Will You Celebrate Halloween?

1 John 2:16: “For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. 17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”
During my childhood I formed a neighborhood gang. Our small “block gang” cannot be compared to the gangs that really existed during the 50s and 60’s as well as today. The members of our gang just hung out and did some stupid things.
One of the initiation rights to become a member of the gang involved eating some dog food. Now I would think that some of you might feel that eating dog food would be a really gross thing to do. But actually the dog food we ate as an initiation rite wasn’t really bad but quite tasty. We later learned that “most” dog food in the United States could be consumed by humans.
For your information the edible fact for humans consuming real dog food can be found in this statement.
“By dog food I take it what is meant is canned dog food. This is composed of meat and offal, together with, in some products, a cereal or other non-meat filler. The product is cooked and sterilized/pasteurized during the canning process. IT SHOULD THEREFORE BE MICROBIOLOGICALLY SAFE TO EAT FOR HUMANS. Kibble, dried dog food, could also be taken into account, although it has significantly less moisture, and generally has lower protein content.”—Read more:
Now I am not telling you to go out and eat some dog food as an alternative when you feel the hunger pangs beating on your stomach walls. No! But could it be that the devil might be spoon feeding you and your Christian friends “dog food”, the enemy’s secret culinary recipe of Kibbles ‘n Bits?

Coming out of a local restaurant last week, someone curbed their car at the front entrance of the restaurant, blasting music radiating from the speakers with the absolute, worst, kind of lyrics. I thought to myself, “What total disrespect and regard for fellow citizens.”
Today I see the same selfish disrespect in some of our Christian members who are raising their children on a diet of dog food similar to the person who parked the car with offensive music. Hence, the older I get the more it seems that society is becoming increasingly frightening and alarming. People are desensitized to human life through the food they are offered by the devil and his buddies. It is a drug effect that puts the soul in an inebriated state. It’s scary!

I am greatly concerned about the kind of “secular and social” food that many Christian members are taking in today. For me the moral behavior of Christian members can be compared to a meal of spooned fed dog food. As Christians eat the devil’s prepared “killer” dog food, little do they realize that they are gradually compromising many biblical cherished tenets of faith? You see, if you continue to eat on this dangerous fast food cuisine you may come to realize that at first it seems Ok, but later you find out that it is changing you into some other kind of dog— like—animal. And our society is filled with zombie like, doggish animals that have no compassion for life. Let me explain this further.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 says: “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”
Many of our adult Christian members along with their children are “selling out” to the devil for a dog food meal. I begin with frequenting movie theaters. At first the devil feeds you his dog food of being selective. But now the biggest social event for church members is a trip to the movie theaters on Saturday nights and during the week. The real danger involved here are the hidden “satanic varieties” of sex, violence, the degrading women, nudity, secular humanism, and eastern mysticism. The devil’s “food warmers” are filled with appealing choices for you to choose from. I only named a few. The problem with the long term effect of eating such dog food comes by way of missed disclaimers that “dog food” is not meant for human consumption. If you stay on the devil’s food you will slowly and unnoticeably turn in an opposite direction of the cross of Jesus Christ. The opposite of Christianity is Satanism! This kind of dog food diet is slowly eroding our values and leading to the destruction of homes and marriages. We cannot change our homes and communities when we are sending our children to the “dining tables” of hell.
Now, I know that some of you are thinking and want to ask the question, “What about Home Theaters and DVD’s at a finger’s touch? Well, I say there is no difference. Sex, violence, and nudity are brought directly into the home at your convenience by your own little fingers. Here people are continuing to corrupt themselves by consuming large quantities of the devil’s dog food. You don’t have to go out to the theater to be corrupted, you can stay right at home and eat all you want—smorgasbord style.
By the way parents when you are sleeping and your children are up watching cable television some of them are feasting on nudity, homosexuality and gay orgies. Many young people are intrigued by these hellish movies and maybe, you too. Studies indicate that these lifestyles are often learned behavior. Are children learning these lifestyles from their parents?
Next, too many Christian members are poisoning their minds with debasing literature. Sexual addiction is directly attributed to the kind of literature people are reading today. Perhaps the rise in violent sex related crimes are cultivated through publishing companies that Christian members support through purchasing magazines and books that are forbidden. In these times the internet and what sites members and their children are accessing is beyond our present thinking compared to twenty years ago. You now have to “lock adult” sites so children cannot access them. Sexual predators are finding potential victims in the chat rooms on the internet. I ask, “How did they learn to access these sites and from whom?
What about video games? The recent games that are being advertised on television depict death, murder, violent crimes and war. Many gaming enthusiast who are Christians are often heard discussing the latest video games coming out. Little do they realize that these games are exactly what the devil want Christian members to engage in? Hello


No wonder education in our country is in danger. Our children’s values are eroding in homes and recreation venues that we allow them to frequent. When they get to school their twisted values play out in “language” and “disrespect” from what they have learned at home—and you fed them the dog food the devil put in your “home refrigerator” with your consent parents. Please note the following citations:
“Video games have been available to consumers for the last 30 years. They are a unique form of entertainment, because they encourage players to BECOME A PART OF THE GAME’S SCRIPT. Today’s sophisticated video games require players to pay constant attention to the game, rather than passively watching a movie. This has both positive and negative impacts on players. Several studies have been published that explore these impacts on today’s children.”
“In another study conducted by Gentile, Lynch, Linder & Walsh (2004, p.6) “adolescent girls played video games for an average of 5 hours a week, whereas boys averaged 13 hours a week”. The authors also stated that teens who play violent video games for extended periods of time:
• Tend to be more aggressive
• Are more prone to confrontation with their teachers
• May engage in fights with their

• See a decline in school achievements.

(Gentile et al, 2004).”— impact does playing video games have on children or adolescents?”








“ARE YOU TAKING THE KIDS OUT FOR TRICK OR TREAT?”Have mercy on me before you throw me under the bus, but please read to the end! Now that we are one month from approaching Halloween, go to the supermarkets such as Wal-mart and look at the videos they are pushing at the counter. All of them feature evil, death, Satanism, crime and anthropomorphic monster like figures. Are Christian parents actually allowing their children to “trick or treat” on a day that celebrates Satan and his fellow demons? I say close the doors and turn off the lights. Don’t even buy a costume for your kids just because YOU did it. Learn from this quote:
“The issue of Halloween presses itself annually upon the Christian conscience. Acutely aware of dangers new and old, many Christian parents choose to withdraw their children from the holiday altogether. Others choose to follow a strategic battle plan for engagement with the holiday. Still others have gone further, seeking to convert Halloween into an evangelistic opportunity. Is Halloween really that significant?
Well, Halloween is a big deal in the marketplace. Halloween is surpassed only by Christmas in terms of economic activity. According to David J. Skal, “Precise figures are difficult to determine, but the annual economic impact of Halloween is now somewhere between 4 billion and 6 billion dollars depending on the number and kinds of industries one includes in the calculations.” –
We could list the filthy music and lyrics that are filled with profanity and promote the degradation of women in the worst way. Children and young adults recite with rote memory words that heavenly angels won’t listen too. NO WONDER SOME CHILDREN CURSE THEIR PARENTS. Can you imagine people walking down the streets of gold pulling up to a corner, turning the volume up and spilling out the memorized lyrics of rap or the sensual suggestive tones of R&B? Give me a break! Ephesians 4:29 state clearly: “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.”(NKJV)
How about some respect! Do you really let your children attend school, any school worthy to be called one, dressed like a prisoner in a correction facility? Parents you don’t need some “rap song” or “community billboard” to make you aware that your children and young adults need to “Pull’ Em Up”. There is something wrong with this and it is the “dog food” you won’t throw out. How about some parental discipline? Some parents discipline their dogs better than their children.

I am raising the issue today to see where your thinking might be. Do you feel the way I feel? And if so what do you think has contributed to a church that once preached against the above and yet is almost nonexistent in our preaching today. Do you want to hear more ministers and members address these issues of immorality today? MAYBE I

AM ALL WRONG? But I don’t think so.
The facts about a diet on dog food too long can lead to poor health. Just check it out. Dog food was made for dogs not for humans, but in a national emergency it could be consumed to survive even though it might lead to becoming unhealthy in the long run. SO HUMANS ARE NOT ADVISED TO EAT DOG FOOD! When I was a kid God winked at my ignorance.
Here’s the lesson for today. The devil’s food is made for the “eaters” who long for a different kind of good meal. This lesson should be interpreted that the devil doesn’t care how he kills you as long as you DIE without Jesus in your life. Thus, I caution you—a little or too much satanic dog food could leave you spiritually DEAD—Halloween DEAD! Boo!



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  5. Back Field In Motion says:

    Excellent comment Dolemite! We do have choices. People choose the popular celebration of halloween and the secular activities that destroy the mind or the path of Jesus that elevate it? That is the story that is alway before our minds that is played over and over. It seems trite to think a little of this or a little of that is ok. But Jesus is coming soon and we must remember, Armageddon is a “battle for the minds.”

    Crystal Clear


  6. dolomite9 says:

    All this talk about food makes me kind of hungry,not for dog food though but it does make you think about what they are feeding you!I was reading early writings the other day and was shocked to discover that the “forbidden fruit” was a” test of obedience in other worlds”.”Then I saw two trees,one looked like the tree of life in the city.The fruit of both looked beautiful , but of one they could not eat.They had power to eat both, but were forbidden to eat of one….,they would fall.”
    p.40 Early Writings


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    Thank you for writing something that is so important for today. I hope every person reads this article. I have copied this one for reference.



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