Saved by the People

dove1 Samuel 14, records the exciting story of Jonathan and his armor-bearer’s defeat of an entire garrison of Philistine soldiers. The Israelite army joined the fray and routed the enemy. However, unknown to Jonathan; Saul had made a rash and egotistical vow that anyone tasting food before the utter defeat of the Philistines would be executed.

Samuel'When the king discovered that Jonathan had eaten some honey off the point of his spear, he demanded that his own son should be killed. The maniacal ruler had every intention of carrying out his edict, but the people rose up against Saul and prevented him from fulfilling his diabolical plan. They rightly judged that Jonathan’s bravery was primarily responsible for their victory. In the truest since of the word Jonathan was saved by the people.

groupThe question begs for a definite answer: “Where are the people?” When seasoned veterans of the cross who have borne the battle in the heat of the day are unceremoniously kicked through the retirement door. Where is protest of the people when faithful ministers for mere stipends kept the doors of many of our smaller churches open? Where are the people when right is forever on the scaffold and wrong forever on the throne? Where is the compassion of the people for those faithful shepherds of the flock whose health has been broken by the stressors of their profession?

huttonSadly, the constituents of this conference are the only hope for the ministerial staff since many are like a herd of buffalo: too dumb to run and too cowardly to fight. The people of this conference are like the E. F. Hutton ad: When they speak, write, call, Email, people listen at the conference, the union, the division, and the General Conference. “The easiest way for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.”

By the Apostle


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5 Responses to Saved by the People

  1. Dolomite9 says:

    Ice,Apostle,and Prophet,you are all on point nonetheless,we need to motivate the laity to get involved and stand up and speak out against all the injustices being done!Do it now while you may make a difference!Big Dawg,Wimpy,and Big Shirley must be taken out of office right now Wimpy is the worst of the three because he doesn’t look dangerous!Those are the most dangerous people, the ones who don’t look dangerous!Big Dawg has used all his ammo and Big Shirley only does what they let her do but they keep her on a short leash so the only officer left is Lil Wimpy!We must put Lil Wimpy and Lucky on notice that their kingdom has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.It is finished and they are finished if not ,then we are finished!Laity and clergy alike we are finished if we don’t take this chance to expunge them from this conference!We also need to watch out for any illegal workers or members who may be the downfall of us all!How do we know that all the so called baptisms by the spanish churches are legit?How did we vote to make the Spanish coordinator a Vice President of this conference when we don’t even know if he finished college?The good book say s to lay hands suddenly on no man and we with our low self esteem grab people from other conferences and countries and put them in positions higher than our own workers who” have fought the battle in the heat of the day” and then we reward new guys with the power, position, and promotion!That is as backwards as putting the cart before the horse!Wake up everybody Jesus is coming!Let’s get busy!


  2. The Apostle says:

    The Spirit Of Doeg
    Doeg was the chief herdsman of King Saul. His name is mentioned only once in Scripture in 1 Samuel 22. He is known, primarily; for his heinous act of killing eight-five of the Lord’s priests and murdering every inhabitant in the city of Nob. This crime was ordered by Saul because of his paranoia toward David. David’s duplicity was largely responsible for this slaughter of the innocents. Ahimelech, the high priest, interceded on David’s behalf; but the murderous rage of Saul could not be assuaged.
    The soldiers who accompanied Saul refused to kill the Lord’s priests. However they did nothing to protect the Lord’s servants from Doeg. How was one man able to kill so many without opposition? Doeg was an Edomite. His progenitor, Esau, rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Intermarriage with the Canaanites had stifled whatever sympathies he once possessed for the Israelites so he performed his grim task with pleasure. Does the spirit of Doeg yet live among us? Have we, like Doeg, mollified our guilt; by saying: “I was just following orders?” When will we realize that: “Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned?” The Lord’s Messenger stated long ago” “We need fear nothing for the future except we forget the Lord’s leading in our past history.” Therefore knowing our past history must be extremely important. This conference has been facing some of the same challenges we presently encounter since 1946, on numerous occasions. How did we solve them in the past, and how did God lead in facing these crises WITHOUT SUCH DRASTIC MEASURES? The fact that our conference is still extant sixty-eight years later is an eloquent testimony that God is still willing to lead his people successfully without the input of today’s corporate gurus


    • ICE says:


      That maybe…but we are dealing with unsympathetic NUTS! Sociopathic NUTS! You don’t have to be a Doeg to kill the innocent who must have been sociopathic. You pastors are presently in a work place “killing field” now. That is what this republican administration of the SWRC doesn’t understand. When I was here in this Conference some time ago the present leader was responsible for my demise. Now look at you now. What he has done to me he is now doing to you because you were deceived three years ago. He lacked a strong stomach then and has a weak one now.

      How do you hunt down a sociopathic killer who thinks he is normal? You have to look at the forensic, along with the material evidence collected. You have not exposed their intended, deliberate, and maniacal intentions well enough so that the people can clearly see their real long term plan. Until this is done, you pastors will get what is deserving for being self “hog tied” to the point that you are powerless to do something for others (hog tied–that’s what they say in your state). Sociopaths love fear because in the end it destroys the mind to fight for life or what is important to sustain life–like your job. When your security is threaten, like it currently is, and you are doing nothing, you have been “hog tied” with fear. Imagine their laughter in their conversations as they gloat over their evil accomplishments.

      Tell me pastors, are the same people who have been in control for the last 35 years still controlling things down there? Are the young ones hungry for some red meat because position is more important than people? It looks like it the way things are shaping up from reading this informative blog.



      Get rid of the screw balls and put the right people in place and you will see a difference.

      Because, if you don’t, you will be next on the sociopaths list of hits. CHILL!

      it’s cold in here….



  3. MOVE ON says:

    I have a question that I would like for someone to answer in the SWRC administration.

    It is being rumored that some personnel within the Office do not…I repeat…do not believe in the inspired writings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I was shocked when this was mentioned to me by some prominent members.

    My question to SWRC Administrators is: “Is this true?” Thus far no one has answered my questions from the previous blog. Why?

    Because if it is… it may have to do with the present situation that our Conference finds itself in. When the inspired writings are rejected so goes our philosophy and theology on how Adventists decide to conduct the business of the Church. It seems, based on these conversations, that there maybe at least one or two high ranking employees who reject the Spirit of Prophesy and have no belief in the teachings of Ellen G. White.

    Mr. President, should some of these employees be terminated? Have you ever asked what they presently believe? Do they believe in all the 28 fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

    It also appears that we have some preachers that don’t know who they are. They have morphed into something else in ministry. For example, they attempt to imitate Baptist ministers and mega preachers. In vain do they try but how embarrassing do they appear. The poor member sitting in the pews become confused when they thought they left that preaching behind only to find out that the true church may not be any different than what they left. Most of us who believe in our Church are tired of this kind of “U” turn. I left my former Church because they were not teaching the truth from the bible. Now I am in the True Church and they are compromising heresy with bible truth in sneaky ways.

    It seems that the preachers you didn’t touch are the ones who are making “U” turns with the Truth. Back in the day I can remember that there were men and women who were disciplined for “U” turning regarding our faith. Are we now promoting neo-seventh-day Adventist beliefs? Are our members being reprogrammed by ministerial Augustinian tricks?

    I hope that someone can answer some of these concerns because you might be firing and terminating the wrong men, while at the same time giving ministerial license to those who in the end will kill our members,

    Move On




    I have a word for you….

    Your words are wise and courageous. The people should understand this word: when Samson was in the process of being turned over to the philistines and used the jaw bone of an ass to defeat them. Ellen said…. had they joined him the enemy would have been defeated.

    I believe that the members cannot attain total victory over the real enemy because they are allowing ministers to be slaughtered by misguided leaders. WHY WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER TO VOICE THEIR DISAPPROVAL? IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

    The stipend workers have unjustly been terminated but the political landscaping through redistricting is so obvious that it awakens the dead. And guess what…. the same people like Frank, Dino, Jerry are behind this scandalous project. Has Lucky made a political compromise with Lil Wimpy, Big Dawg and the infamous Rat Pack? The thought is scary of what the future will be like for the SWRC. THE SWRC WILL BE IN THE HANDS OF IMMATURITY AND PLATONIC PHILOSOPHIES MINGLED WITH CHRISTIAN TRUTH.

    Look who is on that redistricting committee? Does the constituents really want any of them in office? Why would anyone want someone to lead them who only care about position and authority AND DENY THE PEOPLE THE DUE PROCESS OF KNOWING THE DETAILS. THAT PERSON SHOULD BE CHARACTERIZED AS THE ROAD RUNNER BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING AS WE SPEAK.

    Speak to this Apostle and your letters of admonition will have eagle’s wings and like Nineveh, the people and the leaders will reform and destruction aborted.

    What about the poor pastor that got hit hard for all workers?

    The Prophet


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