Rally Day–Total Failure…What Will It Take? Posted Evidence of Financial Mismanagement and Violation of Policy

detI was asked to post information regarding a Rally Day at the conference office that many commenters on this blog were organizing. As an advocate for change, I welcome the opportunity for contributors and bloggers to get involved. I will however, report that I was informed that the rally day scheduled this past Sunday was a failure. Those who said they would come out of obscurity and challenge this conference got cold feet and chose not to show up in fear. My question to constituents is…what more do you need? Please understand, it is not my desire to instigate or insight any type of disruptive behavior, rather for you to stand up and ask the difficult questions we seem to continue to overlook.

How will you respond when our conference falls so deep into financial ruin that we are absorbed by Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma conferences? Or to the degree that we must break apart to save ourselves and lose the campground that we have fought so hard to keep all these years? It is time for new and responsible leadership. Rumors are now circulating that a massive shift in pastoral movements occurred at this past executive committee meeting. This is more of your money going down the drain like the image below. I am posting the information below that was submitted to me anonymously and has been verified by several workers.

Please be advised that I will not post or publicize any other events without a written email request to forgottenshepherdess@gmail.com and substantial confirmation to lead out. This means if you want me to advertise a rally or demonstration, you will have to come forward and reveal yourself to me so that I can verify that this will actually take place. I will not reveal you as a source on this blog but I must be able to confirm your identity to protect the credibility of this website.

This blog is not designed to be a scare tactic hub of communication, it is a place for refuge and information for disenfranchised members/workers who are giving blindly and not being informed. I recommend that constituents in their varied districts contact their pastors  come together and demand the executive committee call a meeting. According to the bylaws posted on the above link this can be accomplished in your local business meetings to demand transparency from our conference leaders. Your children will have nothing if you keep letting them spend this way. Please review this information below and ask yourself…what more are they hiding from us?


Our president of this conference, Pastor Samuel Green, who claims stewardship to be the cornerstone of our spiritual committment as Adventists clearly does not apply these principles when it comes to the financial management of your tithe and contributions to Southwest Region Conference of SDA. Our money has been thrown into the garbage disposal of mismanagement to keep our camp ground afloat.

Here is an example:

Reasons for the egregious over-payment and substandard work are:

  • Three bids for the management and the construction at Lone Star Camp were not offered for consideration and selection by the Building Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Executive Committee as is Conference Policy.
  • Neither blueprints nor working drawings were ever provided to the SWRC Building Committee this is problematic due to unknown plumbing and electrical layouts and plans:
  • On numerous occasions members of the SWRC Executive Committee and SWRC
    Building Committee requested that the Building Committee chair acquire blueprints as
    required by SWRC Conference Policy for all building construction, especially of the
    magnitude of $2,000,000.00 but none was ever produced by SWRC administration.
  • The Building Committee Chair and other qualified individuals from the Building Committee were not used in the supervisory capacity to provide Southwest Region Conference oversight of the building project.
  • The Schedule of Values (SOV) were not properly handled by Southwest Region Conference

According to the policy voted, all SOV’s submitted were to be paid after the work was
properly inspected by qualified individuals

  1. The SOV’s that were submitted were not verified with the actual work performed.
  2. The Building Committee, Finance Committee and the Executive Committee were not notified in real time that the construction costs had exceeded the budget voted by the Committees.
  3. The Executive Officials were aware of the cost overrun in December 2012 but did not reveal that information to the Executive Committee until July 2013 and only then when questioned.
  4. The Contract specified that 5 Cabins were to be built but only 4 were built which increased the overpayment by the cost of 1 cabin.
  5. No Senior Citizens Cabins were built as specified by the Contract which increased the overpayment.
  6. The work at the RV Park was not done as specified by the Contract which increased the
  7. Cabins ———$993,336.00—— 6,400 sf
  8. Welcome Ctr & Bathroom –$767,665.00——-3825 sf
    Total ————$1,761,001.00—-10,225sf
  9. Cost $1,761,001 for 10,225 sf = $172.23 sf

Youre-Fired-300x199Accountants and financial advisors we want to hear your comments. How can we continue to spend and continue to meet our obligations? Does this conference operate in the red or the black? Make it plain for us.

I welcome our conference leaders to submit a request for retraction to correct any misprinted information. You may post this request and evidence to support your request publically on this post. I highly doubt this will occur as they know this outrageous mismanagement is the reason that one of our commenters stated that the executive committee submitted a vote of no confidence in conference leaders.


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82 Responses to Rally Day–Total Failure…What Will It Take? Posted Evidence of Financial Mismanagement and Violation of Policy

  1. Leroy Brown says:

    this stinks they need to get rid of the whole bunch!Departmental people too and just bring in a totally new staff!
    a new staff and a new building new officers from inside the conference no less!Raise their self esteem!Get rid of dead weight and tithe eaters!Hit the road Jack and you better not come back no more!Big Dog,Lil Wimpy,and Shirley the Poodle ,so long!Departmental people,secretaries and others,goodbye!


  2. Dolomite9 says:

    Roscoe where have you been ?We needed you on rally day !Fortunately it is not too late we need people to call your pastor and call the area leaders and demand a called constituency meeting!We are demanding accountability and transparency,honesty and integrity!We have to meet the iceberg head on!We need your voice and your vote and we will prevail it is never too late until you die!What is your life worth if you don’t stand for something?Is that something that is worth standing for?Will it matter in eternity?


  3. Roscoe says:

    Whoever dreamed up this wicked plot made sure that they covered all the legal details so that those who complain will look like they are the problem!Even the Devil must be shocked at the success of this plan!The Administration has the Devil wondering where they came up with such an ingenuous plan!But somehow just maybe they have left a loophole or a weak spot in their plan because no plan is foolproof there is always a margin for error.Who is their weakest link?Is it Shirley the poodle?Too obvious!Li’l Wimpy?Still obvious!Big Dawg himself?Not bright enough!Badu?too new!Lucky?That is who is behind this whole scheme!We better drop a phone call to immigration and see if his papers are legit!He is causing too much trouble it is time to send him packing back to where he came from lock stock and barrel!We need to see about deporting whoever is responsible for bringing him here as well!If we do not overcome him,he will overcome us!Right here in our own backyard!Rise up America let us stop this before it goes to far!


  4. Bad Bad Leroy Brown says:

    Matt Dillon,you got a point how much does the union concern itself with the local conference mismanagement practices?Do we have errors and omissions insurance?Is it called embezzlement,extortion,money laundering or what?how about conspiracies and other inequities?This sounds too tempting!Time for a snack!Can the union interfere with local conference practices?How do you file a legitimate complaint about unfair treatment or practices?Since Lucky says Texas is an at will state and you can be fired for any reason does that at will trump discrimination?


  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    who is Badu?


  6. Wyatt Earp says:

    How much did the 20 moves cost?Where is the money to pay for the moves?Does the Union know what is going on here?Will they be held responsible ?Why does the Union exist??Does anybody else feel like having an all out knockdown drag out constituency meeting before or right after Labor Day Weekend?this is no light thing this more than a tempest in a teapot!Lets get it on!


  7. SnoopDoggyDog says:

    No diggity No doubt,uh.PLay on playa.Play on play that!


  8. SnoopDoggyDog says:

    Brother Man from Fifth floor,Who is Badu?Should we be watching out for him?


  9. Left Behind says:

    Left Behind here and i am truly feeling left behind!But that is all right God gave Noah the rainbow shine it won’t be water it will be fire next time!Not one stone will be left upon the other!This will be a September to remember!The last movements will be rapid ones!!!!!!!!!


  10. DOLOMITE9 says:



  11. Dolomite9 says:

    It seems perfectly clear that a workshop in honesty and integrity would have helped this administration!They need professional unbiased outside help because the gospel we preach has power to correct this behavior but God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves!If you have a family member who abuses substance or is a juvenile delinquent, you try to fix it on your own but often by the time they reach a certain point, it is too late to apply some good old fashioned make you wanna cry cause you’re afraid you’re afraid you’re gonna die behind whippings!The administration has reached that point and it is not entirely their fault given the system of checks and balances that are in place.They like anyone else are entitled to “their day in court” better known as “due process” referred to by I believe it was the Prophet.Unfortunately it does call for airing our dirty laundry for all the world to see but it will let Lucky or anyone else who is yearning to be Prez that they must stand and deliver and be open to much scrutiny so that this sort of thing never happens again!Whenever you lower your standards and compromise your principles, you are setting yourself up for a great big fall!The ends does not justify the means!We know this and still ignore it!Just like a chain smoker who knows that smoking will lead to lung cancer and then when he finds out he has lung cancer,continues to smoke twice as much!The real problem with that is he wants the church to pray for his healing and expects the the elders and pastor to come and anoint him for healing when he is in the hospital!
    As ridiculous as that scenario sounds, that is how ridiculous it is to expect this administration to own up to its mistakes and willful mismanagement and overspending and blaming it on the health or lack of health of senior pastors!Did they explore other insurance companies besides risk management before taxing the pastors three thousand dollars a year due to their own lethargy?If you are sitting in the conference office screening your phone calls and refusing to return them,then at least use that paid time to go online and find some competitive prices for healthcare under the Affordable healthcare plan or what ever else you may find!
    Well hopefully somebody is listening and willing to take the necessary steps to stop this runaway train before it is actually too late and we find that we are weighed in the balances and found wanting!Yes the life you save may be your own!


  12. Now is not the time to become discouraged,just because of spineless, hopeless leadership that is no reason to give up!sooner or later the truth will come to the light!Confession is good for the soul so we are calling for a called constituency meeting to account for the misspending and mismanagement that called for the senseless moves to coverup the coverup!Now is the time for church folks to ask questions and keep asking questions as to what the heck is going on before this conference self destructs!obviously we cannot last another year or 6 months going like this!Humble or proud rich or poor old and young church members you need to start asking questions of the conference administrators!Do it now while you still have time!


  13. Dolomite9 says:

    seems like the same old song with a different meaning when it happens to you some senior men have proved their worth and so now they are untouchable!Then there are others who are still being weighed in the balance and sadly will come up lacking!THat is when they will be sent packing!So just because your name was not called in this first batch do not get too comfortable,Lucky still has plans for you!Plans of destruction and evil.Brothers and Sisters let’s head Lucky off at the pass!What do we really know about him?How does he come from out of nowhere get a nice cute little strategically located church and scheme to leap over every black american’s head in a predominantly black american conference?
    He takes advantage of the fact that most americans cannot understand him and plays upon their sympathy to their own detriment!Like the devil, he must be shocked at the success he is having while the nice mild mannered american negro sits quietly while Lucky takes what he does no deserve!He changes the rules to accommodate himself and no one holds him accountable!His plan is a smooth one get rid of senior pastors forcing them to retire or put them in places where their voice or vote will be slim to nothing for the up coming session next year!it almost comes down to the old ballet or the bullet scenario!Maybe the members see the apathy among the pastors and think maybe it is time for a change bring in some fresh young blood!My counsel to all senior pastors is to fight Lucky and his plans as if your life were at stake because it is!This is no time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself or be fearful God has not given us a spirit of fear so get rid of it!Like Ezekiel’s Dry Bone Valley get up get the spirit get oranized and firght for your lives because the life you save will be your own!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Saved By The People
    By The Apostle

    1 Samuel 14, records the exciting story of Jonathan and his armor-bearer’s defeat of an entire garrison of Philistine soldiers. The Israelite army Joined the fray and routed the enemy. However, unknown to Jonathan; Saul had made a rash and egotistical vow that anyone tasting food before the utter defeat of the Philistines would be executed. When the king discovered that Jonathan had eaten some honey off the point of his spear, he demanded that his own son should be killed. The maniacal ruler had every intention of carrying out his edict, but the people rose up against Saul and prevented him from fulfilling his diabolical plan. They rightly judged that Jonathan’s bravery was primarily responsible for their victory. In the truest since of the word Jonathan was saved by the people. The question begs for a definite answer: “Where are the people?” When seasoned veterans of the cross who have borne the battle in the heat of the day are unceremoniously kicked through the retirement door. Where is protest of the people when faithful ministers for mere stipends kept the doors of many of our smaller churches open? Where are the people when right is forever on the scaffold and wrong forever on the throne? Where is the compassion of the people for those faithful shepherds of the flock whose health has been broken by the stressors of their profession? Sadly, the constituents of this conference are the only hope for the ministerial staff since many are like a herd of buffalo: too dumb to run and too cowardly to fight. The people of this conference are like the E. F. Hutton ad: When they speak, write, call, Email, people listen at the conference, the union, the division, and the General Conference. “The easiest way for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.”

    The Apostle


  15. Litigious?litigious?Where have I heard that word before and who uses it?Ah yes!Lil Wimpy and Lucky!Why were they using that word ?Fearful of being sued or having to settle out of court!I wonder what they had in mind?Uh like they say “time will tell”!


  16. Anonymous says:

    Is this all just a bad dream?Have we actually gone from bad to worse?Is that even humanly possible?Say it aint so Suwannee say it aint so!We trusted you with all the goods and though you would bring us more but at last It is too late to realize as we sail on down the deep body of water that you have been putting holes in the ship so that we all will sink .Here we go way down upon the Suwannee river!No Suwannee say it aint so!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Snoop Doggy Dog says:

    Some people scare everybody away and we need comments and feedback but we want to handle every thing in a positive manner.I know a lot of people mean well but what they say may be said in such a manner that the people they are trying to help are running from them!


  18. Dolomite9 says:

    “Bad Bad Leroy Brown, you handled L so well I know to call you when we need to deal with overzealous outsiders wanting to offer us help for an inside problem!Imagine the negative pr that would give us having certain people trying to so call help us!Some help is more hindrance and you find yourself taking 4 steps backwards for every 2 steps forward!You handled L quite well!I am not ruling out a Rally but i don’t want any real casualties!We have had sufficient injuries already!Exposing the real reasons behind most if not all these moves needs to be done in a public to the church forum!If we get 60% or more of the churches to request a called constituency meeting,then the conference will have to have it!Let’s lean on some of these so called big church pastors to get their members to request a called constituency meeting and if we get no satisfaction from that then we do a rally!


  19. Bad Bad Leroy Brown says:

    L we appreciate I appreciate your offer but we can handle it on our own because we want to keep it in the family.We wish that you could be a part of the “family” one day but time will tell.Anyway I was asked to carefully and kindly let you know that we can handle it.Thank you so much!Peace be unto you also!


  20. L.Farrakhan! says:

    Maybe we need a million man march i can organize and lead it if you want me to.I believe that it will be successful because the first one i led was a smashing success and the white folks said we didn’t have 1 million but they always underestimate us!let’s do it again for the first time but we must organize and do it right for the first time!I would like to work with Dolemite9,BadBad Leroy Brown and some of the others but no people who are scared!We cannot afford to turn back now so if you want my help let me know.If you are serious i will give you my phone number!



  21. Snoop Doggy Dog says:

    In so many ways we are right where we left off 4 years ago we kept many office personnel got a new prez kept the other officers and with a few tweeks we are basically right back where we don’t want to be!But I warned you that this would happen unless we did a complete house cleaning of everyone in the conference office!Now this self fulfilling prophecy has been fulfilled and instead of firing the office staff all of which are consumers we have decided to get rid of the senior pastors most of whom are the producers!INstead of reducing the consumers we are reducing the producers!Mass chaos it what has resulted!Nobody knows what to do now just chaos and panic everywhere!The solution seems to bring in a bunch of inexperienced pastors and put them in the biggest most established churches and send the seasoned senior pastors out to districts that will kill those who refuse to retire before 64!Oh yes we will keep a few tokens to make our quota but the real deal is death by any means necessary to our senior pastors who would rather fight tthan quit!Cannot we see that both groups need each other and that they both have alot to offer?our senior men who have gone to other conferences have done very well because of the strong work ethic characterized by pastors from the great srwc of yesteryear but now many new pastors are just that and while we do not despise youth,there is no substitute for experience!Just fake it till you make it does not work in the ministry!I told you before and i will tell you once more youre knocking on the wrong door!
    review my notes from 2011!


  22. Without a trace! says:

    Miss Shepherdess are you sure our remarks and questions are untraceable and our anonymity is secure?This is a truly litigious society that we live in and I would hate to have to sue anyone for breach of confidentiality!That is why some people are afraid to express themselves!


    • Mr. INVISIBLE says:

      Without a trace:

      No one’s emails that I know since the establishment of this blog has been known to anyone. But if you feel uncomfortable, just enjoy reading the blog. The point is, you have the right to remain anonymous and no one who participates on this blog can see who you are. Remember, you can sue a ham sandwich in this society but no necessarily win.,

      just don’t give your email or type it in. Use what we call a “handle.” AKA a nickname of your choice.

      As a person who support this blog I chose tor remain unknown. But if my identity become known I am not going to die over it nor due I plan to sue anyone. YOIU HAVE A CHOICE.

      that’s why I am MR. INVISIBLE


  23. Johnny Cochran says:

    Having listened to ice i have to wonder if Big Dawg will be forced to confess that he screwed up and therefore tenders his resignation.This still means Lil Wimpy and Shirley Poodle will have to go as well because they were all in it together!The more the big 3 try to put on an honest face the guiltier they appear!OOps I said the big 3 but i forgot Lucky,who runs around wagging his tail trying to appear as a good watchdog!It is obvious that Lucky and Big Dawg’s hitman put this whole scheme together!Dr.Icanstein has probably counseled them that they appear too harsh so they have to tone it down a little!She must be shocked at the success they are having!Bu what about repentance?have they given any thought to the thoughtless careless way they have treated some pastors especially MM the Martyr?He is the epitome of that kind of man who does not fear to call sin by its right name and stands for the right though the heavens fall!most of his colleagues feel intimidated by him because they are the gutless wonders that one of their former presidents called them 22 years ago!They still haven’t grown in the courage department!What will it take for them to realize that it is better to stand for something than to sit for nothing?If they can learn to stand together then no one nor anything can destroy them!This is the kind of leadership needed for the twenty first century!


  24. ELLEN says:


    I like the concept that I do not have to reveal who I am so that I can say what I mean rather what I necessarily feel. When we are so overwhelmed with emotions we can lose sight of the facts.

    I personally think that Elder Green is a good man but may have taken some wrong turns. We all do that sometimes while we are still “human.” When I went to the Campground I thought that it look pretty good compared to the past. I enjoyed the ordination service and other services. When I come into his presence he always seems to be cheerful and I just love his wife. He seems to be sincere about what he really wants to do for our Conference. Now I don’t know why he wants to get rid of some of the older ministers but it must be for a good reason. Maybe he did not explain the “why” very well? Does this mean that we have to hate him and the Administrators? Please, I am not saying those who have written are haters. I just want to be fair to our President.

    By the way, has the Administrators been invited to write an article on their positions to clarify the facts so some can get a release of their disappointments and understand, why? I know that they are accessing this blog which from professional view is very good and helpful. Most certainly better than other SDA blogs I have seen.

    Thank you Forgotten Shepherdess for allowing me to express my thoughts positively or negatively. Joining your blog for the first time I would like to raise these questions:

    I have heard very little has been said concerning the accomplishments of this administration. Has the mistakes of this administration so overwhelmed some that nothing good is left? Could it be that Elder Green is still human? Is there any respect left for him and his top administrators? Is he really a revengeful person?

    I have read Marvin, Dolemite9, Left Behind, Sister Girl, Earth Wind Fire, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and others but what are you really saying? Is it mockery, emotion or what?

    Please comment someone.

    I hope someone would attempt to address these questions I have just mentioned?


    • Hi Ellen and welcome to the discusssion. Yes, we are all human and we are all accountable. Our leadership is constructed by electoral process. This process requires and begs for transparency. When elected leaders choose not do so they open themselves to scrutiny. Many of us care for these leaders personally, however this is not reciprocated, in my opinion, they abuse their power for personal issues and conflicts and hide behind the executive committee. I am grateful that we have a campground that allows you to use the restroom in peace…however at what expense and to whom? When we value objects more than people, that is when we have to stop and think about our choices. I hope that you will receive more responses as I know that this type of discussion is different than in times past. I believe that due to our culture our conference has operated for so long without constructive criticism that they would rather paint it as being ungodly instead of responding. Please stay with us…and again….welcome.


  25. Has anyone thought about Shirley Poodles fate?She didn’t know what she was doing she was only following Big Dawg ‘a orders!poodles like that are worse than Rottweilers!Maybe we need a Doberman for Treasurer!Dobermans are far superior to Rottweilers and poodles!


  26. Johnny Cochran says:

    Rally Day was no million man march but it was successful enough in raising the consciousness of pastors who thought that sitting on the sidelines guaranteed their safety!it helped the to see that they must be a part of the solution or they will perpetuate the problem.I understand their fear of retribution but how can they live with themselves or their families being fearful of taking a stand?The martyred MM will remain a shining symbol of boldness and courage in the face of unfairness but what comfort is that to him and his family?The Bible shows plainly that God is on the side of the downtrodden and oppressed!Preachers preach it all the time but do they believe it?
    Actions speak when words are just words!How do you let Big Dawg,Li’l Wimpy, and Miss Shirley the Poodle slide?Pastors have taken paycuts missed, raises, and next year will have to pay for healthcare that was part of their salary and the big 3 go free?The pastor is the field hand working out there in the hot sun slaving night and day while these house hands sit in the office idle seeking ways to get more for less!Lucky for them Lucky has a plan and he dubs it “Realignment”!The genius of the plan is to get rid of senior pastors and say healthcare has gone up and we need a younger workforce!By getting everyone sidetracked with healthcare costs, no one pays attention to the main point!That main point is that Miss Shirley the Poodle has overspent for Campground improvement to the tune of 1 million dollars!Big problem where do we bury the evidence?Let’s say healthcare costs have eaten us up and no there is no mismanagement or money crisis but due to those baby boomers our biggest bill is our healthcare!In fact it affects the whole NAD be we are going to be first to do something about it!Bid Dawg tells everybody that the Executive Committee demands action and in a hurry!Of course no one mentions the overspending that Miss Shirley did last year that caused the Committee to give the big three a no confidence vote!So Lucky,s plan hides the reason for the financial dilemma and gives an amazing solution which is to force those senior workers into retirement and bring in new young ones!The big three are so excited about this Realignment plan that they jump on it all the way!They don’t care how it will affect the senior pastors and their families they just see it as the way out of exposing their financial errors!They don’t realize that Luck is planning to hire alot of young interns having told them that after he gets rid of senior pastors .he will be able to hire the new young ones in January!Of course the new young pastors will be ever grateful to Lucky for hiring them that when election time comes they will be happy and thankful enough to Lucky that they and their churches will unanimously vote for you guessed it Lucky!


    • ICE says:

      TO COCHRAN. . . .

      They call me ICE because I used to ice my opponents. The problem as you have just iced by bringing it to the forefront demonstrates what could be when members and pastors voice their opinions.

      Big Dawg, Shirley and Wimpy and the Lucky, lucky need to be iced. CHILLED! Once they are chilled they will have to more power; and without the power they can’t hurt anyone no more. Right now they are at zero but are not iced. OJ is in the ice box if you know what I mean. Can’t hurt himself or anyone else. CHILLED!




  27. RUFUS says:

    We need to rescue the wounded soldier who got left behind!He truly personifies being left behind!


  28. MR. INVISIBLE says:

    Left Behind, Jonah-77, Sister Girl, Dolemite9 . . . .


    It looks like Left Behind, Jonah-77, Sister Girl, Dolemite9 and others are getting the “real point.” I sympathize with the men who are being reduced from the pastoral workforce. Especially that “guy” fellow ministers forsook. Yes, that news is getting around. How can you call yourself an army and leave someone behind?

    The problem that many members face and ministers is that they are not willing to take charge of their Conference. Whenever you see Administrators questioning your freedom to speak or withhold information, immediately that should be a red signal that something is wrong. Those who sit on the sidelines and say nothing are worse than those who committed the crimes. The crowd who said nothing for Jesus was worse than the criminals who crucified Him. The next time ministers belle ache, they will feel the torture when they become the victim. It is even worse to say, “That happen to me before” and do nothing because you are afraid. Real people show themselves and stand for principle. FEAR, is a terrible force within ministry.

    Big Dawg can sell that dog all he wants but it won’t hunt. When you make mistakes just admit it and don’t make it worse like getting rid of good people. When you get ready to fire or let someone go you have to characterize them negatively. Is that of Christ, Preacher? Exactly what the so called Pack, AKA, Frank, Dino and Jerry have done in the past reacting negatively is what their crime was all about and people hated the most. Have they learned anything yet? I am young in thinking, and witnessed their crime against humanity. Are they really for women’s rights? Do they really love Gay people? Or, why ask.

    By the way what is the Union doing all about this stuff? Injustice is injustice! They would look better to the people they serve if they sent a message to leaders that this kind of behavior is intolerable.



    • Anonymous says:

      We are going to pay dearly for allowing Elder Merrell to be dropped without been ordained. It is a punishable sin and we will reap the consequences.


      • ICE says:

        To Anonymous:

        I am so glad that someone said something that needed to known. Elder Merrell did a lot for that area during his ministry. I thought that it was awful for them to let him go in that way.

        Thank you for saying what needed to be known. To me it is a sin.


  29. Left Behind says:

    To Jonah 77 and Marvin Gaye:

    The situation is grave. Worse than what most readers of this blog realize. Let me put it this way:

    he Ratpack are underground and at still at work. Frank, Dino, and Jerry still have a plan for power. They have changed the way they smile so they can collect “coat tails” before the next election. Dino is a “sellout” for his own interest. Meanwhile, Frank is learning another tune. To be quite “Frank” Frank likes what is presently going one. Because, he knows that the “Prez” is a one horse president. This means that “Prez” is riding his horse “a” backwards. Most likely there will be little chance for him to turn around in the saddle and ride forward. So the RatPack have their choice in site. Deals already made.

    But the Pack do not expect the “backward rider” to return mounted in a forward position. The backward rider slaughtered over 27 people and still counting.This means the Pack are looking for the Lone Ranger to ride in. Who will be the Underdog?

    Now, I have heard that the Pack may be reaching out for a political compromise. But if “Lucky” is the only choice they have going for them, they are in deep water and will drown. Because Lucky is the architect and mastermind behind the disaster.

    And the way it is looking now, Dino has his selfish hands on everything.

    What is an eye opener is how in the world can people be so misguided by the pack and their underground tactics? WILL YOU LET THEM ONCE AGAIN TRY TO RISE?



    • Anonymous says:


      It’s been a long time since I made a comment, so I have to get up to speed, I recognize Left Behind name and Jonah and I’m glad you came back. It looks like what we have are very unhappy ministers and I should have known it was come to this. I thank left behind and Craig from the beginning for breaking down the system so we could understand and most of us got it. The blog made a different in the last election but it look like we didn’t get what we hoped for. Y’all pray for ministers and the leaders. I’ll be back after I read the blog.


  30. Jonah_77 says:

    I have read the article and the comments and I have to say that SWRC is being led by the Rat Pack 2.0. The blog is still informative but since when did the church start punishing people for exercising free speech. I have known the current leadership in this conference more than 30 years and they have gone way off the deep end. So far off that I know they can’t look at themselves in the mirror and say they are of Christ. But what i can’t understand is when people are presented with truth it is not a time for fear. It is a call to action.

    What say you?


  31. Marvin Gaye says:

    Allright allright if you’re gonna use that as your mission statement, I think our theme song should be “”What’s Goin On?”If you can use Earth Wind and Fire”s song then you can use mine too!It all seems to fit,pastors are recycled the new become old,then recycled after they get used up.Then we get rid of them saying “That’s the way of the World” and people outside think we are trying to be like the world.but it s good business sense!I heard it through the grapevine!We might not end up rich but we will end up famous!


  32. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery !
    I propose that we use as our mission statement for SWRC-“That’s the Way of the World”!It is kind of catchy , think of the attention it will give us!The setting is set corporations are getting rid of senior workers and getting younger healthy ones!Of course,accidents and disaster can always happen to anybody!As long as we play it safe,we do not need to have faith!
    How many conference staff even go to prayer meeting anymore?See it is so easy we do not need to pray or have faith anymore just follow the way of the world!Faith and prayer are just relics of the past!Hey maybe we can get into a little supply side economics too!


  33. A l Capone says:

    We must not lose sight of our heavenly treasure and our promise to stand for the right though the sky seems about to fall! We cannot afford to be afraid we are all accountable!Let us form an alliance and clean up this mess!No matter how long it takes or how much it costs!Embarrassing yes but it will be worth it!Are we a faith based religious organization or are we a secular worldly corporation?
    Now is the time here is the place!Let’s set it off!


  34. Mack the Knife!SAtchmo! says:

    See you at the impeachment hearings!


  35. Mack the Knife!SAtchmo! says:

    I feel as if i have been banished but even in my self styled isolation i can’t refrain from speaking!This administration has already self destructed and given you the weapons needed to finish the job!By that i’m simply saying that parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of order have been grossly violated!They follow the rules for their convenience and bend them when necessary creating mass chaos for the entire conference!The only and most obvious solution is a called constituency meeting calling for their impeachment!If the big churches start holding back their tithes ,how long can the conference sustain that kind of loss?In the local church if the officers do not do right they are voted out of office for the good of the church!In the corporate world if the business manager continues to be a liability he or she is terminated according to whatever policy they have.Since our administration is following Machavelli,then they need to be treated accordingly!Impeach!Impeach!Impeach!If necessary get rid of the committee too!


  36. Dolomite9 says:

    I want to speak to tOn and Ex Con and Brother man from 5th floor because you all seem pretty secure in your remarks and criticisms and I appreciate that truly!You all may just be the spark we need to get this fire of impeachment going!All I ask of you is that you drop subtle hints about impeachment in you dinner conversations with church members and church leaders !Just ask simple questions and say inquiring minds want to know how is the money being spent and what is behind this sudden wave of dropping pastors and all the expensive moves if there is no money?How much money was spent or wasted on Camp Lonestar?


    • A PASTOR IN TEARS says:

      I appreciate your comment and it is obvious that something needs to be done real soon. The administration is not on illegal drugs but on insanity. Any organization who would hide such massive decisions from the constituents deserves nothing less than impeachment. When will the members see this? Are pastors that unloved?

      What bothers me are the pastors themselves who think of their interest only. They will reap the consequences of disunity and a strange but sudden wind of being forgotten.

      If anyone is out there please hear my cry because I am a pastor left behind.


  37. Dolomite9 says:

    Rally Day was a failure for those who slept through it!If you didn’t learn any lessons from it it was a failure for you but if you showed up by voice or vote or desire or determination,then it was not a failure for you!The onus it on the Administrator who claims it is not a problem of mismanagement or lack of funds!Maybe he is right because the executive committee boldly moved 20 pastors last sunday with an expected price of Fiftedollars per move!That my friends is Thre hundred thousand dollars!Is the whole conference on illegal drugs?Now is the time for impeachment!Every church big or small is affected and it is high time we call for impeachment!If those in authority insist on misusing their power and our (actually)God’s money then our only recourse is to call for impeachment!Spread the word a called constituency for impeaching present administration!We don’t work for them they work for us that is why we elected them but if they won’t do heir job honestly with integrity,fire them or impeach them!This will let anyone else who succeeds them know that they cannot kick SWRC around and mistreat us anymore!Once people know that they cannot walk on you then they will truly respect you!!!Forget marches and rallies lets go for impeachment!


  38. King Solomon says:

    Take inventory see who is minding the money and the audits!How many new people have been brought on and are working in the office?Are we reducing pastoral staff only or office workers too?
    Are tere any lawsuits filed against us for age discrimination?Are we showing interest in the safety of our workers?We do not want any kind of lawsuits filed against us!We must give the appearance of being a kinder gentler church!We can do this!


  39. King Solomon says:

    I was there the whole weekend but nobody mentioned it Sabbath at Faith Temple and nobody met me Sunday morning at City Temple!I started to just head on back home but i decided to watch action from conference office from a distance.Even sitting there in my suv, i could feel,see and smell the fear and tension from both sides but with no designated mediator,it seemed best to watch and wait!
    The administration could use some truth serum without pointing fingers and just ask for pardon and a fresh start before everything disintegrates completely!I am completely floored that the big churches have not called for a called constituency meeting!Let the truth be told and whatever happens happens but at least all the lies are over!Sooner or later the truth will out!Stand on the side of truth and you will never lose.It does make sense to move pastors into strategic spots to deliver the vote for the elections next year but what if The LORD turns over the apple cart?What if it is not GOD’S will to overspend on the campground needlessly?What if god wants to keep the senior pastors and bring in some interns so that the senior pastors can train them?There is no room for envy,pride,hatred,backstabbing,disrespect of leadership or colleagues in God’s program!There are too many former Adventists and wanna be Adventists who think we are a cult so why add fuel to the fire by destroying what remains?Do we need non Adventists to tell us that we are not acting like Christians in the way we treat our pastors and their loving families?Somebody has to answer for the fact that our young people say they found Jesus in a different Christian church!I am calling for the leadership to lead by leading!I know that you know how to do better!Stop trying to make a name for yourself!You already have!


  40. hoss cartwright says:

    Until next time America and swrc,keep hope alive!


  41. hoss cartwright says:

    Who is Badu?Should he be arrested?Is he a Frustrated pastor someone who wanted to be a pastor but is doing something else and is running around with pastor envy?I say we cut him off at the knees!He is dangerous because he influences administration more than they influence him?If we don’t stop him, he will destroy what is left of this conference!We have already lost our dignity and pride.You need enough dignity to treat people better than you treat things and enough pride to be grateful to the Lord and be a good steward!Time is of essence!


  42. MOVEON THE SWRGC says:

    Why should you choose to be anonymous?

    Because if you are a pastor or layperson, the Administration (Big Dawg) will know who you are. If they don’t like what you comment on they will kill you like they just did MM. Boy, he got a shellacking.

    Believe it or not the readers like the Forgotten Shepherdess remaining mysterious. What do we already know about this person. She/he is an SDA. A Christian. Most likely, a professional. Knows a great deal about the SDA church. Probably a young adult professional (not a minister). Attends some Church. Could be outside the Conference. SO WHAT! THE PERSON IS MAKE GOOD SENSE!

    Sam Green has proven that he cannot take criticism and has long term anger, and in the name of prayer will shoot you in a committee like that ignorant ad hoc one.

    Now if you don’t have a forum to voice an opinion on these kinds of issues, there will be anarchy and chaos. Especially where trust is damaged. if A POLL WERE TAKEN RIGHT NOW, THEY WOULD BE IN THE TANK LIKE THE US CONGRESS.


    The Rally was a failure because it was not organized by someone. Pastors were to damn scared to show their “F—N” faces out of fear. Believe it or not the losers are the good members like Let’s face it, are you going keep letting the three leaders of the SWRGC spend you money with no accountability to you as the member? When you say no this will actually stop.

    What was a success? That the Forgotten Shepherdess has proven the power of social media…an effective way of protesting the injustices of the SWRGC. Believe me, the members heard about the Rally and would have responded if they knew where to meet and who to follow.




    Move On against the practices of the SWRGC


  43. concerned says:


    The campground or saving Pastors?

    The history of the SDA church reveals that Pastors who are keeping the Church where it is today is more important than a piece of land. Get real administration! NEGOTIATE!


  44. They don't Call me Famous for Nothing! says:

    These are the time that try men’s souls!Why can’t we be friends why can’t we be friends?If the administration has an ax to grind against the senior men then they ought to have a real worker’s meeting and clear the air!If is for pettiness then we need to stop and think am i advancing the cause or what?We came up with that stupid grant program for evangelistic funds to see who is worthy to get evangelistic moneys when everyone should have received funds for evangelism saying if you don’t use it this year save to use next year!It is the local church that supports the conference and they need to see that some of what they send out comes back to them to help them to grow!When people see a return on their money then they will be more apt to send more but when they hear that it is mismanaged then bye bye money!

    You say we had a worker’s meeting at Campmeeting?Then have a conference wide Constituency Meeting and send out the agenda:SWRC Solves NAD Dilemma Corpoartion Style!We were the only Ones Brave Enough to Do It!


  45. Moses yes it me!the real Moses says:

    After much prayer and deliberation it occurred to me that the only way left to help this administration is to expose them for who thy really are!The Master taught that ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!We need for the churches to call for a constituency meeting and ask for an accounting of how funds were spent and why have we started taking such drastic actions after the president candidly stated that an aging workforce is affecting the North American Division and we are the first to do anything about it!Well,like some old codger told me one day”Be not the first by whom the new is tried ,nor the last to lay the old aside!”
    Big Dog and Lil Wimpy we need to have a little fireside chat why is this sudden flurry of moves taking place when we need to have an accounting of moneys already spent!What about the churches that have been waiting for years to be finished and have been promised money by the previous administration that didn’t keep its promise and were told that you told the treasurer to take care of it but she never did and now you are broke because you overspent on the campground?What do you have to say for yourselves?Declare if you have understanding!Lil Wimpy when Big Dawg goes down you are going with him because you were trusted to keep the records!At this point it is too late for you to absolve yourself of any wrongdoing because you were supposed to keep accurate records!If you were not there when it happened you still are responsible to get a record of what happened so there will be no absolution for you!Big Dawg the bad news for you is that it is a 98 % chance that you will be a one termer and the 2 percent margin is your vote and Lil’Wimpy’s!That is if you would vote for yourselves!Lil’Wimpy the bad news for you is that we will still let you pastor a small district in some far out remote area long enough for you to get your 30 years in!Hopefully it will be available for you at that time but your actions have caused a mutlitude of free standing independent churches to spring up throughout the mutiplex and throughout the conference of good tithe payers who say they prefer pastors who preach form both the bible and spirit of prophecy and do not take it out of context!If any of those innocent sheep are lost, it will be charged against your account and leadership or lack thereof!


  46. Whispering Hope says:

    I took surveys this weekend in San Antonio and everybody seems to think that we are headed for a great big change!They want all the monies accounted for and returned or refunded!They all are looking for accountability,trust, commitment,honesty,integrity and patience!They feel a little kindness goes a long way and they are hoping that before major decisions are made with major expenditures that they will be made aware and have voting privileges since it is their hard earned money!They want a first rate campground and conference office and feel that it is time to think about it but plan it raise the money for it then after prayerfully following our conference building guidelines, go forward!They want a leader who will be visible and available in good times and bad and someone who will respect clergy young and old and in between!They want someone with a vision but whose vision includes their input!Their frustration and mine is where can we find such a man?Everybody agrees this time it is time to clean house completely the whole conference office staff and all need to be gone!New administration, office staff,and a new way of taking care of business!A way that will draw people rather than cause them to want to go elsewhere a way that will inspire confidence and make you want to support each cause rather than wonder if the money is going where they said it was going!The overall response was that people preferred fairness over favor and said that they prefer supporting a ministry that will do that than to support a ministry or conference who prefers to follow thw the ways of the world than the ways of the LORD to lead God’s last Day Church!The young people have spoken
    My last little glimmer of hope!


  47. The Maverick says:

    Yosemite Sam you hit a nerve here why don’t they give the young pastors districts and let them see the conference territory before rushing them into big churches and then the conference office positions?Let the young men work under men of experience who can encourage them when the times that try your faith comes?This is biblical counsel and common sense counsel how many business owners turn their businesses over to their kids before making sure that hey want it are ready and will not get rid of it when hard times come along?If we destroy,kill,or get rid of those qualified to train the younger workers by experience the who will train and encourage them?If 2 or 3 men in the conference office have actually pastored more than 15 years fultime is that enough to train a new pastor?Even if you have pastored 30 years would you be able to mentor 25 new pastors at one time?How many churches are bucking to have fresh seminarians to come and preach the latest style sermons,give bereavement and marriage counseling and demonstrate advanced accurate primary level counseling?How many young pastors can identify with those going through marital difficulties or divorce or death or midlife crisis?You do not learn this stuff in the seminary!Look at what happened when Lake Region did that and how the tithe dropped and attendance fell and they voted out that administration with a no confidence vote!Do you do we really want to go there?


  48. Yosemite Sam says:

    All that i can say is “what in tarnation is going on?who is picking on the senior pastors?They need to get rid of all the office staff that are over 45 and have been in the office for 30 years or longer!They are not producers they are consumers! We need some sweet lovely appealing little honeys to answer the phone be courteous and polite and make people want to call our conference!Next we need to put the pastors who are in the office out and let them get back to what they went to school for!give our current treasure her walking papers and a certificate of gratitude for time served!Give the senior pastors churches not districts and cut down the travel time it takes for them to reach their churches!In other words give them churches in the towns where they currently live!Do not have them relocate if they are anywhere near retirement unless they request a transfer!This shows the church members the respect and appreciation we have for the ministry!
    This machavelian style of leadership is not proper for spiritual growth it may be cute in the world but not for God’s last day church!How many whippings do we need before realizing that God is not pleased with our using worldly solutions to solve spiritual problems?The leadership should show that they sincerely prayed before making some of these corporation solutions that dont really work for the corporation much less for the Adventist Church!How in the world do you reconcile the “Elijah Message turning the hearts of the fathers to the children … when you attack the pastor which directly affects his children and spouse and say in the same breath that this is the last message for a dying world?
    What illegal drugs are you taking?How many casualties do we need before you realize that this is a dead end street with no way out?Don’t you realize that the same folks who joined you in taking out the senior pastors are going to be the same folks who will vote to destroy you next ?The Master said it would be better for you to have a millstone around your neck and you be thrown into the depths of the sea than to offend the least of these little ones!”Little ones here includes God’s servants some who used to be skilled in the ways of the world but have put those things down and put them away and now you want to tempt them to go back to Egypt!You had better stop,drop,and get down on your knees and plead that it is not too late for you to undo the mess that you made by being selfish and stubborn and pigheaded! I’m gonna say this one more time”Judgment Day is coming you had better mind!


    • MOVE ON THE SWRGC. . . says:

      Great message! I hope everybody reads it.

      Why should you choose to be anonymous?

      Because if you are a pastor or layperson the Administration (big dawg) will know who you are. If they don’t like what you comment they will kill you like they just did MM.

      Sam Green has proven that he cannot take criticism and has long term anger and in the name of prayer will shoot you in a committee like this ignorant adhoc one.

      Now if you don’t have a forum to voice an opinion on these kinds of issues, there will be anarchy and chaos. Especially where trust is damaged.


      The ralley was a failure because it was not organized by someone. Pastors were to damn scared to show their “F” faces out of fear. Believe it or not the losers are the good members like you that could lead and speak out.

      What was a success? That the forgotten shephrdess has proven the power of social media…an effecticve way of protesting the injustices of the SWRGC. Believe me, the members heard about a ralley and would have responded if they knew where to meet and who to follow.





  49. Matt Dillon says:

    I wonder what Dr. Icanstein is thinking about this whole dilemma?Did she in some way influence some of this activity?It is obvious that Big Dog and Li lWimpy and yes Lucky didn’t dream this up themselves!They must be shocked that their plan seems to be succeeding so far but what will they do when the pastors unite and find loopholes in their plan!Everybody has an achiles heal s where is theirs?Who is their weakest link?I say we find her or him or them and then dismantle the whole setup.Time is against us because they keep sending out those stupid letters threatening that if you don’t sign you will be dropped!Lucky say Texas is an at will state so you can be fired for any reason or without reason!
    Unfortunately,they realize that none of the pastors has managed to save any money ue to the distance they must travel between churches or exhorbitant healthcare costs or any myriad of reasons.Perhaps and perchance,first and foremost , they figure if they can mismanage money and mismanage in general, there is no way the common pastor in the field overworked and underpaid can do any better than they can!Because of the brevity of time,the most vulnerable and desperate group would be the older local pastors so either overwork them so that they die quickly or force them into early retirement!”Then i will bring in a bunch of young birds and they will owe all their allegiance and loyalty to me!I will be like the Most High!I will reign till Jesus comes!The end justifies the means!I will be great!No I will be the greatest!They will always remember me!”

    The only fault with that kind of thinking is that only 1 person can be number 1!Did Lucky think this up first or did Big Dog?Remember Lil Wimpy wants all these things too so what can we do?I know let’s have a shootout at the ok corral!Last on standing is the winner but first we unite on getting rid of seniors in such a ruthless way that none of the newbies would dream of crossing us!We will be better than the Titanic we will be unstoppable and unsinkable!



  50. whispering hope says:

    I am gonna take some surveys at the youth federation this weekend to see what the youth think about this mess!I wonder who they think would be a better leader?


  51. A Ex Committee Member says:

    Now that they messed with me,i need to speak out.i refuse to let anybody know that apparently this new leader was sent here to sabatoge the retirement program and get even with old enemies!Notice how artfully and cleverly he has attacked the senior men after lulling them into complacency.See how he has polarized the field even more than his predecessor.Most of the workers don’t even know each other!It is is a darn shame!In fact darn darn darn!You see I am a former committee member who sat quietly hoping that someone else would take the ball and run with it!I knew that if I spoke up it would be it for me!Well MM did speak up and he was sadly misunderstood!misunderstood or not they gave his tail a serious shellacking!Don’t worry they will pay for it!”Vengeance is Mine I will repay”says the LORD!Well I hope they get their just reward for touching the Lord’s anointed!Well i’m gonna keep on singing and paying my tithes and offering because I believe God is gonna open up those windows of heaven and pour out so many blessings that you won’t have room enough to receive it!I believe that do you?so I don’t care how they misuse or misspend the tithes and offerings as long as God blesses me!I though if they are broke how can they find money to move so many pastors but that aint none of my business!


    • Anonymous says:


      Yep! Souls are crying beneath the alter. Sam Green slaughtered the Prophets. He is a modern day Ahab. If he does not make restitution for his actions, God will intervene in ways we have never seen. The president is on a time clock for repentance and I hope that he is listening to God.

      Most of the ministers do not believe that the reduction process is of God. They believe that it is against the Spirit of Prophecy and biblical teachings but they are too CHICKEN.
      The preacher whose code name is MM deserves a medal from his brothers. He did what they should have done.


  52. Dolomite9 says:

    Anonymous you nailed it baby!They are the three stooges!The sad thing is they dont know what they are doing and we don’t know what they are doing!They have put the whole conference on a merry go round and nobody knows how to stop it!The stooges are out of control and have set us on a whirlwind of astronomic proportions with no viable solutions forthcoming.


  53. Anonymous says:

    They remind me of the three stooges.


  54. Dolomite9 says:

    Bad Bad I couldn’t have said it better!I would like the privilege of meeting him and personally letting MM know how much i admire his inner fortitude!MM anything I can do just let me know i got your back!I feel like you are a real brother to me!


  55. Bad Bad Leroy Brown says:

    MM is the real hero here!He literally put everything on the line for people who dont even speak to him!That is amazing.


  56. Bad Bad Leroy Brown says:

    I confess I had financial difficulty and realized at the last minute that i couldn’t make the rally !I didn’t say anything because i felt it would only discourage those wanting to come and that is the last thing i wanted!I told a few but i was running too late!I will be there next time!


  57. Dolomite9 says:

    SG does know better if only for having spent 17 years in the “Big House”!He is acting like the people in the regional conference do not deserve the truth or to be treated with the same respect hat whites get!Have you noticed his condescending attitude?He even seems uncomfortable around us!Maybe we should send him back to the Union!


  58. Dolomite9 says:

    Brother Man good to see you the fact that swrc was worried means that they are planning to do damage control hence they would surely want to silence this blog.They have shown how vindictive they can be when they can see someone expressing a difference of opinion with them.Unfortunately they made some moves and decisions that they didn’t think through on because they failed to count the cost.Some of the move they made are gonna cost them in more ways than one because people will not continue to give money to people that they do not trust and that they think are wasting their money!Hiding the fact that serious money was wasted on the campground will not make people want to give more and mistreating senior pastors is not going to make churchmembers automatically more desirous of the younger ones!Hang on we’ve just begun to fight!


  59. Brother Man From The Fifth Floor says:

    I could not agree with you more. I think Badu has something to answer for. He has no faith. SG has always been faithful to the stupiid.


  60. Dolomite9 says:

    When people want to silence the truth it could only be that they are afraid that it will expose them but truth can always endure investigation.So if you have nothing to hide what would you be afraid about?
    I believe it is time for truth to be exposed so people can make intelligent informed decisions!If there is no substitute for experience then we shall soon find out.But I remember reading several spirit of prophecy books that young pastors should work with and learn from older seasoned experienced pastors!If you get rid of all the seasoned men who will the youngins learn from who will they turn to?Just as sheep produce sheep,pastors understand pastors and those who can will mentor younger pastors to help them from making some unnecessary mistakes!But if this administration feels experience is overrated,then go ahead and reinvent the wheel!But do not mess with the regional retirement plan that those of us with 30 or more years can and will benefit from upon retiring!Do not hurt our families who have had to do without us while we put in overtime without pay!And put a viable understandable job description that will stand up in a court of law since you rather style after worldly corporation than faith based religious corporation!
    of course they want to silence this blog but” truth crushed to the ground will rise up again!”


  61. Brother Man From The Fifth Floor says:

    I dont think it was a total failure because three ministers and some
    church members showed up and the Swrgc was actually worried.

    I agree with you that pastors have a lot to worry about in the future because they are too scared to act. What wimps to ask people to fight for their rights but are too chicken to fight for there own.

    Watch out for the fraternity brothers they have a plan and if you are sixty and older…watch out because Lucky is there man.


  62. Dolomite9 says:

    I have to admit that from outward appearances, the rally day seemed to be a failure but when you consider how it put the administration on the defense,it was a total victory!When your team players become your opponents, you have the opportunity to frustrate their game plan!Inasmuch as the administration had alot to hide,it did not plan for any dirty secrets to get out and thinking that many people laymen and clergy alike were going to storm the committee meeting demanding answers they had no idea what to do.If everything they were dealing with was the truth then they had no cause for alarm but in their fear and anger they began to make foolish decisions that will only send them further into the red!If allegedly they moved 20 pastors costing about $15 to $2oooo a move,then they voted to spend about $300000 after already overspending on the campground!How do you justify or even clarify how you spend this kind of money when you are already in a whole?You can run but you cannot hide!Oh yes Constituency is next year around September but everyone will still remember the outrageous spending that caused us to be in deep distress with our campground,productive pastors with experience being forced into retirement through age discrimination and violation of the law of” Do unto others as you would have them do to you”!Violation of this one law will lead to death and devastation!As the old people used to say 100 years ago or more Karma is a terrible thing!
    I think you have not seen the results of the so called Rally Day because when people make decisions when they are desperate,they do not think through the results of those hastily made desperate decisions!I say we do it again when they least expect it!
    thank you for all those who participated by voice or presence or prayers or fasts or all of the above!Don’t give up hope it is still not over!


  63. Anonymous says:

    It was a “success” for them. They fired pastors. Hired others full time and punished those who refused to be bought by moving them all over the conference – out of state!! Look out pastors in your 60’s. here’s what you have to look forward to.


  64. Reader and Supporter says:

    It is clear that some want to silence this blog. I wonder Why?


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