Elder Sam Green New President of SWRC

Elder Sam Green Received the majority vote for president of Southwest Region Conference. Will he keep the same team? Stay Tuned.


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26 Responses to Elder Sam Green New President of SWRC

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not much will change. These are a bunch of selfish, underhanded people.
    The members treat the pastors like second class citizens, leaving them apathetic and in a survival mode
    Is it also very interesting that the hit man at the microphone for the rat pack will get help when the Kiest land is sold!
    He was the deadliest of the pack. No one noticed the Wolf in sheep’s clothing! I was impressed by his work!!!!


    • Ain't too proud to beg says:

      Anonymous: Who do you think the hit man was at the mic? I’m confused? With out mentioning anyone’s name who do you think he might be?

      Are all the people as the session a bunch of selfish, underhanded people? This would be illogical because only God can truely judge.

      Why do you think he was the deadliest of the Pack?


  2. Jonah_77 says:

    I think we should all step back and take a deep breath. For one, no one knows what’s going to happen. Let’s cease to call them the rat pack. I do label them the opposition and it should be noted that their design was selfish. 

    However, in regards to the strategic plan, that is something that we all have an interest in. A quick note, We will know where Elder Green stands when people complain to him about this forum. The Strategic Plan has not been made known, field or trial tested and it should be. 

    The possible moves that are coming up will also shed light on what this administration is about. I believe Elder Green was given a mandate to move the SWRC in the right direction by the constituency. This is evident in their rejection of the politically allied. 

    Make no mistake, Elder Green brings the experience of the union as well as a pastor. The true question is can he unite the fracture between the senior men of the field and the younger upcoming stars. A leader unites people to accomplish a common task. 

    Can he? 

    What Say You? 


  3. dolomite 9 says:

    Good words left behind I stand amazed at some of your observations .It is as though you can see into our souls!


  4. dolomite 9 says:

    little chicken please leave them alone they can’t find you so let it go!You are just a little chicken they go after big game!Give peace a chance!The new prez seems to be focused on the healing process bringing about some unity.Keep praying everybody!


  5. chicken little says:

    Why can’t we all just shake hands and make up?Will the rat pack come clean and apologize?Or will they go back into their little covert operations?Stay on the alert!


  6. No Fear says:

    We still process no fear in our heart, our being, our conference and our churches. The reason we have no fear because God is still not a God of fear but a God of hope, deliverance and salvation. Now that we move into a new era in the SRC, we need to prayer not to be in fear of future but for strength and courage to move forward to spread the word that Jesus is coming soon.

    Let us as a people unite as a united force of believers behind our current President to help him be a successful leader chosen to lead at this time. Let us hold up his hands as did Aaron and Joshua did for Moses. When we do this success will not be a thing we hope for but a reality. Why you ask because we have no fear with God on our side.


  7. dolomite9 says:

    Now hopefully we can focus on the main thing!


  8. Good Morning:

    I appreciate all of your kind words. The people spoke and made their needs known in the form of voting for someone who will take this conference to the next level in leadership. I also must recognize our former president and his willingness to embrace our new president. A positive is this, Elder Green has deep roots in this conference and fortunately this time we yielded someone who knows our needs and won’t have to do all the background research to get to know the people and the workers. It’s a positive that he quickly addressed lingering business such as the Kiest property. This shows that he is about business and making things right with the constitutents. All of your contributions to this blog have yielded the change that we needed to happen.


  9. Marian says:

    Well, some change has come about. I saw “growing pains” manifested at this constituency. It has been my experience that people don’t come to the mike and speak, but mutter in their seats or in the hallways. This year, people came to mike and spoke their concerns then followed throught with their votes. Thank you TFS for providing a venue to get the dialogue started.

    One of the things I heard and experienced is we, as a people, don’t read. It’s not just things from the conference, but something as fundamental as our Sabbath School lessons. There is no need for ignorance of how things are done correctly and what information is available. We have an individual responsibility to access all resources available to us. As descendants of “those who survived”, we have a great opportunity to read and understand what we read.

    All the change cannot be effected by the president. We, as church members, must have higher expectations of our pastors. Don’t sit back and throw stones, but respectfully require pastors to be under-shepherds and lead! After all, when the pastor is moved, the church members remain and they need to take responsibility for the local church strategic plan.

    I continue to pray for open dialogue in our conference – which will include this blog and other formats for inclusion of all.


    • Anonymous says:

      You know Marian…

      You contributed to positive change. You did not sit back. People heard you through your finger tips. Keep making a difference.

      By the way…I’m Left Behind


  10. Anonymous says:

    Look at the news.


  11. Jonah_77 says:

    Well Said Dolomite9. The idea that the blog is to blame is ridiculous. I really would not call it name calling either. I think people needed a voice. Frank is not necessarily one person but I think through Leftbehind’s illustration, Frank is anyone who seeks power through manipulation with a hidden agenda.

    As Christian’s we should be more Christlike. not Dino-like or Jerry-Like. This forum seeks to break the corrupted system of selfish behavior and misrepresentation by the Few.

    What Say You?


    • New Vision 11 says:

      What is that I see? A NEW VISION the cloud is lifting on SWRC the road will not be perfect because we are not perfect but the path of the just is as a shinning light that grows to a perfect day !!


  12. dolomite9 says:

    This blog was an iidea whose time had come!What an ingenious way of exposing without embarassing people guilty of manipulative,political,selfish,undermining,backstabbing,hurtful behavior under the guise of looking out for everybody!


    • Ain't too proud to beg says:

      Right on dolemite:

      I guess anonymous is a sore loser. Maybe the person will say something that has some meaning. Let’s all pray for him or her.


  13. Jonah_77 says:

    @annonymous. Please tell me what is not transparent about this forum?


  14. Jonah_77 says:

    Well it was a hard day for some. But how else could this be exposed? Did anyone come out of the darkness when the few decided that they would form a political alliance? No. Please tell me what would have happened if someone openly challenged the above names. Would they have been treated in a Christian manner?

    No. Furthermore this blog is respected because of over 15000 possible viewers. Discrediting a blog is far from what the SWRC needs. Placing the blog at the top of an agenda is silly, just like condemning it in an Executive Committee meeting of a major organization. What happened today was Grown ups turned of the television and told Frank, Dino and Jerry that it was past their bed time. They also told the Prez that the street lights were on and it was time for him to go home too!

    What Say You?


  15. Anonymous says:

    This blog cannot be respected until it comes out of darkness. If you are looking for transparency, you first be transparent. Also, name calling is unbecoming of a christian, ie: dino, frank and jerry.


    • LEFT BEHIND says:

      Anonymous: Why are you anonymous? State truthfully who you are if you believe this way.

      I am for protecting your right to your opinion.

      You might not be familiar with how some blogs operate. Further, it has been demonstrated that workers in our church could not say what they mean or feel if they listed who they are. They would be subjected to reprimands.

      Thank you for coming on to the discussion. I respect your right to your opinion and hope that you can contribute to honest and open discussions even though we may disagree. I am open to learning and will admit where I am wrong. Can You?


  16. Jonah_77 says:

    I think that this is a good selection. Clearly a break from the Rat Pack. Whats next? Will he tackle term limits. Will he provide a transparent administration? Will he continue the policy of undercutting the senior men or will he provide a path way to leadership just as he was given.

     I remember when Elder Green got to this conference, Now he will lead it. Can he? What happens to the Rat Pack? Clearly exposed and their ideas defeated, do they regroup and try again 4 years later? 

    What about TFS, leftbehind, Frank, Dino, Jerry and this blog? The blog must continue. In so many ways, Elder Green must know that so many stood up and spoke out and supported him because they feel he could address issues on this blog. He must. If I were his friend, I would recommend he reach out to so many leftbehind, and forgotten and at least give them his ear. 

    Prayer should be given for the new President at a time when this conference has so many decisions to make. The strategic plan for one. Again, he must be able to Plan and Decide. 

    Last thing I will say is this. God is In Control. Knowing that the few tried to make decisions for the many really made me join this blog. Now, knowing that Frank, Dino, Jerry and the Prez were defeated makes the ride home easier. It also show me the strong voice this forum had to affect change. Thanks for your hard work and faith constituents. 

    What Say You? 


    • Sister-girl says:

      I say you are right. Constituents did not do a lot of talking, their talking, for the first time in my opinion, came in the form of a vote. Thank you TFS, you made all the difference in this election. My impression, a more informed constituency. I also noticed in the early days of the blog, there was talk of how experience matters. Maybe many did not notice, but I did notice that the new Union President, who was very witty, handled the constituency just like an experienced Pastor. Basically constituency is just like a Giant board meeting or business meeting. In our feeble efforts, we must acknowledge God is in control.


    • LEFT BEHIND says:

      Sister girl and Jonah77 and anonymous:

      I have to agree with sister girl and Jonah77. I have a greater respect for the constituents and the new union president. Outstanding job Larry!

      The union president showed what experience as a pastor, conference president is all about. And the constituents demonstrated the power of the vote.

      the “pack” took a southwest out-house beating. The TFS should be commended for this blog that informed delegates and anyone else who wanted to know the facts.

      The “Pack” should realize that people are tired of their politics.

      I am happy to serve and support our new president.

      May God bless him and his wife and family. Also, he demonstrated poise and esperience and real leadership during his acceptance of the office.


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