Let Go of My Foot!

I have been reading some of the posts and got to wondering how so much animosity is being displayed by different anonymous bloggers. To them I say, remain anonymous and please continue to contribute. That is the purpose of this forum, However, please do not contribute to negative thinking. The election is over. The side, that wanted to continue business as usual lost. God did prevail and the agenda must move forward. Just because the idea’s of NO, popularity, and opaque decision making were forced to the bottom of the barrel does not mean you should grab another person’s aspirations and bring them down with you. It is the age old theory, “Crabs in a barrel.” I recently read the post that Left Behind was a condemning minister. This statement was indicative of a person attempting to get a reaction. I pity this individual and ask the blog to pray for him or her because they have obviously fallen into the depths of despair for some unknown agenda that may may not come to fruition. To you I say, Let not your heart be troubled….and Let go of my foot. The bible is full of examples of men attempting to stand in the way of God’s will. We are finite beings, we cannot understand or even attempt to contemplate what the Almighty has planned for this conference. His will, will be done. Let us not be stubborn, but unite to achieve a common goal behind our leader.

What this blog and Left Behind did in the past months to make constituents aware was the most risky and admirable thing a minister or layperson could do. The education of young people and lay people about the constitution ensured you did not have a regime of political bosses deciding for themselves the future of this conference over potluck or postem. We are all Left Behind, just like we are all Martin Luther King or any other leader who goes through the struggle and sacrifice to make change. Even the anonymous blogger who believes ministers are selfish is left behind because through his own insecurities he can see that his future is brighter because of the post and stories Left behind contributed. He has been left behind by his cohorts and must now deal with the ever changing environment for the better. Because I wrote this post does that make me Left Behind’s son or brother, or cousin? Does it mean I am a young person or older? None of us know each other, but we do know that the SWRC needed a change.  The same old politics was being practiced and Left Behind blew the whistle. So what! Get over it. In my opinion he should have done it 15 years ago if he knew about it. Unfortunately the blogs did not exist and that would have contributed to his relocation or unemployment. That is whats so outrageous. Should we condemn anyone? No. However, refusing to grasp reality, and instead grasping another’s aspirations is counter productive. So, Let Go of my foot and either give me a push, or get out of my way.

It is that simple. Now, predicting the reaction of this post is very easy. An anonymous blogger will come on and state that I am a Left Behind sympathizer. I am not. But then I will ask, what is your basis for that logic? I will also ask, who do you sympathize with? Hopefully we have a discussion and exchange ideas. Thats what the blog is supposed to do. It is not a beat me up session for a particular side. What’s more is, challenges went out to the Rat Pack, the former leader, and anyone else to express their viewpoint and to date nothing has been submitted. Not one iota of emotion, expression, and more importantly and idea. When the President of the US is being beat up by Fox News, he still answers questions from their reporters. This shows me that either they lost interest because they lost, or they had ideas that were not in the interest of the people but of themselves. Is that Godly? Its not for me to say. However, this blog waits for someone to offer ideas that are from the opposite side that are clear and transparent. Until then, Let Go of my Foot!


What Say You?



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9 Responses to Let Go of My Foot!

  1. adventquestioner says:

    Any Venue that opens the Mic to everyone will have a few who will simply attack. But anyone who critiques another…Even if justified….will have their detractors….Some who don’t think he is going far enough…others who think he is a hypocrite…and others who think he just needs to shut up…

    all you can do…is what you do….We must spend time in defense…but I would encourage you not to spend too much time in defense…continue to move forward in the mission of this website…

    Visit The Advent Questioner


  2. Jonah_77 says:

    I am laughing at your post. Not one idea on Adventist education, breaching the gap between young and senior ministers, the new presidents agenda, or how to financially move the SWRC forward. I am starting to think that you may be Left Behinds evil twin and opposite clone, spawned in a mutagen and mire of confusion, clinging to the possibility that someone might actually listen to your complaints.

    Why are you continuing to post? Is it because you need this blog? Is the 40hr work week not enough. As a Christian you should be Christ like. Attacking me does what for you? Does it give you a sense of satisfaction? News flash, it’s a blog, not a life coach or counselor. I continue to pray for you, but I am amused. Its a blog man. Please give me some ideas about change.

    What Say You?


    The prophet who emerged from a great fish and through the grace of God preserved a city called Ninevah.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Jonah, your post is typical. Just satisfy yourself with name calling and condemnation. It’s the Adventist way. I am not offended by you ignoring me. I don’t value a Jonah anyway: A coward who ran and ended up in the belly of a leviathan of the sea!


  4. Jonah_77 says:

    @Anonymous: I don’t think you are disturbed at all. I think you need Jesus. I also question your faith. This church is a rock, not a detriment to ones spiritual well being. I am willing to guarantee that you are just posting these statements to draw someone out.

    I encourage you to provide more than your emotions to this discussion or remain silent. Your post is void of facts, ideas or examples that move in a positive direction. Therefore, it is irrelevant, incompetent and immaterial. You are however not disturbed, but rather confused as to whether you will provide useful contributions or be an affiliate of the NO party. Either way, unless you provide some meat to your post, I and many others will ignore you.

    What Say You? Anonymous?



  5. Anonymous says:

    Do not take it personal Jonah, no one is holding on to your foot, unless you let them. Are you? Sometimes we accuse others of what we are guilty of! The very need for this blog, where we have to hide to talk about the things that concern us in the church, is sick. We are all sick! Some more than others by this church we call the remnant. Remnant: A very fitting word for what we are, torn, ragged, sad, just to name a few. I know, you will now post something to say I am disturbed! Maybe I am. This church is detrimental to one’s spiritual well-being


  6. Sister- Girl says:

    Your comment Jonah-77, brings me back to my responsibility of supporting this blog. All I can say is awesome! If I do nothing else, I will check and comment as often as I can. It is NECESSARY.


  7. dolomite9 says:

    To borrow a phrase from oour new president “throw me a brick” !What’s in the past is in the past,we need to be in the business of building up this conference anybody can tear it down.Let us learn from our mistakes amd mishaps and perhaps we can really truly turn things around!


  8. TWO SCARED says:

    I have to say Jonah77…you’ve done it again. Well said and nicely done. Fair and balanced.

    Thanks for the post.


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