Some years ago, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Good Morning America featured a segment on a holiday dinner. A tantalizing well cooked turkey with all the trimmings streamed into the homes of millions. When watchers gazed at the holiday meal, a subliminal desire possessed some to jump right in the television set to enjoy the invitation. As the turkey and trimmings sat on the table, you could not help but “notice” and “think” how the producers could make something look so “good to be chewed.”

During the interview clips of how they created the dinner were inserted. At some point the interview revealed that nothing that looks so picture perfect, are the exact same product on-lookers will get on their dining room table. Audiences are expected to be intelligent enough to separate fact from fiction. So, the creators revealed how they made viewers mouths water for just a taste of the meal.

The experts revealed that yes, they “painted the turkey” with colors for “viewing effect” that rendered it un-fit to eat—“too good to be chewed”. They explained that in the world of advertisement that nothing so perfect should be taken as the “real thing”. So remember when you buy a magazine and it features a turkey dinner, the looks might be an illusion to get you to read what is inside. The bird might be painted to appear that good so you will say, “I want my table to look like that.”


In our quest to reach our “Final Destination” we are sometimes faced with the unreal. I truly believe that we have leaders that want to see people reach their “Final Destination” called heaven. But we have to admit that there are some “painted turkeys” that are “too good to be chewed” in life.

Did Eve fall for a “painted turkey?” Is the above analogy similar to what happened to Eve when the devil came to her with a subliminally seductive appearance?  In Genesis 3:4, 5 the writer says,

4 “Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. 5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

If we don’t take a second or even a third look we could be deceived and later duped just like Eve with a “painted turkey”. Let me suggest a few “painted turkeys “that are too good to be chewed in life. Maybe after you read some of mine concerning our conference, you can come up with your own. I hope you will help me develop a longer list. In relation to our conference consider the first.

ONE: Our strategic plan is “too good to be chewed”. At the constituency meeting when they distributed a colorful brochure to us, it looked and seemed to be something that we thought was a work of genius. Little did we know that the actual plan was not completed which rendered the flyer and the proposal “too good to be chewed”.

TWO: The walk through of the campground that included presentations of the resort and pictures of recent land purchases led us to believe that the facility was the “garden of Eden”. Apparently, administration suspended camp activity without giving you, the owners, completed details. The presentation was “too good to be chewed”.

THREE: The “Pack” had their game in place and the dinner table set for the Falcon to fly west to be our great change agent. The savior of our conference was on his way. A midnight telephone conversation revealed that he would not fly west, but instead, decided to sit on his nest. The “Pack” painted a picture of surety with all the possibilities that some thought could become real but was “too good to be chewed”.

FOUR: The idea that if we combined all of our churches into one mega church, we would be able to do much more than having several small ones. Can you imagine the fight that would take place among ministers to pastor it? If such an idea came to be true, ministry in the conference would be downsized. Therefore the idea is “Too good to be chewed.”


I hope that you get the picture of all this. That just because someone “paints a turkey” that looks good doesn’t mean that we are expected to eat it all up without asking, how it was made and what is on it or in it.  “Improvement” does not mean “transparency”—what looks good at face value, just might be “Too good to be chewed.”

As constituents of our conference we are the “owners”. When we are presented with proposals to vote on that will affect our future, make sure it is the “real thing”. Oh, by the way, remember that life is filled “painted turkeys”.





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6 Responses to TOO GOOD TO BE CHEWED

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who paint the most turkeys? The one who keeps us hostage during the so-called “Spoken Word”.. He wears most of us out on any given Sabbath. We need a word to help us make it through the upcoming week. STOP BEATING US UP!


  2. dolomite9 says:

    very good analogy


  3. dolomite9 says:

    actually,the constitution states at least 2 from previous committe can go back on but it doesn’t say how many more than that can serve.Oh well.




    Writer…we need to watch them painted turkeys. I like your analogy. By the way, who painted the turkey? The Lt. Colonel or the Icansteins? You see I am reading the blog.

    Two scared…is it TWO SCARED OR TOO SCARED?

    Keep up the good work!



  5. Anonymous says:


    The present conference committee that is comprised of 9-10 members from the last one–deemed to be a better one is TOO GGOD TOBE CNEWED!

    Is this real!


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