How it All Went Down At the Constituency Meeting!

Those who attended the quadrennial session, witnessed the meltdown of a political coalition to be remembered for some time to come. The cartoonish series posted on the TFS blog ( came to life as the characters, depicted in the stories, acted out there dramatic roles for all constituents to see. If the drama had played out exactly as the “Pack” (a group who formed a coalition) had planned, our conference would have entered into a political cold war era. From the very start of the session, the “Pack’s” strategy started de-icing.

The melting process started when Dr. Carlton Byrd withdrew his nomination. The withdrawal tossed the “Pack” into a political scramble to find a potential nominee that could fill his shoes. The “Pack” developed a series of scenarios to present to the nominating committee should their first seminal plan fail. The first of the series of scenarios they would put forth would be to present the name of a former pastor of the SWRC (Southwest Region Conference) out of the nominating committee whom they believed could become the next president. If the “Pack’s” plan succeeded with their politically questionable schemes for the future, it would have changed the course of the conference for the next eight years or more.

What happened? They didn’t calculate that the constituents would vote down the nominee because of several reasons predominately the elapsed time that the individual has been serving in other conferences causing him to lose valuable personal relationships with delegates within this constituency. Even though the Pack’s second nominee had great credentials and was a true son of the southwest, this was a detrimental factor. Name recognition can no longer be a predominant factor in selecting leadership. That message was sent loud and clear by the delegates.

A derailment occurred through a miscalculated, catastrophic failure of a questionable political process visibly operational by the Pack. The delegates saw this process and voted the nominee down with a decisive vote. Contributing further to the derailment, the secretly formed coalition also under estimated the 14,000 readers of this blog and contributors who discussed local conference issues and concerns. The blog made an impact on the meeting. The end game occurred when the “Pack” realized that their desired preferred nominee could not win and their unholy coalition.

Next, the nominating committee needed a name the delegation could accept. At this point it became evident through the nomination of the Secretary of the Southwestern Union that the spiritual forces of heaven were at work. By the committee’s nomination of the Union Secretary, a person of impeccable credentials and experience, when his name hit the floor a sigh of relief permeated the sanctuary. Elder Samuel Green went on to become the next President of the SWRC.

In retrospect, the newly elected Union President should be commended for skillfully guiding the session as Chairman. He demonstrated that experience, pastoral leadership and skill are important in critical constituency elections as witnessed in the one we just experienced. The Union President took control with respect and grace. We commend him for a job well done.

Elder Sam Green, The new President of the SWRC, galvanized the people into unity by artfully speaking in a tone of healing and reconciliation. This brought the gathering to solidarity. Delegates left the session humbled that the newly elected president was God’s choice.


A Note of Commendation
(Flowing through the Adventist Grapevine)

At a hotel in Cleburne Texas, one of the delegates suddenly became ill. A female delegate exiting off the elevator recognized that the delegate was having a medical event. After advising him to seek hospital care she left but turned around. When she arrived back at the hotel he obviously needed urgent care immediately. The desk would not call 911 and pointed to the nearby hospital. By that time another delegate, a noted physician, getting off the elevator checked his vital signs and then firmly requested the desk to call 911 right away. Both women followed the ambulance to the hospital and remained until he received adequate care and was out of danger. When I heard this story I was astounded at the unity we still have this conference. How we can come together in times of happiness and despair and thrive with God’s grace.

We must stand together and support our newly elected president and his administration. The Forgotten Shepherdess has personally assured me that this blog will continue to provoke thought and raise important questions in the years to come. God Bless this Blog and God Bless Southwest Region Conference.



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22 Responses to How it All Went Down At the Constituency Meeting!

  1. Gone Nuts says:


    If I didn’t think your opinion was relevant I would not reply. However, after contemplation you have raised a good opinion that should be discussed in a forum as this one. You seem to me to be a God fearing person.

    Depending on the circumstances and resources of the church or institution my answer would be yes. As long as it contributed to to higher learning and the advancement and education involving ministers, teachers and students or a congregation. In this case I don’t believe OU is using tithe money. They are using “Laundered tithe dollars.”

    I have attended the National Black Pastors conferences years ago and they were educational and informative and contributed to the growth of many Seventh-day Adventist ministers.

    Yes, I do think Seventh-day Adventist can explore and learn from Jakes on how to evangelize our communities.

    Martin King’s theology would colide with some of our teachings after you understand his education on sorteriology, eschatology etc. I certainly do not accept Ghani’s theology. However, many of us embraced his stand for civil rights. Our divergent views did not mean that we could not learn from him. The same with Malcom X, Wyatt T. Walker, Adam Powell, Thurgood Marshall etc wjhom I have known.

    The fact that we are debating our opinion is educational and helpful to sort out our feelings about Jakes. I hope other will contribute to the opinion you have raised.



    Gone Nuts!


    • adventquestioner says:

      Going Nuts,

      I definitely appreciate your response. I appreciate that you also addressed the concern about finances. I love that this venue exists where we can have this discussion.

      When I originally heard you say that bringing in Jakes was nothing to worry about! Perhaps I heard you wrong, but it appeared like a cavalier rejection of the question even being a valid issue of discussion. You have clarified that was not your intention and I thank you.

      It really appears that you zero in on the issue of whether we can learn from other preachers of other faiths. Again I understand that is your position, and I appreciate it. One can certainly make that argument as you have done, but that is only one part of the issue when bringing in expensive preachers like that to preach. To be fair expensive preachers are expensive whether they are Adventist or non and this financial critique would be just as strong against an Adventist as a non Adventist…it is just that you seldom find Adventist preachers who command the kind of money that Jakes gets…

      However the issue is more than that…there is the question of use of resources to bring in big time preachers for huge amounts of dollars. You did address that and I thank you. Right now the big question is “how much are they paying him?”

      Is that a question that the laity should be privy to? I understand As you note…it is not “tithe money” per-se…but it is ultimately tithe money for you note it to be “laundered tithe dollars.” Not in an illegal sense, but I think you mean it has gone through various levels to get there, but it still has at its root a lot of “tithe money.” If that be the case they should at least address the concerns of the people. It appears as though the leader of the Evangelism Conference, President Russel, is going to do just that…I applaud him for addressing the real concerns of people. We don’t have to agree, but if it is church money, we should be given enough information so that we can judge rightly according to our own understanding…


      • Gone Nuts says:


        I agree, and would like to know too. If know one raises the issue as you have done, nobody will know. I think alll of us should know what the cost is.


        To disagree means we learn…and that’s a good thing. When we find common ground we both win and grow.

        GONE NUTS


  2. Jonah_77 says:

    This is a very good discussion. This discussion shows me two areas of importance. Care for our exposure to the world and caution against being deceived. They are both good points. I don’t believe having someone speak outside our denomination is wrong. However, there are clear doctrinal and denominational differences that we disagree on and so as one minister said, “you can come to dinner, but don’t touch my roast”. 

    The monetary factor is an issue. TD Jakes is not the best speaker I have heard, but he is successful. Should we pay a large sum to have him speak to our future preachers without having a clear purpose as to why we are bringing him in? No. 

    It seems sometimes that the church wants to commercialize the gospel.  We can’t put a proof of purchase sticker on the gospel and place it in the shopping cart. As we look across the nation large churches are being built and people are being converted. But that doesn’t make a sustained Christian. Trusting in what you believe and in Christ sustains you, not targeted marketing for souls. 

    I think you should have TD Jakes and maybe in a closed session discuss the sabbath and why he believes the way he does. Sometimes people see the light when they take their blinders off. Sometimes they choose to be blind. 

    What Say You?


  3. Gone Nuts says:


    No! I am not into properity gospel nor pentacostalism. I am suggesting to you that Rev. 18:4 suggests in the complete context that their are others who will respond to the three angels message who will comprise God’s Remnant Church. It will comprise people of all faiths who respond to the complete message of Revelation.

    A TD Jakes might be part of that remnant even though he may not at this time have accepted the Sabbath message. Just look at Paul. He was indeed a murderer but God called him.

    Gone Nuts


    • adventquestioner says:

      I assume you do not wish to address the financial cost of bringing in very popular preachers like this. I can only assume that you have no issue with paying inordinate sums for big time preachers because you keep addressing the theological issue…

      …I bring it up one more time in case you have missed that this was always a part of my concern….


      • Gone Nuts says:

        the questioner:

        Can you find a copy of TD’s belief statements. What he and the potter house believes. I’d like to know his theology.

        Gone Nuts


      • adventquestioner says:

        Gone Nuts,

        OK…now it looks like we are not even talking to one another. I will try it one more time and then drop it…Do you have any problems with spending thousands of dollars bringing in big time preachers of any denomination? Would you spend 15K to bring in a big name preacher to do a seminar on leadership? From my understanding it is a lot more than that, but we will use that for example.

        As far as his theology and that side of the issue…we already disagree, you said it was nothing or a non issue, that is your position…OK…I just want to understand do you think the financial aspect is as irrelevant as you originally said the theological one was?


  4. dolomite9 says:

    “The greatest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and a loveable Christian”


  5. dolomite9 says:

    What if some of these nonsda preachers accidentally gets converted by coming into contact with us?This spirit of exclusiveness does not help to make conversions.”The greatest argument of the gospel is a loving and loveable Christian”!says the messenger to the remnant aka EGWhite.Are we so afraid that perhaps td jakes will convert some of us?


  6. needlessworries2011 says:

    We worry about the wrong things, why is no one mentioning TD Jakes speaking at Oakwood?


    • adventquestioner says:


      I just put up a post on that last night. You can access it here


      • Gone Nuts says:


        This is a needless worry! We say many things about other denominations and expect to be invited to their schools of higher learning.

        I do not except TD’s views on the Sabbath and other doctrinal subjects. We should check out and become familiar with his THEOLOGY which in my opinion is warped. I don’t even want to model my ministry after him. however, I can learn from his success.

        But exposure to other men and women of faith is a good thing in a learning institution like OU. Andrews has many ministers as lecturers and speakers because they recognize exposure means maturity.

        By the way who do you see as the Remnant? Just Seventh-day Adventist?

        This is a needless worry.


      • adventquestioner says:

        Gone Nuts,

        Do you think it a needless worry to spend thousands of dollars to bring him in? Would it change your mind if you found out that it is being reported that he is getting almost 30K for the appearance? I don’t know if that is true, but certainly that information should be reported.

        On another note, you think Jakes can be effective in teaching Adventists how to grow Adventist churches? We are gonna have to agree to disagree…I think this is something to worry about!!

        Personally…I am tired of leaders wasting tithe and offering money that the people put in….


      • adventquestioner says:

        gone nuts,

        Are you arguing that oneness Pentecostalism and prosperity gospel are a part of the remnant?


    • dolomite9 says:

      I wonder why it took us so long to get him there!I think i want to make this one!Thank you!


  7. Marian says:

    I think now is the time for Christian grace to sustain us. Whatever our feelings may be about the process or persons, we must not become judgmental. We must pray and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work – guide and direct. If we make determinations about who or what without any facts, then we are no better than those we speak about.

    My experience in Scripture is, no matter how man plans, God brings out the good. Let’s look for the good and trust God to fulfill His Word.


    • Sister-girl says:

      I agree.


    • LEFT BEHIND says:

      Marian: I agree. Let’s move on and forward. The election is over. God has spoken. We need to now put our faith in the Holy Spirit to guide our conference.

      Let’s move beyond attacks and second guessing what could have, or should have been.

      Those who feel hurt let’s reach out to them with love and peace.

      By the way…I’m Left Behind


  8. left over says:

    where do we go from here?


  9. left over says:

    PS Thank God for the compassionate Samaritans including the doctor!


  10. left over says:

    Amen!”Of all the words of tongue or pen the saddest are these :What might have been!”Thank God for TFS!Keep up the good work !The left family is on your side!


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