Paranoid Lately? Southwest Region Conference of SDA Continues to Shun Certain Selected Ministers With Requests for Extension Buy-Out Deadline

Happy Sabbath Southwest Region Conference of SDA. I decided to post this statement just as many of you are gathering your items, programs, rushing down the aisle to shake your pastor’s hand. My purpose? Well there has bcropped-mp90043050711.jpgeen some discussion….again…that perhaps I am some cowardly disgruntled minister with an axe to grind. So at this time please check this post and look for your pastor. Is he posting something? Probably not, he is more than likely tending to your needs as we speak. There is only one author of this blog, and I’m it! No minister, layworker, or any other BADVENTIST has permission to access this secure site for the purpose of providing Southwest Region consitituents a place to voice their opinion freely with total anonymity. I review every comment, for or against, and I post what is viable for consitituents to know. Take another look around the room, if your pastor was a certain selected minister for the buy-out on his retirement you will probably notice that he is still there for you, working for you, serving you, in spite of what will potentially happen to his family life. Maybe you should give him a hug today and let him know how much you appreciate his service. Perhaps, you should seek your conference president, secretary, and executive committee (if you can find them)  and ask….Et Tu Brute?


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4 Responses to Paranoid Lately? Southwest Region Conference of SDA Continues to Shun Certain Selected Ministers With Requests for Extension Buy-Out Deadline

  1. johnny Cochran says:

    We need some transparency here and it begins with leadership!Why is Lucky calling all the shots then looking like he doesnt know what is happening!Vote him out now!Send him back to Aplha!


  2. A Whispering Hope says:

    I am sincerely impressed with the sincerity of the person publishing this blog and will be ever grateful for the opportunity to vent my feelings and concerns without being concerned about someones pettiness!I have worked this conference most of my life and my family and I have always been given the shaft when it comes to promotions or recognition!Well at least here I can really let myself go!


    • Anonymous says:

      Believe me, you’re not the only one. If we don’t conform or bow down we are always overlooked.


    • Hello thank you for your kind words. I do ask everyone who choose to make anonymous posts please do not post information that contains status on the employment of individuals within the conference. Their privacy should be protected as they are not contributors to this site. Your opinions are welcome but please refrain from making comments that resemble individuals who do not hold an elected representative position within the organization. Thank you for your contributions.


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