Sometimes the Executive Committee reminds me of the assassination of Julius Caesar, as members of the Senate on the Ides of March took his life (44 B.C.). Hence, we face this paradox: how can you strategize for future success when some might be involved in multiple secret plots with the purpose of working out presidential ruin or long term stagnation?

Executive Committees are more often THAN NOT the biblical scene of an upper room comprised of men and women filled with the Holy Spirit. The real operational description reveals imperfect people jockeying their political agendas or personal worldviews. We might compare it to a scene of people speaking in unknown tongues with appointed self-professed interpreters.

I conclude that if something is not done quickly our president could end up like Julius—when it comes down to a vision for success and progress. Is this “thinking” a positive process that puts all members of the committee in a spiritual position to trust in God?


In the story of Dinah, Jacob and her brothers, the narrator of Genesis mentions no prayer meeting. We can all agree that a real prayer meeting should have a positive impact on people, policies and direction.

As terrible as we interpret the rape of Dinah, surprisingly, the patriarch did not lead the family to a prayer service. That is, Jacob did not seek God for a solution with the question “What should I do?” (Jacob may have been overwhelmed by grief and went into a shut-down mode.) We can learn from the practical stories of the bible and “grasp” the beneficial themes. I know that this is the reason we read the bible—to find answers and solutions.

Instead, Jacob allowed his sons to take control with revenge that dominated their minds for family honor. Their revenge possessed them to the point that they committed genocide against Hamor’s family, killing all the men. This is an example of what happens when we don’t pray and wait for an answer from God. WE TAKE MATTERS INTO OUR OWN HANDS! We then resort to methods and means that are motivated through “thoughtless thinking” that injures the innocent with the idea of upholding God’s honor. Question: When does God’s honor need to be defended by humanity? Can God defend His Honor? I further ask then, does God want us to defend His honor or make righteous decisions? God forbid! He is “all powerful”.

Is the Executive Committee infallible? Is the Committee as a corporate whole capable of making elephantine mistakes? Yes! The parallel analogy that we can draw from the story might be the careless nature of some of our executive committee members who have forgotten to seek God out in prayer for direction (read part I).  They are flying incognito. They are scheming, in the “back field”, “in motion” along the shadowy wall of personal preferences that represent their idea of organizational direction. Hence, their agenda might be one of revenge to protect their personal honor. Mr. President, they never will follow any leader unless they are “the leader” or get the position they seek.

Workers fear the Executive Committee because of the mavericks that are allowed to dominate and inflict a “political attitude” on the majority of the sitting members (“If you don’t go along with me you are subject to be moved” is their method of fear as they place their people on sub-committees to further dominate.  And believe this, (they can do it through suggestive statements and persuasion).  Some men who are on the present committee have dominated the stage of politics in our conference for many years and you can find them operating along the “shadowy wall” of influence at this present time.

We hear much about God’s Will, but how can we know what it is if we don’t ask.  We most definitely can conclude that because one person does something wrong—this wrong does not justify revenge as in the mass murder conducted by Levi and Simeon and the rest of the sons who gathered up the spoils, (Just making a possible association here).   Prejudice and biases are always operational in an Executive Committee Meeting. Therefore we can conclude that some decisions are not God’s Will. To know God’s Will (the deeper things of God) the Executive Committee would have to be filled with the Holy Spirit—on one accord, with no malicious intent, filled with the grace of Jesus. I believe this could be a reality.

As a case in point and to put it more plainly,  if the Grace Temple pastor has done nothing morally or ethically wrong, and remains pastor of his church, then the action not to accept a legitimate recommendation by the president, can only be seen as personal, deliberate revenge. It then appears that the senior pastor fell as a victim to prejudicial, biased and opinionated thinking.

Last, Darkness Prevailed. Everything the brothers put into motion after their secret meeting without God and Jacob became a cloud of darkness. Their planning was dark and pernicious. Their strategy to kill was overshadowed by darkness. Their “art” of killing the men was notably senseless and thoughtless. And when they returned after their killing spree their obsession with murder caused them to totally forget about God—and they didn’t hold a single prayer meeting. Afterwards, a longsuffering God FINDS Jacob and tells him to catch the nearest train to Bethel. After the crisis and return to Bethel, Jacob leads his family into revival, a little too late (Please note, the jewelry was hidden, and not destroyed, under a tree—a hint at more future deceit).

I wonder will a cloud of darkness hover over our great conference because of a few compulsive, maniacal individuals like Levi and Simeon and the rest of their brothers, who might be leading others into whirlwinds of “thoughtless thinking” and “deceitful” manipulation.


The story of Dinah tells me that “thoughtless thinking” leads to “thoughtless actions” and thoughtless actions lead to “catastrophe”. Instead of the sons and even the father caring about Dinah and her emotional and spiritual stability, they cared only about their personal honor. Jesus is never a part of deceit. Catastrophic events are sometimes the result of people’s decision. Even natural disasters are the results of man’s fall in the Garden.


Write the president’s office and tell him that you don’t want grid lock by the few who are trying lock the committee up and prevent his proposals for the future. You don’t have to identify yourself.

Tell the president that we need a correspondence of some type that list a plan of action.

Comment on this blog. Believe me people are reading it and will read your comments.

By the way, I’m Left Behind


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  2. dolomite9 says:

    there is an art to being selfish all selfishness is not always bad!


    • dolomite9 says:

      in fact, selfishness is as natural as breathing and eating for that matter the problem is when you think only of yourself and feel that you are the only one who matters.You are the only one who can preach so you deserve the best and the biggest and you qualify to see if anyone else is worthy of what you think they deserve.This kind of thinking can kill a church or a conference for that matter!The main thing is still the main thing!


      • Back Field In Motion says:

        You have made a good point dolomite. I never thought of selfishness in the this light. For instance I am selfish when it comes to my children. That is…I want them to have the best.


  3. Back Field In Motion says:

    Dear anonymous

    After contemplation, I think you have something relevant to discuss that might add to something really helpful. You have the right on this blog to say what you mean and I can respect that.

    I would like for you to state an opinion on the issues concerning our conference. The other side of an issue needs to be considered. Believe it or not we have already learned something.

    Seriously, I would like to know why you feel that most ministers are selfish? Although I think the majority are good men and women there seems to be some truth in what you have said.

    You have the right to be anonymous and in an opinion blog like this you should not reveal yourself unless you choose to do so. I believe that we can have a civil dialog. I respect your right to disagree.



    • Anonymous says:

      I know ministers are selfish but who is not?LOve thy neighbor as thyself but if you hate yourself,you will do hateful shameful things to others!


      • Back Field In Motion says:


        Glad you are back! Everyone is selfish in some area of life including ministers, doctors, lawyer etc. MY QUESTION: Why do you feel ministers in general are selfish? What do they do that gives some members and others the perception that we are selfish?

        I want to write an article because I think youbhave a message that can be helpful.


  4. Back Field In Motion says:


    You still don’t get it. Do you think that I have the energy to be angry with you? My comment was a response to an absolute blind nut. Only a nut would write something that is meaningless.

    Instead of expressing you anger, write something that can change someone’s mind on the issues of our conference. The truth is I don’t know you and you don’t know me so let’s take a breath and dialogue with meaning and substance. Attack the substance of the matter.

    However, thanks for commenting, one nut to another.


    • Anonymous says:

      Your are angry. The fact that you are name calling is a give away. Have a peaceful Sabbath, if you can.
      This is my last comment.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Poor Left Behind:-( I feel so sorry for you……You are so bitter! Do you think you could have done any better, if you were given a post in the conference office? I THINK NOT! Imagine, you are a pastor out here! Poor congregation.. I bet your sermons are so full of condemnation that everyone leaves and runs to Churchpond and Praizevision to get a breakthrough., Give it a rest! God is in control..
    Praying for you Bro Pastor


    • Back Field In Motion says:


      You certainly are like the many “cowards” that say nothing for anyone yet expect something from everybody. Your tone sounds like the “ignorant” person who has nothing to say that can make a difference. Why don’t you identify who you are so all the viewers can know what a blind person you seem to be along with your zooidal remarks. If you are a mentally challenged obtuse pastor locked in a vacuum, pray for some air because you are dying as a result of suffocation by vacuous thinking.

      Why don’t you write something that can spell out your view of things and your picture of how you can make our conference a better place for everybody—there is always room for views to change when we engage in meaningful dialogue; Or can you change from a hypocrite into a meaningful person?

      Left Behind did a great service to the SWRC and deserves much credit. At least this person stood for something that made an impact.

      Whether people agree or not Left Behind opened the field up for discussion and dialogue. His writings helped people and workers cope with the feeling of being left out. Through the writer’s contributions it helped the blog become a success.
      For whatever it is worth thanks for your “ICANSTEIN” COMMENT.



        Back Field In Motion:

        Thanks for defending Left Behind. Obviously we have a commentor who thanks he/she is such a righteous person. Let’s all pray for him and move on. Your comment was right on time.


      • Anonymous says:

        Wow! Such a mean spirited response! This tells me two things: 1. Your are young, 2. Left Behind is most likely your father!
        So sorry for hurting your feelings:-( It certainly was not my intention. I still think Left Behind is angry and sarcastic. I think
        it’s very disturbing that a pastor is acting in that way. I should not have said anything about his sermons, sorry…He is not the only one out here who is preaching hell and damnation. Most SDA pastors do. So once again please accept my apology………I think you all need to get some healing….. A lot of hurt happened in the last administration for a very long time. Hope it will stop with the new one.


    • Sister- Girl says:

      TO: Anonymous + Anonymous

      Appreciate if both of the recent anonymous will be a little more polite. However, to the anonymous that is criticizing Left Behind, you apparently have not been with us from the beginning, and if you have, then I suspect you are a pastor and my best guess is that you are on the wrong side. I have talked with most of the Pastor’s in this field and I know their struggle. Even the ones that are retired. The only ones that I know are happy are the ones who retired under the new regional system, They get their money on time and it is a lot more than they previously received, thanks to the insights of those like the late Elder Dudley and Joe McCoy, there could be other pioneers, I just don’t know them.

      Shamefully, because the way the Conferences have operated and I mean more than just the SWRC, you are not promoted by merit, but by who you know and what deals are made behind close doors. Left Behind just made more people aware of it. That was a service that many of his colleagues appreciate, and,….. I know this because I heard them say so. No one knows who he is but from his writings I know a lot, he is not lazy, he cannot help but have interesting and thought provoking sermons, because he took the time to make us aware of our failings also and he writes with a little twist and that does not come easy but with thought. Because he did not mind sticking his neck out, we now have a conference on the way to being probably re-organized. People who are bitter, just stay in their comfortable environment, do nothing for no one else and just sit back and criticize! Any faithful viewer of this blog, knows you are not describing Left Behind. So when you say “Give it a Rest” might you belong to the ones of the opposite side. Because, there is, an opposing side and If we had been giving it a rest ….I wonder what would we have today. It should come as no surprise, but these viewers know that if Left Behind, never gets in the conference office, he probably has made the most effective change this Conference has seen in a while…..can you imagine, effecting the outcome of an election, just by writing and creating awareness! That is what Left Behind did!


      • Anonymous says:

        You will find that the politics and favoritism will prevail…..These pastors are like every human on earth……Selfish, looking out for number one! It will not get better until Jesus says so. “Giving it a rest” does not mean not doing anything. And what with the reveal yourself plea? All you cowards are hiding, but you want me to reveal! Laughable! So you can take me to the nearest tree and hang me? None of you are converted! I have been around and I have first hand experience that none are kind, no not one.


    • Ain't too proud to beg says:

      Sister Girl

      Thanks for such a well thought out response to the hypocritical comment written by the Anonymous. It is hypocritical because the unidentified person has made a statement that is in contradiction with sound thinking. First he believes in remaining anonymous. Most likely this person is aware of the EXCOM’s mid spring attempt to destroy the first amendment right of freedom of speach. If you don’t like the blog or posts and you disagree you have the right to say why. Through this kind of dialogue we find ways and means to make something better such as our conference. Being anonymous on the blog was part of the EXCOM discussion to legally stop people from participating in the discussion. The blog grew because of their failed attempt. Anonymous might be one of these individuals.

      If he/she believes what some people wanted to do to the blog he/she should state his/her’s full name. The attack is personal. Last he assumes that “letting it rest” and doing nothing is the way change comes while he/she allows others to work for his/her good.

      The writing by Left Behind describes the plight of workers in our conference who will never get the opportunity to engage in ministry in ways that they dreamed of because of the deliberate characterizations by those who want to stay in their “glass castle” in the bottoms of Dallas. All for selfish reasons. They would send men to the worse places in the conference for punishment reasons for speaking out or disagreement. This type of attitude still prevails but I believe that the president is trying to change it.

      ANONYMOUS: Try to tell us why you disagree with what Left Behind has written and what you think you would do. This would help in our overall discussion.


      • Anonymous says:

        Left Behind is just plain angry. He just enjoys stirring poop! I am not attacking him. He is having fun but he needs to
        use his talents to help us get ready for the kingdom..
        I dont know of any pastor in a “glass castle” You sound jealous. Thats why a lot of pastors dont want members in
        their homes…..They become envious and talk trash like that after the visit!


  6. dolomite9 says:

    I wonder who will be the ministerial secretary!


  7. dolomite9 says:

    apparently,somebody reads the blog!It has made a difference and kept us from serious disaster.Don’t give up !







  9. NEWCOMER says:

    Man this is a good article. Does anyone know who wrote this. I hope people are reading the full intent. The comment a and reaction to the post are very good. I like this blog. I GIVE IT TWO THUMBS UP!


    • Sister- Girl says:

      Hi Newcomer:

      The article was written by Left Behind. Left Behind is likely a minister or worker, because he knows a lot of ins and outs of this conference and the denomination in general and all of his articles and, well, “stories ” are thought-provoking and in my opinion absolutely true or someone would have refuted them and no one has. What we have in this region is a lot of people who have benefitted from the blog but who rarely speak up. If you go back and review the archives you will be caught up to the issues. Welcome


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR says:


      As sister girl mentioned, Welcome. I hope that you will make some comments that will be helpfull in our discussions.


  10. dolomite9 says:

    We must be circumspect what applies to one,applies to all whether it is moonlighting,adultery,fornication,embezzlement,extortion, or whatever the case may be,if one is guilty and disciplined or discharged from service,the same applies to anyone else!When exceptions are made for one and not for another, we lose our credibility and our unfairness can cause apostacy.If we start out right,we can end up right.By the way this is August what is the staus of the Strategic Plan?


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR says:


      We are at the moment between a car and a bus. Both could kill us. We need some law around here. is there a law dog in town who can round up the gang that is out of control? When you think you are doing right but you’re doing wrong, can you be right?

      This is the situation we now face. God save the SWRC.


  11. dolomite9 says:

    Come on people let’s get something started in the right direction!the economy is tanking and we need to save ourselves and our conference from the “spiritual teaparty people” who are bent on making sure no progress is made!You see how the teaparty has hurt President Obama and the country so let’s not let their counterparts do the same to President Green and this conference!An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and to be forwarned is to be forwarned!


  12. dolomite9 says:

    Now we are getting somewhere this “I’ll see ya later not Laodicea “person needs to be contained and restrained and if salvageable then retrained!”we are not to be divided by big church ,small church mentalities.This person is doing this purposely for division.Stop him or drop him or both!”Those who are opposed to unity are not suited to hold office”so the manual for the church says and it should be that pastors or other workers who purposely bring in division should purposely be subtracted from the ranks!Deal with him before he deals with you!This is no time for retreat!When people like this display this kind of behavior, they are testing the limits and there needs to be a zero tolerance for this type of behavior.


  13. TFS says:

    Your comment on ministers moonlighting, and members finishing off the wounded was spot on. Members sometimes don’t see the life of a minister or his family.

    However, a Strategic Plan would provide a path to higher education and promotion. Instead of members and ministers politicking to get ahead, a path would exist to assist them in their endeavors. It is shameful that this is nonexistent and furthermore why a minister’s wife feels forgotten and the minister is left behind.


  14. Jonah_77 says:

    To Oh Dear: Thanks for your interest, but what’s your point? When we start talking about anti-Christ and such you confuse and scare alot of people.

    Yes an individual pitted large churches against small churches. But ultimately he is cowering in a corner because his politics was defeated. Or was it? We must offer solutions instead of more preachy dialect that keeps people disinterested. As a matter of fact, what would you? I ask this humbly because this is a discussion, not a complaint section in the human resources division.

    What Say You?


  15. OH DEAR!!!" says:

    We have entered the era of the “Later-I’ll-see ya not Laodecea”. It a good bye mentality of kooks hiding in a nut-shell. They are thinking of their gain and not the future as a whole. An example of the “Later-I’ll see ya” era, was noticible when one of the so called genius’ of ministry pitted large churches against small ones on the large committee. This was an ongoing saga of a deliberate coalition as mentioned by a previous post. You could out right see this in play. Was that delegate feasting on the flesh of nuts. Too many nuts can turn into a nut GONE NUTS.

    Little did he know that he led some into a nutshell of” thoughtless thinking” that would pit members against each other just because one church was bigger than the other. Only one or two large committee delegates stood up and challenged such a “kookish” and “nut filled” recommendation. Even the small churches could’t see through the ruse. They were belittled because some who were there were caught up in a political “strong arm” to get an agreed person elected for their future benefit. So Crystal Clear, it was crystal clear. Do you really think it is a good idea in the interest of Christ to allow church members from large or small churches to become the Hatfields and McCoys? Figure this out.


    Selfishness and division are from the devil and are counter productive.This is anti Christ.

    Does gemetria spell out his name as 666? Does he fail to reach completion? You do the math and count the number of times this person has divided people. This anti Christ person has a LATER I’LL SEE YA PHILOSOPHICAL GAME TO PLAY AGAINST WORKERS AND MEMBERS IN THIS CONFERENCE.

    IT’S ALL FOR ME AND NONE FOR THEM! That is, “I’ll see you sloughing in the dumbs of no where to go.” “I don’t want you to be any better than me.” “You can’t rise any higher than where I am” etc.



  16. Jonah_77 says:

    Well, its possible that people are just disinterested now until it affects them. How do you deal with a EXCOM that wants to vote down all your measures for reform? Exposure. We know who is on the committee from looking at the SWRC website. Write to the conference or call the conference and ask these people to explain themselves.

    Transparency is very important and why we started this forum. Why won’t any members from the SWRC EXCOM at least explain their reasoning for voting down a qualified person? It is Cowardly to turn the knife behind closed doors and then come out and not be able to explain it.

    The Strategic Plan is still a joke until someone can provide a plan or a receipt. If you give me a plan, then I would like to see its timeline for implementation. If you give me a receipt, (They won’t), I would like to see the logic in how you spent $30,000 on a flier with pictures on it. I want to know the credentials of the person who they hired. Does he own or operate a multi-million dollar organization that functions across 5 states? If not, then why was he sought out? People this ain’t checkers, this chess. With all of these accusations flying around, someone should just set the record straight. “Yes we have a plan but it was a mistake and we wasted the money and so now we have to start all over again.” If some one just said that and provided answers. life would be easy. But the reason why no one will say anything is because accountability is only a factor during constituency meeting and because of the secret inner circle of a few.

    What Say You?


  17. dolomite9 says:

    Amen to everything already stated, the real problem is that if the so called “no committee” can block suggestions that that the new president requests,then something must be done to stop them.The implication is if they personalize every recommendation,then they have the power to pick and choose based not on qualifications but on whether or not they like the person being considered.This action can be counter productive at best and while it may not matter to you when they do it to someone else but if they can do it to someone else,they can do it to you!This needs to be stopped in its infancy and not be allowed to mature any further because we cannot afford four years of stagnation!We voted the so called startegic plan and since we bought it we own it so we need to make it work for us or throw it out and find something better!The executive committee works for the conference and those who comprise it need to realize that it is a privilege that if abused can be taken away.The new President knows how to make some hard decisions and how to deal with people he has read the skillsand abilities for handling those who think that they are on the committee to wheel and deal!The day of the “fat cats and slick mamas” is over! There is a new sheriff in town!No more crocodile tears,no more lies, no more sorry alibis”!No more!Just because you are not a committee member does not mean you have to sit by complacently when crazy actions and decisions are made that affect you directly or indirectly!The :Lord never told anybody to just sit around and do nothing!This so called”no committee” must be accountable orthey should be replaced!A zero tolerance needs to be in effect and that will stop all of this ying and yang and the church and conference can go forward!Heaven is still our ultimate goal!


    • Sister- Girl says:

      Thanks DOLOMITE! I think we were saying the same thing at about the same time. Hope more comments are coming and maybe some from the Executive Committee!


    • GONE NUTS says:

      Sister Girl And Dolemite9:

      Yes, some members on the committee who are looking at this blog and who wanted it to go away are involved in a political coalition. This exist in almost every committee. They even meet on occasions to discuss a likely outcome. You can bet that the formation of the present committe was a dellberate mix in the end to place people on the committee that would protect–and I quote–“their interests”. These are mostly rogue preachers who have dominated the political landscape. The president knows who these individuals are. They will of coarse deny all of this, however their involvment is real.

      What is wrong with this current situation? Some workers will suffer in moves because the so identified coalition are willing to send them else where while they skate into retirement and remain in a place they feel comfortable at. Don’t foreget those who are the “frat brothers” who are looking to move to that next level. And never forget this; the “Ratpack” is not dead but hav their fingers in the selection and return of certain executive committee members who would meet their demands, This is why we might enter into a path of stagnation over the next few years if the president does not step up.

      Green will have a hard time trying to balance things out. In the end he will lose friends and associates he has known for years. There is no such thing as a “just right fit” for every worker, especially older men.

      Churches are responsible too. They are still into the short term pastor. Members are not making their parish a place where men could stay for ten or more years.They like the idea that they have a means to kick some pastor’s behind that they would like to get rid of.

      I feel really sorry for the many ministers who have endured in places they would like to leave but can’t. The pastorate should be the highest level of the church and most secure. Men and women should be fighting to get there and stay there. In our system we have made the church a “killing field” where men/women are fighting to get out. Members take note…this is why men/women are getting their higher degrees and training in other fields so when the “hatchet” comes and you no longer want them, they have something to fall back on to make a living. But, now, most of us did not take advantage of this because we stayed to pastor “you” because we believed that ministry was/is full time.

      Many members may not be aware that some ministers are working another full time job and making almost or more than their salary. This has been going on for years and administration has closed their eyes to it. I wonder when the president will ask for men to send in their w2’s like they ask for a tithe statement? I am not knocking men/women who want provide for their families but, make it equal and fair and don’t punish the guy or girl who works a lifetime and played by the rules.The majority of men/women have been faithful to the local parish. What is so funny about this is you the members will take the guy or girl working the other job and the doctorate over the person who has dedicated his life to pastoral ministry. This is “my gripe” with administration–they play your hand.

      Administrations has provided the bullets and ministers have shot themselves while members are finishing off the wounded.


  18. CRYSTAL CLEAR says:

    T. Jackson and Jonah77:

    Both of your comments make real sense. This list that T. Jackson wrote about was based on the vote for the Strategic Plan. The issue is, at the moment we don’t have one except as the writer has written in the previous posts, we have a flyer that cost 30,000 dollars. Who was doing the thinking? At the writing of the present comment we still do not have posted on the SWRC website the FULL PLAN. This is not acceptable.

    The other ongoing issue has to do with the Ministerial position and why they would not accept HL. The reason for it not being filled and referred to the EXCOM, had do with it being a full time responsibity instead of part time. At that timethere was no budget for it. So What happened?

    Many of us who have served on the EXCOM before have noted that this was quite unusual and devestating based on the reported unanimous vote. Votes tell us many things. This one says that there exist a coalition.


    • Sister- Girl says:

      As I have previously stated, there are many people who view the blog, (700 in just a few days) and I can understand why some are hesitant to comment. I am definitely an information seeker and that is why I feel that many questions could be easily answered if the SWRC website would just post information. It would stop speculation, because we would have the facts and not rumors. However, I can understand why the SWRC may not post information, because they may feel every decision made would be picked apart and dissected in a public way and we are a private organization like many others. Well, for many viewers, I know you are forming opinions and have opinions and I still do not recall anyone stating that the blog has not been helpful. As I continue to think about this blog, I see it as a watchdog that reminds those who make decisions regarding the Conference, …..that really bad decisions from now on will not go by unchecked and in my opinion I still think that is a good thing. Just look at how we have been discussing the ministerial position…days in the past… this decision would be accepted and nothing else would be said, because we would not know anything else. In fact, we still know nothing, but we are asking and no one is talking. Appreciate if Dr.Stanley would weigh in on this and any others. My next question is, since we know nothing, I just wonder if people really think there is a coalition or could it be that Committee members just wanted someone else for the position. That certainly would not surprise me.


      • dolomite9 says:

        Sister Girl that is a definite possibility that evryone else wanted someone else but if noone but the officers wanted hl ,then it looks loike a conspiracy.!


  19. Jonah_77 says:

    T Jackson, I agree. There must be a way to ensure that our leaders are supporting change. How can we do this? The reason you will not see a Strategic plan is because one does not exist. When people understand that this is a multi-million dollar organization, that caters to the spiritually sick, they might, just might get their act together. How can we have an organization like this with no plan. We can’t. That is the reason why the accusations fly around involving land purchases, money, and etc…How hard is it for the EXCOM and leaders to say here is what we want to do, and where we want to put your money. But this is more than money, this is about power. With the decline and utter destruction of the Political Party known as the “Rat Pack”. New hidden factions have arisen. Its really not funny because they operate like the Conference Opposition Party. (COP). When this happens you have set individuals with a certain task to utterly say NO to everything and Block everything. People, in some instances this is why outsiders laugh at us.

    It is ultimately up to the President to bring a calm to chaos. He does not have to be feared, but he does rather have to be a firm bold leader. If he is not, then he will be a puppet and this saga will continue another four years. Everyone agrees he is the most qualified President this conference has ever had.

    Mr. President, flex your influence and begin your reforms.

    What Say You!!


  20. T Jackson says:

    Heres my issue. The SWRC has talented and strong leaders yet we play by the same old rules and expect different results. We focus on who is popular rather than who can get things done. I could care less about the anonymity of TFS. Quite frankly the identity is obsolete. Let’s focus on the agenda.
    I’m still waiting on this strategic plan. I saw the list during constituency but based on the archaic mindset of our leaders (I respect President Green so this has nothing to do with him but with the leadership as a whole).
    Time to get it together or get left behind.


  21. Jonah_77 says:


    What I see is some speaking out that obviously have a different opinion about what to do about the future, but hide behind the cloak of Christianity because they do not want to make their agenda known. That is where Thoughtless thinking originates. Laypersons and ministers alike. I am so disheartened by the idea that we could have a constituency meeting and elect a new president and start the political party system all over again. To be frankly clear, the SWRC is now in an environment in which they have a GOP. Thats utterly ridiculous. Much of the way our citizens describe our current government, we should not act this way as Christians. I mean really, since May, what have we accomplished? The Strategy is so important because it will set a tone for the next five years or so. Are we saying we cant even get something out of the committee?

    I challenge anyone on this site to discuss professionally their ideas. This forum is about the exchange of ideas to move forward. It is not in my opinion to air dirty laundry, gossip, or even to promote one cause or idea over the other. It is in contrast to take ideas an concepts from each other, agree or disagree and give readers information on what should be transparent but is obviously opaque in almost every aspect.

    What Say You?


  22. Thank you all for your comments in the last post.

    In reading this post and also looking at the previous comments on the previous post I am astonished at how some people are concerned about being anonymous, some are trying to find out who I am, and others are focused on the problem and not the solution. Many are concerned as to whether this is the right forum.

    Someone please tell me what the right forum is. Is it after church, during a potluck? Maybe it is over dinner or lunch at a restaurant. Perhaps it is a three way call between people who have a certain goal or interest.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have already had the right Forum. It was called Constituency Meeting. God and the people spoke. Are we now saying that God does not know what to do with his church? If God did not want the current President in power he would not have put him there, strikingly there he stands. It is the duty of the people to stand by God’s anointed and support him. Why is everyone so paranoid to make the necessary changes to advance? Speak out and be heard or sit on the bench. Either way the agenda will move forward. Do not let it be God that has to move you out of the way because you (Obstructionist) are blocking his will. It did not work for Dathan and Korah it will not work today. Do not let the ground swallow you up because of what you think is best. God has already chosen that person.

    A wall is simply an object, it can be moved, destroyed, or simply climbed over.


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