Nominating Committee Sparks Controversy with SWRC Ministerial Leadership: Stop the Packerization and Take the Poll

 This election is the most controversial election I have seen in all the years I have lived in the SWRC. I have enclosed an updated poll based on the nominating committee’s top 3 picks and the current poll as it is receiving lots of current votes. If you want to see who has been entered as an “other” nomination click on the “View Results” button at the bottom of the poll, go to “other” and click “View.” The names entered are very interesting. Please cast your vote at the conclusion of reading this blog for the nominating committee’s top 3 and for the current poll. Now for the good part, names that have been reportedly put forth for vote in September.

Big News!

robert davisThe Adventist grapevine has been lit up all around the conference as these controversial nominations begin to surface. Reports have surfaced that Robert Davis and Theodore Weegar not only outsmart the “rat pack” but they duped every minister in this conference with their “no politics” rhetoric for this coming election. Ministers feel manipulated that these two offered to establish a prayer line in early June to pray for the upcoming decisions of the nominating committee to bring a sense of “unity” instead of “politics” for ministers, while the whole time they were working the background scene to get themselves nominated for positions that is beyond their experience level. Robert Davis was nominated for secretary, and Theodore Weegar for ministerial director. Being a good speaker, with a great life story of second chances and redemption is admirable, remarkable, and simply amazing. It doesn’t however, make you a good leader, they should have solicited support from their peers first. Respected senior ministers who have mentored these men feel manipulated and have openly communicated their opinions.

If there is one single issue the ministers of SWRC are united, it is that they do not support these weegartwo  nominations and plan to fight it on the floor at constituency meeting. I don’t think I have ever heard a minister until yesterday say that he will openly, speak against this nomination, and has the support of the major ministerial leadership in this conference.  You know, a great idea could be, and I know this might be a stretch for the nominating committee, how about asking the ministers to tell you who they would like to see in leadership? Perhaps…..a survey? My advice to the nominees…well nice try, but if I were you I would withdraw my name on Sunday out of respect for your brethren. We all know the Adventist grapevine is a fast pipeline. If the conference ministerial leadership does not respect your motives of getting a nomination, you should not even consider accepting such a position. I mean would you go hard in the paint, and let your entire brethren speak against you openly? Maybe you two should get back on the “prayer line” and ask them how they feel! I’m sure the “prayer line” is closed for “political business” for its work is done.

No one seems to know how Pastor Griffith’s son was nominated for educational superintendent for the SWRC. Buford Griffith Jr., does have a background in education, but did anyone on the nominating committee ask about his history of employment? This may be something the nominating committee should look further into on Sunday.

Vivian Johnson. Nominated, for SWRC Treasurer, she serves as an under VivianJohnson251_2010_mediumtreasurer for the Southwest Union. Does she have experience? I would say she does, but, our conference is in a financial crisis, we can’t find a CPA in this entire collection of regional conferences to get us out of this mess? It almost seems as if we are getting the southwest union’s picks, perhaps we should rethink this. No to discount Sis. Johnson, but we are in a real financial crisis, we need serious people, with a proven track record of “change” and “results” to help us move in a new direction, not more of the same. I would even agree with Dr. Stanley that bringing Dr. Ted Brown back to SWRC as treasurer might be a better option. I mean, when you think about it, we weren’t in this mess when he was here. What I am confused about is why are they not interviewing all candidates for all positions?

flip%20flopsFinally, the “flip-flopper” of the year award goes to…..wait for it… unnamed minister who I’m sure every nominating committee member has received a call from. A lay person reports he has been lighting up the phones calling ministers, lay-people, and anyone else who will give him an ear. Here is some advice, your new to SWRC, you just got here, take a seat. It’s been reported that he has flipped flopped on so many decisions calling, ministers and telling them one thing and clearly publicly saying the opposite, silently pushing forward the will of Davis and Weegar.  Maybe that works in other conferences but not here, not in SWRC.

The presidential nomination is between three candidates for which, as I predicted the “rat pack” and “fraternity brothers” stacked the deck with their own people on the small committee. First up, Dr. Jesse Wilson , professor of theology at Oakwood University and chairperson for the evangelism council for which ministers have been attending at Oakwood for many years. It goes without saying that he is accomplished and his leadership speaks for itself.drjessewilson A former activist in south-central Los Angeles, some feel he may be the answer for a new direction in the SWRC. Here is the problem, he is a favorite among the younger ministerial population, and senior ministers who make a large group of this conference are not sure he will tip the scale to bring unity and equity. The bottom line is younger ministers want bigger churches, older ministers desire to be recognized for their loyalty and commitment to this conference with opportunities for administrative leadership responsibility. Dr. Wilson how do you solve this problem?

Next up Calvin Watkins, a favorite amongst the “rat pack” is the watkinsministerial association leader for South Atlantic Conference. Now my question is, if he is in this position at South Atlantic why would we give him a position of president? He hasn’t worked in this conference, he is not in an upper administrative role, and I’m not sure I can understand why they see him a good fit for president. He has a 5% approval rating on my poll.  I mean shouldn’t nominating someone go beyond the scope of, I like him, he baptized me, or he is a great speaker? Many say he is a good leader, but do we want to take him for a test drive and find out?

Finally, Roger Bernard, a son of the SWRC. Many of us remember roger bernardhim as a youth, young pastor, and now he is the executive secretary for Central States Conference. His nomination goes without saying that he not only has experience but also has deep roots of loyalty to SWRC members. Can he work with senior ministers? Can he break up the packerization happening in this conference? Will he play favorites as so many presidents have done in the past causing nothing but strife and discord. It remains to be seen. All three are scheduled for interviews. I have updated the poll to include these ministers so you can vote and make your desire known as members. Remember you cannot vote twice so please make sure you use your vote wisely. I have set the poll to block multiple voting to ensure voting integrity.

To my critics, you may not like this blog, but take a look to the right, over 40,000 people see the input from this website as credible. Participants are voting for president on my public poll. This is a commercial site, I can’t manipulate stats. So, I would suggest those who think this is a negative “un-spiritual” or in the words of Davis “political” blog, cool your jets and take some advice.

My Prediction

Robert Davis and Theodore Weegar will not withdraw, even knowing they do not have support of their peers and senior ministers they will continue with their foolishness to accept the nomination bringing chaos and controversy to the constituency floor in September.

My Advice to the Nominating Committee

Ask the chair to revisit all names nominated, and ask yourselves does this really make sense? I disagree with the comments on this blog that senior ministers are disgruntled, and that this blog is dedicated to exposing their plight. Unfortunately, this is the issue that locks up every organizational decision that is made and has been made for the last 15 years, that’s a long time to be stuck in the mud on senior pastors vs. younger pastors. It can’t be ignored until its fixed, the nominating committee can fix it this Sunday.

Up to 50% of the employed ministers in this conference are senior men, not yet ready to retire. Meaning, they stayed, when it was rough, they stayed, when no one wanted to be here or take a call here they stayed, taking on multiple churches that were left with no pastoral leadership. They stayed taking multiple roles and responsibilities  to absorb the financial crisis of 2008 and every other crisis prior.  These senior pastors were willing to take a pay cut to preserve the positions of their fellow brethren, who were terminated in the end by the president who, now, is terminated from his position. Their divisiveness lie in the workings of a manipulative few who have managed to control and dominate the committee and leadership for over 20 years. End it on Sunday. How is it that with the last four elections totaling 20 years or more certain pastors have never moved from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, literally since the 1990’s while others have moved between 2,3,4 states? This is the issue that divides, this is the issue that dominates, this is the issue if never fixed with real leadership change you will continue to see strife and conflict with workers. End it on Sunday.

conflictHow would you feel if you worked for 30-40 years, built churches, schools, pitched tents, in-gathered, sold books, magazines all to bring thousands into God’s loving arms, and to be degraded by “The Rat Pack” and younger ministers who think your washed out and have nothing to offer? Here is a suggestion, ask the “non-pack” senior ministers who have seats on the nominating committee, what they see are the big issues that divide the ministers and cause major organizational conflicts. Ask them what they would do to change things. Then you don’t need me to tell you. It’s not a secret! That’s just the Kool-Aid non-politicians” like Robert Davis want you to drink. I don’t believe senior pastors are looking for a handout, rather, an opportunity to lead with accountability.

f17d1-5330452-two-adult-men-shaking-hands-close-up-against-black-backgroundIf you want my advice well….I’m going to give it any way! Promote qualified, positive, and intelligent senior men in this conference into administrative leadership positions, here is a popular management term you can Google, it’s called succession planning.

We need smart local people who have built churches, managed programs,Mother and Son Reading Bible Together and most of all have a spine to stand up and call out foolishness when they see it.  That would exclude “The Rat Pack,” and the “Frat Brothers” they had their chance. This will free up churches for movement, so younger ministers can have stepping-stones into larger responsibilities in churches. Then…. maybe someday soon “Bobby and Teddy” you can step up to the plate. How? Someone before knew you would eventually be looking to move ahead and created a fair, equitable path for your success. Succession planning starts on Sunday with the current nominating committee. It is not a sin to have ambition, it is a sin to harm others in your journey to get there.

Stop the packerization of “the pack” and bring in people who can do this job. Make a bold statement to people who look at our conference as a joke, that we can’t even promote our own people to leadership, giving senior ministers a chance to lead says we believe in the work and accomplishments of our ministers, we analyze all candidates, and we don’t base decisions on surface criteria, like “I just love how he speaks he reminds me of…M.L.K.”

Ask really “hard” questions of all applicants for every position you consider, and don’t let the “Rat Pack” or “Fraternity Brothers” butter you up with their gifts of oration. It’s a smoke screen that will keep us in this divisive crisis another four years. Look for mavericks, people who don’t follow the crowd, people who have managed to be successful without causing rifts and divides in their churches. People who carried the cross without complaint and have the breadth of experience and knowledge to back it up. You have the talent, the committee has to dig deeper.

Nominating Committee, show us that you are capable of making the best decision for this conference by starting with a clean slate on Sunday,  come to the meeting prepared to work. Don’t lean on others, your smart and capable by accepting this role, ask the tough questions others would prefer you to ignore to get it over with.


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42 Responses to Nominating Committee Sparks Controversy with SWRC Ministerial Leadership: Stop the Packerization and Take the Poll

  1. Dolomite9 says:

    great comments but where is the beef?


  2. Call a spade a spade! says:

    Griffin from the Union nominated his son for the education position. The same son that worked 13+ years for Arlington ISD that refused to hire him back. I wonder why??? Then he went to Burton and knew about the teacher having relationships with a minor. Got removed from there. Then went to an SDA school in Michigan and got fired from there!!! Yet you voted in someone inefficient to lead our education system! Very sad day indeed!


  3. the only one with a brain says:

    I have glanced at some of the things that you all have published here and I am shocked and amazed at the actions of my fellow “Christians”. Let’s start with the nominating committee who seem to be promoting their own individual personal agendas. The last time I checked there was a such thing “conflict of interest”. When you nominate yourself or a family member that is an example of a conflict of interest. Next the proposed changes in the conference leadership is absolutely insane. In my humble opinion leave the leadership as it stands.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    What would be a better line up, to move the conference forward?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Harbinger says:

      President……Calvin Watkins

      Secretary……..Michael Meyers

      Ministerial…..Tyrone Boyd

      Education…..Someone Else…TBA

      Church Ministries….Stephen Brooks

      Sabbah School/Communications/Childrens Ministries….

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  5. The Harbinger says:

    My gut feeling is that if the present lineup holds we will end up in knee deep controversial waste. I am scared of the borrowing weagar and the past life of davis.

    Alleged good speakers are often bad leaders.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I hear Dr. Wilson has decided not to have his name presented. Has any other heard this news. He was a very strong contender.

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  7. Winston Stanley says:

    TEE-IT-UP!!! Harbinger, Jonah, Real Truth, when this stuff is all over, we need to “tee-it-up” on a course somewhere and do a round of 18. I shot an 84 yesterday and had no one to shout with. You guys(girls too) look as if I can have fun with on the course … If you are willing to reveal who you are.

    By the way, keep yourselves healthy! When some of these men and women leave he ioffice, they are broken in health. that office really takes it toll on them physically.

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  8. Winston Stanley says:

    Jonah, Real Truth, and Harbinger, you guys have me laughing for the first time. I feel ya, but I think you all need to reread my remarks. I stated, “If Ted was current president, WITH the current treasurer, we would not be in financial straits. THAT is what I meant! (lol).

    As a matter-of-fact, Ted and Nancy worked very well together because they have a good history. I really like the current treasurer as an individual, she and I have gotten along well at times, but there were also disagreements, but we did not allow differences to spoil our relationship.

    She joked with my wife at teachers convention two-week ago stating “Ingrid, you should have left Winston at home and gone to China without him to have fun.” My wife responded…, “Nancy, do you think that would have been a good idea knowing Winston? Nancy responded…., NOOOOO, not–at ALL!!!” (laughing!) Nevertheless, I do feel bad for her because of the situation. I really do!

    Harbinger, I am still laughin-out-Loud at your comments… Honey-juice!!! I just want the best for SWRGC, but there are times I do wonder, in what direction are we headed. Nevertheless, we must remain on bended knees.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    You are going to mess around and get another bad apple in the chair. Why, you are all over the place. Pick one and get behind that one. Is that possible? No! Why? Because most of you are selfish and looking out for number one. Sad


  10. Read the resumes and the fine print!


  11. Jonah 77 says:

    Forgotten Shepherdess, I am requesting a new poll.
    Michael Meyers for President and Winston Stanley for Secretary with Thompson or Polite for ministerial. Let them present their plans to the committee. Let the stacked committee’s true colors show who they are beholden to. Some will be with the Fraternity, some will be with the Rat Pack….But a true problem solver select this group and here their plans…If not now then later..

    What Say you?


    • Anonymous says:

      I think we should request they consider Eddie Polite, Roger Bernard, Ted Brown and whoever is voted in we rally around him and work to move our conference forward. These are electable men. You put up Myers, Williams, Williams, Boyd, Thompson, McCoy, Bryant or whoever on your personal agendas the constituents are just going to get disgusted with you, as they have done in previous sessions, and vote doodoo(you know what I want to say here), like they did 4 years ago.


      • The Harbinger says:

        I find your comment to be disturbing. The men you just mentioned are better and more qualified than you can imagine. Before you call someone S consider the speck in your eye and ask is S there. All great men are not born equal.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi harbinger welcome to the discussion


      • Anonymous says:

        The Harbinger,
        Calm down. So quick to fight! I am not calling anyone S., that would be out of order..Merely the results that we got from our elected official. The men may be capable but not electable and you know that


      • I’m not sure I can get a poll sample that fast I will try though


      • The Harbinger says:


        You did politely use an adjective called doodoo which is the equivalenet of S. I don’t believe any of these men whether I like them or not are S. To describe them as such would be unchristian.

        Stanley, as you have indicated the issues are serious. They are more serious than what we all many imagine. With that said, I can’t see the office working with a Bernard, Davis and Weegar combination. Davis does not no when to shut his mouth and Weegar is on a yellow wagon of the rediculous. The rediculous and the motor mouth would lead to chaos. You could descibe that relationship as S or doodoo.

        Every minister who has any kind of brain should not let this happen for any future President. But anonymous where YOU are right and I agree is that the minister are waiting for some other minister to get real dirty in the process of selection. And that person will have doodoo on them because of the failure of ministers to stand together. The good thing is is that the so described Rat Pack see this inconsistency as well as those pastors who can’t stand their politics. This may be God at work–UNITY!


    • Hmmm that’s an interesting line up Jonah_77


  12. Jonah 77 says:

    Dr. Stanley, with respect, the only thuds I hear is the sound of Senior Ministers being dropped from the rolls of employment for speaking out against the tyranny of poor leadership. Its like a very ripe fruit having reached its potential and then falling to the ground and being LEFT BEHIND to rot!! It will never be eaten because the hearts of men are cruel. Michael Meyers: spoke out…THUD!! given more churches and threatened to be moved to Louisiana!! The louder THUDS were R.E. Brown, J. R. Ellis, Al Booker etc…, I mean these are not Thuds….These are anvils being dropped on Senior men as if they were cartoon characters on an episode of the Road Runner!! The southwest Region Conference from New Mexico to Louisiana is laden with rotten fruits that were once fresh and ready….There are corpses of Senior Men who have fallen by the wayside supporting the field but only to be seeds of what once was!! Dr. Stanley I actually do support you to go into the office. But how on earth could you support the current treasure? She has been the source of mismanagement and terminations and possibly the reason why we are in this situation in the first place. She must accept responsibility and she cannot be allowed to continue. How can you be for change if you would support the personnel that caused the problems? To your verse in Romans, “be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” It didn’t say overcome evil with evil…and you certainly cannot change a 21st century problem with 20th century personnel. I still believe that between Michael Meyers and Winston Stanley you would make a great team as President and Secretary. But if either of you would try to fix the problems of today with personnel from the past with ties in any form to Frank, Dino & Jerry or use the poor non-transparent methods that led to what I believe are gross negligent business practices……. you may not be qualified. I am pleased you support education. It is imperative that this be resolved. However, One of you two needs to get the Job. I would support you both because I believe you can work together. Pastor Meyers has built churches and schools and an bring the Younger and Senior Men together as he did with the association. He also has the business and administrative skills to put the conference on the path to see positive financial gains. Would you not support him? Would he not support you? Dr. Stanley instead of being behind someone, you should be out front for the greater good, with Pastor Meyers calling out those who would do evil and being a part of the great healing and transformation this conference needs. Take back your conference!!!

    What Say You?


  13. Winston Stanley says:

    JONAH, respectfully, you last comment hits with a thud. In your earlier commentary you suggest we need a president with a “financial package.” In you latter comment, you place an indictment by saying you would not bring Brown in as president; who will indeed bring a financial package with firm management. But yet, as the biblical theory suggest; “replacing something bad, with something good.” (Rom 12:21) , you fail to suggest a candidate or name–not good! If you do not have a candidate, you open the doors to more trouble as the parable suggest. Ted Brown will call out “Frank, Dino, & Jerry”; he will call-out the “Frat Brothers,” and the rest of us ministers in this field of whom you indict as weak. Brown is strong enough to do that; based on personal experience. Many are “insecure” with Brown because he has the skill-set to call us out and not be “bullied.”

    Now, to the ForgottenShepherdess, respectfully, to bring in Brown as treasurer, we would be defeating our purpose. I indeed love our current Treasurer, for she is indeed a good person who was over-rode by bad decisions from her Superior. Why would we want to create more tension with a new administration–between Brown, as a returning treasurer(as you suggest) , and a new president; when I know Ted Brown will be firm with the money and management. I’m not feeling you there.

    If Brown was our current President, with our current Treasurer, there is no way we would be experiencing financial challenges. Absolutely…NO WAY!

    Now, can the above names (Wilson, Bernard, Polite, Watkins, etc.), bring us a tough financial package and also office management, who indeed will control the likes of the “Frat Brothers,” Frank, Dino and Jerry, and the rest of us old heads. I believe Ted Brown has the skillset to do it.

    As for me, my strength is education. However, I respect our teachers enough such that we need to hear their input as to whom they would suggest as the next superintendent to the constituents, and not the Nominating Committee pushing an unknown, whom the teachers have to become familiar with all over again.

    I ask again, what are our “FELT NEEDS” here in SWRGC… FINANCES and MANAGEMENT.” I I choose to support Brown as President, even though there is no mentioning and listing of his name in the above polls.




      You know that when you are on that nominating committee laity and ministers have stacked the deck. Apparently Brown did not get nominated to be placed on the chalk board. I agree that Brown is qualified. I disagree with you about Nancy. She is just as responsible for the terminations, forced retirements, relocations as Foster, Green , G. Jones and Brooks.

      Insiders said that she was incompetent and they are pros. These people destroyed lives and hurt fellow workers with no concious. She met with the ministers in Dallas and was in full support of the Reduction program. By the way we are paying for insurance. To say that the constuents should keep Nancy would say that we should keep McCoy and Sam Green. Now these two are saying that it was “peer pressure” as if they were robots controlled by Green. They need to man and woman up.

      They used the rising cost of health care as a scapegoat for the workers reducation program. She signed or approved the checks for over spending. She brought in more workers in treasury. I could cite more incompetencies. She is a Christian and a good person but a bad manager. As a Christian I have not heard one time that she stood for any of those who were about to be terminated, deemployed or retired.

      Why are you pushing the issue of, “do you have a name.” We all have names. You are one of them. Your wife is certainly one of them. Your courage speaks for itself.

      Certainly I would suggest Michael Meyers. He stood for the ministers and I heard how he stood against the Frat Brothers and Frank, Dino and Jerry . He really did somethng that is getting know Cred.

      Jonah77 actuallly supports and endorses you for President if you read all his/her comments.



    • Hmmm I’m not sure I’m as confident I don’t think Dr Brown whom I respect has the field experience to gain buy in with ministerial staff


  14. Jonah 77 says:

    the Pastors in that Field are weak. It doesn’t matter who you ask. Your record will show for itself. I would not bring back Ted Brown. It seems to me that instead of taking on the mantle of leadership that some people just want to stand behind someone and hope and pray they do whats right. If you are froggish then leap!!! Again, what is their plan? Weakness is the absence of a certain inherent ability to lead. A person void of fruitful ideas and relevant contribution is without question not electable. The same can be said of anyone masking a prayer line in the attempt to whip votes in their favor!!! THEY ARE UNELECTABLE!!

    What Say you?


  15. Anonymous says:

    I have asked a number of pastors who would be good and they didn’t have any answer. That tells me the field is weak. Let’s be honest. It’s sad but true.


    • bold and smart says:

      The pastors in this field are not weak. What pastors did you ask?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anonymous says:

        You posted a list of individuals who were on the nominating committee. It would have been great if the ministers reached out to let us know their thoughts on who they would choose for any of the positions. That would have been great. I only received one call. Don’t wait until we make a decison you dont like and then speak. We want your input. You all seem to be united on this issue so unite on this. Provide it by Sunday. ALL OF YOU not just a few



  16. Anonymous says:

    Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Anonymous says:

    Stanley stated bring Dr Ted Brown back as PRESIDENT and not Treasurer.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Jonah 77 says:

    Well. I must say this one breaks it down…How can you create a prayer line while stumping for votes? The truth is, when the deck is stacked you just have to call them out. If you know that you were working for a SUPER PAC and you got busted then you should cease the drama. Rejection is never a good thing in public. And just because you sound good as a preacher doesn’t mean you have math skills. Which is what anyone and everyone who goes in next time needs to have. Where is the transparency? Sam Green was a disappointment as well as a lesson. You should not be bullied by the union. Pick your own leadership. Promises to unit fall short when you are faced with real problems. If any of those nominated walk in without a plan to get the conference out of debt and just how they will unite ministers they should turn around. Im not talking about a plan in crayon. I mean some real analysis and focus on the problems. Believing God is with you is great. God gave you a brain…so paint a picture. Get the committee some charts, real data. Propose bold moves that will shake up and fix long time problems with smart decisions. Can you do that? or are you in someone’s pocket like so many nickels and dimes…?

    What say you?

    Liked by 1 person

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