(Genesis 34 and 35)


The biblical interpreter studying Genesis understands the story about Dinah. They remember and recall the tragic rape of Jacob’s and Leah’s daughter and what occurred afterward. (Gen. 34:1, 2) Jacob’s sons plotted to slaughter the men of Shechem in revenge (the Father (Hamor) and son included), not for the rape of Dinah, but for family “honor”. (verses 23- 29)

When the news of the slaughter at Shechem became known to Jacob, the narrator reveals that the patriarch exploded at the thought of his family being wiped out by neighboring Canaanites. So, as minority aliens in a foreign land, they had to pack up and leave at the direction of God and head back to Bethel. (Gen. 35:1)

Now, a casual reader might overlook the carefully entwined motifs of deceit, murder and “thoughtless thinking” by the patriarch’s sons. Obviously the narrator wants the reader to follow the aforementioned elements of the “insanity of sin” starting from the fall as it infectiously spreads from Adam and Eve through the deceit of Satan, all the way through the rest of Genesis. The dysfunctional elements of deceit and “thoughtless thinking”, which resulted in the loss of human life, further demonstrated the infectious nature of sin on “human consciousness”. Afterward, the sons would hold a “secret meeting” to do away with their half brother Joseph—more “thoughtless thinking”. (verse 13)

Making an association, I am sure that most of the members of “our” Executive Committee are striving to be Christians as they wrestle with the great issues that confront our Conference. Most of them really want to make the best decisions. However, I am concerned about the “thoughtless”, “influential ones” who like Jacob’s sons will make decisions for “their own honor”, through the process employed by the enemy of “thoughtless thinking”.


Digging deeper, when you come to understand the unacceptable tragic, vicious and violent rape of Dinah, you discover nothing about her psychological and spiritual well being. Why? The narrator of Genesis wants us to focus on the selfish and deliberate actions of the brothers. As we form our conclusions, we might reason how utterly evil they became and the awful results that could have jeopardized the inheritance of the future Promised land passed on to Jacob. Also, we follow the transference of the deceitful character of Jacob who swindled Esau out of his birthright. I hope you catch the progression here.

Biblical inspiration reveals that we have to admit that human weaknesses, colored with deceit, leads to “thoughtless thinking”. In all the stories beginning with Genesis 12 and onward, the element of deceit led to “thoughtless thinking” by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (their wives and concubines included) and his sons by taking matters into their own hands, which in each story led to tragedy and trouble. Get the point here—the only remedy for thoughtless thinking is “total trust in God”. CAN YOU SAY AMEN!

The reawakening of my memory recalls that I have witnessed members on previous Executive Committees plot the demise of their fellow workers by holding secret “kitchen table meetings”. During these sessions they spent hours engaging in “thoughtless thinking” as some peddled their Christianity for self preservation. They even discussed how they would vote by adding up how the scale might tip as they gain support for their plans. Their actions were deliberately responsible for killing (fired) good men and women and enacting bad policies. Do you think these former executive committee members were trusting in God?

What is lacking in all of this?God’s Will. Sinful people often seem to figure out how they can circumvent God’s Will through “thoughtless thinking”. Yet some of these same executive members who are continuing on from the previous one, voted for all the land purchases that seem to have landed our conference into a financial downward tail spin. Should we put our trust in them?



Ok, what possible solutions are available? From my street, some members on Executive Committee should…

Stop holding any secret meetings and start praying to do what is right and acceptable before God. Don’t even become a part of one. By doing this you can assure constituents that you are not scheming.

Give the president what he needs when the Executive Committee is presented with a legitimate request. There are some who currently hold an office that the committee could have much discussion about concerning their performance.

Members on the committee, who possess a personal vendetta, should read the ethical policies for serving by the president. He should be stern about the consequences and willing to discharge them of their service if necessary.

Don’t allow certain members who seek to dominate every conversation on every issue to do so. This is a deliberate strategy called “positioning” for influence and domination.

Get a revised Strategic Plan that is really functional and can be implemented on the tactical level. Every constituent at the quadrennial session deserves a hard copy of the entire Strategic Plan.

By the way, I am Left Behind


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  1. Sister- Girl says:

    Thank you very much left behind.. I have been in many circles of friends who were reading the blog everyday and sometimes twice a day. I can tell you they agree with most of the blogs on the blog. I appreciate you bringing out a much needed insight of the inner-workings of our system. If nothing else, it makes one think of the plight of others determined by a small group of people who are influenced by an even smaller group of people. So, I would like to say this to the Executive Committee, before you make a decision on anything, please try to get to the facts of the situation. And, if you do not have enough facts, then table your decision until you do. Word of mouth from a few members of the committee, who may have “secret agendas” IS not good enough. Just put yourself in the position of the workers. Their livelihood and lifestyle will be effected by the decisions you make. If a move is being presented or a new job is being offered and the personnel committee has not talked to the worker to get their feedback, and that feedback or concern has not been presented to you for consideration then that action should be delayed. I am just wondering do you ask yourselves really, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? I hate to admit it, but I know there is a clamoring for power and position by workers in this field and there is also jealousy and envy of those who are in the positions that others want. More power to the people and again thanks Left Behind for keeping us aware. My only wish is those who benefit from the blog, who like being informed, will start contributing by making commments. Those of us who regularly contribute, would like to hear from you. You’re out there, share your opinion. I talk with some of you every week, don’t let the blog just rest on the shoulders of a few. We all benefitted as a constituency. We are making our conference better, just remember, many hands make light work. This is also a place where you can agree and agree to disagree.


  2. dolomite9 says:

    To avoid an avalanche,the proprietors of the strategic plan must be held accountable from start to finish.There can be no dumb questions but there must be an answer for each question asked and a reason for each dollar spent. Or proposed to be spent even if or when it comes down to paying for someone to oversee or carry out the plan.What is the criteria for such a person or position and what will they give in order to justify being paid?How will the plan be implemented and what will it cost?Will there be equal support for the weak and strong churches and conversely,the small churches and the big ones?How will you measure its success?Who will determine its success?/will the training session for the pastors to implement the plan be done in a day or a week?Is SWRC ready for such a paradigm shift?These are just a few things to coonsider so as to avoid an avalanche which is sure to happen if we keep going on the way we are.Thank you for your concerns and for blowing a whistle or should we say blowing the whistle?


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR says:


      Well said and well written. Thanks for giving LEFT BEHIND some encouragement. I think what we néed to dispel are the inadequate statements that the PACK put OUT THAT the blog is not positive. Perhaps they are not aware that this is an opinion forum. Anyone who use such language means that they are angry because of the truth.

      The average member does not no the inner working of how the conference does business. They don’t understand the game of politics in a religious organization. The executive committe are human people with a worldview shaped by the environment where they get their information. They have an opinion that they push. No one should be upset because we criticize them in order that they make better decisions and set good policies. They are public officials that can determine a persons lively hood or job.



  3. Ain't too proud to beg says:


    I get your message. However we need to hear you suggestion for a positve outcome in the future. What can we do to avoid a avalanch.

    The writer of the above post should be commended. At least he is telling a story that is truth and helpful. I hope that people are reading this post as I am. I may not agree with everthing but it certainly is getting the picture out about the challenges the SWRC faces.

    I hope they don’t kill Left Behind. HIs stories have been eye openers.


  4. dolomite9 says:

    Nonetheless and contrary notwithstanding, “it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”God reigns and is still in charge no matter what.Admittedly, it is disconcerting and discouraging for a new president to start out with a committee that already has a “no list” for his reasonable requests but God still reigns.Be encouraged first they criticize you then they mimic you then they praise and embrace you.Soon your enemies will be your footstool!


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