money sink holeSOME OF THE PUZZLING DILEMMAS many constituents face within the Southwest Region Conference community concerning political correctness or incorrectness lies within them. These puzzling dilemmas arise when many constituents of the last days, remnant body of believers get caught between “cooperate honestly” and “inaccurate accountable reporting of the facts.” These two polemics seem to constantly collide with each other whenever they face off.


mortgage debtThe “spin” to defend the decisions by the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Ministerial Leader, who seek to be perceived as politically correct, leaves most of us as bewildered voting constituents to decipher between what we might label as “righteous doing” and “unrighteous cover up.” Could it be that the leaders that we have trusted for almost four years are out of touch with the mainstream of church members, because they are doing the only thing they can do: sell their angle of political correctness?


Recorded history of the past in just about any not for profit organization reveals that this @ettubrut2type of attitude by follower’s results in being “shafted” by and through a well packaged corporate political correctness. You can believe this: that all the administrator’s stories are pre-set as to what should be said or not at all revealed to you. The recent Town Hall Meetings are “peep shows” that reveal only what they want you to know and not the “rest of the story.” This is why these meetings and others like them are scheduled at such a time to have the least of you there. The Town Hall Meetings are exhausted with sessions until the very end leaving little time for questioning and contemplation over their presentations to you. And then, you just walk away understanding very little accepting their political correctitude.

So, you should not become overwhelmed with disgust when that moment comes, after an administration is not returned and you later find out what the leaders got away with. The Brown Bomber’s famous statement, “You can run but you can’t hide” cuts two ways: first at leaders who run from revealing the truth, or the constituents who run from wanting to know the truth. Both groups might be politically correct at the same time but also wrong.

SelfishTHE PROBLEM THAT LIES WITHIN occurs when too many times many members have given in to such expressions like, “God will work it out.” Or, “don’t touch the anointed of God” as if ministers are incapable of doing wrong. Shucks, because ministers are human and are responsible for the people they lead, ought to tell all of you that spiritual leaders are more accountable than most professionals because of the sacred office they have sworn to uphold. But when political correctness sneezes on people, then service is only self fulfilling.

The worst disgusting message that I have ever heard from educated ministers says: “I don’t believe in politics!” And for these lunatics, everything that is not politically correct to them is of the devil. Yet if just one of those self seeking leaders becomes elected to serve in the office in any way, it will be by a political process. What a contradiction in their belief system. How selfish of their political correctness to use others while they demur with silence letting you fight for their promotions.

But here’s a politically correct statement that really gets me, “Just take that move. It’s God’s will and all will be well.” To do as blindly as the person suggests would mean a minister would be politically correct. But Mr. or Ms. Lunatic, how do you know that “going” is not the will of God and that “staying” or “seeking” another option might be God’s Will? I have listen to admissions from so many of our repressive leaders, pastors and the so called erudite educated elite, that when confronted with such a career relocation, become deeply depressed knowing that they would have to start all over again. Because career moves for better or worse as I have just mentioned are devastating to marriages, families and are often political and motivated out of disagreement between a worker and those who lead. Unfortunately, political correctitude is killing off ministers early. The “shrinkage” of ministers I find to be heartless management and gutless leadership to say the least.

TO EXPLAIN POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OR INCORRECTNESS the dilemma detthat we face really has to do with a “who does” ideology. Let’s face it, we take sides on issues based on a preconceived ideology that often defines and challenges what someone wants us to become. A preconceived ideology may very well determine how we look at the decisions that leaders make that affect us. For instance, if you come from a background that believes in the notion that God will “work it out” and God expects you to do nothing—then you will do nothing. You will walk away from corruption because God will work it out. We all lose!

The problem with the present Conference leadership points to an awareness that this kind of ideological attitude that some people have, will carry them all the way to constituency meeting untouched. For a second or more, stop and look at it like this: It’s like having a million dollars in cash in a brief case and you gave it to a friend to take to the bank with the attitude, “that God will work it out.” Doesn’t God expect you to determine the background of the person first? To consider the method of how the money will get to the bank? Or just maybe use an armored vehicle with licensed, bonded and insured people?

conflictWHAT DOES POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OR POLITICAL CORRECTITUDE REALLY MEAN? My research has uncovered that the term political correctness means an “attitude or policy of being careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who are believed to have a disadvantage.” Research says, “The mainstream usage of the term began in the 1990s by right-wing politicians who used the term as a shorthand way of conveying their concerns about the left in academia and in culture.”

Furthermore “Political correctness was a term coined in Nazi Germany. It basically means that you are expected to hold views and voice statements in line with current government thinking and legislation. It does not allow for the moral rights or wrongs of a situation and it actually goes against true democracy.” A politically correct statement represents (or otherwise pleases) the most, while offending the least.”

You can gleam from the above that, to be politically incorrect would be the opposite. To be politically incorrect would mean to say something against the leadership such as our local conference and leaders. It means that something is phrased in such a way as to possibly cause offense.
An example might be referring to African-Americans as Colored People or the President as Big Dawg; or Executive Committees as minions. Or those who feel they are considered the elitist politically correct people such as Frank, Dino and Jerry—even though comically it satirically characterizes how politically wrong they are.


Another example might be when the President allegedly referred to a woman as “sweetheart” in a recent meeting. The use of “sweetheart” was politically an incorrect loaded word even though the President may not have had any ill will in the term. Lawyers are careful what they say in court. That’s why you see them writing all the time before they get up and say something off the cuff of their heads even if they don’t use their notes because words mean something and people can interpret what they say in a wrong way. A good leader should be a person who talks less, articulates the facts well, combined with listening carefully rather than a story teller.


Youre-Fired-300x199TO MAKE MY POINT FURTHER, The Forgotten Shepherdess, my blog, would be perceived by the politically correct to be politically incorrect because if you are running for reelection, you want to win the most votes (please the largest number of people), without exposing yourself to the risk of offending or relegating any persons or demographics, or otherwise inciting controversy or negative review—which would mean that you want to say all the right things to be politically correct. So quite naturally some might say to their congregation not to participate because the blog questions leadership’s political correctness. In theory, any statement or action that exposes one to the risk of offending another is politically incorrect. That’s why many ministers watch the Bill Mahr show because it questions the “Right” and their ideology in relationship to the decisions of elected conservative leaders. The viewer should be adult enough not to believe in everything that Bill says as absolute truth especially when he gives his monologue at the beginning of his program or new rules.


doveFINALLY, “TOLERANCE” can be a peculiar word very often misunderstood. Its first meaning is the “capacity to endure pain or hardship”; its second meaning is to “show sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own.”

So this means that the politically correct avenue for the present leadership to take after their misfortunes in the past months would be for them to sell you a “white horse” labeled with all the most positive achievements they have made—never making a politically incorrect statement that refers to all their mismanagement issues. Leadership just throws a blanket over the bad parts knowing the white horse is a sickly looking one.

Herbert Douglas, author of Red Alert: Hurtling into Eternity says, “In recent years, this second meaning has segued into an atmosphere that forbids open discussion of one’s personal views, if those views differ from a militant minority. If so, those views are considered automatically intolerant! The expression of opposing views, for many, becomes “hate speech”; thus, the expression of different opinions (no matter what the evidence is) reveals intolerance!”

This explains why the present leadership of our Conference would enact legislation or guide the Executive Committee with crafted policies to restrict workers from speaking out against their leadership and their recent decisions. Is this God’s will? Suppression of accountability! Recently, workers have been untruthfully characterized in negative descriptive language so the politically correct can present a sleazy case for termination, in the so called upper room. Would this unchristian approach be God’s Will?

If you have bought into all their decisions as God’s Will, then, as Douglas explains: “All this leads to a society (local conference included) so “tolerant” that legitimate discussion regarding biblical morality would quickly move beyond free discussion to political incorrectness, to coercion and oppression. In the context of the great controversy, such a strategy by Satan is exactly what might be expected in the end time, even in a land that probably has the strictest “free speech” laws in the world! How would one have the freedom to discuss historical accuracy and biblical interpretation regarding the Sabbath-Sunday issue, in a society that forbids any negative remarks about anybody else’s religion.” —See: Red Alert: Hurtling Into Eternity, Herbert Douglas, p. 173-174

SO WE MUST BE CAREFUL about the attitudes that some leaders have prostituted,hired because they are currently being discussed as God’s Will in an upper room, fomenting with political correctitude. This selfish cover-up when brought to the surface, reveals to you a paradox that lies within your human mind to speak out against political correctness when it hurts people, damages them holistically, terminates good workers, covers up selfish decisions and seeks to silence those who are not afraid to be politically incorrect—while doing their best to remain a faithful Christian.

P.S. My job my only desire for this blog is to inform and create a healthy forum of reasonable expressions and discussion. Anger is frustration is healthy as long as it is delivered with respect and integrity, thank you viewers for keeping it real and healthy!


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  1. LEFT BEHIND says:

    In 30 days you will come to know who Left Behind is if you follow this blog.

    Each day I will give a clue.

    Today’s clue is GREEN.


  2. CORPORATE says:

    These suggestions written by Josh Bowman could help the SWRGC LEADERSHIP when it comes to workplace politics….

    10 Things I’ve Learned From Workplace Politics

    1. They say you shouldn’t burn bridges, and that’s true. But I’ve burned bridges before, and it’s hard not to be angry sometimes if you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. The trick is to buck up and apologize if you’ve made a mistake, and try to be professional. it might take a few months for some water to flow under the bridge, but it’s worth it. In my experience, people really respect somebody who can admit their mistakes and confront a situation honestly.

    2. Sometimes you can be professional and it doesn’t make a difference. If you are in a situation that is really not working, keep your head up and look for something new. Just stay professional. You’re better than that, right?

    3. I’d like to say that I’ve never gossiped or been passive-aggressive at work or had a negative attitude, but then I’d be lying. When you feel stressed or powerless, you sometimes have a bad attitude. I don’t believe it when I read columns by consultants that talk about the importance of avoiding all office politics and gossip. We aren’t robots, and it’s tough not to get sucked in when you’re building relationships with colleagues, celebrating victories and commiserating over failures. You want to be careful though… negativity builds on itself.

    4. When you enter a new job, learn about that place before you start making changes. Understand the office culture, the history, what has been tried before. Take time to get to know your colleagues and direct reports. Be honest and open and see opportunities, not challenges. Bring Tidbits for everybody.

    5. Be strategic about what is important. Let’s say you were just elected president of the United States of America due to an overwhelming wave of support. What is the first piece of legislation you will pass? Because you might only get one thing that will pass through relatively unopposed before your popularity and power begin to subside.

    6. Be collaborative. Silos are dangerous. Help out your colleagues and they will help you out.

    7. Do the things you hate doing. Those are your weak areas and blind spots. For me, that means getting better at project management and organization. For some people, it’s sales or relationship-building. Fear can be a powerful motivator. I feel fear before I step on stage. If I’m not afraid, it’s a problem; it means I’ve become complacent.

    8. Try not to sleep with anybody you work consistently with. It happens, I get it. But do your best. Because it can make your office a pretty tough place to work if it doesn’t work out. So… yeah. Make sure it’s true love.

    9. With Facebook and social media, it’s easy to stay friends with former colleagues and bosses. Do it. They will come in handy in the future. They will give you advice, write a reference letter, or be a reference on the phone. Maybe, down the road, they will give you other work too. Unless your boss was a total lunatic, it’s good to have a cordial relationship with them after you’ve left.

    10. Job transitions are happening more and more often these days, and we have to learn to be good at them. We need to maximize value and be useful as soon as possible. A colleague recommended I read The First 90 Days, and I will pay it forward. I don’t know the guy who wrote it, but it’s helpful. Read it before you start a new job. Read about your new organization. Read more in general. Knowledge is power.


  3. CORPORATE says:


    1) Be personally offensive.
    It’s not just about image; it’s about behavior. You can be perfectly dressed for the job at hand, but if you have a sewer mouth, make racist or sexist remarks, or stink like a goat, you’re going to lose a lot of business.

    2) Not answer the phone – or, answer it like a small child.
    In a time when everyone seems to have a phone sticking out of their pocket, there’s no excuse for not answering a call, one way or another. How to Answer the Phone Properly lays out the rules that everyone in the SWRC should be following.

    3) Need to use the customer’s tools or equipment.
    Come on! People with real businesses and real expertise have their own tools. Has the SWRC done everything to equip minister with the right tools so they won’t borrow what they need from members?

    4) Refuse to listen to clients or customers.
    You may have years of experience and enough certifications and awards to paper a whole wall of your office, and certainly know best. So what?
    That’s why they hired you and it may be why you might not be returned in September because if members feel you’re not hearing what they have to say and going to give them what they want. Sure, blue is the “in” color this year. But if the members and pastors want green, listen and adapt. It’s not about you it’s about us.

    5) Leave a job unfinished and/or don’t bother to clean up after you’ve done the job.
    Do you expect members to be pleased with your work when the job isn’t done? Presidents have left a whole lot of unfinished business for the other guy to clean-up—a mentality carried over into our Churches with pastors who never finish anything but run to POWER. BEFORE YOU ELECT ANYONE IN THAT OFFICE IN SEPTEMBER, MAKE SURE THAT HE OR SHE IS A FINISHER!

    6) Not trying to fix a problem related to your service and those you serve.
    Sometimes problems are truly things that you can do nothing about. But you can still “show willing” and listen to the members/pastors complaint and, in the best case scenario, give them some action they can take.

    7) Bring dawtgs and let them run around the office and member’s yard and/or house.
    Well I don’t think I need to elaborate too much here. Big Dawg knows everything. Dogs are like children – not everyone loves them. Even the President’s dawgs.

    8) Make inaccurate financial estimates.
    Like the camp ground building projects and termination of workers.

    9) Send out an assistant to do your job while you sit in the office and do little.
    Administrative Assistants! What does that mean? What do they do? Are they doing your work that you should be doing?

    This is a good one for the Ministerial Leader. Always keep in mind that members have hired you, not an assistant or underling. They want you working on their case, project or job. Depending on what you do, you can get away with having an assistant do some parts of a job as long as you clearly supervise that person and/or their work. But you can’t send the assistant out to do your job and expect a pastor or member to be happy. And sending out a poorly trained or incompetent assistant is suicidal business-wise.

    10) Be incompetent – but pretend not to be.

    Misrepresenting your credentials and/or your abilities is not only a quick way to run yourself out of your elected office, but may also lead to criminal charges or being sued. And it really doesn’t matter whether or not you had good intentions and were “just trying to help someone out.” If you are not qualified to do something or have not done it before, you shouldn’t be doing it. (–My Adaptations included)



  4. ANNONYMOUS says:


    Likely voting constituents in an unscientific straw poll were asked:

    How would you rate the performance of the leadership of the SWRC and the departmental leaders on a grading scale of A, B, C, D, and F; “A” being excellent performance and “F” poor and unacceptable performance.

    Hispanic Vice President=C
    Ministerial Director=F
    Church Ministries=D
    Sabbath School=F
    Under Treasurer=F
    Office Staff=D that is….not responsive to their needs or service when they called the office
    Executive Committee=F
    Ad Hoc Committee=F
    By removing ministers respondents said they put the Conference into the Stone Age

    We asked how likely would vote to return these leaders, yes or no?

    The majority of respondents answered:





      I wish the election were not in September but turn back to the original date. It appears that this administration knows that it is in deep poo poo.

      The Forgotten Shepherdess has really help to put the pedal to the metal with this well written piece. I hope all the constituents read it including our leaders.

      Johny and Leroy…keep writing because what you are saying takes real guts and courage.

      God bless you whoever you might be. You must be really a good person. I think that everything you have written that I have read is off the chart to inform members about people who think they are politically correct but are incorrect with their misdeeds.

      THANK YOU!


  5. Johnny Cochran says:

    This is a time for serious leadership we need a visionary leader who will lookout for the workers!Pastors in particular if the president has the pastors best interest at heart,then the pastors will take good care of the churches.If you keep electing presidents who are so narrow-minded that they feel they have an ax to grind or that they have to prove that they can be president,then you will continue down the road of self destruction!Look at the whole person and find out his track record.Little things are important what is this person’s character and personality like?Is he really a servant-leader or does he feel entitled to all the perks but not earn them?How does he get along with his colleagues?How does he treat his wife?Does he or did he ever beat his wife?Does he dress like someone out of Esquire Magazine and his wife look like a scrub lady?Do they compliment each other or is there an obvious clash between the two?Are they a power couple or a power seeking couple?Will they hurt the conference or help the conference or will they make any difference at all?Will he demand more than he is willing to give? Will he be fair to all the pastors or will he pick and choose?Will he be partial to the so called big churches in this conference or use the same slide rule?What condition is his health?REMEMBER UNHEAlTHY People are poor choices for leaders!It is not wise or fair to put heavy demands on someone who already has serious health concerns unless you are trying to send them to an early grave!You will be held accountable for the choices you make!You cannot blame anybody for your own choices!


  6. Smoky the Bear says:

    We must run the foreigners out of the office!Why should they come to this conference and given plush spots while the good old American negro is disrespected and relegated to cotton picking while the banana boys come on and take over!Please do not let what happened in Northeastern and Lake Region happen in SWRC!If you folks let that happen then shame on you!Where I’m the heck is your self esteem?Where is your manhood?These banana boys want to come here and castrate the American black man!


    • Crescent City Queen says:

      Are you suffering from some “age related” disorder or do you not recognize that your message is VERY similar to that of “The Donald’s” constituents. You know, “this is only for us”; forget anybody else. And you guys are supposed to be MINISTERS!?! I suppose it would only be an accident to find some white sheets and lighter fluid in your offices. Oh, right; that was then and this us now. Hardly the same type of situation.


  7. Pissed in Houston says:

    This is awesome. By the way I was the “sweetheart”. Still waiting on the answer of why. Plan to continue this fight. Peace out


  8. There has to be a meeting of the minds where lay folk and clergy can come together and unitedly stop this virus!This virus of situation ethics -lie if necessary as long as you can keep your position!The glaring facts are there but so are the powers that be!Wake up people!We elected these powers that be and they are foul and corrupted so they need to be replaced!Every last one of them and leave neither root nor branch!Pastors -strategize as you evangelize!Use some of your evangelism funds to help out the right people in office!This is nothing new but being open and honest about it is!Why bring new members into a corrupt conference?Lucky and the Fraternity Brothers have done this for years using it as a slush fund!Senior Men get wise evangelize bring in some revolutionists and use those evangelism funds to do so!Fight fire with fire!Arm yourselves and do battle!It is now or never!Put those evangelism funds to work and use some to influence this election because this may well be your last chance!God bless!


  9. ICE says:

    Sister Girl….

    I don’t know what you are saying. The comment is an article that hangs around until changed. I enjoyed reading it because it made a lot of sense and addressed major concerns about the SWRC LEADERSHIP.


    It’s cold in here Sister Girl.



  10. Sister Girl says:

    Somebody called me last night and told me to read the blog and it was to long, but I just finished it and now I gotta go to work but I’m going to write something when I get off. I have missed you so much forgotten sheperdess and you need to keep talkin to us cuz I found out from someone that calls me after we get off the prayerline that everything you been saying is not only true but its stuff that we just dont know and they been pulling the wool on our eyes. They saying its messed up in that office up there. Also they saying they dont know where you gettin your info from but you right. Some of the peoples think yall a group of ministers but you know what I believes you. I think its just you. You done already told us its just you and I believes you. I want you to send my message to everyone notice like I get your e-mail, when I get off work cuz I got something to say to the peoples of this conference and I done learned a lot from the people who say they know this from the conference workers. All I got to say they not right and we some christian peoples I been in this church 60 years, ok i gotta to go but I’ll be back I promise. I’m sticking wit you this time forgotten shepherdess. Bye


  11. ICE says:

    You nailed it! I hope everyone reads this article. Wow!

    Well don Forgotten Shepherdess!

    It’s getting warmer in the ice box



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