Request for Removal

I have received requests from some viewers to remove the story of “Frank, Dino, and Jerry” a fictitious cartoon from this website. Because this request did not come from the author I have decided to consider its removal by posting a poll for readers. If you feel that these stories should be removed please place your vote. You do not need an email or an account place a vote. I will poll 200 viewers. When the poll reaches two hundred I will use this poll as a basis for consideration to remove.


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4 Responses to Request for Removal

  1. LEFT BEHIND says:

    It is people like you that inspire me to be a better person and to continue to believe that there are good people like you who are willing to help me see Jesus.

    We don’t have to agree on everything but we do agree that we all need HIM. Your insights bring light where there might be darkness. Keep praying and serving Jesus.

    Dear Lord, bless Marian!


  2. Marian says:

    Our Sabbath School lessons this quarter speak about a Loving, Merciful God Who created ALL of us with free choice! This allows EVERYONE to determine what they will be a part of – for themselves.

    If people are offened, they can choose for THEMSELVES not to participate. Free choice and free speech allow us to make our own decisions.


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