Green vs. Bernard/Davis&Weegar vs. Senior Ministers….Maybe we Should Start Over!

president sam greenReports that Pastor Sam Green is going to quietly relinquish his title as president of the Southwest Region Conference seem to be changing the closer we get to the constituency meeting this evening to be held at Keene SDA Church in Keene, TX. The growing concern for choosing the appropriate men for leadership is at an all time high. It’s been reported that several senior ministers have addressed Pastor Davis and Pastor Weegar personally on their tactics to manipulate the process and whip votes by establishing a prayer line with senior ministers to solicit their cooperation in favor for these offices. My question still remains, if you, Pastor Davis and Pastor Weegar know that your brethren do not support you by even a margin of 80% why would you even seek an office? Why allow this type of conversation to go public for the entire constituency to witness? Is your desire for power so great, that you would risk dividing an already divided conference?

robert davisMy question to constituents, whether you are for or against these two men ascending to these positions, have you stopped to consider what they have done globally to impact their own territories, conference, and churches? If you take away their charismatic skill sets for oration and break down their actual accomplishments, what have they built? We have pastors in this conference who have built schools, taken churches out of debt, and demonstrated high fiscal responsibility as administrators. It has been reported that Calvin Watkins, of South Atlantic Conference gave a compelling interview to the watkinsnominating committee for a clear path of financial relief and growth on soul winning and evangelism. I mean….that is why we are all here….right? It was reported that he also provided a deeper understanding and clear administrative plan to save our education program and schools. It was however too late the votes had been whipped to install Bernard, lets face it, we all like him and we all love him, but does that make him the right person for THIS job?

I must admit that I do share one concern raised by a contributor to my last roger bernardpost. Pastor Bernard is coming from a cash poor conference with major fiscal issues. What in his background demonstrates that he will be able to bring this conference out of our financial crisis? If he, as a top executive, for Central States couldn’t do it there how do we know his answer won’t be to just fire personnel as his predecessor Green did, when he overspent and saw himself in a financial bind? It’s been reported that he supports the ascension of Davis and Weegar above senior ministers who have served before them. As the nominee, why hasn’t he reached out to senior ministers to get an idea of the issues happening in the conference? Does he plan to plow through them like Green did? What is your plan Pastor Bernard? Senior ministers want to hear from you before casting their votes.

Remember it’s not about what I think I am simply raising questions. It’s what you think! YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Don’t just vote for people because you like them, knew them when they were a kid, or maybe had a crush on them in your younger days! Vote because you know above all others compared they are the most qualified!

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9 Responses to Green vs. Bernard/Davis&Weegar vs. Senior Ministers….Maybe we Should Start Over!

  1. LovetheLord says:


    Here Is What Happened says:
    September 21, 2015 at 8:13 pm
    This is an emotional reply. I was in the uuper room. I may not have agreed with all the decisions but one thing I can say, “We listened, we heard and reacted to the requests and 2 minute speeches given during the 7:30 – 9am period. It was worth it.

    What happened was that the chair became tired and sloppy at the end after the NAD leaders departed and then things began when they left.

    Here is why I reveal this to you. The concept to refer a nominee back was a response that we heard the people and were not satisfied with that name. So, the constituents were in charge as to what they wanted. But when things got sloppy at the end the chair’s voice became tired to the point that we could not understand him.

    He could have allowed a statement on BG3 like this: “Because of information we have received about BG3’s work as an administrator, we refer this name back to the committee for further consideration.” A chosen spokes person with delegation of support could have addressed the Committee. But the President wanted to rush and get out of there.

    Now , the person who referred the name back should have been able to be heard!”


  2. Call a spade a spade! says:

    Griffin from the Union nominated his son for the education position. The same son that worked 13+ for Arlington ISD that refused to hire him back. I wonder why??? Then he went to Burton and knew about the teacher having relationships with a minor. Got removed from there. Then went to an SDA school in Michigan and got fired from there!!! Yet you voted in someone inefficient to lead our education system! Very sad day indeed!


  3. Jonah 77 says:

    Lord Please…help us…not the same Movie….again! TFS, please let keep everyone abreast of the past failures financially of a administration that lacked transparency. Also if you were on the nominating committee and you did not take the time to get informed then that’s what is wrong with the process. People relying on the word of others instead of asking the right questions..

    What Say You?


  4. Anonymous says:

    I like how everyone wants to blame the nominating committee for everthing. Thats funny. No one has complained about this horrible process until it goes in a direction they don’t agree with. Provide people with all relevant information on all ministers before starting this process. That has never been done


    • Anonymous says:

      Did u discover that committee members nominated their relatives for positions including the chairman? This is a conflict of interest and would appear as though they were there to serve their own interest rather than the people’s interest.
      Concerned constituent



      Now you are right. We have a sorry political system. Study where it came from and how it was adopted after the the 19th century. Did you speak out to change or demand due process?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s make a motion to vote no confidence in the nomination committee and replace them!


    • CALL IT says:

      But Why?

      Even if I disagree with the nominating committee and some of their selections, it was a group of 2 sets of political individuals that apparently had political aspirations to be President, Secretary and Ministerial. One group got whipped by the other. You should sanction those nominees for hijacking the committee. That’s what happened!


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