doveIN THE RECENT MONTHS three senior ministers in the Southwest Region Conference have accused contributors and commentators of The Forgotten Shepherdess blog of characterizing them personally with offensive and negative terminology. They have falsely brought to the SWRC [Southwest Region Conference] community the notion that features the blog as deliberately describing them as cartoonish subhuman goons that damaged their self proclaimed coveted reputations. The real question that we ask, “is this alleged blatant accusation concerning negative characterization of them true?” This article will briefly examine their absurdity exposing it as ghoulish nonsense and false. The article will explain the clergy’s true perverted reasons that subsequently arose from their inability to elect their candidate for President. Also, the blog will clarify what “left behind’s” intended motive was and why you should continue to follow this forum to express your views and opinions. Finally we will show the good contribution the blog has made as a means for you to have a voice in the direction of the Southwest Region Conference.



For those of you who want the cropped-mp90043050711.jpgreal truth and are reading this blog here is the beginning and the end. From the beginning the ghost writer of the stories, known as “Left Behind” created some fictitious stories to illustrate the political behavior of “some” ministers who have dominated the political spectrum for over [30] years. If you just look at where they are as ministers now and go back to yesterday, you will uncover how three men planned their rise to the churches and departmental offices they coveted.

In the next few paragraphs, follow the political ascension of these ministers as “game players” from the beginning of the 1980s. In these formative years you discover that the middle years of President W. C. Jones sticks out like “white on rice.” Finding that beginning reveals a political behavior of two of these clergymen; who have attempted to dominate constituency meetings to this very day. The brother of one of the three is now the President of Allegheny West Conference to whom we congratulate and wish well as a son of this Conference.

Strikingly, after the first story of Left Behind broke and subsequent others, these ministers assimilated into the Left Behind anthropomorphic characters, “themselves” –a gift to The Forgotten Shepherdess blog that substantially increased its readership. At this present time, little do the discontented ministers know that Left Behind could be an annoyed minister terminated from employment by the SWRC (Southwest Region Conference) years ago or many ministers who felt “Left Behind” by previous decisions of past Conference administrations through destructive politics as demonstrated by these three men over the years.

While the last comment may not satisfy the bewildered ministers, the truth remains that these three have committed themselves to locate and identify The Forgotten Shepherdess and Left Behind. You should be aware of their obsession. One of the three clergymen has even interrogated some fellow pastors as the blogger and Left Behind.

Because the blog has revealed some incompetence of the leaders of the SWRC, the self proclaimed perfectionists of ministry negatively portrayed the Forgotten Shepherdess as an instrument of the devil, advising members and pastors not to read it. I ask, “Have these men looked within and asked are they the devil?” Preaching smiling faces tell lies too! I ask, “How can opinion written on this blog be of Satan when it comes from concerned seekers of the truth whether in the form of a story or comment.”

The previous and present administrations of the SWRC, who seem to kiss and hug these men when they feel threatened, shouldn’t point a finger at The Forgotten Shepherdess blog; because the decisions of the past and present administrations have conceded territory to Satan by terminating workers and mismanagement of God’s money?” Inability to be transparent will motivate others to start even more blogs especially when our leaders refuse to listen and reveal truthful facts.


groupO LET ME TAKE YOU BACK TO THE BEGINNING because the Forgotten Shepherdess Blog’s mission back then, still remains now, a voice, to give ministers an opportunity to discuss the issues in a non threatening forum uncontrolled by the SWRC. Someone once said, “Say what you mean but mean what you say.” It’s too bad that too many pastors and workers want you to say something in defense for them while they say nothing in defense for themselves. The silence of pastors indicates that they are shell shocked from the threats unleashed by out of control manic Presidents who must demonstrate their power so hair can grow on their chests. Unfortunately, ministers in this work are scared to death to say anything, ask for anything or hear anything.


SO LET’S BE REAL If the blog mandated an email from you to log on to the website,nothing the SWRC administration would try to identify you, and if administration found any participant to be a minister, they would fire him or her which would suppress their free speech; because the blog does not demand an email or for you to reveal who you are. Therefore it recognizes your Constitutional freedom of speech—your opinion. Exposure of your email and name would allow the SWRC tripartite regime to discredit, expose you and possibly terminate you from the workforce if you are a worker. The Forgotten Shepherdess blog gives members and workers a “voice” to vent their frustrations through words not reprimands, bullets or exposure. If they illegally access your information they may have violated the law. And remember we love the law, RIGHT. And if anyone obtains your information and seek to use it in a court of law they will have to reveal where they accessed it from and how.


SelfishWELL, THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO you might recall the SWRC’s last Executive Committee Meeting a few weeks before the 2011 Constituency Session convened. It was during this time that a self proclaimed “political dealer” sent his spoke person into the meeting, allowed by the former President to address the “alleged” illegal usage of the name of the blog as well as the content. In that meeting the former President “ranted” and “raged” from thirty minutes to forty-five minutes “in New Jack City, Nino Brown style” as reported by some who were on this committee. He didn’t even know what he was talking about. The former President even suggested illegal means through which they could identify who the blogger and writer might be—even the usage of a private investigator— even though the blog sought to level the political field, because the past President’s election was being undermined by these three ministers secretly. Being critical of President Obama does not mean that you don’t love or support him as our President. Leaders who cannot accept criticism should not be in a political office such as President of the Southwest Region Conference. Criticism helps leaders grow and see their mistakes so they can improve.

Now, the above is very important because it is a well known fact that the ministers responsible for the demise of our former President before the Constituency ever met came to be through a secret coalition setup by them. The three were instrumental in stacking the Organizing Committee and the Nominating Committee with the sole purpose of making sure the past President’s name did not make it out of the nominating committee and the current Oakwood University Pastor would soar out of the Small Committee to be voted in by the constituents as the next President of the Southwest Region Conference—but they underestimated “YOU.” This major upset turned them into a pack of “wise guys” instead of polished politicians. The rest was history. The constituent electoral body sent the misguided clergy fishing.

With this in mind now, many pastors and members became fed up with the three minister’s old school “kind” of politics as it played out on the sanctuary floor of the college Church. What seems so puzzling is that the former President went after a blog that did him no damage. If the struggling President had not made that famous Saturday night massacre speech he might very well continued as our longest tenured President ever (The current President makes the past President look like Franklin Roosevelt when compared to leadership. Give the former Prez some kudos. He didn’t massacre pastors through wholesale terminations even when he could have.).

Before the election and his resignation, the former Union President knew the political strategy of the three ministers who were strategizing a political coup by attempting to hijack the constituency meeting. We now understand that the three orchestrators of a secret political plot wanted their strategy to work basically for selfish reasons: which are power, control and redemption. They didn’t want Byrd to come because they wanted him—they wanted him to come so they could control him for their selfish purposes; otherwise, why the secrecy?

In stark contrast to the former Union President, an inside witness at the Lake Region Conference Constituency election revealed that when a certain nominee’s flyers were circulated as constituents arrived, the Lake Union President of that region addressed the negative political gaming of a want to be President, which prevented the name on the circular from getting on the chalk board (Unethical politics should have been prevented by our former Union President).

It is rumored today that the same three are trying to elect the same name down here in the SWRC come September. Alongside this the younger ministers are presently planning their run for power but not exactly as the three have done four years ago—they want to “kill” off all the senior men because they feel it is their time even though they have not earned it. Most of the young pups supported the Incentive Buy Out, retirement and terminations of senior men. Why? Because the young puppies have not embraced nor connected with the historical past of the SWRC and the three ministers New Orleans style politics. They see the office as promotion.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION the stats at the actual time of the last constituency meeting revealed that the Forgotten Shepherdess Blog became a source of information before, during and after the election. Statistics revealed that a huge access of “hits” from all over the country and around the world came from people who wanted to get the 411. While the meeting was in progress “thousands” accessed this site for information within a 24 hour period. The Forgotten Shepherdess answered a clarion call with professionalism reporting the actual results as they actually happened with light speed. I believe the Forgotten Shepherdess made denominational history because I have never heard where anyone has done something like this before in our denomination. The blog may have changed the way politics will be conducted in the future.


ACMELET’S GET BACK TO THE STORIES AND THE FUGITIVE LEFT BEHIND│ You should be aware that many ministers carry the feeling of being “left behind.” This feeling among many senior pastors exists today and continues from year to year with anger, depression, rambling unacknowledged by past and present administrations as a real ongoing problem that minister’s experience. A number of our pastors in this Conference feel their opportunity for promotion to larger churches and positions within the SWRC office or consideration for recommendations for other areas of ministry never came for them even though they worked hard. Many ministers feel they were passed over or “left behind.”

Today, aging clergy in our field of labor feel they were characterized negatively and unfairly by Frank, Dino and Jerry along with others that deliberately sought to stunt their growth potential in ministry. Hence, they were left behind because of the “political” behavior of men politically characterized as Frank, Dino and Jerry who thought their ministry to be far “superior” to any other preachers in the Southwest Region Conference; even though these men manipulated the system for their gain. Most ministers who have read the stories of Left Behind do not deny the comical political portrayal as accurate. In fact, ministers, workers and members became the “identifiers” of Frank, Dino and Jerry as ministers in the Conference—not this blog.


Samuel'FROM WHAT I HAVE DESCRIBED│ you learned that the Left Behind stories did not attack these falsely accusing, overly sensitive persons to defame their reputation or for monetary gain. The stories described Frank Dino and Jerry’s politics (or anyone else) as unfit for a Christian within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The message from Left Behind says, “This kind of politics should not exist. Their strategy to gain power and control through “human means” in a religious institution circumvents the Holy Spirit, the true leader of God’s remnant Church. If we believe in God, why not trust Him by engaging our politics with grace seems to be Left Behind’s message.

It follows that the Bible reveals Jesus as the greatest politician to ever live. Our Master used politics with grace, told comical parables for people to see His offer of salvation, admonished the leadership of His day, and privately met with the rich and the famous. Jesus used allegories and other political methods to reach the masses to PERSUADE men and women to enter His Kingdom of eternal life.

Even though we reject our accuser’s political methods and wish they would change, we recognize that they are men who love God and have productive ministries. But if they love God why would they characterize fellow ministers and workers so negatively? Why has one of the three ministers made anti feminist and sexual slurs on occasions?

If they are still wearing their frustration on their shoulders, it is not The Forgotten Shepherdess blog that has caused this. Their frustration reveals that our brothers could not make it in the real world of politics because of their personal overwhelming encompassing sensitivity. You see, they fail to learn that politicians are depicted everyday in the editorial section of papers all over the world. The three amigos still fail to realize that no mature sane adult would believe fictitious persons portrayed as anthropomorphic characters such as “rats” or “dawgs” could actually be REAL or THEM.

Now the message of Left Behind might be true. And many ministers, workers and members did believe the minister’s political behavior to be unethical, selfish with total disregard for their fellow sisters and brothers.

Now that we are at the end, the election results revealed a rejection of the three amigos, the outlaw’s political game playing who endeavored to monopolize our local conference, which led to the eventual election of the current President. Now isn’t that something Prez, how is that for transparency!


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    Dear Frank, Dino and Jerry….

    What you should come to realize is: access to the Forgotten Shepherdess Blog is a choice just like when you turn on your TV to watch a movie that contains stuff that you know you shouldn’t watch. You can exercise your choice not to watch a program by deciding not to turn to that channel or turn your television off.

    What you are after is revenge to vindicate your disgusting negative political behavior. You can get it by just telling your side of the story and refuting all that anyone has said or you think they said. You put yourselves out in the public by showing yourself off as “political strategist.” Your republican strategy ended up a loss for your representatives and supporters that you put together that summer and before the election. You took on negative PRESENCE and a negative IMAGE as being NOT Christ like, selfish, uncaring, manipulative, meglomaniacs, self seeking, and thoughtless. You gave yourselves bad PR which end with a negative perception about you in the minds of voting constituents.

    Apparently, you are accessing this blog. GOOD! YOUR CHOICE! Why don’t you join the discussion and explain your next moves for the upcoming election? Tell your strategy for the Large and small Committees. Or how you will sit the election out! Your Free Choice. Tell how you want that seat on the Executive Committee or an office position or how you will protect yourselves until you retire. All this rhetoric you have discussed openly and privately before. Oh, remember that you can’t make promises to people that might not be able to fulfill as a means to buy members support.

    The question you should answer is, “Were you supporting Billy Wright in the last election and did you politically devise any strategy to make sure Byrd would be your man?”

    By the way do you watch any cartoons? Do you really feel offended because someone wrote something that wasn’t real? If I were you I couldn’t stoop so low.

    So Left Behind did something for the SWRGC and Billy that was good even though Wright’s speech killed him on that Saturday night. I see Billy and you guys kissing and hugging as if you had nothing to do with his demise. To get Byrd out of the small committee took real strategy and human effort on the part of the coalition you put together that year. But you lost on the main floor. The members didn’t buy not only your guy but your second choice as well. In the circle of politics, when you play boys, you win some and lose some. Move on and be real Christians!

    GROW UP! Both of you, Frank and Dino have made memorable remarks on the record and off depicting men and women negatively. So let’s not go there.



  2. SISTER GIRL says:

    First of all I been trying to get my story Im on write together like I promised, but i cant seem to find out the total truth. I got bunch friends I talk to and some of them on the prayerline with me and I some of them havent heard nothing about preachers being laid off. First it was 17, now some saying its 27. What exactly is going on? Please some one who know the facts just tell the truth you dont have to put your name. So far, exactly seem like the forgotten shepherdess got the truth about most things. I want to give my opinion soon as I can find out whats going on. Im telling the truth about this, I done talked to peoples in at least 3 states and they don’t seem to know about all this conference stuff, but the ones saying something, say it might be kinda real b ad this time. Pastor Winston, I just read your comment and Im trying to figure out what you saying. Are you saying the forgotten shepherdess is facts or not? Anybody answer. But if you dont know for sure, just dont say but facts.


    • Winston Stanley says:

      I can say this, the TFS, is very CLOSE, to what is going on, and what is coming out if the office. As I have read, (in the past) When I knew it was factual, I I would say the TFS is dead-on correct. When I did not know the facts, I inquired personally by e-mail to the top three officials. God knows, at least I try to be a “straight-shooter.”

      I have to be very sincere and honest; as a Minister in the SWRGC, who has given his best, I am disappointed in some of the decisions made by Administration and have chosen to distance myself from Administration respectfully. Can I see things from their perspective—God knows I try, but at this time, I have opted to remain a “hand-shake” away, or rather at “arms length.” Yet, I am still prayerful, but at this time to cannot deny my true sentiments.


      • Proud to be in the pew but crying my eyes out says:

        Thanks for making it plain….but can you answer this for me….

        The real problem I see at the moment is…how is it that ministers can sit on the sidelines and say nothing about an administration that cares for the young and kills the old in the name of Jesus.

        Why should we as church members do anything for preachers who will allow such rogue leaders at the top to sit up there and shoot you down? I am bewildered by this. Can you explain this Doctor. At least…say something for yourselves. Throw up some kind of defense for yourselves. You look so pathetic. Waiting for us in the pews to say something or do something when you won’t do anything for yourselves.

        How can your Communication person go from nowhere to somewhere while when good men have gone from somewhere to nowhere…let go?

        When does land become more important than human lives and evangelism?

        The present people that they have hired and brought in are men who are, let’s say “fallen angels” even that one down in Austin. Baggage! The assassinated are the, let’s say, un-fallen. Even your ministerial man I have heard has a past from Halloween. Do you get it?

        This would not happen in the work place I am at. There would be out right protest from our Union and the top would change by any means necessary.

        PEACE OUT!


      • Anonymous says:

        Proud-To-Be-In-The-Pew, simply put…, most Ministers/Workers(at least in SWRGC) are afraid of repercussion and backlash. Most SWRGC Minsters will disagree with Administration behind the scene, but never on the stage or in the open forum. By the way, when I use the term “Administration,” I am not just speaking in reference to the top three, but any who hold office in SWRGC.

        Also, I have said this before and I will say it again; historically, we have had Administrations to defend the Pastorate/Worker/Teacher; even saved some Workers when they have made grave mistakes. We call it, “err-ing on the side of mercy, which made it such that Ministers or Workers did not have to speak on their own behalf, because they had supporting Administrators. Now, that is certainly in question.

        Second, because of a waning Trust Factor–in my opinion–of the current Administration, ministers have retreated to a position of “deer in the headlamp” status; frozen in fear and afraid of being disliked or seen in a bad light. I personally have problems, when “Senior Men” fear speaking out or questioning decisions. Supposedly, Senior Men have earned their stripes to speak and defend the right as many of our Black Civil Rights leaders.

        PTBITP, please do not fail to understand me, I love the Administrators as Brothers and Sisters, but I just cannot agree with some of the decisions they have made and the treatment given to some of the Workers.

        Might I say this in closing, we have to learn to disagree respectfully, yet at the same time attack the issue but not attack the person.


      • Winston Stanley says:

        PTBITP, It was me (Winston Stanley) who responded to your question but mistakenly did not fill in the name.


      • Proud to be in the pew but crying my eyes out says:

        Proud to be in the pew but crying my eyes out ….


        I hear ya and I like what you said, BUT cowardice silently kills the many and turns a back to social crime. If the MANY stood for something instead of THEM-SELVES your careers would certainly be better and fulfilling.

        When there is no path for promotion and the so called elite can seamlessly maneuver themselves at the expense of YOU, then we have rewarded unfairness. It is not God’s purpose for you to passively ignore the cheaters in your employment. So, stuff will keep happening to you. You will continue to get what you are presently getting–bad, unfair, distorted, upside down, corrupt, humanly sanctified leadership.

        PERSONAL? Hell! When a leader affects your employment or well being through forced retirement or termination it becomes personal to the affected. When they personally describe you in certain ways as they have done to you, it is personal through them and personal to the ones they hurt. Have you ever been pinked slipped with a familly? Well….

        Love for our Administrators to me is not the issue. Being fair and just are. For me the present leadership that you serve under is not just and fair. How? They are reaping the benefits of the system all to themselves. Personally I feel that Sam Green has it in for some of you who have gone on and received higher degrees, worked longer in pastoral ministry, while he sat himself up in the offices of the Union a and the SWRGC with little to point to as achievements such as baptisms, erecting buildings etc. The ministers he has hurt the most are the ones he has known the most–PERSONAL. If this was not the case he would not have early in this presidency decided to revamp the ministry with younger pastors. These are words spoken by the President.

        The best thing that could have happened for you and the rest of ministry would have been the removal of Sam, McCoy, Jones and Nancy.

        For you and (maybe not you) those who acted cowardly by saying nothing especially after the demise of the fomer pastor in Dallas and others like him (like senior men they got rid of)–you have only one last chance–CONSTITUENCY MEETING IN SEPTEMBER TO REDEEM YOURSELVES.

        By the way, the recent appointment of the AY leader will be a part of the scheme in September by your nemesis in Austin.

        I am a former Executive Committee Member so I can speak candilly on these matters.

        After September under this sam group will be a sad time of crying in the pews.

        Proud to be in the pew but crying my eyes out

        Peace out!


      • Winston Stanley says:

        PTBITP, thanks for your response and info. To bring Closure to our public conversation, the Bible certainly place emphasis on experience and Spirit-filled Seniority, because with that comes Wisdom, which is my reason to encourage more of that “Seniors Voice”. Secular society places emphasis on “sharpness,” where in cases of for us(SWRGC) has proved detrimental or unhealthy. Ellen White places great emphasis on experience. by the way, I do not despise youthfulness.

        I look at young successful President Obama, consider this; we would not have known of Barack Obama except for the late wise and experienced Edward Kennedy; who himself was a man of political poise, who knew what the nation needed. Kennedy’s voice was a voice of political Wisdom and years of experience. I am simply trying to encourage that [quote] Seniors Voice[un-quote], which is a voice of applied practical experience. sometimes I feel as if we are “children in the barnyard playing,” which requires the forgiveness of God.

        I can say this in closing PTBITP, for the Spirit-filled Senior Worker/men/women that speak publically and in open ministerial forums, I for one, have their backs! When you speak your convictions, stand firm on truth and principle, with pure motives, you return to your district, work and sleep well. W.C. Jones taught me that, who was indeed a man of Wisdom and experience.


      • Proud to be in the pew but crying my eyes out says:

        Dear Dr. Stanley….

        Let me
        say this to clear out any misunderstanding….

        You are one of the greatest Pastors in this entire Conference. I mean that! You could be President because you are not afraid to ask and address the real questions. Thank you for your insightful comments. I hope you continue.

        I love the President but wish that he could have looked at things differently….with an open mind toward you and all workers.

        Keep the dialogue going. I am for youth but I believe that the senior ministers were over looked. My statement reflects the general conception of many member in the pew wherer I sit.

        I love you! Keep the faith!


  3. Pastor DoneIn says:

    I am bothered about our present Conference Administration!

    If the election was held today I would not vote for any of the three at the top and for a clean sweep of the departments. I would also like to see a revamping of the entire administrative staff personel who now function as our superiors–because they are doing the work that the top 3 and department leaders should be doing.

    As a minister I wonder when will they get anything right. When will they stop thinking of themselves rather than of the entire Conference? Green said he would change the atmosphere and bring back confidence and trust. Where is it? The morale in the field is at an all time low.

    Please voting constituents, do something about that Ministerial man. Put him on a kite with a wind headed toward the South Pole.

    Pastors, when have we had a positive meeting with Sam about our future? Did he not intentionallly compile information through the Ministerial Leader to kill workers and maybe you in the future if he is reelected? Has Sam or anyone else earned you vote?

    I’ve always believed that Sam and Billy were Presidents who carried a very low regard for the Pastors in the SWRC. They did the minimal for our development.

    As far as Frank, Dino and Jerry are concerned, everyone knows that what is written above is absolutely certain.

    So stop complaining Frank and Dino…it is true.


  4. Winston Stanley says:

    Wow! The hunt for “TFS” and ” Left Behind” is like the Cold War movie entitled, “The Hunt For Red October,” serious stuff! (Lol) The Forgottenshepherdeess has made a such a splash with this blog that is serious but to me laughable, because she/he has gotten in Frank, Dino and Jerry’s heads from observable reaction. If I did not know some of the facts, by the current reaction would make anyone believe all that TFS has said, and is saying, is factually true; based on ther reaction. To be very honest, some of this stuff catches me by complete surprise because I am not in the mix .

    On another subject, Senior Men/Workers need to speak-out and speak-up. Part of the success of the Retirement Incentive Program—if you can call it a success, is because Senior Men help formulate the program or help give it oxygen. Will I continue to be a part of the blogs readership–yes! Reason being, I know very little what’s coming out of the Dallas office, unless information is passed to me by serious communique, I remain in the dark. I do believe the blog sucks the energy or help suffocate bad politics.




      You always are a hero! Never afraid to say who you are and say what you mean.

      The Incentive to “retire by force” program can never be deemed a success. It, by human effort took back territory won by our blood and the HS. We don’t manage the money at the top THEY DO! For such actions to take place mean unequivically, that they mismanaged God’s money. If they were executives of a corporation they would have been taken out or fired. An Incentive Retirement program as such means your company is in bad financial condition. And Remember, that 500 grand is being paid back with the saints money or laundered tithe. Some of those who retired early are already feeling the heat and may die early. It was a means borrowed from the secular world not from God’s wisdom.

      Administration also lied to all of us and are doing the same now. Remember that the Ex Com voted no confidence in the big three and asked for their resignations because of the over spending at the campground. The borrowed $500 grand to cover their mismanagement of God’s money was not all used to cover the promised 20 grand. What did they do with the rest of it. Unfortunately our President is retributive with two fingers formed as a peace sign and fist clinched behind his back. He will stop at nothing to save his own hide and cover his tainted legacy.

      Soon they will be comng after others …even you…if reelected.

      What has he done really for Christian Education? Do we have better schools now than ever before? No!

      What has he done for the senior men who are sick? When has he visited any of us personally? The BUY OUT was rabbit dung shove up or down our mouths for his failutres.

      As for Frank, Dino and Jerry…they did it to themselves and are trying to get the dung off of them and put on someone else. Watch out…their mistaken friendly fire will kill some pastors too.



  5. Concerned Member In Houston says:


    What a great job you have done. Whoever wrote this article spelled OUT the political situation and false accusationS well. Just maybe, some ministers will have the guts to stand for right and good so all of the men and women who serve can get a fair shake.

    To be honest and careful, I think the pastor in one of the Houston Churches is presently being unfarily treated, misunderstood and deliberately placed in a position to fail so they can fire him or force him out of the work. Where are “the brothers” who should be concerned about this kind of treatment toward him or any senior minister like him. Is this really Christianity or blunt, calculated evil pictured as administrators with a knife behind their backs and a gun pointed at this pastors head.

    Where are the Christian member in Houston who would allow such unfair calculated mistreatment? Where are his members? How can you say you believe in civil rights when you allow the civil rights of minister like this get hung by redefined Jim Crow laws–that spell hang? As Jesus declared, “If you have done it to them, you have done it to ME.”




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