SWRC Constituents Send a Clear Message to Pastor Sam Green and Pastor Terell McCoy

 The meeting yesterday evening took off with a vote to disband several small churches in Louisiana. Many members took to the microphone asking questions seeking information about the disbandment. Administration was less than forthcoming and cast blame on inactive lay evangelism and poor ministerial leadership. These excuses did not prove well with the constituents, the overwhelming vote resulted to table the decision, a loss for the Green administration and his leadership. 

 Finally, without even a full report of the new constitution and by-laws an attorney from Houston took to the microphone to motion to reject the new constitution and by-laws adoption that would potentially extend the election period from four years to five years. Before Pastor McCoy was able to present the revisions it was voted to reject all revisions and table the by-laws for another session. These votes are a clear indication that the SWRC constituents came with a purpose for change. 

Reports amongst constituents are that they are not for the nominating committee’s nominations and that they will take to the microphone on each name presented. I suggest that the nominating committee listen to the minority members on their committee, it seems they have the pulse on what constituents want to see happen in the SWRC.

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5 Responses to SWRC Constituents Send a Clear Message to Pastor Sam Green and Pastor Terell McCoy

  1. LovetheLord says:


    Here Is What Happened says:
    September 21, 2015 at 8:13 pm
    This is an emotional reply. I was in the uuper room. I may not have agreed with all the decisions but one thing I can say, “We listened, we heard and reacted to the requests and 2 minute speeches given during the 7:30 – 9am period. It was worth it.

    What happened was that the chair became tired and sloppy at the end after the NAD leaders departed and then things began when they left.

    Here is why I reveal this to you. The concept to refer a nominee back was a response that we heard the people and were not satisfied with that name. So, the constituents were in charge as to what they wanted. But when things got sloppy at the end the chair’s voice became tired to the point that we could not understand him.

    He could have allowed a statement on BG3 like this: “Because of information we have received about BG3’s work as an administrator, we refer this name back to the committee for further consideration.” A chosen spokes person with delegation of support could have addressed the Committee. But the President wanted to rush and get out of there.”

    Now , the person who referred the name back should have been able to be heard!


  2. LovetheLord says:

    The delegates and I knew nothing about this man Griffith except for his father. He sang beautifully. Rams name was not there and his name was. So we voted for him. If we had known this information a majority of the votes would have resent his name. This needs to go to the Executive Committee for a full investigation. Members speak up as we were falsely guided. I’m petitioning this….we were commanded to lead children to Christ and I fear we have made a wrongful choice!


  3. Call a spade a spade! says:

    Griffin from the Union nominated his son for the education position. The same son that worked 13+ years for Arlington ISD that refused to hire him back. I wonder why??? Then he went to Burton and knew about the teacher having relationships with a minor. Got removed from there. Then went to an SDA school in Michigan and got fired from there!!! Yet you voted in someone inefficient to lead our education system! Very sad day indeed!


    • Anonymous says:

      That is not all. He does not even have any denominational supervisory certification. The teachers he will be supervising are more qualified than him. He just sang his way to the position, aided by his father of course.


  4. Jonah 77 says:

    Really glad to see the constituents empowered this time. I really pray that they make decisions that bring healing.

    What Say You?


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