Has The SWRC Taken On The Characteristics Of A Legalized Mob?



mobSINis a criminal act against God! We are all criminals because we fall short of God’s Glory (Romans 3:23). The Bible succinctly declares our criminality as sinners who are hopeless outside of Jesus Christ. With our best foot placed forward, our righteous behavior would not gain us the privilege of entering into God’s eternal Kingdom.

So there! Let us not place our self righteousness above others. Even Paul shouted in his letter with utter terror when he looked from within and analyzed his life in comparison to Jesus his Savior: “O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord (Rom 7:28)![1]” Paul believed in introspection and moral leadership.

However viewer, the difference between a reprobate (a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person: a drunken reprobate) and me is that the reprobate is a criminal without Christ, and I am a criminal saved by Jesus’ one act of laying down His life for me so that I can be permanently decriminalized when glorification comes at the Second Coming.

It follows that through prayer and confession I am “decriminalized,” “released” from guilt without “bond;” the keys to Satan’s jail snatched right from his fingers daily, hourly, or moment by moment and instantly brought back into a relationship with my God. Without Jesus all humanity stands jailed on an “Alcatraz” in the center of a bay of guilt with no possible escape from criminality (see 2 Timothy 2:26). Thank God for Jesus!

But now that we understand that we are saved from our criminality, what happens when leaders abandon introspection and moral leadership who are imperfect criminals?


BUTwhat about our leaders who govern over an institution such as our localconflict Conference and other entities of the World Church? Do they sin and fall short of God’s glory? Most certainly! Their human criminality and behavior stand open to heaven’s radar of justice.

So it’s like this: before our leaders can refer to workers as outlaws, they have to consider their criminality first since all accuser(s) are born with a “criminal mind” that is bent against God. So my case for you to consider is: How can some of the leaders of the Southwest Region Conference think of themselves as “less” of a criminal than pastors/members when they are sinners too? Is it because our leadership lacks introspection and moral leadership?

Failure to spiritually look within their hearts sometimes flaunts another “kind” of leadership as they view their righteousness as being above their fellow brothers and sisters that paves the way for unrighteous behavior, unrighteous decisions, unrighteous evaluations, and unrighteous terminations and relocations of workers; because they will always proclaim in the name of their self righteousness that they are “doing” the Lord’s will. Their quest to carve out a legacy for the future or secure more power, often causes “clandestine” administrators to forget the words of Christ: “Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.[2] To apply the Golden Rule from Jesus’ mind it takes introspection and moral leadership.

In retrospect, according to the Golden Rule principle, this current President would not want to be mistreated, relocated to a district like El Paso or forced into retirement as he administered the moves of other pastors in the past year. He would squeal for mercy.

NOW, DOES THE BIBLE ILLUSTRATE AND WARN AGAINST UNIMPEDED HUMAN CRIMINALITY WITHIN LEADERSHIP Let us briefly look in the bible at one lengthy history of criminal minds at work within a real historical leadership event that makes my point. Simply, when Israel wanted a human person rather than God over them, God gave them their “desire” since they wanted to be like other nations. But God warned the Israelites about the “criminal mind” within leadership and future atrocities that would be committed by Israel’s kings.

Samuel'Bible history confirms that eventually the kings of Israel turned into a “religious organized mob” because the kings failed to have any real introspection (the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes); thus leaving God and eventually becoming dependent on their own tainted wisdom.

Failed introspection and moral leadership open a dark door of the worst kind of treatment to the people they were supposed to be leading. The sad result of being sent back to Babylon where they originally came from indicated that “grace” had left an entire nation; basically because of their inhumanity to humanity. (2 Kings 25:1-11)

Drawing a comparison to our current Conference leaders who are running the Southwest Region Conference, who are sinners who put “material possessions” above God and people, similar to Israel, the leaders of the SWRGC seem to me to REFLECT “mob like” characteristics (View the 5 Characteristics below). Without introspection and moral leadership, it is possible for any organization to emulate mob behavior including a religious organization such as the Southwest Region Conference, because they have forgotten the meaning of “moral leadership. Moral Leadership is a very different kind of leadership. Rather than aspiring to being followed, Moral Leaders aim to serve. Instead of showcasing their own skills, Moral Leaders tend to develop the capacities of others (www.globalethicsnetwork.org).”

BELIEVE IT OR NOT│within a Christian denomination or Conference sucMy Shoesh as the SWRGC by definition these mob characteristics do exist. So you might even say that Constituency Meeting might be described as picking who will be our next mob/godfather leader. Too bad Jimmy Carter will not be present to make sure that the election is fair and the present godfather has not suppressed constituent confidence with underworld threats like, “I will make you an offer that you can’t refuse!” Yeh right! I hope I don’t end up with a horse head in my bed when I wake up in the morning just before the election. Judging by what has taken place in the last year we shouldn’t be knocked out of our socks when we see the future mob actions, mob terminations, mob relocations considering the lack of introspection and moral leadership of the present clandestine leaders?

Once the election comes to an end and if the incumbent overcomes the negative perception that hovers over his administration, “hits” will be issued on his perceived enemies; and good pastors will die in the workplace once again. You can believe that!

NOW, BY DEFINITION OF AN ORGANIZED CRIMINAL MOB EXPERTS REVEAL “that organized crime groups, whether traditional mob families or street gangs, have a number of common characteristics.” And so, does the SWRGC leadership have similar characteristics of a religious criminal Mob? Check this out:

CHARACTERISTIC 1: “Organized crime thrives on supplying illegal goods and services for which a large number of people are willing to pay.

Now come on! But it’s true! Believe it or not POWER is a drug in demand. @ettubrut2Once someone gets it the more power addicted leaders want; and power corrupts. Consequently, leaders without introspection and the moral capacity to lead are never satisfied and will do whatever it takes to get more power from someone who has it. The President can say to someone he needs to gain more influence, “If you do this I will supply you with this.” And many Constituents buy this power through commitment of loyalty, money or kissing the President’s you know what. Most Presidents fail to undergo self introspection and never consider Moral Leadership.

CHARACTERISTIC 2: “The goal of organized crime groups is to make money; members also gain a sense of pride, power, and protection. “

Look at this characterized picture like this. The growth of tithe in the SWRGC becomes the mantra of all presidents past and present. If a minister does not perform well in growing the tithe in his district, that pastor’s j-o-b is history, regardless of the status and financial composition of members.

I heard one person from the General Conference speaking on stewardship who said: “show me a person who doesn’t have a job who can return their tithes.” In more direct words, you can’t squeeze juice out of a banana peel even if you juice it with some other juice. Preachers are being juiced with relocations, termination and a faulty retirement scheme which indicate an abandonment of Moral Leadership and no introspection—all because of tithe loss in their local church.

CHARACTERISTIC 3: “Groups have what is called a pyramid power structure like legal businesses. In legitimate businesses, there is a boss called the chief executive officer (CEO), under the CEO are vice presidents, treasurers, advisers, accountants, lawyers, technical staff, and so on. ARE YOU SEEING THIS PICTURE?

Organized crime has a boss, advisers who work closely with the boss and assign tasks to different crews, captains who run the different crews, soldiers who carry out the physical work and act out tasks from collecting money to killing people, and men with special skills.”

president sam greenThe current President/godfather has built his pyramid system of advisers, crews, accountants, even lawyers and faithful soldiers. How else could he have misappropriated the funds on camp improvements and willfully withheld information from you the constituent—by refusing self introspection and no foresight for Moral Leadership.

CHARACTERIS 4: “Members are extremely loyal and committed; they go through initiation rituals, take oaths, and swear to secrecy. Those under bosses are reportedly loyal to this President.” Has this President told anyone the whole story or anyone else in that office? Shouldn’t you know the truth before the bad is revealed?

The Secretary/Vice President, Treasurer/Vice President, Ministerial, and Under Treasurer have kissed the godfather’s ring of loyalty and sworn allegiance to him. But, are they willing to go down for their godfather in a nasty territorial war and power struggle that will soon take place in September?

CHARACTERISTIC 5: “Punishment for members who stray might be demoted to a lower rank or, depending on their offense, death. Well, let’s not go there but we could say death as describing the loss of income and employment.”

Those who are in the President’s mainstream will be rewarded. But the treasurer and Secretary might be on the godfathers list of hits if he gets back in.

FINAL CONCLUSION: “During the mid-twentieth century, organized crime in the United States was dominated by the American Mafia whose “godfathers,” meaning founders, were of Italian and Sicilian descent. In the latter half of the century, other groups appeared and grew in number, including motorcycle gangs, street gangs, and by the 1990s, organized crime units with home bases in other countries.”

What I want you to grasp is: when people don’t matter and agendas are more important, the local conference unknowingly/knowingly are eventually possessed with similar characteristics of an organized MOB. Infiltrated into the halls of Lanark Street. As an employee or member your godfather might say when you confront him, “Say hello to my little friend.” This could be interpreted as meaning, “good night and sweet dreams.” You figure it out!


Read more: Organized Crime – Characteristics Of Organized Crime – Gangs, Boss, Power, and Tasks – JRank Articles http://law.jrank.org/pages/11942/Organized-Crime-Characteristics-organized-crime.html#ixzz3dtpAqxVN

[1] The New King James Version (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982), Ro 7:24–25.

[2] The New King James Version (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982), Mt 7:12.


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  1. Call a spade a spade! says:

    Griffin from the Union nominated his son for the education position. The same son that worked 13+ years for Arlington ISD that refused to hire him back. I wonder why??? Then he went to Burton in Texas Conference and knew about the teacher having relationships with a minor. In addition, to lowering enrollment there. Got removed from there. Then went to an SDA school in Michigan and got fired from there for his inefficiency!!! Yet you voted in someone like him to lead our education system! I guess SWRGC wants its first scandal like Burton in Texas Conference! Very sad day indeed!



    University & Seminary Respond to GC Vote
    Agenda: Campus News | July 10, 2015

    On Wednesday, July 8, in San Antonio, Texas, delegates to the 60th General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventists voted 1,381–977 against allowing regional accommodation for world divisions to “make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry.”

    Andrews University is home to the theological seminary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Many of the 3,000 ordained ministers across the North American Division, and an even greater number abroad, have taken classes and/or received a degree from the seminary.

    Jii Moskala, seminary dean, says, “Those of us in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary respect yesterday’s decision by the world Seventh-day Adventist Church. While it wasn’t the outcome many in the church had hoped for, the seminary will continue to be an open, warm and friendly place for all women called by God to be prepared for pastoral ministry or chaplaincy. I believe that the formal response of the North American Division to this vote that ‘we will continue to follow General Conference policy by commissioning women pastors’ affirms that there will indeed be a place in our Church where female students will be welcomed to the pastoral ministry. I believe the ministry of these committed and seminary educated women is truly needed in our church and those women who are our graduates already have played and will continue to play a vital role in fulfilling the mission of the church in proclaiming the everlasting Gospel to the world.”

    Niels-Erik Andreasen, president of Andrews University, says, “Although the delegates to the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist world church declined to approve the ordination of women, Andrews University continues its support of women in ministry and the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary will continue to admit and educate women students who are called to ministry. There is strong evidence that women make important and needed contributions to the ministry of the church in many parts of the world. Our prayers are with the world church as we all move forward following this General Conference Session.”



    Women’s Ordination: Divisions
    May Not Decide

    Delegates of the 2015 General Conference Session voted “No” today to the carefully worded proposal that would have allowed the 13 divisions of our world church to each decide for themselves whether or not to provide for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry within their own territories. The vote, conducted by secret paper ballots, was 977 in favor of divisions deciding and 1,381 opposing it.

    This vote does not determine whether or not women can serve as ministers. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has already decided that women may serve as credentialed ministers. As several delegates pointed out during floor speeches (including special guest former GC president Jan Paulsen), this vote was not about whether female pastors should be ordained, but who should decide whether or not to ordain them.

    Dan Jackson, president of the North America Division, said that regardless of whether or not they are ordained, the 107 women pastors currently laboring in the NAD will continue serving their churches and communities. “We will continue with our intention of placing as many women into pastoral ministry as possible. We affirm the important role they play in reaching all of God’s children.”

    Ordination of elders unchanged
    Neither does today’s vote change the current GC policy on the ordination of women as local church elders, as stated in the 2009 Seventh-day Adventist Minister\’s Handbook, p. 94: “Elders and deacons should be persons of experience, chosen wisely. By action of the Annual Council of 1975, reaffirmed at the 1984 Annual Council, both men and women are eligible to serve as elders and receive ordination to this position of service in the church.”

    Nor does this vote limit the mission of the global church\’s Women\’s Ministries departments in carrying forward their work. Nancy Buxton, Mid-America Union Conference Women\’s Ministries leader, points out that Women’s Ministries is not about ordination. “We have never promoted the ordination of women,” she said. “Women’s Ministries is about ministry—it’s about helping women be all God created them to be as leaders, teachers, friends and yes, pastors. Our ministry involves a caring, loving relationship with each other within the church and community.”

    Proper procedures
    Today’s proceedings, chaired by GC vice president Michael Ryan, were orderly, well explained and bathed in prayer. Multiple times during the day delegates paused for sessions of earnest prayer.

    In his morning remarks GC president Ted N.C. Wilson sincerely requested that the discussion be civil and allowed to continue without anyone calling question or proposing amendments.

    Before discussion began three documents were read aloud: Theology and Practice of Ministerial Ordination, Consensus Statement on a Seventh-day Adventist Theology of Ordination, and the three positions from the Theology of Ordination Study Committee report, all based on Scripture. The words were also displayed on the screen and included in delegates’ packets.

    History of the debate
    The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been wrestling with this topic off and on for nearly 100 years. Adventist historians report that between 1870-1900 over 20 women received ministerial credentials from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ellen White among them. These women served as evangelists and in pastoral roles. They were paid from tithe funds—with Mrs. Whites’ approval—but there is no record of them being ordained.

    According to a report given during preliminaries this morning, there have been numerous committees through the years tasked with exploring this topic and bringing a recommendation. In most cases, there was “failure to reach consensus” and the matter was referred for “more study.” (www.columbiaunionvisitor.com/timeline-the-road-to-ordination)

    In June 2014 the 106-member Theology of Ordination Study Committee, which had analyzed 65 papers and presentations for 18 months) voted by a two-thirds majority to recommend that each division be allowed to determine its own trajectory on this matter. For an in-depth analysis of where the authority for ordination lies see Who Runs the Church? Understanding the Unity, Structure and Authority of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

    However, in October 2014 the GC and division officers declared unanimously that the issue should be determined through a process of church discussion and voting. Members of the Annual Council voted to place before the 2015 GC Session the question that was voted today: “After your prayerful study on ordination from the Bible, the writings of Ellen G. White, and the reports of the study commissions, and; after your careful consideration of what is best for the church and the fulfillment of its mission, is it acceptable for division executive committees, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry? Yes or No.”

    Strong opinions and prayers for peace
    Because our theologians have not been able to reach consensus, many Adventists have concluded that this is a point of church procedure, not a theological issue. In an article in the July/August 2015 Elder’s Digest, Ekkehardt Mueller says, “The ordination debate has nothing to do with the Bible’s most fundamental teachings. It does not belong to the core of Adventist beliefs.”

    However, as evidenced during today’s debate, many other Adventists believe this is a matter of Scriptural integrity and firmly hold that the church would have strayed from God’s plans if the vote had been “Yes.” With 59% of the delegates voting “No” to 41% voting “Yes,” it is clear that opinions are strong on both sides of this question.

    One female pastor who has served in various NAD churches for 19 years says she is saddened by the unkind words and lack of Christian courtesy that has surrounded this debate. “I know that is not Jesus speaking,” she said. “I have never spent one minute fighting for ordination and I never will. But it breaks my heart that the church I love and passionately serve chooses not to acknowledge my calling or the fruits of the ministry God has given me.”

    She added that she is “praying earnestly for the grace to accept the vote and begging God to give me peace, patience and the right attitude to continue being the light and sharing the light that He gives me.”

    Related from Barna Group: Five Factors Changing Women’s Relationships with Churches

    —Brenda Dickerson, Mid-America Union Conference communication director
    —Photo: Rohann Wellington


    • Anonymous says:

      The parliamentary procedure is going to be used against us September as it was used here.


    • Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

      A few Ladies were disturbed by the vote in my congregation about the vote. Here was my response:

      Ladies, I can see that a few of you were visibly disturbed by the vote at the Session. Here is my simple yet cogent reasoning “pro” Women’s Ordination; a Woman/Lady can be a physician, the best attorney, a CEO of a major company, a Maragret Thatcher (Britain’s Prime Minster)–and we will praise her for her achievements– and maybe the President of the United States, but she cannot be an Ordained Minster–to preach Salvation’s message to a dying world! C’mon! In my opinion, the “anti-theory” against a Woman’s Ordination collapses under its own weight, just from a reasoning perspective.

      By the way, the Scripture may not spell everything specifically, and just because it does not, does it mean that God will not give credence to it; I think not! As the soulful singer says, one day, “Change is Gonna Come.” This is why I am “pro” Women’s Ordination.




    Daily Crockett reporting for the TFS

    “The final vote count included a total of 2,363 votes: 1381 NO, 977 YES, 5 abstentions. The motion to allow divisions to decide for themselves whether or not to ordain women to the gospel ministry failed. The status quo prevails.” ‪#‎GCSA15‬

    This seems to indicate that women’s ordination is dead at this present time because there is not enough votes to pass a general motion to vote for women to be ordained into the gospel ministry–period!

    Reporting live from San Antonio, Texas
    Daily Crockett


    • Anonymous says:

      NAD needs to ceced from the GC. We don’t need Africans who are polygamist and hate women telling us how to govern ourselves


      • BACK FIELD IN MOTION says:

        Sadly to say I think that you are right. This issue really is not about women being ordained. It is about numbers because the NAD only has about 1.2 million adherents. Those other divisions have 6 and 7 million+. Yet the wealth of the church comes from North America against the fact that the Adventist movement started in North America.

        Over here we have lost a lot of our political power and influence. The NAD desires not to be pushed around by other divisions. So the women’s ordination issue is something that political players desire to use to emphasize North American power–not because it is the right thing to do and there is NO biblical evidence why women should not be ordained. God will use all people in these end time days to finish the message of the third angel and Revelation 10:11.

        Now with the loss of Baker as Vice President we (Black American) have become a diminishing influence. The Now generation is taking over as the baby generation is literally dying. The now generation lack the guts to protest. This is true within the SWRGC. The Now people want to take the elevator to the top without struggle. It is pathetic but true. Where were women with protest signs? They have a political issue of ordination which is about discrimination but lack the leadership and ability to struggle for it. Discrimination against women must change!

        Technically speaking, ordination of women is a cultural issue for the two or three divisions that don’t want it. This recent decision discriminates against other divisions where it is not a cultural issue.

        The NAD and black Americans have lost influence. If this was the late 60s with women and Black people protesting, you would see real change and possibly a different outcome. How can two or three divisions control politically issues that are unacceptable to the western world?



    • Anonymous says:

      Back field in motion
      How do we get out of this mess? I hear NAD sends money to these other women hating divisions! We need to stop that. We can use the money in our division!


  5. Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

    TFS and Contributors, I will be out of the country for the next three week departing Friday but will be watching the posting relative to SWRGC Constituency through August; and am looking for candidates for SWRGC CEO. I am challenging contributors “give us names! Otherwise, you are doing what the deceased “Godfather Father Soul” –James Brown said in a song years ago— “you are talking loud and saying nothing.” Respectfully…


    • GW says:


      I think you are being to bold to beg someone to give you names that will have some lift at the constituency meeting. You have not named a single pastor in the SWRGC that you feel could make into the Black House.
      I wondering WS are you partial? Do you respect any of the men in this conference that you have worked so long for. You see this is why you keep getting what you’re getting a boot in the behind. You picked the wrong guy for AY now you want to pick someone else most laity will remember “who lacked people skills.
      Please get it right and look within because even you could be the President or are you putting your own self down?


      • Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

        GW, respectfully, I am looking ahead. Do YOU have any names with the skillset for president?


  6. Dolomite9 says:

    The writing on the wall said they were weighed in the balance and found wanting so their kingdom was finished!Sadly,that seems to have been the plight of Dr. Delbert Baker former Vice President of the GC!1 term and out!What a shocker where were the Brothers and their vote?The next big surprise was that they picked a Latino to replace him!Well I don’t know what will happen now but we have some difficult days ahead of us but we can still determine our future in SWRC but we must be intentional and learn from our mistakes and others mistakes as well!We must get off the fence of self complacency and self satisfaction because this is a new day!Nobody owes you anything because you are black!Get over it!The foreigners have declared open field day in America and if you are not careful,they will run you over and take your job!
    What am i saying?I am glad you asked!The plans are already in place for a hostile takeover of the SWRC by the Islanders or the Spanish while the docile Afro-american sits back and watches or fight among themselves and diminish their strength by being divided.They cannot afford to be so trusting of people who have already proved that they cannot be trusted including the current administration who has so much to account for!Do not waste your time on any so called leader with excess baggage but instead get behind a visionary leader whose vision includes everybody advancing to the kingdom together!
    He who fails to learn from history is destined to repeat it!Inspect more than what they expect you to because they only will account for that much.Do your homework and checkout every name up for consideration because lives have been lost and good people hurt by mercenaries posing as missionaries!Stay focused on your mission and remember our wonderful mission statement:Focus,Forward,Finish or something like that!



    I’m Daily Crocket, reporting for the TFS from San Antonio, Texas….

    Monday, July 7, 2015:

    The Called Meeting was one of the most outstanding meetings the NAD has produced. The present General Conference Session demonstrates the commitment to send the message of the Three Angels to world. The organization of putting such a meeting together like this GC demonstrates what a great movement we are all called to serve in. I wish that all Seventh-day Adventists could be here to see so many people who have not bowed to Baal but who are of Christ.

    The main focus of both meetings centered around the MISSION of our world church and not to get off message about what our God has called us to do. We are one Church looking for Jesus’ soon coming! The delay of his coming is because he is still waiting for many to return to Him and the many to respond to His call. Are you one of the many?

    Overall, I give both sessions two thumbs up!

    Reporting live from San Antonio for the TFS Network….

    Daily Crockett


  8. Sojourner Truth says:

    We must be serious and intentional if we intend to improve our lot in this conference!Forgiving is one thing and forgetting quite another!We can forgive the leaders who put us in the mess we are in but we cannot forget the mess we have to clean up.It is a low down dirty shame that we keep getting conned by the same kind of system and hustled by the same hustlers!They probably laugh when they realize that they can perpetuate this mess!
    Well the gig is up!Everybody expecting to get elected will have to pass a litmus test!The buddy system and nepotism is dead!What a joke to think that people like Dr, Theodore Brown who took advantage of every opportunity to help himself to every benefit available,and picked and chose who else could benefit,was not a team player!He found out pretty fast that Lake Region would not buy into his selfishness and after having used their money to pay for a vacation to our campmeeting fully funded by Lake Region Conference while they were still in the red!Lake Region locked him out of the building and sent him packing and told him to hit the road and don’t come back!Now why would want to bring bad luggage back to our conference?
    Any leader who will pick and choose who will get help and who will not is unfit to lead!Take care of the pastors and they will take care of the churches!Disrespect the pastors and you will destroy the churches!In the words of Maya Angelou,”When a person shows you who they are,believe them”!We must study a person’s track record to determine what kind of leadership they will provide.We cannot afford to give a person the benefit of the doubt!We must be circumspect because in”the last days ,perilous times will come!” We are living in the last days and we cannot afford to waste money!We must be accountable and practice proper stewardship!It is time for us to be the lender and not the borrower,the head and not the tail!
    Everyone is accountable from the administration,the employees,the executive committee,the little ad hoc committee,the constitution and by laws committee,the ministerial man who noticeably was absent at the pastoral ministerial nationwide meeting choosing instead to do a bike a thon!If the Union still exists,we must expect their intervention when things go awry and not just standby hoping we can self correct!We need the churches to stand up and call for protocol when the conference is violating policy!Demand called constituency meetings when necessary when we live in the darkest days of this conference’s history!Finally,if a department does not function,vote it out of existence!



      Well said ST. Your stuff is right on. Thank you.


    • Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

      SJT, PLEASE! respectfully, stop beating a dead horse and give names for the top post. We can tear down someone easily. I know Elder Brown left SWRGC in excellent shape. Give us some names for the top post. Please!!!!


      • CONSTITUENT says:

        Just catching up on the blog from GC. Appreciate you using your name and wish the other ministers and workers would let us know what is going on. I would say most of the constituents are uninformed and every time this comes up, re-election that is, people are still baffled and politics among workers goes on and we are left knowing nothing. So since you asked the previous person to throw out names. I would like to throw out names and I will include yours. Many of us know you, but I would like you to comment on these names. I know they are your colleagues and you may not want to comment, but for the sake of those who may have not had these men for pastors, please tell us something about them we may not know. I think these men could lead us:

        Helvius Thompson
        Durandel Ford
        Michael Meyers
        James Cox

        There are others who are capable but have not been here long enough to deserve rank over these. By the way, anyone else willing to comment, please do as constituency takes us all day long. Maybe we can get a head start by talking on this forum. ALSO, FOR THOSE WHO READ THE BLOG – SOMEONE PLEASE POST THE DATE OF THE CONSTITUENCY!



    What Next?

    Now that the GC in underway and Ted Wilson has been elected for a second term, how will this impact the SWRGC?

    If you compare the two events that have taken place in the last two weeks you would have noticed a gulf between the GC session and the NAD Called meeting in Austin. The Called Meeting took on a more liberal approach while the GC presently is strictly conservative. If Wilson holds the course we will see a trickle down effect of conservatism all the way to the local conferences. My feelings are that this will impact the SWRGC election in September. For what reason? Wilson no doubt will challenge the church to go back to 1st century pietiem–as the church looks toward the Second Advent within our time.

    If my forecast hold this will mean conference Presidents will fall in line, including our embattled President. Conservatism plays well within the old member landscape. My best bet is that you will hear Green’s trumpet playing for the 60 and above as a means to get reelected.

    If you bumped into the President recently he looked a little pinkish and recluse–meaning a tired and worn President perhaps waiting for the that moment of release from the job he presently has. Really, based on the current constitution his term ended in May of 2014.

    The question down here in San Antonio is, “Who will be our next President?” So, many future contenders are putting their hats in the arena for President for the SWRGC because they are expecting Green to take a nose dive into the oblivion of “not seeking reelection.”

    Reporting from San Antonio, Texas
    Peter Jennings


  10. Ethel Growings says:

    Dr. Stanley

    You are one of my favorite pastors. I agree that Dr. Ted Brown is well qualified to be our President. I think he would make an excellent choice. Thank you for all your work that you have done over the years at the camp ground with young people.

    I do think it is time for a change! 5 years has done some damage; do you agree Dr. Stanley?


    • Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

      I whole-heartedly agree. I cannot ignore what has happened the past five years change is needed Ethel.


      • LET'S STAY TOGETHER says:

        Dr. Stanley…

        I can’t believe you answered me back? Thank you? One question…who do you think I should vote for in the September election? I’m new in the Conference and I don’t know who T. Brown is. Please help!


  11. ICE says:

    Winston Stanley….

    Great response! And I have no rebuttle for this comment because it is valid. From my street I think that Thompson could be a healer and has the potential to develop evangelism in this field. I think T. Brown would have to have experienced a radical change and tranformation from the past. I don’t think he could win on the floor. If Frank, Dino and Jerry are supporting him T. Brown is dead on arrival.

    Here is where we do agree….T. Brown has great potential.

    Here is my concern…..Will he lead from the mind or from an iron fist? Sam had great potential but he led from an old school mentality that we saw when he was treasurer, Secretary–holding checks and taking something from workers. T. Brown is a product of Green. Once you are ingrained with borrowed leadership styles of leading, as you watched others that you loved, it is hard to change some of the negative baggage of the past. T. Brown has shown us his style of leadership and he was not a peoples person. Can we afford to lose more people/workers? The treatment of pastors, workers, employees and members is most important to me.

    Got to catch the bus to work now….

    On the bus is cold, and feels like an ice box. It’s cold in here.



    • Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

      Ice, we respond from our personal experiences. My experience with Ted was completely different. Ted was “Fair and Firm” from my perspective. Did I always agree with him, absolutely not. On a personal plane, I am not the same pastor I was 20 years ago either. Life and experience is a great teacher.

      Frank, Dino, & Jerry are far from this dialogue. Have you tested the waters with the Laymen relative to Ted, I have. Some responses were; “potent candidate;” others, “I have not given it thought, but good suggestion.” Another was, “not bad.” I remain open for a better candidate. But for now, will your suggested candidate carry weight considering last constituency? The names suggested must “stick.”


      • ICE says:

        Got it! thanks for your perspective.
        It’s still too cold to call and if Ted is the pic then….have mercy.



  12. Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

    Who was it that said “the Buck Stops Here?” Yes, indeed it stops with the CEO. But there should also be shared blame. I do not lay all the problems of SWRGC at the President’s feet. There were some, others(committees, senior pastors, young pastors, lay folk etc.), that help bring us to “our knees.” [no pun intended]… Serious!

    The simple question that need be asked, “are we better-off now, than we were five years ago?” The answer is no! Therefore, with that intelligent response, should we make changes where change is needed, obviously yes!

    I help vote the current President in. As a matter-of-fact, I went in to the Small Committee (Nominating Committee) and spoke on his behalf, lending my support. While I am on this subject, I also traveled to Burleson(prior to constituency) , to speak against one of the officers that currently hold a position, that most young and “Senior Pastors” gave lots of support to, but now they are–on the majority– against, and want to have the individual removed. But, at the time, they did not want to hear what I had to say; tough coming from one of the likes of them–Seniority!

    At every turn when decisions were made I expressed my support or dismay to the Administration whether they wanted to hear it not. And I was not [quote]”Anonymous [unquote].” However, while opportunities are given us, what we make of that opportunity is another thing. Bad decisions were made. There were also some good decisions made too.

    Now, all that is history. I am looking ahead for SWRGC. A few of us Senior Men, –not in the know– not Frank, Dino, and Jerry (lol) are pushing the names, Theodore and Vicki Brown. Ted has a very strong resume, He kept us on track when Treasurer here in SWRGC; he went to LKRGC help get them on track; currently Ted holds Professorship at Oakwood University. Ted has the proven skill-set to help us get back to where we were; he is “Firm but Fair.” Does Ted have weaknesses …Yes! But What I have seen in Ted Brown is proven leadership with Vicki by his side –who indeed loves SWRGC. Ted and Vicki brings instant credibility. By the way, Ted is a Ph.D. I call on many of you, to help us get our footing. Keep in mind, God is still with us. With good proven ‘wise” leadership, with God’s help, we can be steered back in a more positive direction.

    Pastor W.B. Stanley, PhD


    • ICE says:

      Winston Stanley….

      Whether I agree with your opinion or not I respect the content here on what you are saying. There is some shared blame as you have mentioned. But the leadership is the standart through which positive direction can be found. Sam did not deliver this kind of leadership nor the other 3 players. I was told that in your worker’s meeting on Tuesday he was disgusting when he addressed two issues of concern. By the way where was the Ministerial Man at the NAD meeting—riding a bike! He should have been present with those he is seeking to lead in the future!? Come on…a way from a ministerial convention!

      The problems that we face now are systemic. There evolution of disaster started at the top. I was working on some trees just a few days ago that caught a desease. I noticed that the leaves were dead but closer inspection revealed that the branches were dead too, spreading to other limbs. You see, the limbs were infected through the intake for life–the leaves. So goes leadership that is deseased.The only remedy left for me was to off the brances to save THE TREE!

      Now….why should we push Brown to be President? I heard your reasons. But are you agreeing with some lay persons that we don’t have capable men or women within our own field? Whoever becomes President MUST have real management and leadership skills with abilities to connect with members and people—and not stuck in a timezone of negativity and autocracy. Green did not listen to the people he was leading. I repeat–Green did not listen to the people he was/is leading. He refused to have a conversation. Consequently, he is stuck in the mud.

      Thus, pastoral leadership is not the blame but the scapegoat for a disasterous tenure which indicates a major needed pruning job coming in September.




      • Winston B. Stanley, PhD says:

        ICE, I certainly respect your statement. We have actually two months before election. I am concerned with the direction of the Conference. I am looking for names. Throw some names out there.

        Some Presidents we have had in the past, e.g. W.C. Jones, Robert Lister, left this field, chose wives from this field, served neighboring conferences and returned as the elected CEO. That places Brown in pretty good company you would agree? W.C.–in my opinion–was the best, thus far during my tenure. I am certain there were men then–in this field– who were respected and capable, but the Constituents chose someone who was respected, capable, and familiar. The current CEO has taken a beating. Its time to look ahead. Oh, is it possible the ministerial may have wanted to be away? Think about it.


  13. Loving It says:

    The Truth Is….

    The problem we are experiencing is exactly what the blog article is trying to bring out. Our leaders stated above in the SWRGC lack the ability of introspection and moral leadership.

    Well done Forgotten Shepherdess! You made a good case.


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