“This Is Not A Crisis Or Any Mismanagement Of Funds?”

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winston churchill“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop.” – [New Statesman interview, 7 January 1939]” ― Winston Churchill

Can Pastor Sam Green’s statement really be true?

What a paralyzing and rather contradicting statement from the President of the Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SWRGC). It arrives at a time when men and women are asked to leave ministry voluntarily or by termination.

Without question, the controversial reduction strategy of employees disguised by the President’s statement finds its derivation from the recent decisions of the Executive Committee in the forms of a Voluntary Incentive Exit Program, termination of stipend workers, and the upcoming July 13th district realignments which may further eliminate more workers. To uncover such an inconsiderate alert proclamation near the eclipse of a back room execution, described by some as the July 13th Black Sunday Employee Massacre, places the President of our organization in complete denial and out of touch with reality. (More on this at the end of this blog)

Let me start from the beginning: To explain the present situation, I have to nostalgically take you backward in time to a reference point where time travel comes to a screeching halt. Push the reverse button in your mind and then allow it to slow down so that it does not pass by a very important date. As your thought process treks backwardly in history, it arrives and then suddenly stops at the Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ election day of May 22, 2011 (In Keene, Texas at the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church).

On that breath taking, dramatic spring day, the constituents of the SWRGC elected Pastor Sam Green as our new President (Formally Southwestern Union Conference Executive Secretary). His election came on the heels of a long session that left many of us leaving the University with positive feelings that the Holy Spirit spoke in that constituency session. Without question most of the constituent’s inner feelings were that we elected a President with great ability, experience, gifts and talents. The delegates also experienced the satisfaction that the decision spoken to us by the Southwestern Union President (Pastor Larry Moore) came from the Holy Spirit, because it restored confidence and peace to many of the delegates after a long day. At this historical marker in time we believed that Pastor Sam Green would be our leader for many years to come (I still believe this to be possible and is the reason for my criticism. Our democracy allows for us to criticize our elected officials. If they can’t take criticism they should not want to be in an elected position).

Shortly after the official announcement, presentation of the officers and departmental personnel, the President gave his acceptance speech. Now I am not going to rehearse the entire speech. However, I will remind you of some of the statements the President made that were formed as promises. The President promised a governance of: openness, fairness, communication, transparency, a better way of doing things, consultation with constituents before major purchases and leadership without fear etc.

Now back to the future. Almost three years later we have come face to face with plans to reduce the workforce of pastors in districts around the Southwest. Recent actions may mean for you as a pastor or member, larger districts with multiple churches. The Executive nothingCommittee and the President’s decisions may leave church members exposed to heretics who could seek out un-managed churches resulting from district realignments. The futuristic negative results may be realized as putrefying aberrations such as a drop in giving and an exodus of members to other sister Conferences in our great Union. (Please review the email from the President at the end of this blog.)

Across the Southwest inquiring minds want to know, “Why is all this happening now?” What prompted all of these executive decisions?

To answer these questions for the readers of this blog, some anonymous Executive Committee Members, pastors and lay persons have spoken to me privately and have revealed some pertinent reasons of how the SWRGC leadership “crashed landed” our organization. From the information that I have received, I would like to suggest five persuasive reasons compiled from listening in on conversations from various knowledgeable individuals who explained to me how the SWRGC crash landed. Please be aware that there may be more factual evidence not mentioned in this blog that could shed more light on the President’s statement. I welcome this light.

detFirst, many constituents have an insatiable appetite for the Lone Star Camp Ground. They want a Cadillac but don’t realize the SWRGC operates Lone Star on a Volkswagen budget. Most members don’t realize what it takes to operate and maintain a campground like Lone Star. To manage the camp and continually maintain it, the campground craves for a Cadillac budget. Your insatiable appetite for Lone Star pushed Presidents and Executive Committees into some financial over spending so that, you the constituent, can have a place to be proud of. It follows that the insatiable appetite of the past administrations share some of the blame too, because they left a contagious disease behind called “debt” trying to improve Lone Star to make that big impression when you arrive at Camp Meeting each summer.

Currently, land purchases along with major improvements have taken place without notification to you or me as a giving constituent because of your appetite for better facilities and a safe environment. So, Presidents took some big risks for political reasons, because an unimproved Lone Star camp is an election nightmare for them. Presidents are afraid to wake up the next morning after a constituency meeting, with the reality of being elected out of office because of an unimproved Lone Star Camp.

hiredSecond, Presidents are fascinated with employing new pastors. The hiring of new workers, which at times has become an obsession of power and control for many Presidents added to our financial crash landing. There should not be any misunderstanding here. It should be the President’s vision to expand the Mission of the Church and increase the workforce. We could never have become a world church if Presidents did not push to reach the outer limits of our ultimate mission objective.

Evaluation: But, the current administration took on workers when the Conference was already overloaded with debt. This increase can be seen in the office and full time pastors recently employed in our territory for the last three years. The leadership of our organization crashed landed because they didn’t strategically think before they hired. They hired with a “knee jerk” attitude.

One knee jerk can lead to another—a knee jerk to cover-up the fact that they had incompetent pilots flying the SWRGC plane. Why would the SWRGC reduce workers in the field rather than in the office? If you are in a financial crisis trying to survive, the office should not be a sacred cow. Maintenance of field workers is a first priority. Without pastors and members the local conference would have no income. No one can deny this fact. Pastoral ministry stands at the top of the pyramid. The answer can only be to shift the blame for a crash landing to something else like unproductive pastors/workers, rising medical cost and a need for more fresh blood from younger ministers (Even though 2013 produced one of the largest baptisms in SWRGC’S history led by senior pastors.).

Third, the Executive Committee panicked when Leadership over spent on campground improvements in the last three years because leadership dipped into the payroll fund. This decision of the three top executives took us back to the stone age of borrowing money to pay workers salaries.

conflictEvaluation: Violating sound financial principles created a further problem. When the leadership could not send payments to the regional retirement fund a warning signal of a crashing plane started flashing.

The Executive Committee discovered that the officers ignored all the warning signs of a crashing plane. And the officer’s misuse of authority—over spending for Lone Star improvements—apparently brought the Executive Committee to a “No Confidence Vote” on all three Administrators because the excess spending received no authorization. Otherwise, the committee admitted that our local conference went into a nose dive and crash landed because of incompetence and ignoring the warnings of a financial meltdown.

Fourth, the inability to stabilize the high cost of medical payments of workers over a period of years financially stressed the treasury of the Southwest Region Conference. From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention one of their articles reveals that:

“The cost of insurance premiums and employee medical claims is at an all time high and continues to rise. Business leaders are being called upon to make changes at the workplace in order to curb rising costs. Many are turning to workplace health programs to help employees adopt healthier lifestyles and lower their risk of developing costly chronic diseases.”— Content source: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion | Division of Population Health

It is evident that health care occupies a large part of the budget for the SWRGC. Newspapers and magazines have covered the rising cost of health care in America as a national problem as mentioned in the quotation above. Our conference leaders did not adequately plan for an imminent heath care crisis that would financially affect our institution. This indicates that the officers turned their heads and closed their ears from a well publicized national problem for many years. Otherwise, why pin the tail on the donkey (pastors/workers)?

Evaluation: The warning signs were flashing in high definition and living color that the huge cost of health care would weigh down the plane. The officers didn’t want to give the pastors/workers alternatives because it would cost something that they didn’t want to write into the budget. Why didn’t they think outside the box as suggested above? Preventive concepts such as wellness programs could have lowered health cost over the years.

I believe that the work of God shouldn’t be held up because workers have some health issues. Any worker can suddenly become sick with a long term illness. When you buy into this kind of thinking good service might be denied.

But, one of the issues cited for retiring ministers on an incentive exit program was the extraordinary increase of medical payments of SWRGC employees. In contradistinction, the SWRGC still hired men in their silver years that have medical issues. It seems to me that the administrators “cherry picked” depending on whom they wanted gone, vs. those they liked and desired to employ.

On the tail end of this issue stands the President mentioning that he could not personally receive a benefit ($20,000 to retire) because of his position and that it would be a violation of ethical conduct to accept an incentive. But the NAD Working Policy provides for a voluntary exit for any employee employed for two years or more. So, in practice the President could negotiate his resignation if he wanted to leave office with some kind of incentive. It happens every day in the corporate world and many times in the federal, state and local governments. I mention this because our President’s medical issues have contributed to increased medical cost for the Conference by his own admission. Yet, the President does not show any signs of resigning from his office.

Returning to the insurance issue, you should be aware that for the first time in the history of this Conference workers will have to pay for their insurance premiums. Now you are probably thinking why are pastors not paying for medical coverage? You have to go back in time and understand that Conferences chose this plan many years ago and over time evolved into what workers presently have—pretty good medical insurance recognized by most medical entities today.

raiseNow that they are leaving this plan, will they give the pastors/workers a decent raise? As a lay person, you should know that the employees have not received a substantial increase in their salaries or none at all for a long time—a long time. Many people would seek another job if they were denied raises due to them by an employer over many years. This suggests that pastors have been sacrificial, including the 17 workers they have retired or let go recently. They kept or denied something from their workers that should have been given to them.

So don’t let the SWRGC Administration off so easy on the first four issues even if you disagree with this blog. They are suppose to be visionaries who attempt to forecast the financial future as to what it may look like—so they can plan adequately. They are elected by you because of their ability to lead and make progress. True, we cannot know the future, but understanding trends can help to prepare for it. Studying trends is a part of a leader’s portfolio for success.

Fifth and final, the President has been ill advised by those to whom he has placed his confidence in. You cannot say that you have competent advisors when at the same time you are currently reducing the workforce and ended up with a financially crashed institution. Somebody has their numbers wrong and somebody is not revealing all the truth; because next year the SWRGC leadership plans to hire more workers who are younger, to replace those they moved into retirement or terminated. This defies logic!

Evaluation: When office staff are selected and hired from a corporate mindset, they are not informed about one important aspect that keeps the world church running—FAITH. Standing at the side of this issue is the suggestion that most of the administrators have little self education concerning church missions and opt to adopt and implement corporate principles experienced outside the Church as solutions for financial failure or gain. The Voluntary Incentive Exit Program comes from a corporate mentality as a method to downsize when corporations have over spent and crashed there institutions.

Our leaders have preached to us that “God can open the windows of heaven.” Why didn’t they pray to God for the windows to open? Is God capable of supplying all of the Conference’s needs? I don’t see the faith in their decisions. I see trust in self rather than God.

Youre-Fired-300x199It has been said by some employees of the SWRGC that in the corporate world, in a real corporation, from a big corporate Executive Committee, an Executive Operating Board would have asked for resignations of failing executives who crashed the corporation. They would have replaced and put people in executive positions with new skills of leadership, management and financial wisdom. Heads would have rolled! An Executive Committee would have offered Voluntary (Resignations) or involuntary Exits (Terminated) to crippled leaders. But the Executive Committee as far as I know did not ask the top three executives of the SWRGC or their advisors to resign because of bad management and bad advice that financially crashed our institution. Instead, the administrators received a “pass” and are still at the controls of the plane with all of us and our money on board.

mortgage debtIf a pastor over spent on a building project receiving no approval from the church board/business meeting, and used the church’s funds in collusion with the head elder and treasurer without a vote, the local conference would have most likely fired or reprimanded him/her by moving the pastor to a small church. If the President and other executive officers received no approval from the Executive Committee to cover cost overruns and used funds from any source, then all of them were in collusion with each other. Payments for services rendered to contractors for the campground improvements could not be released without the approval of the treasurer.

In my hand right now, I have an email sent to me as information so I could write this blog, which is a response to pastors from the President. In it the President declares “This is not a crisis or any mismanagement of funds.” Yet the Executive Committee has declared a crisis exists by voting to reduce employees and registering a no confidence vote on the top Administrators. On July 13th 2014 (Soon to be Known in the annals of SWRGC history as: The Black Sunday Employee Massacre Of Lanark Street) and later you are going to see the Executive wing of our Conference in full regalia with their intentions for better or for worse. They are so secretive at the present time that they won’t even whisper in detail what their intentions might be. Is this not scandalous?

shareholderI would like to ask you this question as a tithe paying member, essentially a shareholder: “Have you ever received a letter in the mail for a Constituency Meeting to vote on any of the SWRGC’s big money projects? And, as a person whom they seek to pay off their “lame” and “diseased” debts: are you satisfied with this kind of leadership? Have any one of them publicly stated to you in a letter or from a pulpit that they made some real mistakes and owned up to the present situation instead of blaming it on past administrations and the pastors/workers? The truth is the current leadership has owned their budgets for the last three years and decisions that have caused our Conference to financially crash. Should SWRGC administrators be given the privilege to suggest that employees retire on an Incentive Exit Plan or terminate them to pay for their mistakes?

In conclusion, I admit that I am not privy to the documents in the form of agendas, minutes, executive orders etc. But the President openly promised a better way of doing business. Green promised transparency instead of covering up. Access to the above documents would help clear up some misunderstandings in regard to the present crisis and mismanagement issues, but they will not supply them to me or you. I humbly plead to our administrators that “if there are any inaccuracies presented in this blog, then release all the agendas, minutes from the Executive Committees, sub-committees, financial statements (etc.) immediately so that trust, confidence can be restored and will vindicate your decisions—proving the pundits and ideologues to be wrong.”

mirrorBut analyzing our present situation, it leads me to conclude that the President is using the Executive Committee effectively as a shield to deflect his bad decisions away from himself—because he can consistently point to the voted decisions of a “villainous Committee” as the source for an Incentive Exit Program for pastors/bible instructors, termination of stipend workers and redistricting. Consequently he can say publicly that, “I am carrying out the mandates of the Executive Committee” while all the time from the beginning of his presidency Green’s plan has always been to reconstruct the pastoral staff with younger and more productive men and women—his ultimate legacy (You will see this in the letter below).

Incredible as it may seem, the younger pastors will owe President Green a debt of gratitude because at the end of all of this the “baby boomers” will shortly go off into the sunset (For real) and the “X generation” will have their sunrise to the office, and larger churches. The President will walk away from the crash site un-scared, because it will be covered up in such a way that allows him to survive without adequate explanation. Or will it? (The decision for truth is in the hands of courageous pastors and concerned, caring members that comprise this great Conference who are not afraid to speak out against injustices and are willing to make sure that pastors, employees are not sent to an untimely shallow grave resulting from someone’s bad decisions. Are YOU my brother’s keeper?)

Recommendation: When a tragic disaster occurs or a scandal is uncovered the responsible organization most likely will not investigate itself especially if the disaster or scandal becomes public. Organizations often select an independent ad hoc committee to investigate possible malfeasance so that truth will not be covered up and to restore trust and confidence. I recommend an independent group chosen by the Southwestern Union Conference from various areas of the North American Division to investigate beyond the Executive Committee the decisions and executive actions that are responsible for our local conference’s financial crash.


Below is a copy of an email sent from Elder Sam Green to pastors responding to Recommendations from one of the Pastoral Associations within the SWRGC; it is dated 5-7-2014.



Dear pastors,

This concept was vetted through all sub – committes and voted by the executive committee all of which have pastors from your area associations, I find it very difficult to believe that none of the pastors discussed this process that has been ongoing for some time. This is not a unilateral decision by administration but we have the duty of carrying it out.  The aging pastoral workforce is a North American Division problem, but to my knowledge we are the only conference that is trying to be proactive about it.

This is not a crisis or any mismanagement of funds. (Emphasis supplied by me, the writer of this blog)

This is all a part of the district re-alignment process that has  been ongoing since I became president.

The earliest and least expensive time to meet with with all workers is the Friday of camp meeting.

I thank each of you for the work that you are doing.

Samuel L. Green

Dear reader, would you leave a comment that can start a discussion that expand or even bring more clarity? We are no longer facing a decision between ten day or three day campmeeting, we dealing with the lives of men, women, and their families.  What is important is letting inquiring minds find the truth of cause and effect regarding the SWRGC’S financial problem and asking them to take responsibility and seek alternatives than disrupting our church culture.  No email is required if you desire to remain anonymous. At the very end in smaller letter it says “Comment.” Then select comment. If you want to remain anonymous just type your comment and hit Enter. No one will know your email or identity.


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44 Responses to “This Is Not A Crisis Or Any Mismanagement Of Funds?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it is just not your conference, it seems that many of the conference Presidents are communicating so the can use the same rhetoric. Some of them are purposely targeting solid preachers of God to destroy. They are tearing them down and there families in hope of stripping them of all fortitude. The young preachers they are hiring can talk a good game but can’t do solid Bible studies, evangelism or good old fashion ministry. Some Presidents want to micromanage and control every aspect of the pastors’ life and are breaking them down and destroying there families because of the pressure. Our conference just sent over six ministers “off into the sunset” with no fanfare and very little acknowledgement. Just a few words at ordination for over 40 years of service. No retirement banquet, nothing!!! Just disgraceful. I ask, ” how long Lord” will these men be allowed to lead? The current pastors are led to believe that only young or new pastors from other territory can pastor the big churches effectively. Young preachers are politicians for sure and many are hired with already questionable situations. One pastor was hired knowing he was on his second or third wife and a few years later after his appointment is getting rid of the current one. The president is leading the Executive committee and comes in already with his recommendations which are often not refuted. PRAY CHURCH!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Really sad!!


  3. I agree with Hi Tech and the pastor’ s wife and I think this idea of realignment should also be in the conference office! The idea of too big to fail makes me think it is too big to succeed !We should follow a lead from Hi tech and trim down administration and office staff for financial reasons.Lets do away with Secretary and replace with Administrative Assistant Let’s get a new Treasurer altogether we already have a former treasurer in there why can’t he be new treasurer?I say we clean house now don’t wait till next year!Tomorrow is not promised to anyone!
    Let Sundays demonstration be the first of many until justice runs like rivers and righteousness as a mighty stream!This administration has sown the wind now it shall reap the whirlwind!


  4. How do you define “crisis and mismanagement ?”


    • A FIRED PASTOR! says:









    Leaders who believe and promote their own ideas are dangerous. When I think of the current administration who are responsible for all of this I ask a question, “Are they for the people they serve or for their own ideas?”

    The danger of leaders promoting their own ideas is whether they are unselfish or not. For instance, was the President and his associates developing Lone Star Camp for their own gain or for all the constituents? Was the President in a quest to out perform the last President or for his name to be written down in SDA history?

    You will have to answer these questions before next year. The President, Secretary and Treasurer, Associate Treasurer and Ministerial have to own their ideas that formed their decisions. It is too late to disowned them because you had to be in agreement together to spend money.

    Well, the email at the end of this article above suggests that Green is promoting an ideology of his own that was conceived by his past experiences of his world view of work and ministry, because he clearly says that his present actions are based on pre-conceived notions. This would make him an ideologue.

    The Executive Committee is not exempt from selfish ideas. Having served on past committees, men and women come to the table with selfish agendas born out of political gluttonous thinking to promote their selfish ideas.

    The reason for this arises from members who are not willing to say, “enough is enough.”

    Get involve people and pastors and let your voice be heard,



  6. I want in on the demonstration with Dolemite 9 and the others because I want to know why there is no concern for the poor pastors and their families unless they seem to fit in !In local churches people get elected to hold office for a term or 2 but when pastors go to conference positions they think they are there for life!Or as one president put it until Jesus comes!We need term limits lest any worker feels that their position is theirs by divine right!But laying that aside and addressing the business at hand why are we so quick to overlook our own workers and rush outside to fill a position?This is how we got into some of the mess we are in! Bluntly stated,we go outside of our field to fill some of our churches even outside of our country then expect to force different cultures on American cultures and blame people when they fail to understand!It makes sense to have Spanish pastors pastor Spanish churches because they speak the same language and have the same culture.I know even then there are differences between different Spanish speaking countries but my point is they understand each other!
    But why have you picked a ministerial secretary who doesn’t know the territory or the culture of this conference to have such an important demanding position?Most pastors don’t understand him when he speaks and they think he is laughing at them when he does speak!He is arrogant condescending and vengeful and after being voted in the position refused to move to Dallas wanting to stay in Austin till graduation!Even after President said all pastors would pastor or be in their elected positions he clung tenaciously tithe Austin church so no other pastor could get it !Then seizing the opportunity of financial mess says he will stay in Austin!This is where all of our problems began by making exceptions and playing favoritism!Do we much about him?Is he a US citizen?Where did he pastor and for how long?What qualifies him to know the giving record of each pastor?Yes I will be there Sunday because I have a lot of questions to be answered !Get ready to stay all day if necessary and even to the midnight hours!


  7. Dolomite 9 is on Fire For the Workers! Lets support him!


  8. Dolomite 9 says:

    By the way, Hi Tech you were right on in your remarks!


  9. Dolomite 9 says:

    How many pastors and people will meet me this coming Sunday to demonstrate ?After all the job you save, may be your own ! Laymen ,the church you save will be your own!We need a head count!


  10. Johnny T says:

    I want to join in the demonstration this Sinday if it is open to one and all! Dolemite 9 you will not be by yourself!i am all for a peaceful demonstration!


  11. Hi-Tech says:

    As someone looking in at your present dilemma, with some real thought, you could operate the office more effectively and efficiently with half of the personnel in treasury and the general office. It appears to me that our leaders suffer from THE BIG EXECUTIVE SYNDROME that kills institution like ours.
    There is a way to eliminate a lot of cost since the President and Executive Committee have knives in their hands for cutting. Looking in at what you have and what you are really suppose to do, the SWRC could easily streamline the office and save big bucks; because the administrative assistants are really doing the work of departmental leaders and administrative executives.
    You are in the small business category! Most of the leaders lack basic skills to do their jobs and are dependent on administrative assistants. To have someone working out of the office in a church is a waste of money and time. You need to look at the heads and see if they have the skills to do what their jobs demand. This is a denominational problem. The leaders that are presently studying this problem see that your tithes and offerings should be used where it counts, out in the Churches. It’s the churches—stupid! Your bureaucracy has ballooned out of proportion and is a “tithe eater.”
    You may not be aware of this but most of the “Heads” lack clerical skills and spend most of their time out of the office while the administrative assistants take care of the difficult day to day routine work. In other words somebody has created an ineffective bureaucracy that is out of touch and is a “fat pig” on its last breath.
    You could actually run the office effectively with almost half of the personnel and it would be more efficient.
    Check out the difference between an administrative assistant and a secretary and you will see that an Administrative Assistant could very easily do the work of the department leaders. How can you have department leaders who live in another city and depend on someone else to do their job?
    The term “administrative assistant” can be a formal title, or it can be a general description of an employee’s function in an office.[4] Depending on the kind of work a person does, there are many variations of job descriptions that fall under this role:
    • Employees with the title of Administrative Assistant generally provide support to specific departments or teams in a company, such as Human Resources, Accounting, Development, Sale and Marketing or Information Technology. In small companies, a single “admin” can potentially provide support for everyone in the office.
    • Secretaries or Executive Assistants provide support to individual (usually high-ranking) company executives or small groups of executives. Their responsibilities often include handling more private or sensitive corporate and personal information than other employees.
    • The main job of a Receptionist is to answer the telephone and take messages for an office or a department, and also to greet visitors to the office.
    • Project Assistants provide support to specific projects in a company (e.g. activities that have a defined goal and end-point).
    • Personal Assistants provide support for a specific individual, and their responsibilities often include taking care of non-office related tasks, such as running personal errands.
    • Clerks often provide office support that is confined to one or two specific tasks, such as filing or data entry.
    • Accounting Assistants provide support to a company’s finance, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable departments. Employees in these positions tend to have more specialized knowledge of accounting and finance.
    • Production Assistants provide support for people and groups in film and television production.
    Administrative Assistants perform many basic functions in offices, including:
    • Assisting with all aspects of administrative management, directory maintenance, logistics, equipment inventory and storage
    • Managing inventory of assets and supplies, monitoring critical level of stocks, sourcing for suppliers and submitting invoice(s)
    • Coordinating between departments and operating units in resolving day-to-day administrative and operational problems
    • Scheduling and coordinating meetings, interviews, events and other similar activities
    • Sending out and receiving mail and packages
    • Preparing business correspondence (often using word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation computer software)
    • Sending faxes
    • Managing Files
    • Research and the identification of key data sources
    • Ordering and receiving food deliveries
    • Performing multifaceted general office support
    • Preparing meeting minutes, meeting notes and internal support materials.
    • Sending and receiving forms for the company
    • All Day-to-day operation matters


    • Anonymous says:

      I can agree with just about everything you stated. I am in a group of probably 20 or more women who have been in this conference 25 plus years. The sad event is this is not the only conference that operates this way. There is no fair promotion or assignments given based on performance. So, I’m just wondering what criteria will they use. Probably the same one they always use, whomever are their friends. If they are going to re-align the conference, just how are they going to do that? Those of you reading this, have you ever considered how some people have lived in the DFW area for 28- 35 years. They are ministers, some have been in and out of office. But they have never had their lives disrupted in terms of housing, school-age kids changing schools. Is this fair?

      I am not surprised if some ministers get a call after the executive committee meets, telling them where to go, without previously talking to them to just discuss a move and how it would effect their family. There is no fair system in how they consider people for ordination either. Some ministers have worked this conference for years and were not rewarded with the ultimate anointing timely and others have been here for a minute and received their anointing. Oh! Would you say this is of God, this is God’s doing?

      The truth is, and we must all face it. We are managed by non-professionals. It is the conference officers jobs to evaluate their workers. All of us who work for others, know our employers can pull our records and know our achievements. I promise you, I know this is a strange committee, I just hope they can show me something this time. They will make decisions, but will they consider your accomplishments; how many churches or schools have you built or managed, your baptisms, how often are you out of your district, not serving your members, because you are so “IN DEMAND” how many are working two jobs? How many can’t hold down a church for just 3 years, also do you make all efforts to get goals? And what kind of management will let a church tell them they don’t want this or that person.

      And here is the last point that has me really upset. There were ministers and the master management of ministers who knew the conference was moving in this direction, sat on the committee, and said nothing to their brothers who may have decided they would take a paycut rather than their colleagues be out of a job. So, readers if you are trying to wonder who is commenting, just stop and think. No ministers dare comment on this blog, not even the one we knew, who didn’t mind using his name. He is my hero. Any minister commenting and using their name will have a bulls eye on their back. All our officials can do is worry about who is informing you, when they need to worry about the right thing to do.

      Anyone who wants to comment can go to the library, that’s what I did. I don’t need to add to my husband’s stress. So, I am advising ministers and ministers wives to comment as I have. The move you save may be your own. Before anyone start pointing fingers as they think they know who is commenting, just remember it could be any of maybe 60 or 70 families, we are all effected and none of us are happy about this. If you have been in the work at least 25 years, you may have been down many roads with your husband, with probably as many as 3 churches at a time.

      DEMAND that the President and the Executive Committee be professional. Demand that they put criteria together to fairly re-align this conference, if they must. However, that cost money too! NO CRISIS OR MISMANAGEMENT OF FUNDS?

      I understand the forgotten shepherdess has offered to make a retraction if any information received is inaccurate. Receiving information is not hard. All the pastors have e-mails. So if the conference wants to get updated information to you, it’s as fast as an e-mail.

      Pastor’s Wife


      • Anonymous…what courage to speak the truth! Your sisters should applaud you and step up as you have and defend their husbands…I must say that they will be the ones taking care of these broken men who are scarred and injured in battle…..


  12. Is there a crisis?Is there mismanagement?is there overspending and no accountability?Who has been keeping the records?Are they accurate ?How did the great Southwest get into such a great big mess?How can you ever expect to attract the Falcon or the likes of him with all this insanity abounding here and now?!!!!


  13. Red Barron says:

    Let’s go back to the good old days!thats when pastors moved without knowing where they were going!When we said jump they asked how high!if they couldn’t think for themselves we did our thinking for them!we always used divide and conquer to keep them from coming together to compare notes and encourage each other!the best thing we can do is divide and conquer.Keep them so competitive that they despise each other!The worst thing that could happen is the best thing after all!
    Red Barron has spoken!


    • Mr. Invisible says:

      Red Barron:

      The good old days are forever gone. We have a new motley group of upcoming leaders. What have they really done to make this Conference what it is today? They want to take the escalators to the top without growth on the bottom. They are not metal tested for battle. Because winning the battle is all they care about and they don’t want to win the war over good and evil. I fear what our Church will be like when they rise to fame…and fame is their game; and their game will fade into a deep abyss.

      I am disappointed in this President because he has so much potential and the results could have been different. But stuck on self got him. Discrimination against employees who have given their lives and blood is shameful. I hope and pray that the executive committee steps in and does something GREAT! Let’s all pray for this!

      Since I am invisible, you will soon come to see what I mean. The President will do just what the writer upstairs has said, “create a generational war.” The laffy taffy’s are laughing all the way to the CHAIR handed to them by a President that may be on his way out. How sad! He could have been somebody special but his arrogance has politically killed him. Like King Kong, beauty killed the beast.

      Yes, pastors who refuse to adequately address this issue are “little men” who are interested in their own self rather than saving ministry. You preachers should be better than this! (Young and Old, employed or retired)


      You all are letting a blogger do your confronting. You ought to tell this person thanks with a great round of applause. And certainly, Forgotten Shepherdess, it took real guts to do what you are doing for men who are “too little” to do something for themselves–or maybe they will.

      From…Mr. Invisible


    • Welcome to the discussion Red Barron!


  14. Little Man sounds like he might be a rebel with a cause!If only Lil Man could pull the pastors together and do a demonstration they would stop calling him Lil Man!


  15. Snoop doggy Do says:

    You know it’s a crying shame the way these folks behaving!Getting over in the name of The Lord!Everytime I think about joining them,they come up with some worldly stuff!But that’s the way of the world!do the even “practice what they preach?”What is the difference between them and the world?They are more violent than peeps in the streets”!But I wanna know “who is Big Dawg and Lil Wimpy?


  16. Anonymous says:

    I am not a little man. As a minister in the Southwest Region I am appalled at the present course our President is taking. I think he is a good person but is misguided by the people that surround him. I am hoping that on the 13th he will change his course and lead from the heart. He said at our meeting that he is a pastor first and this Black Sunday will demonstrate who he really is.

    Pastors, I am speaking to you. as one of our famous departmental person has said, “be a man.”

    I think the blog is good and this article says everything and I hope that the ExeCom and President are reading it.

    Oh by the way, I choose to be anonymous…it is my right because in this denomination our rights to express an opinion are subject to retribution.

    Minister of the SWRC


  17. Dolomite9 says:

    PS it is my understanding that the workers will beginning in January to have to start paying for health insurance which used to be a part of their salary!This is noteworthy because having gone without a raise in years,now they will have to pay for their healhtcare!I wonder if all the conferences are doing this or is it just us.?


  18. Dolomite9 says:

    After 25 months of praying and fasting and as one pastor directed us to have a prayerbox ministry,the administration has continued to turn a deaf ear to our needs and concerns.Rather than seeking a spiritual solution to our problems,they have sought a worldly one.therefore i suggest that we hold a peaceful demonstration this Sunday all day against the actions that they have already done and the ones they propose to do!
    how many church members and pastors will join in a peaceful protest this Sunday morning in Dallas?Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country men!
    Lest we be the laughingstock of all the regional conferences in North America,I say we act now!
    Since this is not a “crisis or mismanagement of funds”,we need to know why 17 workers were let go and more are about to be terminated,we need to know why!Since we are tithe paying members and clergy we have a right to know what has happened to the surplus that was there when the new administration took over.We need to know how the prior administration bought property without the constituency knowing and how the current one has been spending in a time when the workers have gone without a pay raise for years!Now we decide to balance the budget by firing workers and hiring new workers with serious health issues and claiming that our healthcare is the culprit!If healthcare is the concern then starting at the top from administration on down let us examine who has major health issues!Then let us terminate everyone who is going to cost us more money than they can generate.Then we go for the double workers who are holding fulltime jobs and drawing fulltime pay!Then we go after those who want to have 2 fulltime jobs but are too loyal or too lazy to go out and get another one!Then who will be left?Lets find out this Sunday July 13,2014!Who knows maybe this is all a misunderstanding and the conference might even supply a free meal!How many can we count on to be there?
    We have over 28000 observers so how many will make this historic trip this coming Sunday?


  19. Dolomite9 says:

    Where is Frank ,Dino and Jerry?Maybe they can offer a word of advice!They seem to be strangely silent !


  20. Dolomite9 says:

    With over 28000 viewers,we ought to be able to get a grassroots movement to stop all this foolishness!If the administrators are being honest,they should an open forum to explain why we are where we are today!Sweeping it under the rug is no way to honestly conduct business!I have called the Secretariat to see about a called constituency and he keeps giving me a runaround!I think this is no time to keep playing it safe !Just tell the truth! Be transparent be open be honest!By and large most people will forgive you if you make a mistake and acknowledge it!Honest is good if you want true healing !Think of the money this camp could attract from its own constituents because of a little honesty from administration!
    It is time to move forward!Be the lender not the borrower be the head not the tail!Lead by leading!The best time to do it is NOW!


  21. Anonymous says:


    I finally decided to reply. I’m a longtime church member and I cannot believe all this stuff I am reading. I almost did not comment because where it said leave a reply, blanks come up for you to fill out name and e-mail, but I did not do that. This is what I want to know, there are all kind of rumors floating around about money mismanagement, and the same kind of talk went on before this president and will probably go on after this president. Whatever has happened about Money, didn’t just start with Sam Green, at least I don’t believe that. My question is this, Who voted for all these decisions that were made affecting this conference?

    The president cannot make these decisions by himself. The people we voted on the executive committee are responsible. I am asking people to ask who you voted for to put a end to the rumors? At least if you comment, we might learn some truth. I am also requesting members of the Executive Committee to refute these floating rumors, or the administrators including Sam Green to answer these questions. This blog is being read by a lot of people, but no one is giving any real answers except the forgotten shepherdess. All I know is my minister told me that 17 workers have been dropped or forced out through this exit program. So put yourself in their position, If someone suddenly caused you to lose your income and health insurance on a 3 week notice, you might have a heart attack just from the stress. We are a better organization than that.

    Real members, let’s get to the bottom of this. Showing up at the MICROPHONE at constituency to blow off your steam is a just a little too late! I understand this Sunday they plan to finish the hatchet job. These workers have served us for years. They have families just like you. They have kids who get sick and need education just like yours. When you get sick and have a crisis or a death and need them they come. They don’t tell you this is after working hours, or they have a serious family crisis themselves to deal with. I’m also a believer that God does not pour out all his blessings on us, because we are just like the believers of old, they were backbiters, complainers, and forgot the mission. We are not a for profit organization. Our mission is to spread the word, not discard the workers who have given their life’s blood spreading the word. God separated the LEVITES from the rest of us and he told us to take care of them. The LEVITES are our ministers and we are treating them like the world treats them! So we need to man up! If no one answers these rumors, I am going to accept them as fact, and I am going to call the real wimps the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

    Is it true that the Conference dipped into the payroll for the campground and also got behind on paying into the retirement fund and could not pay workers salaries and that is what this is all about? Ministers have lost their livelihood because of these mistakes? Is it true? Please don’t answer unless you know facts.



    • Mr. Invisisble says:

      Longtime, Sam Green violated organizational ethics by not notifying the Conference of the over spending that took place before camp meeting last year. The ExCom responded by voting NO CONFIDENCE on the three SWRC top executives.

      I agree with the blog that green had this idea shortly after he became President. What he needs to do is come up with a better solution and release the details of how he got us into this mess. Right now he has a huge cred problem.



  22. Anonymous says:

    The worse thing that someone can call you when you can’t stand for RIGHT is a “little man” or “a little woman. WHERE ARE YOU PASTORS? WHY WON’T YOU STAND UP? ARE YOU LITTLE MEN AND WOMEN?

    The blog above hits the point and seems to me clear.That’s why the SWRGC wants to make you a “ham sandwich.” That is “unclean.” It taste good but we are not suppose to touch it. You get it! Somethings in the world are “ham sandwiches” that we should not eat. The SWRGC is feasting on “ham sandwiches.”

    By not taking a stand on an issue that will hurt you, demonstrates a “jelly fish” attitude. Why would any of us lay members elect people who stand for nothing and who will not protect their own interest? The younger guys won’t stand for nothin’. I’m praying for them because what I see, they ain’t ready yet. They need more standing up for right instead of being narcissistic ping balls. .

    Dolomite9 is right on with his comments and is a real soul brother. But the rest of ya are a bunch of “cream puffs” who want somebody else to be YOUR slaves who will handle “your business.”

    My, my, you all are getting a bad deal and too “bought out” to open your mouths for truth…. even when you know another brother is going down or a downed brother needs to be picked up.


  23. Dolomite9 says:

    Actions speak louder than words!time is running out !How can we get a called constituency to address thes concerns before August 15?We know July 13 is DDay for all workers 63 and over but what about office staff?Why or when will they get theirs?


  24. Anonymous says:

    This is very important information that all of the constituents need to be made aware of. Keep posting this information, the officers should be held accountable for their actions. Yes, we need a special constituency meeting to address these issues.


  25. Dolomite9 says:

    This is absolutely outrageous!The officers and executive committee are accountable for everything they do and say!We need a called constituency meeting where all the allegations and actions can be addressed!We need to do it now before more innocent people suffer for the actions of the guilty.There is no conceivable way that we could have gone from bad to worse!If we are not careful our white and Spanish brethren will gladly take on what is left of Southwest Region and say the negroes didn’t know how to run it anyway !Accountability!For the president-Accountability!For the secretary-Accountability and accurate record keeping!For the treasurer-Accountability!She has more assistance more qualified than she is and needs to do a better job!For the executive committee-accountability !How would you give a no confidence vote at one meeting then give a free parking pass to the same folks at the next meeting !Perhaps you should resign as well!
    This whole scenario reminds me of that old satirical film Birth of A Nation” where negroes were put in charge of running this country and ran it into complete ruin!It is not too late if we will act now!


    • Concerned says:

      This a great piece of work Dolomite9. Do you think the 13th will end an rea? Will pastors go to an early grave? I dont want my pastor to end up dead. Wgat can we do?


    • @dolomite9 thank you for your bold reply and willingness to take action. We need more readers to step up to the plate and demand the transparency we were promised. We need our conference leaders to set the record straight on how we do business.


  26. Mr. Invisisble says:

    I think I got it. Maybe someone can help me figure it out?

    I know who big dog is and little wimpy–I think–but what about Larry and who is Lucky?
    Are they the Presidents advisers and is Luck the person who is running for President?

    I think if someone can clear this up we can know why the President is doing this now.


  27. Anonymous says:

    What the President of the Southwest Region Conference is doing is nothing that is really unexpected. Ever since his tearful resignation as Treasurer, he has always been a manager who has taken something from workers. So this episode is not new!

    It is unfortunate that these recent events are the results that come from documented incompetent decisions from the leadership and pastors should not be responsible.

    Question: are your decisions what the constituents want or are they what you want only? Because executive committees do not elect Presidents or officers.

    You say you are a spiritual leader–but how can you live with yourself at the end of the day when you will be hurting families. Getting old cannot be unexpected from the North American Division because they are growing old along with the younger men and women they employ. Heck, stop your lying and man up to the fact that these decisions are your personal ones on how you envision to lead.



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