Southwest Region Conference of SDA Senior Ministerial Incentive Contradicts Teachings of Ellen G. White: Tomorrow’s Deadline for Incentive Creates Panic Among Certain Senior Ministers in Southwest Region Conference

Life15.gifI am by no means an expert on the writings of Ellen G. White. I have even been known at times to be critical of the use and implementation when developing legalistic policies within our denomination. Today I decided to Google her writings on various topics in preparation for my next post. What I stumbled upon was so shocking to me. I had to submit a post today as I felt it was so relevant. How can we use her writings to justify how we promote certain behaviors within the church such as going to the movies, wearing jewelry, and other social practices she has spoken against but will evade certain writings when it doesn’t meet our needs to justify such an act as the senior ministerial incentive program? More importantly, we as Seventh-day Adventists believe firmly believe that her visions were of God and her writings is God speaking through her as a prophet. I have heard many SWRC conference leaders including our president quote her in countless sermons. In light of that, I have a couple of questions for the administrative leadership and executive committee of Southwest Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists:

1. Did you consult Ellen G. White’s quotations on the topic of OUR responsibility as a church to care for its workers before sending out your “incentive” plan to our senior ministers?

2. Did your lawyers use these writings as a guide to construct such a plan or did they solely rely on the federal guidelines for offering retirement incentives?

3. Would you consider your actions against certain senior ministers in accordance with our very core beliefs as students of her teachings or in accordance with government? The very government who we believe according to the end time prophecy will strip us of the very freedoms we hold dear and send us running to the hills excommunicated from our homes and separated from our families as we await and watch for our Lord… according to prophecy.

Life26.gifThe government does not hold our beliefs to be the “truth.” Yet, our conference leaders align themselves with this entity and use the “law” against the very men who spread our teachings with hopes to prepare every man, woman, boy and girl of the challenging days ahead within our faith.

Constituents,  I have included Ellen G. White’s writings below for you to review. I have not asked any one to contribute on this issue nor have I asked any ministers to contribute to my opinion on this hypocritical act. Any information I receive for or against is welcome and protected should any minister, lay worker, or reader choose to do so. As you read, you will see that she is very specific on how our workers should be treated. It is my opinion, that this incentive plan is not in accordance with these writings and that our conference has acted in accordance and alignment with the federal government. They have used federal guidelines and loop-holes as a vehicle to justify this betrayal against certain senior ministers as a means to settle old scores and  compensate for years of mismanagement or irresponsible financial blunders, in my opinion.

It is their duty to extend this May 15 deadline so that our constituents and committees have ample time to review our teachings and this plan as we will be the blame should our ministers die before 65  or experience financial hardship that they may never recover from.  It is the duty of (SWRC Leadership)  to extend this deadline and meet collectively with all certain senior ministers selected for this “incentive” so that they have the opportunity to ask questions, seek understanding, and feel well-informed before signing a document that will waive their right to any reparation from an organization they and their families  have given their lives to. If our Southwest Union Conference and North American Division are in favor such a betrayal to workers they should publically communicate that to all workers in this field.

Life25.gifWE ARE NOT CORPORATE AMERICA WE ARE MEMBERS OF A WORLD CHURCH DENOMINATION OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS, and as one who works in the secular realm, YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE AND THERE SHOULD BE. Though we must live and abide by the laws of the land, OUR CORE BELIEFS SHOULD DICTATE POLICY NOT THE U.S.A. It is shameful that our conference leaders would use federal law as a loop-hole against certain senior ministers to seek financial relief, revenge, or restitution for conflict. Our SWRC should be asking our constituents how we can contribute to support and relieve our conference so that our ministers have the right options and care for a healthy retirement. Our Southwest Union and North American Division have a duty to step in and demand that our conference president extend this deadline as he has not done his due diligence to meet with his field workers. This deadline has so many ministers in fear of termination if they don’t sign, stress of what will happen to their livelihood and health if they do, and sick over a ticking time bomb set to go off at midnight tonight.

Extending the deadline does not give “weight” to this blog. It simply shows that leaders respect the sentiments and needs of its workers. Our conference president needs to man-up and face his brothers, talk to them, seek  their input, and at the very least show compassion for their livelihood. Our conference leaders will be the very men attending their funerals as their families are devastated and hospital beds saying “it wasn’t personal just business.” As I stated before something must be done, to do nothing begs the question….Et Tu Brute? (See Below)

Quotations from the Writings of Ellen G. White
Audio of the Quotations

Care for Workers

Some provision should be made for the care of ministers and others of God’s faithful servants who through exposure or overwork in His cause have become ill and need rest and restoration, or who through age or loss of health are no longer able to bear the burden and heat of the day.

Ministers are often appointed to a Field of labor that they know will be detrimental to their health; but, unwilling to shun trying places, they venture, hoping to be a help and a blessing to the people. After a time they find their health failing. A change of climate and of work is tried, without bringing relief; and then what are they to do? {7T 290.1}

These faithful laborers, who for Christ’s sake have given up worldly prospects, choosing poverty rather than pleasure or riches; who, forgetful of self, have labored earnestly to win souls to Christ; who have given liberally to advance various enterprises in the cause of God, and have then sunk down in the battle, wearied and ill, and with no means of support, must not be left to struggle on in poverty and suffering, or to feel that they are paupers.

When sickness or infirmity comes upon them, let not our workers be burdened with the anxious query: “What will become of my wife and little ones, now that I can no longer labor and supply their necessities?” It is but just that provision be made to meet the needs of these faithful laborers and the needs of those who are dependent on them. {7T 290.2}

Generous provision is made for veterans who have fought for their country. These men bear the scars and lifelong infirmities that tell of their perilous conflicts, their forced marches, their exposure to storms, their suffering in prison. All these evidences of their loyalty and self sacrifice give them a just claim upon the nation they have helped to save a claim that is recognized and honored. But what provision have Seventh-day Adventists made for the soldiers of Christ? {7T 290.3}

Workers Neglected

Our people have not felt as they should the necessity of this matter, and it has therefore been neglected. The churches have been thoughtless, and, though the light of the word of God has been shining upon their pathway, they have neglected this most sacred duty. The Lord is greatly displeased with this neglect of His faithful servants. Our people should be as willing to assist these persons when in adverse circumstances as they have been willing to accept their means and services when in health. {7T 291.1}

God has laid upon us the obligation of giving special attention to the poor among us.

But these ministers and workers are not to be ranked with the poor. They have laid up for themselves a treasure in the heavens that faileth not. They have served the conference in its necessity, and now the conference is to serve them. When cases of this kind come before us, we are not to pass by on the other side.

We are not to say, “Be ye warmed and filled” (James 2:16), and then take no active measures to supply their necessities. This has been done in the past, and thus in some cases Seventh-day Adventists have dishonored their profession of faith and have given the world opportunity to reproach the cause of God. {7T 291.2}

Providing Homes for Workers

It is now the duty of God’s people to roll back this reproach by providing these servants of God with comfortable homes, with a few acres of land on which they can raise their own produce and feel that they are not dependent on the charities of their brethren.

With what pleasure and peace would these worn laborers look to a quiet little home where their just claims to its rest would be recognized! {7T 291.3}

The duty we owe to these persons has been referred to again and again, but no decided action has been taken in reference to it. As a people we should feel our responsibility in this matter.

Every church member should feel an interest in all that concerns the human brotherhood and the brotherhood in Christ. We are members one of another; if one member suffers, all the members suffer with him. Something must be done, and the conference should have spiritual discernment, that they may understand the privileges and comforts that these worn out workers need and deserve. {7T 292.1}

Our Sanitariums a Refuge for Workers

Often these ministers need special care and treatment. Our sanitariums should be a refuge for such and for all our worn workers who need rest. Rooms should be provided where they can have a change and rest, without continual anxiety as to how they are to meet the expense.


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3 Responses to Southwest Region Conference of SDA Senior Ministerial Incentive Contradicts Teachings of Ellen G. White: Tomorrow’s Deadline for Incentive Creates Panic Among Certain Senior Ministers in Southwest Region Conference

  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem with the present administration is that they want to play politics but don’t know how. What they have become are a bunch of autocrats ruling over scared c hurch members.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the truth. Keep telling the truth!


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