Here We Go Again: Who Do I Fool Next?

Rdawgally Day was no million man march but it was successful enough in raising the consciousness of pastors who thought that sitting on the sidelines guaranteed their safety! Rally Day helped ministers to see that they must be a part of the solution or they will perpetuate the problem. Pastors and some members realize their fear of retribution but how can they live with themselves or their families being fearful of taking a stand?

One example of pastoral fear comes to the front when Administration recently martyred a good pastor at the minister’s workers meeting that took place during camp meeting. His stand will remain a shining symbol of boldness and courage in the face of unfairness. But what comfort is that to him and his family? The Bible shows plainly that God is on the side of the downtrodden and oppressed! Preachers preach it all the time but do they believe it?

If the pastors had supported each other, the Administration would have listened to their cries for fairness. But the inevitable Black Sunday assassination of “one of ours” in the public square became a fearful example of what would happen to a preacher who stands up for good against a totalitarian regime. As the clergy thought about the upcoming Black Sunday threat to their security, ministers sat in that youth center in virtual silence. And through that silence preachers lost an opportunity for a positive gain to help each other.

We have said at one time or another that “actions speak louder than words!” Where are your actions pastors when it is time to stand for good? Why should we let Big Dawg, Lil’ Wimpy and Miss Shirley the Poodle slide and make pastors responsible for their mistakes? Our ministers in the SWRGC have taken pay cuts, missed raises, and next year, pastors will have to pay for healthcare that was part of their salary. Yet the big THREE go free—untouched?

If you look at it standing from the window of their big house on Lanark Street, their eyes are open to pastors as field hands working out there in the hot sun slaving night and day while the Masters sit in the office idle, seeking ways to get more for less!

But step out of your window and look outside again for a moment. Lucky is in the parking lot with a map for the Administrators that says “Realignment!” The so called nuts and bolts of Lucky’s scheme are to get rid of senior pastors and then say healthcare has gone up and we need a younger workforce! By getting everyone sidetracked with healthcare costs, none of you have to pay attention to the main point! The main point is—that Miss Shirley the Poodle has overspent for Campground improvements to the tune of one million dollars! The administrations big problem is where do we bury the evidence?

Let’s look at it this way. If healthcare costs have eaten us up and there is no mismanagement of funds it seems that the administrators expect to put the money crisis on the baby boomers as the dawg2SWRGC’S biggest crisis. They even say that it affects the whole North American Division but we must “be” the leaders and become the first Conference to do something about it!


Big Dawg tells everybody that the Executive Committee demands action and in a hurry! Wow! Of course no one mentions the overspending that Miss Shirley did last year that caused the Executive Committee to give the big three a no confidence vote! So Lucky’s covert scheme hides the reason for the financial dilemma and gives an amazing solution which is to force those senior workers into retirement and bring in new young pastors! I wonder why? HMMM!

The Three Stooges are so excited about this Realignment deal that they are jumping on it all the way! They don’t care about how it will affect the senior pastors and their families. The Three Stooges just see it as the way out of exposing their financial errors to all the constituents of this Conference!

The constituents don’t realize that Lucky has been given the order by the Three Stooges to hire a lot of young interns without telling anyone—the best kept secret in the SWRGC. When their secret plan is fully operational it will get rid of most of the senior pastors. Then, Lucky will be able to hire the new young ones in January and some of you, pastors will get your “biscuits” to live on in a compulsory retirement! That is, if you are not fired! Ok! You will sooner or later learn that your silence will indeed be your worst enemy.

Of course the new young pastors will be ever grateful to Lucky for hiring them. When election time comes the young ministers will be happy and thankful enough to Lucky that the young ones and their churches will unanimously vote for, you guessed it, Lucky!

Now that’s the BIG PICTURE! No fooling!

And they call me……Johnny Cochran (Anonymous Contributor)


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2 Responses to Here We Go Again: Who Do I Fool Next?

  1. Anonymous says:

    OH, MY GOODNESS!! It’s been almost two months since I’ve heard from you. PLEASE don’t tell me they’ve found a way to silence you, too!!!!

    Missin’ ya


  2. Anonymous says:

    RIGHT ON ! Right On! Right On!

    Best thing said yet.

    Will they listen Johnny?

    You are my hero.


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