Executive Committee Transfers City Temple SDA Pastor Eddie Polite Out of State Via Tele-Conference


Reports are surfacing conference wide that Pastor Eddie Polite, pastor of the largest church in DFW and the conference, has been transfered via teleconference with a majority vote by the SWRC Executive Committee. This comes in the aftermath of several strategic moves by SWRC in the past year. 

Sources report that the reasons are not clear and that church membership is now getting heavily involved in this decision. Several members in leadership have taken an active role to communicate the discontent with this decision process as well as Pastor Polite, as he plans to appeal the decision. An interim pastor has been assigned for the transition.

A survey is now circulating and being collected to determine the majority culture and climate of membership. It is rumored that if the appeal is rejected by the committee the mothership of Dallas will be making a strong case for the removal of several committee members and leadership within the conference. 

This developing story is only one of many that multiple churches have been facing over the last year. Many members feel the time has come with the advancement of technology to seek input from members using a global instrument such as surveys etc. before changing the cultural dynamics of a church body. It is hopeful that this movement will persist and make headway to the doorsteps of the conference. It is also reported that Pastor Polite may seek outside the conference if the committee chooses to stand by this decision. SWRC may have bitten off more than it can chew this time. If you have a link to the survey or any other information on this developing topic please email forgottenshepherdess@gmail.com or post In the comments section please remember that your comments are anonymous if you choose.


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46 Responses to Executive Committee Transfers City Temple SDA Pastor Eddie Polite Out of State Via Tele-Conference

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Whatever is past is prologue anyway!


  2. Bye and Bye says:

    So now we find that fear is the reason that pastors with potential to succeed are targets for destruction for fear that they might become number 1!keep on praying and the walls are gonna come tumbling down!It is time for a new regime!Good bye Big Dawg,Li’l Wimpy,and Big Shirley the poodle!


  3. The Sabbath School Superintendant says:

    The vultures are circling!Ellen G. White said that the truth is stranger than fiction but she must be rolling in her grave if she could see how correct that statement is!How could our biggest church in the entire conference yea probably the biggest Adventist church in North America be 6 months delinquent on their note?Why should Big Dawg,li”l Wimpy and Shirley the Poodle go after City Temple’s pastor when WHO aka Bellfort is 6 months behind in their $40,000 monthly note?Shouldn’t a delinquency of $240,000 be more important than some disgruntled member living in sin complaining about how many business meetings a pastor conducts be more important on a scale of priorities?Do we have the buddy system at work here?
    Yes the vultures are circling and the chickens are coming home to roost!Judgment Day is coming oh you better mind!The LORD is no respecter of persons!


  4. Joanna Henry says:

    I was in attendance at the business meeting that took place last week at City Temple and I watched how questions were avoided and inconsistent responses were given by the SWRC Leadership. I went with the intent to be educated and left feeling concerned about my church and how it is being managed. Through nonverbal cues and communication I picked up that either the process is not clear to the SWRC Leaderships themselves or there was complete avoidance of the subject at hand. There was no reassurance given that the decision to move Pastor Polite was done so in the best interest of the church or for him and his family. If it is true, as Elder Green eluded, that individuals have made their way to the SWRC to complain about Pastor Polite and the SWRC Leadership did not do their due diligence to substantiate them but made a decision anyway then they are at fault. Not just for the lack of care as to how this decision could affect the church but for Pastor Polite himself. I wonder how those individuals would feel if at their place of employment someone went and complained about them which resulted in an immediate transfer or termination without their employer conducting an investigation. How would they feel if their livelihood and that of their families was hanging in the balance all stemming from a compliant? Would they behave the same if the demise they wanted for Pastor Polite also happened to them? Our Pastors, the same individuals we entrust with our spiritual growth and development should be treated better than this. They are called to do God’s work and the Leadership is called to support them, not tear them down.
    Pastor Polite has been a true spiritual leader and friend to me during the last few years and if SWRC really wanted to hear all sides of the story then they would have made the effort to do so. However they did not but in any case and as the saying goes, “out of the ashes rises the Phoenix”. My complete love and support is given to Pastor Polite and his family. I pray for their journey, the fate of City Temple and the Adventist church at large.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Joanna for speaking up for your pastor..we need more members like you. God bless you my sister.


    • Concerned Layman says:

      Rally some supporters Joanna we really need them now!


    • ONE MORE VOICE says:

      I must reply to you Joanna:

      Thank you for your courage to say some positive words for you pastor and Church. I believe that this administration has distorted the facts about many pastors as a means to get rid of some including Elder Polite. If there was some problems what did SWRC leadership do to correct them before a decision to move Eddie? Transformative leadership does not use old school defective models of management.

      Other Templetons should speak out on this blog before the nominating committee meets or the session opens in September not just about Polite but other pastors who got a raw deal.

      Tell the story of what happen so all can know!

      Thank you for your bravery!


  5. Concern Member says:

    The SWRC leadership team; Sam Green (president), the secretary and treasurer, visited City Temple on Wednesday, July 15th, to explain the process used to determine the moving of a pastor. The administration was unable to coherently/intelligently explain the process, which sends the message that protocol is not being followed. By attending the meeting and not be fully prepared to address the concerns or to explain the process used to move Pastors was a disgrace to the office they hold.


  6. Teddy Roosevelt Little says:

    If Big Dawg,Li’l Wimpy and Shirley the Poodle resign before Constituency,they will not have to testify about the shifting and shafting and extortion and embezzlement !Whoever assumes leadership will have a hell of a mess to clean up and still be blamed for the fallout!Let us be perfectly clear,:voting them out of office will no be punishment enough;they must pay for the people who were destroyed by their antics!


  7. Tony Soprano says:

    Evil deeds are like chickens they do come home to roost!September!September!No more women presidents,this time elect a man!Three men administrators,with all due respect!


  8. Tony Soprano says:

    With all due respect,because we favor the underdog,we want to back Polite for president!We hope he sticks around until election time because we want to give the current administration a good dose of their own medicine!We have time to galvanize a core of supporters who will support him for president,in fact we can present a package deal that will replace everybody in the entire office!By 2020, we need to have a new location for the conference office.we must put new wine into new bottles!Having read Polite’s book , you can tell that he is a visionary leader!He has other options but we hope he will stick around!The unnecessary treatment he received shows that there is a special anointing on him and we want to make it right.In fact, we want him to be able to pick his own team!Let’s get it done!With all due respect.


    • Concern Member says:

      The man has a gift for administration, he is very gifted. The present administration is against him because he does not follow the crowd and maintains the attitude that he will not bow to appease or to be in favor.


  9. Tony Soprano says:

    Ted Wilson’s reelection was shaky and shady at best but he did get back in.We cannot afford to let any such slipups happen in the great swrc!No margin for error will be tolerated we must be circumspect from start to finish !We cannot and will not let the union dictate the terms of the election so we must be well versed in roberts rules of order!We will not tolerate people who are known to be trouble makers and manipulators to play their games this time!We will insist that unless the officers give a complete accurate detailed disclosure of how money was spent after being voted upon by entire committee,that their name not be considered for anything!We wil also insist that a total housecleaning take place in the entire conference office!With all due respect!


  10. Anonymous says:



  11. T. Jones says:

    Pastor Polite has done nothing to inspire this crusade that conference representatives have chosen to undertake. He is a victim of his own success. The Godly light that burns brightly, courageously and independently from torches that clearly derive their fuel from sources other than the Holy Spirit, can expect to be subjected to be relentlessly pursued for extinguishment. Like Cortez, the conference has chosen to go all in, and burn its ships in the harbor. They are now stranded!

    We have seen this hellish nightmare play out over and over in Adventism. “How long Oh Lord? How long?” Conference officials, drunk with the wine of interposition, brazenly ignore God’s counsel and warnings thru the bible and SOP against dictatorship and surreptitious behavior.

    Not to worry though. The righteous are never forsaken! Pastor Polite only needs to patiently wait for God’s vindication. Read this promise found in God’s holy word:
    Deuteronomy 28:7 “The Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways.” Pastor, in your patience possess ye your soul! Dealing with your own brethren demonstrates the unfortunate truth that as African Anericans, we can sometimes take the wickedness of oppression and evil intentions to new heights.

    One final thing to consider is this sobering advice from the SOP:

    Remove the Dictator—The spirit of domination is extending to the presidents of our conferences. If a man is sanguine of his own powers and seeks to exercise dominion over his brethren, feeling that he is invested with authority to make his will the ruling power, the best and only safe course is to remove him, lest great harm be done, and he lose his own soul, and imperil the souls of others. “All ye are brethren.” This disposition to lord it over God’s heritage will cause a reaction unless these men change their course. Those in authority should manifest the spirit of Christ. They should deal as He would deal with every case that requires attention.—Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 362. – {ChL 35.3}

    Pastor Polite hang in there and see God’s power. His judgment always prevails!


  12. William Foye says:

    Yes Anonymous Pastor Polite is a marvelous man of God and he could be a wonderful president but this administration has branded him as damaged goods so where do we go from here?Doggette?Maybe but there is a device out there destroying any qualified candidate there are many qualified candidates who could do much better than the past 2 failures!A president is needed who is not campaigning for the position and will not cowtow to those who he feels indebted to.Stay inside your ranks and see how the LORD blesses!There are at least 7000 who have not bowed down to Baal!


  13. Archie Bunker says:

    You people need to get galvanized around 1 serious black american candidate who can beat the frat brothers ,jungle bunnies, wetbacks,and spearchuckers from taking over this historically black regional american conference!This is no time for dingbat behavior!!!!


  14. La Casa de Juan says:

    Where can we find justice?Who has the guts to do the right thing?Is there any hope for all these gutless wonders?THE VULTURES ARE CIRCLING!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Pastor Polite is a man of GOD who’s gift is to bring a message to DFW of God’s Love and mercy. GOD will not foresake him.



      Are you saying that “Pastor Polite is the only minister in the SWRGC that is a man of God who got a bad deal while the others on the President’s hit list deserved what they got?


  16. Roll Call says:

    Readers, please view this link. It is powerful. If only our President could have the guts to do the right thing as this Lake Union President has done. If he could stand for all people other than his legacy, what could have been?


  17. ALL IN says:

    I was outside….

    I have 77 protesters who are willing to march up to the Nominating Committe in August and September to demand to meet with the Union President. Will you be one?

    The more demonstrators the better and change will come regardless who the President my be.

    I need all in who want to make a difference in the future for our conference and how we will do the Lord’s business. City Temple will you join us in Burleson before the nominating committee meets. We will demand that they hear our voice.

    Grace Temple will you be in?


  18. Namaan the former leper says:

    Let’s have a grassroots rally day!A good old fashioned layman led rally day!We need to march on Burleson and tell them we hold them responsible for letting this administration go buckwild!No restraints no checks and balance no due process!They have given this administration free reign to do whatever they want to do!They have passed the rubicon by attacking this senior, ordained, ,successful pastor and moving him without due process or mention or appreciate the success and accomplishments.No offense to Caffin Avenue Church but what an insult to go from City Temple to Caffin!!!!!!!!!!City Temple to conference office!Period!After a successful seven year stint where else can you go?Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?Let’s get it on!It is time to rock and roll!


  19. Conspiracy theory says:

    Is there a church business meeting planned to discuss this matter in more detail? Lets hope that the behind the scenes slandering church and executive committee members will speak openly for a change at the meeting if they have one. Too much behind the scenes conversation; as church, executive committee members and conference officers need to be held accountable for what they do and say. Sorry, but character assassination is just not God’s way. Some folks believe that there has been a secret conspiracy theory to get Polite of CT for quite some time now. If you have first hand knowledge of this conspiracy, please go to the conspirators and urge them to repent. Or comment on just the facts you know first hand in this blog.


    • I WAS OUTSIDE says:


      Last year at the encampment, as a result of the North Texas Ministerial Association resulting, from a letter sent by this Association, the President met with the ministers, But the President was so out of control the preachers clammed up including Polite. Only two or three pastors said anything worthwhile. At best, Pastor Meyers I am told said his piece and the President sat him down. At the next Executive Committee he got relocated.

      So the pastors have no recourse except to turn to us church men and women because their job security is threatened by what they may say.


      The news out is that Polite was on the hit list along with Thompson in this area. But these men have not stuck their necks out and said anything of significance even though they knew the President was,is coming at them. Probably because of what happened to that pastor I mentioned above who represented the pastors I am told well.


      I was outside when they came out of the meeting at the youth center. Whether they said anything or not inside is not important because they knew what could possibly happen to them. What you need to inquire about is the President’s reaction and refusal to dialogue.


    • Concern Member says:

      Sam Green will not disclose the names of the members on the executive or personnel committee. We do not know who they are. The SWRC website to my knowledge do not have a list of the names for the persons serving on the various committees. There is no transperancy.


  20. Evelyn Gibbs says:

    Count me in for the demonstration. It’s a shame that such an atrocity of justice should be allowed to happen and i am one who is standing up to let my voice be heard. I am one of those who have written to the conference voicing my displeasure and demanding a meeting. I have nothing to lose and my professional code of ethics demands that i speak up. I will not be silent and watch this assassination of a good man name and character be sullied in the dirt by a few disgruntled folks. Pastor Polite has led with dignity and is not a respective of persons. He is the pastor of the rich and the poor, those who have a loud voice as well as those who have none.



      I have to say to you Evelyn that I am pround of you! For you to stand for Eddie Polite sends a message of ho caring and concern a member or friend can be to ministry. This is something that the originator of this blog wanted to accomplish.

      So Forgotten Shepherdess you are getting what you originally desired. A voice for change!

      If City Temple members joined you in this by writing comments as you have done they would get results because the Administration, Department head, readers outside this Conference but within the SDA church are reading this blog daily.

      So….I say thank you for saying who you are and the bravery to say what you exactly MEAN! GOD BLESS YOU!


  21. I am in 100% behind Pastor Polite says:

    This one more case of the injustice being done in SWRC. Pastor Polite has done amazing job in getting the Mission Driven Ministry established at DCT. We have not made such impact on the community in last 34 years. We need everyone to know about this injustice.


  22. Anonymous says:

    The bottom line is there is no transparency OR accountability at the conference office! That has to change!!! All the excessive and expensive “trainings” ..pushing and moving pastors where ever they please. I think their motto is “its yo thang..do what you want to do” ijs


  23. ALL IN says:

    The worse thing Polite can` do is to do nothing. And the second thing is to shut up. Now that he is one of the several men who were victims assasinated by the President and in a situation where he does not know which way to turn, Polite should speak out on this blog and tell his side of the situation. Also, Polite should remember that the Fraternity boys want your Church for mobility reasons. Welcome to being a senior citizen. Descriminated against because of age. Saying nothing and being the good ol christian will put you in the paddy wagon for a trip of no return.

    Why? Polite, your blood will be used as mortar! This means if you can’t figure it out that you are another casuallty of the President’s plan to make his scheme of reduction of ministers work to cover up his failures.Green wants Polite to leave this Conference.


  24. Roll Call says:


    It has been brought to my attention that there are least three conspiracies that are secretly being developed to hijack the election in September.

    One of these comes from the Administration to marginalized those effected by terminations and retirements. That is they are trying to eliminate those who could participate so they will not be apart of, nor be able to speak during the session.

    I am calling on all retirees and those employees who were decommissioned by the President to make your voices known. ASK YOUR CHURCH TO ALLOW YOU TO BE A DELEGATE NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Those of you who are holding close to the vest your secret strategy for President it will not work. Once it is revealed at the session it won’t fly on the floor. It is better to show your hand now rather than it being revealed as a evil,

    We have already 75 members who are willing to peacefully protest at the session and will be ready to stage a protest when the Union President stands to convene. we need 25 or more courageous men and women who will stand with us when the nominating committee meets and the session opens.





    • Anonymous-Ready To Protest says:

      Count me In!


    • Evelyn Gibbs says:

      Count me in for the demonstration. It’s a shame that such an atrocity of justice should be allowed to happen and i am one who is standing up to let my voice be heard. I am one of those who have written to the conference voicing my displeasure and demanding a meeting. I have nothing to lose and my professional code of ethics demands that i speak up. I will not be silent and watch this assassination of a good man name and character be sullied in the dirt by a few disgruntled folks. Pastor Polite has led with dignity and is not a respective of persons. He is the pastor of the rich and the poor, those who have a loud voice as well as those who have none.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Egregious indeed!Totally ridiculous to send such an outstanding pastor packing without some sort of due process!Who is really covering up?What is being covered up?Why is anything being covered up?We will get to the bottom of this before Elder Green retires,resigns,or just plain is voted out of office!I just love it when a plan comes together!


  26. Johnny says:

    Egregious indeed!!!



  27. Anonymous says:

    ALL THESE WORDS are meaningless unless they are followed by action unless these terrible acting well meaning officers and committee members are all voted out!It is a cancer that cannot be allowed to spread!For more evil to spread,good people just need to say nothing and do nothing while bad people just keep doing evil!


  28. Anonymous says:

    Big Dawg has a bad case of rabies!How else can you explain him messing with Pastor Polite!?Big Dawg has lost his mind!Pastor Polite has God and the military on his side!So Big Dawg you had best and better to backup and back off and make a serious public worldwide apology!I don’t think you know the seriousness of your offensive mistake!This will cost you your entire ministry or whatever you call it.More damage has been done by this administration in 4 years than has been done by other administrations in the last 40 years!I am betting this will be the last mistake you make before officially being voted out unless your resignation comes first!But do not worry,this is a package deal-President,Secretary,Treasurer,and Ministerial Man all exit together!
    What was so offensive that a called committee teleconference could transfer immediately ?It was it was immoral didn’t it merit termination?If not what merited immediate transfer no farewell sermon,no so long to community,new members,gold watch,nothing?
    Remember the chaos that existed when Pastor Polite came to the City Temple?Remember the powerful sermons and position of leadership fearlessly displayed?As one inspired writer said”leaders like him will be invited to intervene at the request of those who are discontented either through ambition or fear,and it is always at the request of the inhabitants.And the rule is that when a powerful leader leader comes into power,all the less powerful become his adherents,moved by envy,they bear to their new leader so much so that hes has little trouble winning them over,for they willingly join up with the winning team.He must use caution so as to not assume too much power and authority.He can easily with his own forces and their favor put down those that are powerful and remain in everything arbiter of that province.And he who does not govern well in this way will soon lose what he has acquired,and he while he holds it will meet with infinite difficulty and trouble.”
    It is praying time!Soul searching time!Accountability time!Money Accountability Time!ACCURATE RECORD KEEPING TIME!


  29. Roll Call says:

    Eddie Polite will have new taskmasters. Why? because unless CT puts together a strategy the Excom will vote his appeal down. Based on the video and the chatter around town, it appears that they are not willing to protest with rage and demand.

    If City Temple really wanted to get something done on this they should send 100 irrate members or more to the Union office in Burleson Texas and request to meet with Larry Moore. White people listen to numbers not whispering cowards.

    But, CT members, are you willing to spill some blood to keep your Pastor? Or are you willing to let him go? Will your rage go up in smoke?


    The videos don’t really tell the story and project that you are not ready to play hard ball with Green and the Executive Committee.


    • Anonymous says:

      There are very few churches that will protest for their pastor. Church members are deluded into thinking church administrators are holy and the administrators play on that. If they go to protest at the union office the president would break out a Holy Ghost prayer so fast it would send the negroes running for cover! A threat of hell fire even subtle has black folks cower down every time. Why you may ask? They sing with gusto “We have this hope that burns within our hearts”, but they don’t have a personal relationship with the coming King. ‘We have this faith, that Christ alone imparts, faith in the promise of His word”. In order to have that kind of faith, the abiding faith, we have to cultivate it. The ugly fruits parading themselves in this conference demonstrates without doubt that we are not abiding in Christ


      • LET'S STAY TOGETHER says:

        WHAT BOTHERS ME…..is

        …..the ministers who act as if they care but are Cowards. This is the best description I can make of them. They don’t love each other. They are polarized. Many don’t even exemplify spirituality.

        I would not want to stand for any self interest persons who can’t do anything for themselves.


        I am tired of the same men who are ALL for themselves.

        Anonymous you are so right!

        However, protest is the one and only means for change. So CT should register a complaint with the Union against an insane President and his goulash gang members in the office.


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