The Plan That Never Was

As much as we talk and beg and plead for answers it is clear to me that the real answer is in our face. The SWRC is playing poker and apparently has a bad hand. Other conferences are all in while we have simply folded time and time again. Where is the opposition? What happened to Frank, Dino and Jerry? Where are Fraternity when it matters most. The plans people are requesting are going to affect the younger leaders the most and for the longest. Someone please tell me that leaders are leaders all the time and not just when election time rolls around. I cannot understand it. How men will go to Oakwood, complete Andrews University, and continue to act like high school students in a popularity contest. People, Mr. President, leaders of the SWRC, GET SOMETHING DONE.

The enthusiasm for change is there. God has willed that those in positions now are there to do his will. Why is it so hard? Who are we worrying about? How hard is it, for the President to convene a strategy seminar or conference to put legs on a plan that moves his administration forward? Do not squander the opportunity that the constituents gave you. There are too many people out there who stayed the long nights on election night, and drove the long distances to see this leadership team succeed.

Be transparent. What is the plan? The Strategic Planning Committee must do a better job at this or in my opinion they are ineffective and should allow or hire a CEO to come in and show them what a real strategic campaign plan looks like. Something with various lines of effort, a long range calendar, and multiple levels of strategic, operational, and tactical leadership within the conference and churches. The Strategic Chair has to do a better job of selling this plan because all we have is a flier with pictures on it. Really? However, it is not too late for the Chairperson to market and promote it by making it known. But if the Chair wont stand by it, then it wont matter how many legs you put on it, you still wont have a table. Here is my Question? Why is it so hard to put the information out or simply say “I don’t have any Kings. Go Fish.”

What Say You?



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23 Responses to The Plan That Never Was

  1. CRYSTAL CLEAR says:

    Anonymous…August 2:

    After reading carefully your comment…I see light and get your point.IT is not possible for anyone to get your email or no who you are, including me. That’s why the blog is anonymous so you can say what you mean and lead interested viewers to understanding the issues that concern us. Eventually we will come to no the facts. Let’s get the truth.


  2. CRYSTAL CLEAR says:

    To Anonymous: Date August 2:

    Thank you for your view and exercising your free speech. However, I don’t agree with you concerning the EXCM. They are elected to serve the people of this Conference. The people have the right to know every decision the EXCOM makes. EXCOM …and I can tell you that mostly everthing that is discussed is known by some through out the region through leaks. Some by members and the administration.

    Our money makes the conference run. Why would you give to an organization that will not post their decisions that will spend the money we give. How many people knew about all the land deals? Very little. I would like to know the reasoning behind their decision so that I can understand. (see Covey)

    Personal information concerning workers should NEVER be disclosed. Is there something personal concerning the Committees decision on the ministerial position? All you have to say is yes or know? Do you know?

    I have heard nothing morally or ethically. I don’t think the president would have brought up such a recommendaiton if he know of some failing on the person’s part. Can we say that about excom committee members departmental and workers?

    Please reply…I would like to read your serious point of view so I can be CHRYSTAL CLEAR!


  3. Jonah_77 says:

    Thanks Dolomite 9. But let’s put somethings in perspective. If I am elected I expect to get all, all the tools I need to advance my agenda forward. If my subordinates can’t do that, then they should tender their resignation.

    We are in the trenches if spiritual warfare, we don’t have time to play games or appease a minority of individuals who have their own agenda. It’s not about them. It’s about you.

    What Say You?


  4. dolomite9 says:

    Freedom by any means necessary!A specially called constituency to expose and replace a commite with a secret agenda?What else was able to slip by?


  5. dolomite9 says:

    People don’t change, they just get older.The rat pack and fraternity brothers are just waiting their turn but they will be just who they were!The president needs to play the hand that is dealt to him and hope for the best.Obviously, he will not get everything he asks for but some is better than none and most is better than a little.Declare the victory anyway!
    give peace a chance if you do it will come back to you!


  6. Anonymous says:


    Let us continue to pray for our President and the executive committe. Let us pray for those who are “doing their will” in the committee room. It is even more concerning that the spirit being displayed in the committe room is being displayed in our churches.The most perfect prayer ever given is what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”. However, this spirit is saying one section of “The Lord’s Prayer” to our will be done on earth and in heaven because we know the best way to run earth and heaven. You may have the power and glory as long as do it our way.

    There is nothing wrong “The Lord’s Prayer” as Christ give it to us. Therefore, I appeal to all the members of SRC to close your personal worship with “The Lord’s Prayer” for the next 30 days. As we let God’s will become part of our daily lives, it will become part of our church live and our conference live.

    I have no fear that God’s will will be done.



    • STILL NUTS says:

      NO FEAR

      thank you for your comment. Let’s promote your idea of the Lord’s prayer. LET GOD’s WILL BE DONE.

      As for our excom and HL I am still dazed that they would not approve the recommendation. If HL can pastern one of our flag ship churches he is capable of being Ministerial. I would like know what their reasoning behind the decision was about.

      I want to see our president get off to a good start so the SWRC can move positively forward.

      Good comment.


      • anonymous says:

        We do not have to know the reasoning behind the committee’s decision. That’s an employee issue, FYI as a member of the congregation at large, I could shed some light, but this blog isn’t the place 4 disclosing confidential info. The exec com has a very sacred duty too perform, pray much for them n our president. I noticed a lot of “his agenda” instead of recommendations for being led by God to impliment His agenda.


  7. Anonymous says:

    At the last Anonymous Comment: Thank you for your comment

    The need for a public forum is crucial. A critical leadership personnel nomination of the President was voted down and this was a respected man. It is because people remained silent for years that we have the problems we have now. What other forum exist that allows people to speak out without reprisal or reproach? Ministers know one thing, speaking out gets you moved or fired with no regard for health or family.

    This blog was not setup to bash God’s organization or its leaders, however, men who have a secret agenda that supports the few should be exposed for their true intentions. You have a great point in that you look to glorify God. However, I am sure you know that many of the actions and inactions of the SWRC leadership have been missteps in the wrong direction. How else can we fix it if we don’t talk about it?

    To Crystal Clear: We encourage people to be anonymous because it allows for a free discussion.

    I believe that this is a proper public forum, but dirty laundry has not been aired here. Trust me. I have been around this Conference for 30yrs. If someone wanted to air dirty laundry, they could because there is plenty to talk about.

    The best thing to do, is to continue to move the discussion forward in a positive manner and pray that our leaders are listening. Trying to stifle the President’s agenda is not right. Trying to hinder his capability by limiting the selections of people he feels most confident to do the job is not right.

    Is he seriously supposed to surround himself with people he is uncomfortable with and have every intention of block or obstructing his agenda? No! Elections mean something, so give our President a break.


    Never Silent, Forgotten No More


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR says:


      This make me proud to be a seventh-day Adventist and has lifted my spirit. I respect the the comment about being anonymous for the reasons you mentioned and the right to say what you mean and still be fellow christians.

      I hope everyone in the southwest region reads your comment.

      Thank you for bringing the discussion to the center.


    • Sister- Girl says:

      It just occurred to me that I am commenting on something that I have no solid facts on except the comments of some ministers and some members who are in the know. My last comment, I forgot to mention Marian, someone who seem to lend balance to our conversations. Please come back Marian. Many people were reading the blog and I believe they are coming back when we have issues. One issue that I have had for a long time is lack of information. That is why the blog is great. Information would get out that was reliable and people wanted to know. So, I am requesting the writers of the SWRC websIte to update your site with information from Executive Committee meetings as a way of showing us that you will be open so members do not have to speculate. Personal information need not be disclosed. Just the same way that School Boards post their actions, you can do the same. As the current commercial states ” it’s our money and we want it now!” Its our business and our money and we have a right to know to some extent what is happening. We don’t know everything! People talk before committee meetings. The whole thing regarding this position could have been a set-up from the beginning. We can not judge because we do not know all the facts. That whole Byrd thing was mighty messy. We really don’t know all the players, but I tend to agree with Backfield, something is going on. I just checked the SWRC website, no new news. I remember years ago urging the Committee, to send minutes to church clerks to post as a means of keeping people informed.
      Now it is easy, just post on the website. Next question, the committee we now have, how different is it from what we had? I would like to know, 5 or more new members or less? Dolomite, where you at?


  8. anonymous says:

    Consider, God sets up n takes down, He doesn’t need our finite efforts going against His infinite wisdom. We don’t always understand His reasoning but He knows about all.
    What He ask of us is true worship n praise.

    True worship n praise brings us to the foot of the cross, leading to complete n full surrender to the will of God as we reflect on His goodness n ultimate sacrifice
    As we bash our own denomination n conference we r truly out of His will. God help us. What other denomination has aired their own dirty laundry n a public forum.

    A public forum 4 us to air our dirty laundry is only a source of stumbling 4 members & non members. How is God being magnified, glorified, or the church being edified? God tells us n His word, if there b any praise or any virtue, think on these things(paraphrase).


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR says:

      Thank you for your comment. However if you really believed the way you have written you would identify who you are and not list yourself as anonymous, your right. The racial decrimiation of the past was not overcome because of silent people. Men and women who loved God spoke out. It was public.

      Because someone spoke out you can go to the church of your choice. All the decipes except one died because they spoke out.of which we now have the Christian church.

      It sound to me that you are into perfectioinism a dangerous sick state to enjoy. Perfectionist always lecture everyone else. Saying and doing nothing is worse than speaking out.


    • IN JESUS' NAME says:

      I am happy that you have acknowledged the SWRC HAS DIRTY LAUNDRY. Should we clean the laundry or let It remain soiled?

      You and I were soiled with sin and Jesus cleaned us with his blood, publicly.



  9. CRYSTAL CLEAR says:

    A Missing Persons Report:

    Why is the former ministerial secretary silent? If anything he should not let a few people define his ministry. At least someone should write and tell HT’s side of things.

    HT…you are missing in action.


  10. Anonymous says:

    When one political party is defeated another one arises? This is why young people become disinterested. It is inconceivable that the President cannot get his picks into play to move his agenda forward.

    Why was the ministers nomination voted down?The simple reason that this is being discussed is a waste of time. Give the president what he wants. Does anyone want to see us get anything done? I am not finger pointing I am offering solutions.

    The President needs men close to him who are loyal and share the same vision. This train is moving, everybody should get on board to reform a broken system. A coalition of laypeople and ministers attempting to derail the Conference Presidents agenda is no different than the mix multitude constantly causing problems for Moses.

    If some has a better idea then they should let it be known and cease attempts to be counter productive.

    What Say You?


  11. Throwback75 says:

    The most important thing to recognize here is simple. We are dealing with beaurocratic leadership. As of late I have not seen TFS commenting lately. I believe this is because she has provided us, the people, the tools we need to empower our leaders to do Gods will and the will of the people. I can only imagine how heavy this burden has been for he/she. My question is what are we going to do about it? Why is she silent? Could it be that she cannot do this alone? We have to step to the plate this forum has had so much impact already.

    That may mean we need to throw out this committee in a special session WE CAN DO THAT if we stand together. Let’s mobilize Our president must have a TEAM that is willing stop creating red tape and get the work done.

    How committed is this committee to making drastic and substantial changes in this conference? What is this “strategic planning committee” going to about a plan that doesnt have a leg to stand on ?

    TFS where ever you are God Bless You! Thank you as frequent reader and member in this conference.


    • CRYSTAL CLEAR says:


      Good observation! If the people rise up and let the administration know that we are not going to put up with this kind of gridlock from those who want to take matters into their own hands then, we should let them know that we stand behind our newly elected president by asking for a special session.

      This is a time to stand up for “God’s Will to be done”. MR. PRESIDENT, TAKE IT TO THE PEOPLE NOW! CALL OUT THE COALITION BY NAME.


    • Sister- Girl says:

      TO: Throwback and Backfield IN Motion:

      I am back and see that a lot has happened while on summer break. I know a lot of us feel that we really help accomplish something with the TFS and the past election and without a doubt I know we made a difference. Left Behind and Jonah 77, dolomite 9, me,Craig and others that I may have forgotten to mention, your comments made a huge difference and without the TFS giving us this forum, well the plan of others would have prevailed. Of course, I never thought of the TFS being a male,but I don’t care who he/she might be, the contribution to the people of this conference was needed and I want to personally thank the TFS and we will continue to go on as best we can until you come back. Well, I know the President ,and I am thinking he has a lot on his plate, and if he has to deal with most of the same committee that was out to bring Dr. Byrd here the wrong way, well we can see he has a problem. And, if people on that committee are going to try and tie his hands, well,they may be underestimating the power of this blog! We will find out everything eventually! The truth always comes to light. The people elected you, just like they elected the President! You need to have a justifiable reason to not vote something the President requests. I am asking that the President bring back any request that he feels will promote this conference and committee members who vote against it let them be known. We, the people have the right to know, we will keep digging until we find out and we will call you by name and identify you as part of this so-called coalition. I was at constituency and it was the best one we have ever had and it was because of this blog. People were informed before we got there and during the meeting. I miss you TFS and you also informed us during campmeeting. You deserve a break! You have empowered us and we are not going to stand for this!!!! People we have made progress, now come on back and let’s make a difference! Really, are we going to let a stacked committee run stuff? For real! Also, someone called me and told me that Dr. Byrd was moving from Atlanta and going to Oakwood? Is it true? If it is, then he would have come here. I am sure the blog was blamed, but it was the committee, certain people trying to control the outcome of how God is trying to lead, you did not win then and we will not let you win now! Come on back Left Behind, we need some more stories!


  12. Back Field In Motion says:


    If you voted the Grace Temple pastor down, an international respected minister, what were your reasons. Tell the people why. We have a right to know. Stand up and be transparent! Unless you have something to hide.

    Otherwise, we understand that your work might be one of deceit and a scheme.

    Green, If this trend continues, call for special session and get another committee. Identify the coalition! Because you are in a position for a hard four years. Make no mistake about it there is a coalition! And we know their names.


  13. Anonymous says:


    Your observation of the resent committee meeting is very insightfull. Our president was given the team, he was told to work with to bring growth and spiritual advancement to our conference. All positions were filled but one,ministerial. By the committee not letting him have his choice approved reveal something dangerous. It shows that there is a coalition of the committee that wanted a president in name only. They are going to try to block any recommendation from the president that does not work with their own secret agenda. The real danger is to have a secret agenda that will interfer with God’s kingdom. God’s Word is filled with individuals who had secret agendas that was not in harmony with God’s will. God moved in whatever way felt need to go forward. Let us continue to pray daily for God’s will to be done in SWR and all secret agenda be put aside and God’s agenda under our president’s leadership move forward. No fear God is in control.



    • STILL NUTS says:

      No fear

      INSIGHTFUL OBSERVATION! Thanks for speaking the truth. Now it is time to pray for those who are “doing their will.”


  14. STILL NUTS says:


    The reality is that our president is faced with how many enemies will he have to get rid of before he can get something done. If he couldn’t get His choice through for ministerial it may be that he is facing a coalition of hawks comprised of ministers and lay people who have formed a secret agenda.

    It sound to me that the pack is making a come back.



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