The Meaning of Real Change

We heard the word “change” from some of our participants in this blog and I wonder if the meaning is skewed and missed. We heard “change is here”, “change is coming.” The questions that we need to ask ourselves are these concerning change: Is “no change bad, some change good?” Some areas in our conference may not need to be changed while others might.

We can’t forget that Lucifer’s original plan was all about change in a perfect universe. Change means doing something different than what we used to do. Exploring this definition for a moment might bring some common ground to the discussion. The reasoning is that some people may advocate change for everybody else but haven’t changed themselves (Sweep around your own front door). With this reasoning in mind it exposes change as a selfish dimension of evil.

If advocates are involved in the same old destructive practices of the past it would reveal that there is no change from within (they haven’t swept around their front door). Most people come to understand that if they want to be a “change agent” they need to personally seek for resolution to the above questions and find positive, spiritual answers for “WHY.”

Can we all just take a breath and answer this question?

So, where does change begin? It starts with the individual first. Great leaders who have changed the course of history changed themselves from within. Studies will indicate that when change is based on “doing the right thing” by the individual it started with, it eventually did something to people around them.

How do you know this? Just observe different promoters of change. Ask yourself, “What is the motive behind their proposal for change?” “Is there an underlying selfish interest (A selfish interest can be almost anything, and everybody has one which may be good or evil)?”

A case in point might be the proposed idea of term limits. It might be a good idea that sounds innocent until the “self” interest is revealed. This selfish interest might be to get someone out of office or to get someone in office. Change in this case might not be good for me because of its selfish underlying interest (This was the devil’s interest in heaven concerning Jesus). Not that term limits aren’t a solution to the problems we face in this conference.

Even in the strategic plan there might be an underlying bias that doesn’t represent workers or laymen. How can we know? Seek to do that which is right and Jesus centered first. Explore your interest for change and ask, “Is it right?” Find resolutions to the previous questions presented. And make sure that “change” is not meant to be “destructive.”

~A Contributor and Follower of This Blog


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20 Responses to The Meaning of Real Change

  1. Anonymous says:

    where do we go from here?have we gone from bad to worse?is that possible?


  2. craig says:

    When I hear the term or phrase “strategic plan” it reminds me why I left the conference and not the ministry after 30 years of service. The only way I need a constituency was only a few months away is when our leaders began throwing out slogans. This is a shame before God but these slogans come with a hidden message, namely, you must vote me back in office so I can direct this God ordained plan. Give me a gospel break! Folk, we need to open our eyes. We need to hold our leaders accountable during their terms and evaluate them after. Yes, we need to pray, but I will watch and pray. Don’t be fooled.


    • @craig this plan is going to be unveiled at the end of the month. I am not sure but I don’t think we will have much time for considerable dialogue. The chair of the committee posted a response regarding the plan but withdrew her post. I do think it is a step in the right direction I just don’t understand why it took three years according to the website to finally publish it. The committee was organized in 2007 so that would be roughly four years. From the pictures I did not see very many ministers from a wide range of demographics in this conference represented. I was informed however that ministers were given plenty of opportunity to participate and collaborate on this plan. I hope ministers can attest to this. It is my understanding that considerable dialogue from ministers was included and the facilitator was hired outside of the conference at “no drain on conference funds” to assist with its creation. Thanks for commenting and staying with us.


  3. Jonah_77 says:

    Well, it seems what started out as a concern for change has evolved into a serious discussion about various issues in the SWRC. I first want to state that the opinion of Anonymous that “these issues will remain unresolved until Christ comes” is indicative of unproductive thinking. It can be resolved and it is imperative that we attempt to resolve them as a church to prepare for Christ return.

    Second, the purpose for this blog I believe, is to provide a forum for everyone to speak freely for change without fear of reprisal. Obviously the Forgotten Shepherdess feels forgotten. It is also apparent that if revealed, an immediate backlash would ensue from our own church community. My question to the anonymous blogger is, who are the “truly” forgotten shepherdess? Some of us can’t answer that question because we don’t know the plight of a minister or his wife. So if the forgotten shepherdess feels forgotten it is our duty as Shepherds of the flock to continuously attempt to bring her back into the fold.

    Third, this blog and everyone who comments on it, in and of itself makes it credible. There is real information here. Knowledge is change. The ideas for the Strategic Plan I believe are good ideas. They are however untested and very vague at least to me. They also fail to address issues at a tactical or constituency level. Again, where is this organization headed? Are the popular who represent themselves or the few going to take control of this conference again? Thats what’s important. Is this organization transparent? Or are major decisions in this conference decided over potluck or back rooms? Bloggers who try to discredit or silence this blog should make their agenda known and identify themselves. This is not about politics, the next president or the upcoming elections. This is about how this conference is going to conduct business to continue to provide the gospel over a vast region. God gave us free will, the ability to choose. This discussion is about choice. No one should be robbed of that. Please continue to come forward. what say you all?


    • @Jonah_77 remember that anyone can comment and as we respect our anonymous right so should we respect theirs no matter their agenda and/or opinion. I missed you Jonah_77! I think anonymous is concerned about discord which is a valid concern. Discord, has occurred because of a broken system. We must seek to fix that broken system at all costs even if it means to make it public. Stay with us Jonah_77 and don’t stay away so long again 🙂


  4. @Craig thank you for those kind words. I loved your analogy it was so timely and needed 🙂 I would love to post a blog entry on your behalf you can emal me at . Stay with us and pray for us! 🙂


  5. Craig says:

    A young African American man was anxiously waiting to speak with Frederick Douglas, the famous abolistionist and lecturer. He approached Douglas and asked him for a word of advice as he started his political career. Douglas took the young man to his house and showed him his washing machine and said these words: Young man, when you look inside a washing machine you will notice that there is a device called an :agitator. This device stirs things up in order to keep the clothes clean.” Your role in society said Frederick Douglas was to “agitate” “agitate “agitate. Sister Sheperdess, “you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” The only way that change will take place in this conference or any other is when we have the exchange of ideas. Never, allow anyone to discourage you are to weigh you down with their many suggestions on the purpose or method for this blog. Like the people of God used this methodology in South Central Conference to evoke change you have developed a forum for the gathering of ideas. God Bless you and all those who are not afraid to speak truth with wisdom and kindness.


  6. choirboy2956 says:

    From reading previous discussions on this blog, I find them very interesting and hopeful that it will lead to change and balance in SWRC. For that to happen, it will take a continuous effort from all ministers, minister wives, and everyone affiliated with SWRC including our youth. Some may fear or disagree with theforgottenshepardess ambitions for change but this blog proposes some very important questions and topics that in my opinion should not be ignored.


  7. Hot Topic says:

    Thank you for clarifying TFS I haven’t been involved in this conversation but reading and hope more people will join the discussion.


  8. Anonymous says:

    It seems that the Forgotten Shepherdess has forgotten a very important definition related to the role and function of a Shepherdess. From the blog title, it would seem more reasonable that the Forgotten Shepherdess would be more interested in opening a dialogue about opportunities to improve the plight of Shepherdesses in the ministry.

    This current string of topics are issues that have been discussed for years, yes years, with very few meaningful conclusions reached. The unfortunate reality is that most of these issues will remain in a state of discussion and will not be resolved until Christ comes. Shepherdesses remembered and forgotten would welcome blogs that focus on the specific tasks that can be done to hasten the soon return of our Lord.

    That being said, it may be a better use of time and resource to provide suggestions to support the truly forgotten shepherdesses and take the subjects in this blog to an appropriate forum where key issues can be discussed and recommendations can be shared with the appropriate persons.

    Of course, another option is to modify or remove the ‘forgotten shepherdess’ label, retitle the blog, identify the blog founder and disclose the primary agenda or goal for this dialogue. This would raise the level of credibility surrounding these discussions and increase the chances for meaningful results. We love to remember and not forget our Shepherdesses, and welcome suggestions to step up our ministry to them as well as our Shepherds. This approach gives honor to Christ.


    • firstangel1844 says:

      I appreciate your opinions. However the very fact that you are annonymous allows you to speak out and express your opinion. The issues that are currently being discussed concern not only the future of ministers but also their wives.

      Believe it or not many of these issues can be resolved if not all of them. Firstangel is speaking out for the good of every minister (including those I choose to disagree with), ministers wives, and local members of the Church. We cannot improve that which we cannot discuss and seek out solutions. My solutions may not be best but yours might. You might bring a positive perspective as you have in your comment. ALL WAYS REMEMBER IN ANY BLOG OR COMMENT IT IS ONLY OPINION.

      You could send the forgotten sherpherdess a blog that presents a view as you discussed that would by helpful to minister wives. I would love to read it! Even a devotional for Sabbath. Thank you for your perspective.

      My wings are at rest…God save the ministry!


    • @Anonymous thank you for your contribution. Since your reply was in relation to the creation and purpose of this blog I would like to address them. Additionally, I would like to add that even though I may not agree with your position your comment and contribution is welcome and I hope you will continue to contribute. The plight of shepherdess’ in this ministry begins with the very issues we are raising. To assume that they will never go away because they have been around for years is once again “sweeping these issues under the rug.” In addition to serving God first, a shepherdess serves her family and her church. When clear injustices are committed against great men who have sacraficed so much to hasten the coming of the Lord how can we be silent? Why is there silence? Let’s use “Craig” as an example. Having an opinion or position should not cause a young minister to retire early and this may have possibly contributed to his early retirement, I will allow “Craig” to speak to this should he choose. I want to highlight this scripture as a baseline for this discussion topic for which you commented:

      1 Timothy 5:17 The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. (New International Version, ©2011)

      How does the SWRC honor our elders in this work if our ministers cannot openly speak their “plights” and concerns regarding procedural practices that were created by man? How does the SWRC honor its shepherdess if they do not honor their husbands? Additionally, a shepherdess is not only indicative of a pastor’s wife. It is also indicative of women who are out there giving their lives for this work and see the same old thing every four years. “The Few Making Decisions for the Many.” How does this hasten our Lord’s return? Improving practices first starts with finding out where the improvements need to be made. Could those improvements be the removal of people or even elected officers in this field who have been given the chance to lead and have not proved to be effective?

      I pose these questions, not to push any political agenda, rather to make the issues known and public instead of centered around the Sabbath dinner table while we eat our dinner roast complaining about the issues and never taking action to address them only going home for a restful Sabbath nap. Many suggestions and recommendations have been made on this blog. The question is will our leaders wake up from their naps? Are we all asleep? I think so, if we cannot recognize that pastoral advocacy is something that is needed to move forward with any leader who takes the helm this year.

      Additionally, while I do continue to remain anonymous, I do so at the request of many who cannot openly speak because they are afraid of the repercussions that could be placed on them because they have an opinion.

      The “agenda” for this blog is to stimulate dialogue and hopefully inspire our leaders to do some “soul searching” and wake up to the issues surrounding them that continue to be ignored. As for credibility, it is what the readers make it. I don’t need anyone to make me or my views credible only my Lord and Saviour. He knows my heart and motivation.

      Please continue to respond. God Bless.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Change is inevitable whether we like it or not so the real issue is how do we adapt to change?There is validity to the sayying”the more things change,the more they stay the same”.In the book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” the have nots always complained about the decisions plans that those in power would make and enforce but the irony was that when the powerless came into power the did some of the very same things that they accused their predecessors of unf airly doing to them!My dear sisters and brothers I humbly submit to you that even though it may be high time for a change,be aware that even if we pick a leader whose eye is single to the glory of God,it will only be a matter of time before the specialists of faultfinding will begin a smeer campaign to sabotage the program!Someone asked what is the main thing?The very question means that somehow we got sidetracked and have lost sight of our goal!Perhaps we should engage in a 40 day period of prayer and fasting because the devil means serious business!This conference used to baptize 800 to 1000 every year and now we seem to be content to come in 2nd to Texas conference!That would be okay if we didn’t have the potential to do better we cannot be satisfied to be mediocre!We have some of the best preachers in this conference who would excell anywhere they go but somehow a chosen few are looked at as the only ones worth a dime!That is a crying shame and the fact that we think we have to look elsewhere to fill major churches or even to fill administrative posts says that we have a serious level of low self esteem!It is high time that we wake up and cast off this low self esteem and start taking care of business Those who are strong should help bear the infirmities of the weak and not please ourselves!We have diamonds in our own backyard and yet we don’t even know it!


    • @anonymous…thank you for your contribution. How can we raise awareness with constituents? I agree that a 40 day fasting and praying period is an excellent idea that’s just how serious this is. People do not realize how the decisions of the “few” could potentially harm morale among the ministers of this conference. Do you think that before we convene the small committee elected members of the small committee should conduct a meeting with all ministers who are willing and able to travel to discuss these issues so that before the small committee meets to reccommend for the “many” the ministers have been heard? Can such a thing be done? Certainly, ministers would have to elect to come on their own free will but I believe that they will come I believe that they will support such a gathering. Perhaps a meeting on April 31, 2011 in the evening the night before the committee meets.


    • firstangel1844 says:

      Awsome! Can you list ways through which we have become side tracked? This would be helpful. Your comment is enlightening


  10. @anonymous thank you for your post. It was removed at her request. Because viewers and members volunteer their posts and out of respect for their time in writing and contribution I decided to honor the request to remove it. However, I will be posting the strategic plan as soon as it becomes available. If this viewer decides to participate it their decision.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know why the article concerning a response from the executive committee member is no longer listed?

    I wanted to know more about the propose STRATEGIC PLAN that my pastor has been talking about. I thought a comment was pretty tough but wasn’t that offensive and the contributor did offer an apology. CAN WE STILL DISCUSS THIS ISSUE?

    Please answer: FROM A FORGOTTON MEMBER


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