Buddy Bird vs. Calvin Watkins: Famous “Rat Pack” Emerges From Obscurity to Sway Nominating Committee TAKE THE POLL AND STOP THE “PACKERIZATION!”

watkinsWell it looks like the “Rat Pack” has begun their age old process of persuasion. Reports surface that the “Pack” is back at it again calling members of the nominating committee to persuade them to nominate Calvin Watkins or Buddy Bird for the esteemed position of conference president. If you don’t know who or what the “Pack” is I would invite you to visit or refresh your memories on the fictitious characters of Frank, Dino, and Jerry in the Memorable Comments.These characters do not represent any one person, more so a process for the last 30 years of underhanded “packerization” deals, trades, and exchanges, to help squander the power of decision-making within the conference.

president sam greenI have heard reports from several large committee members that the “Frat” brothers are also on the loose. Do you think the “Rat Pack” is the reason why we just can’t seem to get ahead? They have locked up votes on the committee every year, forcing members to minimally consider certain names for nomination. Some of you may say, what’s the big deal, I like Buddy Bird I like Calvin buddybirdWatkins. My question to you would be collectively what have they contributed overall to the SWRC? Sure, Buddy Bird was here for  2 seconds, before he was off to another project. Can’t hold that against him, but is that what we really need? What does Calvin Watkins know about the plight of leadership here in this conference? What qualifies him to take a conference that is faced with a huge financial crisis and move us from uncertainty to  unity and financial stability? Reports are also surfacing that members of the nominating committee are also being asked to consider Eddie Polite. What qualifies him to be president? These are serious questions needing serious answers and contribution.IMG_7818

Who would you like to nominate? I think it is time for the constituents to speak and share their views. I have posted a poll  below to thwart the packerization  and let YOU show the nominating committee who you would prefer. The poll is designed to only allow you to vote once, so use your vote wisely. You may share this poll on twitter and Facebook.  Let’s see how the nominating committee will respect YOUR will. STOP the “Packerization!”


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28 Responses to Buddy Bird vs. Calvin Watkins: Famous “Rat Pack” Emerges From Obscurity to Sway Nominating Committee TAKE THE POLL AND STOP THE “PACKERIZATION!”

  1. Bonnie and Clyde says:

    We are so glad we didn’t get T Brown because nepotism would reign!Lets hope we made a change for the better!We still need to twerk a few adjustments because the nominating committee didn’t take out a few more people and the Union said they would but they are just hoping to get back in themselves!Ain’t life a bit of a shocker?Six months ago Big Dawg and them took out Eddie P without just cause now Eddie P gets to say where Big Dawg and Lil Wimpy get to be assigned!Ain’t life great?!Just saying!


  2. Call a spade a spade! says:

    Griffin from the Union nominated his son for the education position. The same son that worked 13+ for Arlington ISD that refused to hire him back. I wonder why??? Then he went to Burton and knew about the teacher having relationships with a minor. Got removed from there. Then went to an SDA school in Michigan and got fired from there!!! Yet you voted in someone inefficient to lead our education system! Very sad day indeed!


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  4. Jonah 77 says:

    Ok. So lets be clear then. If you never stood up for anything then you should remain seated!! Dr. Stanley I can see your fervor and that you want to see the conference go in a better direction. So why not lay out what you would do if you were selected. What I have not seen, is Ted Brown or Roger Bernard stand for anything the way Michael Meyers did in respect to senior ministers. Have they been publicly punished? Do they have more than 3 churches? Have they built thins? Do they have a history of bringing difficult people together? True courage is the ability to stand for something knowing that the repercussions will be not only devastating to you and your family but also to the so called non-existent ministerial development program that all of you Senior men are being crippled with today!! People who want the jobs should say “I want the job and here is what I would do.” They should not resort to stacking the deck, or masking prayer services as political caucuses so that they are seen as the only option in the middle of a organizational crisis. Constituents should not have to choose between the lesser of 2 evils. And I said Evil because the tactics on display are just that. They are not Christian. It is a shameful Mockery to the process and more importantly to our faith. However, how tragic is it, that you SENIOR MEN watch your colleague, whom you have known for 30 years speak out on your behalf for over a year and you refuse to take a stand, all the while watching him take on 3 additional churches as punishment because he exposed all of you to the Truth!! I say to you…what then difference is there between you and those early Christians who remained silent and watched their fellow men be persecuted so as to not lose their job or status. Cowards and Hypocrites are all of you!! When you had the opportunity to decide your fate years ago you were spineless. Therefore the younger men are in position to decide it for you. However, because you were not an example to them, 15 years from now, they will repeat the same culture and then be cut down by men of even less stature!! The Devil in his assault on the SDA church has infiltrated the ranks and sewn discord amongst the supposed leaders of Gods Message!! How could anyone stand there and not allow the senior Pastor (Meyers) on the nominating committee who stood up for you to not even be allowed to ask questions about where the next President will take the conference? I will answer it for you..No one has any idea about what to do to get us out of this…Just more of the same. Even Michael Meyers who stood up for us…What would he do? What is his plan? You see, before you elect someone to lead you, you might want to know his or her intentions….otherwise, you could be putting yourself in an even worse position.

    What say you?


    • ICE says:

      Well said Jonah77.

      I am glad to see you back on line. You are certainly right on target with your comment. The selfish are leaning on an Ice block.

      The SWRGC is in the refrigerator and they are on ICE. Get your ice picks everyone– the upcoming meeting will demonstrate cold heartless acts of evil from men and women who are suppose to lead us to the Kingdom.

      It’s cold in here brother…I have ice picks for sale but let’s see if we can melt some ice. CHILL!



    • Wow Jonah_77 back in full effect…..!


  5. Winston Stanley says:

    As I read the comments, I see my name popping up. To be CRYSTAL CLEAR…. I am backing TED BROWN even if he is not voted the next President. From what I know, Ted and Roger have a deep love for the SWRGC. The names that have emerged from a “hijacked” Nominating Committee is a race of the “unknown’s” to this field. One is known–Roger Bernard. Yes, by all means place Roger in the running, he is indeed a good man.

    With that said, what are our “Felt needs” at this time in SWRGC; management and a knowledge of finances. No monies for evangelism, church erections, church schools etc., if not managed properly will not forge us ahead but instead keep us in the same rotation.

    Complete selfishness has manifest itself on the nominating committee by two “Johnny-come-lately’s who want to serve key positions and place new officers in the administration who are COMPLETELY unknowns to us all from the top to the bottom. By the way, should these two men get their positions (Secretariat and Ministerial), they will govern with the same spirit that placed them there–SELFISHLY; and surely we will be in that same rotation. By the way, what happened to T. Douglas is WRONG, WRONG WRONG…., I will stand on that! T.Douglas has not served a quarter of a term yet and some are willing to lie to get him removed. Its Wrong!!!!

    Now! With that said, where are my ministerial colleagues; men who are children of the “Civil rights” era(lol). Its almost laughable; but its sad. Maybe some of them want top positions too, so they are controlled by a “guarded tongue.” If I can recall the leaders of the Civil Rights era were “ministers” and strong women who chose to speak out. They put their lives on the line and did not care as to how they would be perceived. MLK said, “evil and wrong prevail when good men(and women) sit back and do or say nothing.” Maybe, the laymen will have to assert themselves come Constituency 2015 if right will prevail because my colleagues are gone AWOL.

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    • Anonymous says:

      i support this comment and its contents.

      There were men who did address the two selfish ministers. Frank Williams was one and Michael Meyers and a few other lay persons. I was proud to hear what Michael Meyers did by standingup against the pack and the Fraternity brothers. Even if you did not agree with all that they said they did not let them get away with trying to dominate completly.

      They were real men!

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      • ONE MORE VOICE says:

        To Anonymous Below:

        Let me thank you for having the courage to say something. Please keep in mind when you read this short comment that I affirm your remarks.

        However, I would like to graciously point out that their are more men than what you may think who are well qualified for the position as President of this field. And that WS was not the only person who have spoken out and addressed these selfish ministers. Please understand this.

        What has happened over the many years, senior men in the office and in their churches promoted these guys by bringing them back or to this conference when they were running from the one they were in because of alleged misconduct or from a church that didn’t want them. Now everyone deserves second chances but when you mess up in ministry you usually are placed at the back of the line. Senior men are getting their you know whats kicked because they invited them to their churches and gave them chances they didn’t give to those who faithfully served this Conference. A good speaker does not make them a great leader. And selfishness squashes spirituality. to use prayer as a means to garnish votes and support was unwarranted and unspiritual.

        Therefore many members have had more access to these nominees because of exposure while the real good guys have stayed and taken care of their churches. This means that some have a false conception about who they really are. You many never have asked what do they believe? How are they REALLY doing in their churches? Have they committed any immoral misconduct? If they have not so be it. check the facts out.

        I love Eddie Polite but he has not spoken out over the years on issues that concern his fellow pastors. He has bee aloof from clergy I am told. He could look Presidential and say something about a bad situation. Is he taking the course that others should promote him while other get dirty? To me Polite is an excellent Pastor.

        In fairness, I am suggesting that many members should stand up for the guys who didn’t fall and remained faithful to their jobs for a lifetime. The truth if really told would reveal a dark picture about some pastors who you really love–that’s what I am saying.

        The reason why they are referred to as selfish is because they looked out for only their own interest and planned their scheme well to get what they wanted when each one of them claimed they did not want to engage in politics. How hypocritical!

        I hope that you will vote no to elect them–they don’t deserve it.

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      If you really want to say something to someone you should address Bufford Griffith. As chair of the Nominating Committee sources have revealed that he was a poor chairman. He ignored those whom purposefully marginalized to keep them out of the discussion. This was very notable. And he allowed Davis, Weegar, and McCottry to talk at will.

      Selfish! He deliberately passed out his son’s resume and then placed his name on the board while not allowing the rest of the resumes sent to that office to be given out to CMT members. Nothing was revealed about the past history of his son.

      As revealed to me by an eyewitness–a pivotal statement he made was: “We are looking for a new paradigm. We are looking for new blood.” This should be interpreted to mean we are going to still get rid of some older ministers. I wouldn’t want him to be President here or in the Union.

      The Union had an agenda and that was to hold the top three SWRGC Administrators for a furure agenda still unknown to us.

      When there strategy caved Bufford allowed the three selfish men to have there way.


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      • Anonymous says:

        Why do we find it necessary to go outside our field to select the top positions! Elder Bernard is from our conference, Elder Polite is here too. Elder Polite is very capable as an administrator, he also has human resources experience from working at Howard University. We keep saying he is not a people person, well he can surround himself with supportive individuals for that part. None of us is 100%. He is approachable and excellent one on one. I think what folks are mad about is that they can’t manipulate him. Isn’t that what we need? He is a spiritual man, his wife is stellar. Give elder Polite a chance to turn this conference around. I strongly believe he can. The pastors are scared to speak. Don’t blame them, no one comes to their aid when they speak up. Elder Stanley is a different animal, he fears no one.. I love and admire him for that..I bet his wife would do an excellent job in the Education department. Promote from within. I have heard it said by the parents of the elected Ed dir that they can’t worship at CT, they hold church too long, bless their hearts. Promote from within. These men and women are capable. Give them a chance. The grass is not greener on the other side, they spray painted it!


      • Hold on Real Truth….please be careful about that, that could be a serious violation your reporting, I need someone to validate this occurred by midnight or I’m removing this comment.


    • I see your name quite a bit Dr. Stanley, keep holding your own! I love your tenacity and transparency to say what you mean and mean what you say!



    Election Headquarters:

    Reliable information rising from the aftermath of the Nominating Committee–now called, the Sunday Morning Massacre–revealed the divided and disjointed nature of our Conference. Inside sources have told me that the Rat Pac and the Fraternity Brothers were at work from within and without as Frank and Dino were giving instructions from an undisclosed location outside the Committee room.

    The Fraternity Brothers out smarted the Pack putting in place “Themselves” as the future undisputed leaders of the SWRC. Sources reveal that they demonstrated the most selfish acts of any ministers in recent history of the this Conference, using “prayer” as a means to sway committee members and constituents to elect them as Executive Secretary and Ministerial Leader. Eyewitnesses say that this really happened! One writer who sent an email out to many said, “It was the most selfish act he had seen in 30 years,” and it was. The Union Chairman and President virtually allowed these two men to talk their heads off.

    So what does this mean? Many constituents do not realize who they are about to place in positions that will have an effect on many people and workers.

    Therefore I will oppose these two names when they hit the Constituent floor September 19, 2015.


    • Anonymous says:

      Much prayer..I see the under treasurer is safe, methuselah will be youth director and the new proposed Ed dir is also very interesting. This conference is the epitome of a confederation of dunces

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Sooooooo, Other is winning in the poll. I wonder who Other is

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  8. Mrs. Servant Leader says:

    I pray that this is the year for true change and focus on the TRUE mission of God’s church. The only name I see up there without a self seeking mission or rat pack motive, experience in this conference and with a mission driven ministry and track record to prove it is Eddie C. Polite. If there are other names truly worthy of comparable consideration then they should be considered as well. Time for REAL change and for the rat packing to stop…what happened to ministry as the motivation then the check. If that’s not the motivation then if we are Christians we cannot in good conscience support that.

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  9. Jonah 77 says:

    This poll is reminiscent of the movie “Brewster’s Million’s”, where a man who has to spend all of his money decides to run for political office. However, in the course of his political campaign, he decides that “None of the Above” is the best option, even for himself. Why would anyone look to the outside to fix an internal problem? What you you need is an experienced minister who has built something, led something, has been blessed by God through establishing a system of success. What I see above from the pictures is the same agenda of, “I’ll get mine, and deal with the issues later. The SWRC cannot be a launching pad for something else. Sorry Frat Brother’s but that means you!! You have no vested interested in tackling the serious issues at hand. Your eye is not on the sparrow, but in the next job at the North American Division or GC. If any of them got the Job they would be networking for themselves instead of networking for the conference. Anything that is associated with the “Rat Pack” is tainted and I would argue, sinful in nature. Frank and Dino have proven that they will continue to use political tactics to solidify their position. Is it fair that some ministers have moved all over the conference while Frank and Dino have remained in the same city for close to 30 years…? Members of the committee, do not be strong armed by the old school tactics. Promises are never kept, but some some how threats are always carried out. Send a clear message to the Rat Pack that this year will be different. This year we called pest control and our vermin are under control. MY thoughts, Thompson, Meyers, Polite, Stanley. All proven men with enough knowledge and caring to fix the problems we face instead of kicking them down the road. The next administration should be made up of this team to get real things done.

    What Say You?


  10. CONSTITUENT says:

    Maybe there is some hope for this conference yet. AGAIN, we might be saved by the forgotten shepherdess. I thank you for keeping us up to date at the last constituency. It might not have turned out like we liked it, but it was not because you did not keep us informed. I really don’t blame you for the lag in correspondence, because people are not very reactive until the challenge comes. It’s that time around again and everyone wants to be heard. I agree with the above anonymous, those are very good names and know the problems we face well. I’m not even sure I trust the Union President either. If he comes in with a set of names he is pushing and none of them are the above, we are facing the same old thing. He voted against the Executive Committee, the committee we voted in that ask for their resignations.

    They are pretty smart people on the committee and I think the officers actions were so egregious that they wanted them fired. They are all friends, so we can see it had nothing to do with friendships. So, is he serving our interest to let them continue. He said give them another chance. But what did they do, they turned right around and ordered moves with a 30 day notice and engineered moves for political votes they could count on. I have this information from several committee members that they were suppose to wait six months for funding but they got approval for the block of moves to save money and they did it right away. So you see you cannot trust them. Frankly, I like them all and they have been my friends, but they have not served us well. You cannot pick one out of the bunch, since they all were together and went along with the policies. Now, I ask you constituents, what innovative anything has come out of that office in 5 years from anyone. The case may be they have no money. But, still they could have sent out communications about plans. Every time any decent plan comes along, what happens to it? I heard Sam say at the last constituency, he was going to put legs on it, (STRATEGIC PLAN) I was encouraged. Haven’t heard a word about it since. Also, I have this on a reliable source that Michael Meyers and Xenia Bryant spoke up and explained the deal on the small churches and busted up the James Cox railroad. So, maybe we could consider a woman for president, why not. I’m for anyone who will stand up for what’s right! That’s what we need. And every minister will tell you that’s why Michael Meyers got sent away. That’s his second time sticking up for people and it gets you nowhere. The conference would be in good hands with him.

    I have a friend on the committee. She has not received one piece of communication. No delegate package, no treasurers report, no report from any department on what kind of job they have been doing and the meeting is tomorrow. So what do they expect you to do? Vote the names from the strong arming ministers who are counting on your vote. The ones who have been calling you. Demand they give you resumes, and if you want to consider some of the names above or anyone else, tell the chairman Larry Moore you would like a resume from whomever. Call the minister on the spot and tell him to send it to your e-mails. Bring your laptops,tablets. I’m sick of all the time this conference has wasted. The constituency was supposed to be in May and it’s September and just like the TFS has stated all this time and they can not run anything effectively. THEY ARE INCOMPETENT, simply put. I know you like them, but that is why I personally like Michael Meyers. This is not his first time confronting Mismanagement. I happen to know that Dallas Fellowship was his first punishment. But, he keeps coming back for more. These ministers wives know what is going on. I say put all those above names in for consideration. Put Xenia and another minister’s wife on the personnel committee so you stop screwing up the pastor’s family. She speaks Spanish and can find out whats going on before the trigger happy ambitious ministers start mapping out your life. Winston has been talking about education, he and his wife could probably confer with that group and come up with something innovative. You have no better evangelist than Helvius Thompson. Ted Brown has been the treasurer, he knows the problems. Please don’t put anyone in that office that is not a CPA or equivalent. Now there, thanks to the TFS you can be off to a good start. I don’t know where the TFS has been getting the info, all I know is it has not been refuted and I have verified a lot of it from office staff and Executive committee members.

    Oh! by the way, I forgot about Polite. That’s what I hate about this administration. They take people who have done nothing wrong and take away their dignity in their senior years and if he did do something which I seriously doubt, they know nothing about how to handle anything. So, you take him out of his position without a place to go. Oh no I forgot they had a place for him to go, Louisiana. Just like they did Michael Meyers. It’s the evil people on that so-called ad-hoc committee. They may say they had nothing to do with it, but directly or indirectly they did. These are the same people who would not want this done to them. But I know for a fact, the ministers who sat on that committee were Gordon Jones, Stephen brooks, James Cox, Sam Green, a few others, and a few of them or second chance ministers. Senior Men, Men who know better, tried to send him to Alexandria and tried to get it voted. He won his appeal. But still, got a trip to 3 churches one that is 2 and a half hours away. Alexandria would require a move. For Polite, Caffin Avenue would require a move, That’s a job for a younger man that has not paid their dues, one of James Cox and Durandel Ford’s favorite statements in past times. I’m a delegate, and very close in this work, so I know what I’m talking about. The ministers in this conference will not stand up for anything so they really are getting what comes with not speaking up. None of the bad stuff would have happened if they had stuck together and not let this administration run over them. Yes, they should have been their brothers keeper. Listen to some of those ministers on the committee tomorrow, I don’t know, but I hope they will tell you the truth!


  11. SISTER GIRL says:

    I ha ve been follow the blog since it start. I agree everything you are saying anonymous – I know the above pastors well except Doggette, but have heard he is very good. The most consider should go to the above, they served us well and can get the job done, correct all the mess ups and get usback o n track. Every last one of em. If you are on the committee we counting on you, don’t let us down this time, please! Oh, glad I check my email today. Thanks Golden Shepherdess!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Constituent:

    I am happy that the Forgotten Shepherdess posted possible candidates for President for Tommorrow.

    I am appauled that the same kind of tactics that took place in 2011 by the same ministers is unfortunately taking place on the eve of the Nominating Committee. The infamous three: Frank, Dino and Jerry are presently strong arming fellow pastors and lay people to vote for their secret candidate–something that is traditionally unacceptable in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They are even trying to secure Administrative, departmental and pastoral assignments as I write. When will they stop! Or will the Nominating Committee men and women allow such a breach in Christianity.

    In one of the previous election a well known attorney voiced his opinion about Frank strong arming for votes. Is this really a secular campaign? Several pastors have said that they have received calls from this pastor and others who are working to impact the election. Is it not fair to allow this evil practice to continue? I hope the committee members will stand against this practice and depend on the will of God!

    One more observation: rumors are circulating that the SWU Conference leadership has privately met with the Current Secretary of the Conference. These rumors if they are true suggest that they are pushing Elder Terrell McCoy for President. This indicates and suggest that Green has fallen because of his mismanagement of the finances. Why should the Secretary even be in contention since he believed and carried out the actions and policies of Elder Green–the same for Nancy, Foster, G. Jones, Stephen Brooks and the Ad Hoc Committee?

    If I were on the Committee I could not vote for Green, McCoy, Byrd or Watkins. The first two put our Conference in financial shambles and the last two don’t know a thing about our conference and would end up giving out favors to Frank and Dino.

    Here is what I hope the Nominaating Committee will do: Pray! I would like them to consider Thompson, Polite, Meyers, Stanley Doggette or T. Brown. These are decent men.

    Thank you

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