Is It Your Christian Duty To Vote “No Confidence” Against The President And His Administration This September?

2 Reasons Why I Will! 2 Reasons Why You Should!


“Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

The first reason why I will and why you should is…….

@ettubrut2DIMINISHED TRUST│ Trust tops my list! The SWRGC administrators lost my constituent trust in them because they committed the “unpardonable sin” in leadership; they “held their plans too close to their vests.” I could cite a number of leadership “sins” but I will give two most important reasons that define three years of constituent “no confidence” in SWRGC leadership.

FIRST, OUR ADMINISTRATORS’ failed to reveal “everything” to you and me: the constituent, the tithe returner, the guarantor for all loans. Without us they could not borrow “nada.” Thus, the biggest hoax ever in SWRGC history shines like a black light on this administration’s failure to reveal a step by step accountability of spending; before and after the camp improvements were made at Lone Star Campground. In other words they sold and are selling you to this day a “white horse” with visual defects.

You see, the over expenditures for camp improvements which resulted in a cover-up scheme brought the administrators to their knees before the Executive Committee with a recommendation for the three administrators to resign. Inside sources have said that it will take years to recover from the present financial blunders of this administration.

The major disaster of over spending placed our Conference in a financial tail spinmortgage debt resulting in the most evasive surgical terminations and forced retirements ever. Would you reelect an administration that failed to tell you the truth and attempted to cover it up? Would you really reelect an administration that forced retired and terminated workers who served you for many years without giving YOU an adequate explanation? Would you really reelect an administration that would distort the service record of ministers just to get a vote for relocation and termination? You should get the facts because during their speeches at the 2015 September 9-10 constituency meeting they will reveal in their presentations a “one sided” color view of their achievements.

The best word to describe the President and his administration would be termed, “betrayal;” an attitude that would “sell” friends, workers and members “out” to save their own “hides;” and send them to Death Valley without a survival guide for the future. In their words they exclaim: “Thank you for your service but you are on your own preacher.” How sad and distrustful.

Nan S. Russell, selected as a 100 Top Thought Leader in Trust for both 2014 and 2015 by Trust Across America and author of four books including Trust, Inc.: How to Create a Business Culture That Ignites Passion, Engagement, and Innovation and The Titleless Leader reveals:

“Lying is the number one behavior that diminishes trust. It also tops the list of what people say when they think of trust betrayed. No surprise there. But we don’t need to lie or deceive or manipulate to diminish trust. We can do it with simple, ordinary, everyday behaviors.”

Now, neither President Green nor his underlings would admit to lying. But if someone told you something that would alter your life but did not reveal all the facts to you for their own benefit, wouldn’t such a scheme fall under lying as discussed in Nan Russell’s work on business culture?

Now look at ten reasons why trust appears diminished in the SWRGC leadership:president sam green

  1. The President escalated the email chain, hitting reply all and cc’ing workers and members.
  2. The President bypassed the persons involved and farmed it out to Gordon Jones, Terry Foster, Terrell McCoy and Nancy Jones and whoever else to be Mr.Clean—while all of Green’s underlings willingly accepted being the President’s team cleaning crew.
  3. The President chose email, text message, or delegated the delivery of difficult messages.
  4. The President crafted half-truths, used spin, avoidance, and weasel words.
  5. The President over promised and under-deliver.
  6. The President took credit for some achievements without acknowledging others’ contributions (Like the work senior men contributed too when the SWRGC went over 1000 souls 1 ½ years ago).
  7. The President relinquished his personal accountability as the direct Supervisor of workers. The President refused to follow-up on workers who were terminated—a Christian duty.
  8. The President operated as if other workers/members couldn’t be trusted. Answer this question Executive Committee members, “Did the President talk about some of you like a dog in the minister’s workers meeting on that fatal Friday last year at camp meeting?” Ask Green what he said concerning, if he had a choice, whether you should serve on the committee?
  9. The President visited the dark side of institutional politics.
  10. The President lacks self-awareness and self-introspection (Read Nan Russell’s entire article at:


IMG_7818These are good reasons why I will and why you should VOTE no to return any of the leaders previously mentioned.


This brings you and me with the second reason why I will and why you should.



Psychologist Gerben A. van Kleef (University of Amsterdam) and his colleagues from University of California, Berkeley, examined how power influences emotional reactions to the suffering of others. They scientifically described what “diminishing compassion” (Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.) has on leadership at the top.

“The results, reported in the December issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, reveal that individuals with a higher sense of power experienced less compassion and distress when confronted with another’s suffering, compared to low-power individuals. In addition, high-power individuals’ RSA reactivity increased (as indicated by lower heart rate) as they listened to the painful stories; that is, high power participants showed more autonomic emotion regulation, which buffered against their partner’s distress (

sick blackmanWhy do I mention this? We are experiencing for the first time ever a diminishing morale confidence among ministers, workers and church members—like never before. Workers have witnessed unfair promotions and hiring’s while church members experience a “left out” nauseous belly ache. Both pastors and members have witnessed/felt the unfair terminations, relocations and retirements of men who have worked their entire lives for the Southwest Region Conference while church members experience the irresponsible actions carried forward by the President and his Cleaners. Most of last year’s sudden, life changing decisions happened with little or no notice. They also left ministers with 2, 3, 4 and 5 churches to pastor—an impossibility to do for any real productivity that leaves church vulnerable because their “shields” are down.

Today, the working pastoral staff is experiencing division as many have to decideth33S0E291 “whose side IS they on.” This deliberate, thought out oligarchy (An oligarchy is a form of government in which most of the political power effectively rests with a small segment of society, typically the people who have the most wealth, military strength, ruthlessness or political influence.) style impedes the work of Jesus as workers take on an attitude of “every man for them self.” Wow! Does Green fit the above observation after last year’s unexplainable death sentences of several workers? Pastors and members: “Are YOU “your brother’s keeper?” Would you reelect/elect leaders who could “careless” for their brothers?

President Green and his administrators (Terrell McCoy, Nancy Jones, Gordon Jones and Terry Foster) did not bring laity and workers together! The administrators that surround the President (His kitchen cabinet) are secretly distancing themselves from Green’s decisions with a song and dance called “under peer pressure.” Don’t buy into their song and dance!


I feel that it is my Christian duty to vote against a rogue government that veiled themselves from trust and compassion and did not shed a tear as they un-employed workers and refused to give information to members yet promoted their self interest; systematically terminated, relocated, and retired workers for their self benefit. I feel no hatred toward my brothers or sister but believe their must be a reciprocity for those who will emotionally suffer for life from the decisions and actions of this ill advised administration.

YRecently at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist session in San Antonio, women’s ordination never made it. Believe it or not, strategists realized that two or three overseas divisions out-numbered the smaller North American Division constituents and others resulting in a clear majority against each “division” deciding for themselves the ordination of women-a political plan well crafted by GC world leadership. Many of you would say this was God’s will. I ask, “How can discrimination be God’s will?”

If women were protesting outside and inside the Alamo Dome as African American SDA activists demonstrated in the late 60s you may have seen a different outcome at the GC. Where were women and minorities? Many were on the GC Face Book blog thanking them for “discrimination”—even the Women’s Coordinators at the top.

Looking forward and drawing a lesson from above, at the August meeting of the Large and Small Committees, and at the Constituent Session in September 19-20, protest against this administration is warranted. The failure to stand up against the atrocities of this administration may result in further administrations doing the same thing—which would be our insanity. Don’t be bought by inaccurate rhetoric and empty presentations. Demand accountability! Protest! Or be a victim and the laughing stock of the North American Division. Because the talk outside this Conference is, “how could you?”

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” —George Eliot


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21 Responses to Is It Your Christian Duty To Vote “No Confidence” Against The President And His Administration This September?

  1. Call a spade a spade! says:

    Griffin from the Union nominated his son for the education position. The same son that worked 13+ years for Arlington ISD that refused to hire him back. I wonder why??? Then he went to Burton in Texas Conference and knew about the teacher having relationships with a minor. In addition, to lowering enrollment there. Got removed from there. Then went to an SDA school in Michigan and got fired from there for his inefficiency!!! Yet you voted in someone like him to lead our education system! I guess SWRGC wants its first scandal like Burton in Texas Conference! Very sad day indeed!


  2. Left Behind! says:

    The Frat Brothers are backing Lucky ,Frank Dino and Jerry have not exposed their hand but the Falcon is still in sight and still in flight?But how do you know who has the best interest of the whole conference in mind?


    • LEFT BEHIND says:

      Which Left Behind are you? Since there are many.

      What we share iis this: the defeat of Elder Sam Green as President and a reversal of his policies.

      We also agree that the Pastors of Berean and Ephesus stated that they don’t believe in politics or involvement. Is the prayer vigil that they started political? Based on what we have seen with almost all of them on the nominating cmt. It seems that they have formed a poliitical triune for power and position. What a contradictio of belief!


  3. Billy the Kid says:

    We are the sum of all the people that we have ever met !You change the tribe or the tribe changes you.This undoubtedly was what EG White wanted to say when she said “association brings about assimilation!”Whether you are black or white or somewhere in between,you will find yourself repeating the speech and actions of those that you most closely associate!No wonder the psalmist could say that” we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”


  4. Bill still ! says:

    “What is past is prologue” the past affects the future!We have the power to choose for the good or for the worst and we must choose for the best and still be wary of human weakness!But what would be most advantageous?Who would be kind and not mean spirited,conservative but not crazy?Wise but not headstrong?Who has a proven track record in ministry?Who has a good relationship with his wife and children?Is he verbally or physically abusive?What is his position on Women’s ordination?Is he a people person or a policy man?Does he treat everyone the same or special perks to friends and family?Is he a big church man a little church man or an every church man?Introvert or extrovert?Does he cater to the money people?Does he believe in due process or crowd opinion?


  5. Bill still Bill says:

    The past affects the future in other words what is pat is prologue!We cannot escape the past but we can affect the future by the choices we make today!How can we undo the damage that has already been done?Sound impossible?Maybe!


  6. Mahatma Ghandi says:

    Those who forget the past are forced to repeat it!”Curses are like chickens,they always come home to roost!The sloppy/haphazard way the Secretary has conducted the business of the conference is the best indicator that he as well as the other officers need to find the closest exit and put the swrc out of misery!Transparent?the only thing transparent about this administration is the word “transparent”!Talk about 4 years of coverup from Gordon Jones’ “Realignment Plan” and the overspending of the Campground Improvement Saga to the forced into retirement workers to hiring new workers,what a watergate mess do we have on our hands?How could the Unioin stand by and let this stuff happen?What is the purpose of the Union anyway?They need to be fired too!Peacefully, of course!



    Southwest Region Nominating Committee 2015 – 2020
    1. Arkansas
    James Roberts Shiloh Little Rock Worker
    Na,eem Omari New Life Marion Layman

    2. North Louisiana
    Irene Merrill Minden Minden Layman
    Vanston Archibold Alexandria Smyrna Worker

    3. South Louisiana
    Theodore Weegar Ephesus New Orleans Worker
    Robert Davis Berean Baton Rouge Worker
    Rene Carr New Life New Orleans Layman
    Noella McCulla Caffin Avenue New Orleans Layman

    4. New Mexico
    Jonathan E McCottry Bethesda Albuquerque Worker
    Martin Charles Las Cruces Las Cruces Layman

    5. Oklahoma
    Angel Machado Pilgrims of All Nations Oklahoma City Worker
    Albert Benson North Highland Community Oklahoma City Layman

    6. North East Texas
    Tyrone Boyd Agape/Fellowship Dallas Worker
    Kenneth Edwards Jefferson Jefferson City Worker
    Elias Rumaldo Arlington Arlington Worker
    Elias Glasmine Bethel Texarkana Worker
    Natasha Gregg Grace Temple Fort Worth Layman
    Jonathan McNorton City Temple Dallas Layman
    Rafael Morales Layman

    7. South Central Texas
    Frank Williams Smyrna Navasota Worker
    Rolanda Baysa Metropolitan Houston Worker
    Luis Velosa Houston Layman
    Tracie Faulkner WHO Houston Layman

    8. West Texas




    The SWRGC Grapevine, Organizing Committee actions backed up with news that surged through the Adventist pipelines.

    It may not look good for the President–even from those who are his supporters. It may be well for the President to bow out gracefully. He has had a career in administration most of his ministerial life and should realize that his controversial enacted policies will be fought out on the floor in Keen, Texas on September 19th and 20th should his name come out of the nominating committee. A nasty confrontation is expected on many of his policies.

    Some of the workers Green terminated, relocated or retired will be present on the nominating committee. Presently a non-scientific exit poll reveals the present SWRGC atmosphere of returning the President seems negative. Many of those interviewed say they fear his return because a second term Green Administration would be, “business as usual.” They also fear retaliation as the President is viewed as out of control at times when he has addressed constituents over controversial matters displaying inexcusable anger. At the presents, the atmosphere of the SWRGC feels like North Korea.

    Many delegates for the Organizing Committee did not show up. Sources say that it was a low turn out compared to the previous one. Some delegates cited the failure of the SWRGC to make sure that constituents were reminded about Sunday’s meeting and the recent moves of pastors who did not or could not get their membership transferred to their new districts. Could this have been a deliberate ploy for low constituent turn out to favor Green’s reelection? Only the office knows! It seems suspicious.

    Some delegates who left the Union office reported that they thought that the Union Official Elder Eddie Canales did a “less than perfect” job chairing the Large Committee in Burleson, Texas as it appeared the Vice President seem to favor helping Green and marginalizing small Churches as he permitted one pastor’s attempted to hijack the Committee with absurd and ridiculous political game playing. It did not work and the pastor’s motion was defeated eyewitnesses reported.

    Some selected members for the nominating committee for the Dallas area seemed to appear up for suspect as to whether they are eligible to serve because of departmental status, part time or full time employment or as in one case, a pastor whose church is in Texarkana and serves that community might not be listed in the North Central Texas area of churches. Sources report that an ongoing investigation is underway to check the eligibility status of some pastors selected.

    A suggestion by many constituents who have watched the collapse of this conference recommend that you REQUEST TO SPEAK AT THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE WHEN IT MEETS IN A WEEK OR TWO. Your statements of displeasure of non transparency and the misuse of conference funds will have a great impact on committee members.


  9. BringIt says:

    I’ve learned that the constitution and by laws are the governing documents which defines and dictates purpose and process. In April of 2015 McCoy met with the constitution and by laws committee to suggest changes to the governing documents which will be voted on in September. No one knew about the “secret” meeting. Members should be aware of when these meetings take place. The SWRG needs to be more transparent. It’s shameful and sad to see leaders function in a manner that is comes across as deceptive….. so not Christ like.


    • THE TRUTH SPEAKS says:

      What people are decieved about McCoy is his deception of being a nice guy. If you have ever observed him from a Committee level you would find that he is a killer who sent many men to a grave by a motion or second.

      It is apparent that that some manipulation is taking place that is deliberate by not getting out in front to make sure that constituents are being properly notified to assure that their is transparency.

      I agree with the writers that the principle people behind the worse administration ever is the President, McCoy, Nancy Jones, Gordon Jones, Terry Foster and the despised ad hoc committee members. These individuals should not be considered for any offices.

      Putting Jones up for President would be like putting a pit bull in office and asking him not to bite. If Jones gets the the nod by your vote, you will be dead meat in his jaws after the election.


    • Anonymous says:

      Today the nominating committee will be chosen. Let the madness begin


  10. Anonymous says:

    I have witnessed a few constituencies, this one really scares me. Much prayer is needed and thankfully whatever the outcome, God is ultimately in control.


    • ICE says:

      Yes…I agree!

      But what really scares me is THE POSSIBILITY OF Sam Green, Nancy Jones, Terrell McCoy, Gordon Jones and Terry Foster being returned to their offices for another 5 years.

      That would put a chill on the SWRGC!


  11. One of the Least says:



  12. CONSTITUENT says:

    Heh! I just left a comment the other day to Winston Stanley. Request please for Winston to read the comment on the previous article and comment. Thanks.


  13. fREELANCE WRITER says:


    A recent study (link is external) found that 82% of employees “say being able to trust their managers is crucial to their work performance.” Yet as important as trust is to high performance, engagement, and innovation, trust workplace levels remain low. In fact, the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer found ” an alarming evaporation of trust across all institutions, reaching the lows of the Great Recession in 2009.”

    Certainly frequent headlines reinforce skepticism about who is worthy of trust. From lying politicians and cheating teachers, to manipulating athletes and misdeeds from police stations and boardrooms, it’s no surprise trust levels continue at historic lows.

    Yet, when it comes to the people we work with and for, most of us ignore these headlines and judge for ourselves. By observing what our boss and organizational leaders say and what they do, i.e. their behavioral integrity, we decide to give, or not give, our trust to them. We also perceive through their actions if we’re valued and trusted by them, or not.


    We can pray all we want but if our leaders can’t be trusted and we don’t trust them, which amounts to the fact that we don’t trust each other, unity will not happen. Because trust begins with integrity and ends in honesty.

    You see preacher, some of you only care when you get a raw deal, like a move you can’t understand. You come back with a pietistic statement that: “it is God’s will.” For you it is like this, when you need compassion, love and concern — you never gave it to others when they went down for the count. So why should you expect members and workers to ralley for you? It’s called grace bra! Some of you can’t even understand why those who felt Green’s plan to reduce the working staff was so egregious. Or why those who were hurt don’t wand him, Foster, Nancy, or McCoy back in office. From the CLEANERS leadership mindset people were expendable–without grace!

    For instance, rumors circulated that they were going to move G. Williams to Baytown but he had the opportunity to object on the Committee and fought off that move. The same goes for C. Sanders who sources say did the same thing. Apparently they did not feel it was God’s will for them to go. But did any of these men speak for those who recenly lost their ministry? What about Polite? The issue about Polite is not about whether he should move or not. It is about how administration treated him and a fair process before his name was raked through the coals of the ExCom. You have to realize that we are living in the 21st century and the way men and women were moved and terminated in the past at the whim of a President because of a disagreement, politics or issues in a Church or Conference is out of touch with reality today. What I am saying is that this administration did not “think outside the box.” They thought in the a box of yesterday’s concepts and did not seek for innovative ideas on how to save people.

    Did Dr. G. Jones know about these terminations, relocations and retirement months in advance? HE DID AND DID NOT MEDIATE FOR PASTORS AND WORKERS. Ministers spilled their guts in trust to him and paid badly for it.



  14. Back Field In Motion says:


    Whoever wrote this article summed up the present delima that delegates will be faced with this coming Sunday, at the nominating level and in September.

    Two thumbs up!


  15. Karen says:

    Dear Forgotten Shepherdess:

    Your inspired article reveals my inner feelings concerning the last 4 years of this SWRGC administration. I will vote NOT to return those individuals listed above. Now this is crunch time for them. Through your blog I have at least learned about the the SWRGC and leadership.

    What Elder Green did to James Merrell and other pastors was just shameful!

    Dr. Winston…In the last blog you did not list any substantial reasons why you thought Brown was a good choice. If you have reasons concerning those you feel could be President why don’t you spell them out as you suggested a commentor to do?

    Keep up your good work Forgotten Shepherdess and keep your articles coming.


  16. One of the Least says:

    This is the most persuasive well written prose I have yet to encounter on this blog!The astute observations are detailed and colorfully expressed leaving no room for doubt about the accuracy of the allegations!Like Malcolm X of old said”Give me the ballot or the bullet”,i can hardly wait for the elections to vote out the most ungodly administration this conference has ever experienced!I just wish that they could experience what the workers who were hurt and almost destroyed by their “devil may care attitudes”!My humble prayer is that the next administration will major in compassion!Experience shows that whoever is responsible for making someone else powerful,is ruined himself:for that power is produced by him either through craft or force:both are suspected by the one who has been raised to power”!
    Hopefully we can learn from the elections in San Antonio and not let ourselves be pawns in a game as members of third world countries were used.In the book” Pedogogy of the Oppressed”,the observation is made that the unfair practices of the rich and powerful,are so often the same things that the poor and powerless do, when they get into power!The key is to be spiritually minded and spiritually prepared people who will “enter into their closets and pray so that the Father who sees us praying in secret , will reward us openly!” This is not a slam against those who are calling for prayer meetings in different areas because we need these pastors to continue these prayer meetings throughout the next term!Of course if you are happy about the last 4 years,then just sit back and do nothing ,say nothing,but remember,Jesus said,”In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these thy brethren, ye have done it unto Me”!


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