Dr. Icanstein and Her Great Creation

In a remote village somewhere in the southwest, under tight security, we are taken away to a research development lab operated by Dr. Icanstein. Dr. Icanstein has been given the covert task of developing a “super wonder” that will in just moments evolve into a “Thing” that is “designed” to save the great southwest.

Her dedicated “committee” of handpicked developers is the “best of the best” thinkers in the region. Now, Dr. Icanstein and her “elite committee of thinkers” are moments from the birth of, of…its happening…ladies and gentlemen…stand back , stand back, we don’t know what to expect. Look out everyone, look out! WOW! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

DR ICANSTEIN: (Crying, speech) Ladies and gentlemen of the great southwest, we are witnessing the evolution of a new creature. Can you hear the sound of the creature’s little heart as it beats? Come closer and witness this great monumental achievement. (Applause, Clapping of hands and much adoration of kisses and hugs…arms on shoulders kind of thing)


DR. DOWNRIDICULOUS: Yes, yes, yes, this is a great marvel. Notice the life of the creature as it rolls from side to side. Dr. Icanstein you have created a magnificent wonder and you will win the Nobel Development Prize in Creature Features. It will make “the Peer Review Magazine”. You really out did yourself this time Dr. Icanstein. Madam Icanstein, tell us what it can do? (A Frat Brother)

DR. ICANSTEIN: (Stern voice) It will mobilize the forces of leaders and followers. It will lead our followers to reach the highest mountains. It will protect us from our common enemy. It will out think the most powerful super computer in the world. It will stream information to our constituents as to what we want them to do. All that it requires is for minds to follow, well, the “Thing”.

DR. WISENTHORPE: But Dr. Icanstein, there are several problems in the physiology of the “Thing” I see. The “Thing” doesn’t have legs. It also lacks eyes to see, a mouth to talk. I notice one last, well, thing, it has no brain. How long will it take for all that I have just mentioned to evolve into a complete “super wonder”?

DR. ICANSTEIN: Well, I-Can-tell-you in just a few simple words “I-don’t-know”. Time was not a part of the design. You asked for a “Thing” and I gave you “Icanstein”.

Doctors, dedication is only words, but sacrifice is “seen” in giving. (With a scalpel in her hand…) Who will make the ultimate sacrifice of giving “Icanstein” some legs to crawl, eyes to see, and a brain to think?

COMMITTEE: (Imediately, they all rush the door at once.)

DR. ICANSTEIN: Yelling) Dr. Ridiculous…come back! Come back!

~Inisightful Contributor

Just a thought: Does our current Strategic Plan resemble this comical illustration in any way? Think about it. We would love to hear your comments.


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4 Responses to Dr. Icanstein and Her Great Creation

  1. DPA says:

    Mr. President:

    When will we get the full plan? Doesn’t every member deserve a copy of the entire STRAT plan That was promised? The bylaws said that all reports were to be submitted by a date prior to the constituency meeting.

    How do you plan to implement the plan and when.


  2. Jonah_77 says:

    That’s the point. A monster has no predictability. Once it is unleashed without clinical trials, havoc could reign throughout the southwest. What is needed is a Strategy Seminar with credible speakers and CEO’s with a documented record of success.

    What Say You


  3. Dolomite says:

    How much will it cost?Will it generate funds or absorb them?Will every church have equal support and input?How did we vote it without knowing what it is?


  4. Jonah_77 says:

    What is evident in this post is the creation of a monster. True leadership with the absence of proper planning is a waste of time. There are those in this illustration that have the title of an MD with little or no credit behind their attempts to flirt with realms outside their expertise. 

    To be frank, this post is about the Strategic Plan. I have written several post on the Strategic Plan, leadership and the absence there of. This is how it all started. Recently, constituents made with a sound solid voice the decision to choose their leadership. It is now time for the leaders to choose a new direction. 

    A plan needs to be all encompassing. It should bridge gaps between senior men and younger men in the field. It should address mentorship,  and dividing issues that face the denomination. Education and media relations are important and should also be of concern. Without the experience of younger modern methods like social media the great south west region will get left behind as a conference. 

    Finally, the Strategic Plan should address the question of Ethics. Leaders need to be held accountable for their actions. If someone (leader) drove an organization into a ditch of financial incompetence, we should take their drivers license away. 

    And that’s all I have to say about that.  

    What Say You?


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