest” and allow God to do His work for the good of the “many.” Threats reportedly insinuated by our Leader on behalf of the “offended” have nothing to do with this recommendation nor is it to make me or the “offended person” winners. It is for me to do the “right thing” at “this time” “for peace” and less stress for the good people of this territory. Now that the “ducks are lined up” we can only put our faith in God’s hand. God will bring out the good and the bad.

By the way, I’m Left Behind


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16 Responses to An Open Letter to The Forgotten Shepherdess: by Left Behind

  1. dolomite9 says:

    “Finally brethren,whatsoever things are true,whatoever things are honest,whatsoever things are just,whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,whatsoever things are of good report;if there be any virtue,and if there be any praise,think on these things”


  2. Jonah_77 says:

    No, I can’t confirm or deny that anything was entered. What I would like to know is why a member of the Strategic Committee felt it necessary to post a detailed description of her views on pastors and leadership and now because the in crowd is offended this person has not defended their views. Where is that post? To be truly honest, the conversation truly began to get interesting after that posting. Does anyone know what was entered into record at the last meeting?

    I believe that the three folks depicted by Leftbehind are still at work. I also feel that the dialogue should shift to how we make the upcoming meeting transparent. Whatever was entered has yet to be made known. Also, people are reading but they are actually scared of those men (who would secure their future.. So what! I hope the process is made open. The Union and GC should investigate these political ploys. These men are selfish and openly have behind closed doors made deals and do not support the current leadership. That is fact.

    What Say You


    • @Jonah_77 as I said before the author of this post requested that her post be removed. I the administrator of this blog honored that request. I appreciate you seeking transparency in this process I have made contact with other individuals also with this request. God Bless and Stay With Us!


    • The Temptations says:

      We, as christians, should not be fearful. Those who are struggling with fear should check out Dr. Henry’s book, “Avoiding the Fear Trap”, this will help alleviate fear issues. But overall, we have Christ behind us, and our focus should be on standing up for principles that are right, not on what we feel.


      • Welcome! I agree and I have read Dr. Henry’s book. I also am interested in having him submit some excerpts for our viewers. I think fear is what drives a lot of the controversy surrounding this blog. Fear that certain officials will retaliate against workers. Stay With Us 🙂


  3. Ain't too proud to beg says:

    It amazes me how some people can say whatever they want too, yet when their statements hit them in the face they want to cry “unfair.”

    When you are a public figure you cannot hide from the political reality of criticism, satire, and discussion.

    It is equally shameful to use a body of the people to do your “dirty work.” This is similar to the U. S. Military turning on its own people.

    The problem with the Church is this: when Leaders are criticized for their policies they retreat to sanctions which causes people to have diminished faith and confidence.

    The biggest mistake they made was to become sooooooooooooo…defensive. It revealed a plan that was not about helping this field at all.

    Those who read this comment remember, it was not about Falcon coming here as a leader, for he may be a good one, but it was about the selfish interest some people have. Which did not have anything to do with the development of this field.

    The way we can move forward would be to send a clear message that the behavior of some of these individuals is not reasonable and therefore destructive.


    Can someone answer this…why doesn’t the Union get involved to make sure that this behavior does not continue? Are they afraid too?


    • I plan to get that information as soon as possible.


    • LayPerson says:

      The big loosers are the ministers who say nothing. They deserve their just “deserves.”

      How can you follow someone who will let a few people plot their own selfish future?


    • dolomite9 says:

      Obviously the Union can’t get involved because it is election time!Every man for himself!Survival of the fittest!Never go out on a limb by yourself!Be careful who you alienate!Every vote counts!Then after election then you take a stand!It would be political suicide for thhe Union to get involved now.But after the election run little chillun run the debil dun losed in de land!


  4. Jonah_77 says:


    It is a shame that we fear our own. You would think that the Leader would take heed to this blog. Instead, acts of reprisal and revenge are the first thing that comes to the mind of the committee. To Dolomite 9, you are absolutely right, the health, wealth, and lives of so many have been affected by the few. The stories are funny! They accurately reflect what obviously everyone is afraid to say. I can no longer call the silent, cowards, because of the system that is governing them. So where do we stand?

    In my eyes, “The Offended” if thats what we are calling them now, have stacked the deck. We have a leader who is numb to the workers in this field because he wont address the issues here. He wont even acknowledge that there may be some merit to what is discussed here. We also have the THREE STOOGES, who are ready willing and able to do anything to secure their locations, futures and retirement on the backs of their peers. Furthermore, they have tried to manipulate the system for years and finally are exposed.

    And to make it worse, they are doing this all in the name of Jesus.

    Then you have the younger ministers who are upset because what, someone told the truth and unveiled the process in which there exist no path for advancement and the lack of pastoral mentorship and development. How many of them participate in blogs?

    Leftbehind, it seems you have been humbled a bit, but I submit to you that your logic is very sound, and the method by which you convey your point was more courageous than the individuals who are supposed to lead you. Their behavior is not Christian and should be rebuked by the constituents. Everyone will have a day of reckoning. But in this next meeting, the people should speak strongly for change.

    What Say You?


  5. ANNONYMOUS says:

    dolomite…well said! I could not agree with you more. I hope Left Behind doesn’t allow the “Offended” to have his way. “He’s been doing this for years.”

    I do understand why he’s trying to reach out when the “Offended” wants blood.

    Do you think the person really went to some board and read that stuff?

    Question: Will God bless us when we follow his will?

    Answer: We all win!

    What happens when we try to help God out?

    Answer: We get a “circus!”


  6. dolomite9 says:

    Correction “people are who they are and do what people do and do not change unless they get converted!


  7. dolomite9 says:

    I agree with Left behind to a point.I say leave the stories and let the chips fall where they will unless you want to go down this road again.People are who they get what they are and do what people do and people do not change unless they get converted.Lives and futures have been more than “offended”some people have lost lives and health and wealth by decisions made by “politicking pastors who couldn’t care less who gets hurt as long as they get what they want by any means necessary!If everybody does the “right thing the right way”,then no one needs to be offended!But in the final analysis it is far better to offend someone who doesn’t play fair than to injure constantly those who are willing ,glad ,and grateful to serve wherever a” Holy Spirit led committee is impressed to send them”That way nobody really gets hurt!In closing at the risk of being redundant let us do 3 things:!Have a Christlike attitude toward the problems that confront this conference and the rest of the world for that matter.2.Think,pray and act with a persevering hope,instead of despairing.3Replace excessive self-interest by an eagerness to serve others!


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