What Happened to the Good Ole’ Days?

Remember when camp meeting was a time when ministers and their families got together with a common goal of bringing souls to God? It was a time when the younger ministers all had the same struggles with difficult churches, board meetings, and church issues. Often they would sit amongst each other and exchange ideas at the cafeteria, or at the Big Tent. Older more prominent ministers were brought in or offered ideas on how to deal with these issues.

Everyone had it hard, not by choice, but by design. Everyone paid his or her dues in this profession. There were powerful preachers back then, who spoke hard but still went back to churches around 75 to 100 members, some to even less.

After the 3 to 5 yrs of tent meetings and literature evangelism efforts, that minister would come to camp meeting and maybe, just maybe he was the guest speaker for one of the 2 Sabbaths in June. After watching the NBA Finals at Mazzio’s Pizza, and supervising events like horseback riding, youth services, or the maintenance of the campground, these ministers developed a brotherhood. That was an honor. That was discipline. That…. is gone……

We need one of those guys to lead us now and bring back those days. To remind us of what is important. The brotherhood that was once a round table of strong men is broken. The backbone of this conference should not be trampled on but uplifted.

So I say, bring back those men. This year is a year of change. Change does not mean, popular or prominent. It means tried, tested and NEW DIRECTION.

It means reaching out to everyone for ideas on strategy, mentorship and a common purpose. When are folks going to understand that it is not about them, it is about the spiritually sick? Make no mistake; the days ahead are going to try men and women. Do you want a leader who cares for the cause, or someone who is interested in only themselves.

The question on Hardball today is: Do the Leaders of this conference care about their long term employees?

What Say You?



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19 Responses to What Happened to the Good Ole’ Days?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gone Nuts,
    It all remains to be seen, what will happen, going forward. I am an underdog and I don’t expect much to be done for me. Members will continue to be hateful. They will continue to talk about the pastor and his family instead of looking at ways to improve their spiritual lives. What heaven are they planning on going to anyway? Just asking.


  2. Anonymous says:

    To desire the good old days is to sit in a state of nostalgia and nothingness. We have today, the good old days are old and gone forever. What are we going to do today?
    Ministers and their wives are always going to be talked about. I am a pastor’s wife. We have been abused and talked about enough that for me I am just going to do what pleases me. Most of the members don’t care about us. They feel that they can just call the conference office and request a new pastor, not caring how it may affect the pastor and his family. Cant speak for everyone, but as for me, I am not taking any more abuse.


    • GONE NUTS says:


      You are right…don’t take no more abuse. The system stlnks with unfairness. The favored FEW get ahead and leave the MANY in the dust of hateful and thankless members.

      I don’t think the new prez will change much because he is listening to the old politics of the so called ” good ol days.” Change will only come when you speak out against doing nothing about burn-out. KEEP THE FAITH!



  3. Sister-girl says:

    I’m back. It’s taking me a little time to catch up reading on the blog. So let’s see— on the good ole days– I did enjoy seeing the minsters sit around the dining room talking and having fun and occasionally throwing someone in the river. However, I don’t ever want to sit under a tent again. So, there is always something good and bad about the good ole days. So far, it seems that the interest on the blog is all about ministers. I asked the last time what about the Teachers and other staff? I also have more questions for the ministers. Thank you forgotten shepherdess (TFS) it took me the longest to figure that out. I might also add, I appreciate if any young people comment to not use their text language. Anyway, if it was not for my hearing about the blog I might never have read the constitution as it sounds very boring and uninteresting. But, since you provided the link I read the whole thing. It was in large print, not long and easy to understand and it brought me to the SWRC website where I have never been. I do not disagree with my earlier statement in that every Constituency meeting I have ever been to STINKS. However, thanks to you, no one needs to go uninformed. I am proud that we have had a few ministers to tell the truth and I figure it is indeed true as no one has commented otherwise. So now I have a few questions to ask the Teachers and a few comments to Pastors I would like them to address. I know that I am probably addressing concerns that other members have because I have been in circles where we talk about everybody, especially the Pastor, his wife and kids. I know anybody can comment and hide your name because that’s what I am doing. However, I really appreciate if you comment on certain questions only if you are a Teacher, Pastor, or related worker.

    Question 1

    Do you feel that the church should sponsor students consistently to church school, since it is very expensive? I am a single mom and I could never send my kids because I could not afford it?

    Follow-up. I know a family who started out trying to pay for Christian Education but could not keep it up and they put them out of school, does that happen often?

    Question 2

    Is there a TAKS or LEAP test results for our kids. I could not find it online. Texas and La have Tests to gauge the students and teachers. I now have grand kids and I might be able to help them.

    Question 3

    Teachers, do you feel that the students are getting an adequate education? Do you have the resources you need? I already know you probably do not get paid enough, because public school teachers are not getting paid enough and now they are getting laid off. Do you all have to worry about that too?

    Question 4

    Pastors, I feel kind of sorry for you, because you just don’t know how bad we talk about you and your wife too. First, what do yall do during the week? A lot of members just feel like all you have to do is preach on Sabbath and they feel like you are getting paid for not getting much work done. Another thing, members are always talking about getting visits and I don’t know why, because I definitely don’t want a visit unless you call me first and I probably don’t want one then either. Of course, we do know when we call you, you do respond. I have to admit, I am more sympathetic since I have been reading the blog. Thank you if you answer me,I am not trying to offend anybody but I just thought you might like to know what some of us be thinking about.

    Last Question for anybody: Why is it you think,the young people after they get a certain age, just seem not to be interested in the church at all? They listen to secular music on the Sabbath, go to the mall on the Sabbath, go to clubs on Friday Nights? What happened? Some of my kids do it so I know some of yours do it too!

    Is it because they did not go to church school?

    I am asking the question and I know if the youth answer, we might get some answers we don’t like. That’s OK, bring it on, I just want to know.


    • Marian says:

      I want to answer the last question – if our children do not follow the way of the Lord, we, as parents, are responsible. It’s the responsibility of the church – the Lord has entrusted the rearing and training of children to parents! The church, Sabbath School, church school may help, but the responsibility lies at home.

      When we say one thing and live another, our children see, hear and model. The Lord promises, “I will contend with him who contends with thee, and I will save your children.” We work in partnership with the Lord – He saves – he walk with our children into the Kingdom!


      • @Marian thank you for your response and welcome back as well! You are correct that although it takes a village parents lead by example. Although, I must say that church school instills values and helps support those values that are taught at home, unfortunately it is now become a luxury that only the few can afford. I hope that we can rejuvenate our schools and find a way for many to be able to afford an Adventist education. Stay with us!


      • Sister-girl says:

        Marian, your words are very reassuring and I thank you for it. Not trying to judge, but when I think about it a little more, I am reminded about children who are not practicing what I know they learned in church school, so it does keep in my mind my children’s early days and all the great training they had at home and at church. They are good people and have good values but some of them choose to justify things that
        are not acceptable to me. So, sometimes I am sure, besides myself, there are other parents who may regret not doing all they could to put their kids in Church school. But, as you pointed out, I believe it..God will save our children and will bring them back to safety in his arms.


    • @Sister-girl you have raised some excellent points. I am going to give other an opportunity to contribute before I respond to some of your questions. I would like to however support your concern for our young people. Many of them have watched us and how we trample over our workers and abuse this process that they want to have nothing to do with us. We need to do some soul searching and instead of turning on each other and looking to place blame let’s work together and figure this out just as Craig mentioned. Welcome back and Stay with Us!


  4. Craig says:

    The problem is plain and simple. Ministers have no power but prayer. The administration can fire you without cause. Welcome to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s organizational model. Minister’s turn on each other out of frustration of powerlessness. Preachers and leaders need to press together to change those realities and stop killing each other.


  5. dolomite9 says:

    Somehow,the way to get some of the good old days back,the times when we actually cared about each other and how to help each other,is to “just say no” to the dreamkilling powerbrokers.They must be stopped or they will wreck whatever is still left of those times when the comraderie was so tight that nobody let anybody hurt those who were already wounded.Yes we all shared in the tough stuff and it helped us see that we had more in common so that we had each other’s back.Somehow different administrations had a way of polarizing our conference and people began to sell out!


  6. Jonah_77 says:

    @Craig, for one I am glad you are back. Second, I agree with you, the “who” is so important. This blog does not advocate for or against anyone, it seeks to educate and inform members of their voice and how powerful it is.

    I think you remember Craig, a better day. A time when everyone was important. Who else remembers? Let’s choose to invest in our spiritual future by aknowledging our spiritual past, and taking a firm look at our spiritual present.

    What say you?


  7. Jonah_77 says:

    @Craig, for one I am glad you are back. Second, I agree with you, the who is so important. This blog does not advocate for or against any one, it seeks to educate and inform members of their voice and how powerful it is.

    I think you remember Craig, a better day. Who else remembers? Let’s choose to invest in our spiritual future by aknowledging our spiritual past, and taking a firm look at our spiritual present.

    What say you?


  8. Craig says:

    I understand what you are saying when you speak about the need for mentorship. I agree that times have changed. We judge success not by souls won but by who can get out of the smaller churches the fastest. Ministers do themselves a serious disservice by choosing the easy road and miss the discipline and lessons learned from the rough and lonely paths. Politics has enter the fray and preachers are given position and power not based upon their proving themselves but rather on their pedigree. It is enough to make you spiritually sick. Today’s preacher is in the race to see have fast and how soon can I rise to the top with the privilege of trouble. I have done some of my best pastoring in the midst of a storm. However, today you basically have two types of leaders: (1) One group who have gone through the top by taking the elevator (easy route); and (2) those who have arrived at their journey through the stairway. At least through the stairway you know how you got there. Step by step and round by round. Can we get back to those days? I believe we can… depends on who is willing to take the steps….


    • firstangel1844 says:

      Craig is back! WHAT AN INSIGHTFUL STATEMENT! The way you worded this is like shooting an arrow in the bulls eye.

      Thank I needed this perspective,


    • @Craig Welcome Back You were Missed! What an insightful piece to this very peculiar puzzle. Why not have a system in place that does just that. Shows young ministers how to lead while also cultivating their talents in other ways so that they do feel like they are contributing to the broader scale of the work?


  9. Jonah_77 says:

    Please tell me how these days are gone. How can this be? IF it is true that they are gone forever, then the need for direction just became all the more important. Also, how systematically did this happen in your opinion Sir? Remember, this is a special edition of Hardball. I want the truth about how the Great Southwest got Leftbehind. Also, how constituency meeting delegates and members if they are ignorant to the rules and bylaws will be Left Out.

    What say you?


  10. firstangel1844 says:

    Jonah77 those “good Ol days” are gone forever.

    But I do understand what you mean about the spirit of the older men that trained and helped many ministers who were young and thought they could baptize the world.

    I know what you mean about the missed days of

    This is missing with rightly described Fraternity Brothers!


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