“The No Fly Zone”

For your information let me clarify for you what I mean by a No Fly Zone:

“A no-fly zone (or no-flight zone) is a territory over an area which aircraft are not permitted to fly. Such zones are usually set up in a military context, somewhat like a demilitarized zone in the sky, and usually prohibit military aircraft of a belligerent nation from operating in the region.”

In the upcoming Executive Committee Meeting the review of the minutes taken at the last meeting will reveal unfinished business left over from the former committee for the current one to follow-up on. Since many of the Executive Committee Members are returning, questions regarding previous items are most likely going to be considered with appropriate actions. Or, a draft of some sort of policy concerning “participation” in “social networks” may be added to the Employee Handbook. One item in the minutes involving the business of enacting policy concerning the Forgotten Shepherdess blog and the Left Behind series might become an issue of interest that could trigger a revisit to the uncomfortable previous discussion that took place during the last committee meeting.

During that discussion the end product contained motions that were adopted to formulate an employee policy that would ban ministers and workers from participating in a blog that is not in the interest of the conference. The former leader also suggested in the last Executive Committee Meeting that administration was investigating, through legal means, a discovery process as to who the administrator of the blog might be and to consider disciplinary action against the writer of the Left Behind series. The motions, not the discussions, were entered into the record to be considered at a future time after the gathering of more information.

The wife of the “offended” individual read into the record statements making sure that the conference made certain that there was no connection with the blog’s name and Shepherdess International; and a statement regarding the “offended” concerning the Left Behind series which he felt “demonized” him (although his name was never mentioned). No one from Shepherdess International or from our conference has ever connected the blog with the minister’s wives organization. Also, The Forgotten Shepherdess would have published a rebuttal from the “offended” to the Left-Behind Series if he had written something and sent it in since he identified himself as “Frank”.

When the news of all of this became national, many members in the conference and the North American Division became enraged. They understood the negative implications and impact of a “No Fly Zone” of restricting their freedom of speech—that would squelch their opinions and the right to criticize the destructive political plans of individuals who attempted to hijack the quadrennial election process of our conference. Enactment of proposed legislation would mean a “No Fly Zone” for workers, ministers and members who wish to register an opinion in a public forum of discussion. If you are caught flying in the “No Fly Zone” you could be shot down. This of course means, fired.

Can you imagine how many blogs that ministers and teachers have started or participated in? Especially blogs on creationism, the End-Time, Daniel, Revelation, Old Testament, New Testament, Psychology, health, and the list could grow a mile long or more. The bad news about this is that no one agrees in total on the issues that are discussed on these many subjects. Members in the Adventist church still hold anti-Trinitarian beliefs. Some have mixed the four main schools of prophetic interpretation to produce variations that challenge some of our sacred “pillars”. Are some professors who express something that they believe to be true, fired?

Proposed “No Fly Zone” legislation will threaten our rights as constituents, members, and workers of the constitutional right of free speech. It certainly would contradict the church’s stand on religious liberty and affirm the position of some politicians in our country who believe that our constitution is no longer relevant and should be overhauled. We believe that when our constitution is changed it will bring about laws that might threaten other freedoms, especially the right to worship. It would be laughable to proclaim the belief in the freedom of religion and oppose freedom of speech.

It was unfortunate that many of the ministers on the committee condemned and ostracized the writer(s) of the Left Behind series calling that person or persons, traitor(s), disloyal to the ministry, insubordinate and much more. Some ministers went so far as to misrepresent the blog by admonishing their members not to view or participate in it. They claimed it to be anti conference and suggested to their members to request to be deleted from the blog’s data base—very few made the request.

Some committee members were taunted by the former president’s long remarks attempting to identify them or “flush them out” as contributors through his fixated stares. The former president mentioned in not so well verbally crafted words that the conference’s attorney was being consulted to find out if the administrator could be identified to possibly get email addresses of workers who may have contributed comments. “We already know who some of the workers might be—some who are right here in this room” the former leader stated. The former president even suggested that they would have to consult Risk Management for advice concerning employees and their participation in any blog.

The entire discussion, I am told,  went over an hour and demonstrated why, and I repeat why, a commenter should not identify him or herself because of possible reprimands and personal characterization in the most negative way. During the election process, the only people who fit the description of slanderous, thoughtless “characterizations” were those who proved by their “fruits” to be involved in a scheme to politically control and dominate a constituency meeting.

A “No Fly Zone” enacted by conference administration would only create further legal problems for constitution activists who believe in freedom of speech and all the rest of the constitution.

In retrospect

 The creation of this blog started with one specific interest—to give members an opportunity to have a voice. Just think about what I just said “To have a voice”. And the power of your voice was heard.

How do you feel?

Should a policy be enacted to restrict your freedom to express your opinion? I’d like to read your comment. Maybe a Frat brother might offer some words of wisdom.

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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11 Responses to “The No Fly Zone”

  1. THE FAN says:

    Dear anonymous

    Thank you for your opinion and your freedom to express yourself in an anonymous way. I don’t think that the 18,000 viewers share your opinion. In fact this blog has brought light for those who feel disenfranchised by the bad politics of some selfish leaders.

    Please spell out for all of us why you feel the way you do. By doing this we can have a discussion on your point of view. By the fact that you expressed your opinion certainly points to the good of the blog courage. I’d like to read your thought maybe with some helpful suggestions


  2. anonymous says:

    Think about, what other denomination is publishing their dirty laundry on the internet themselves. Who r u serving? Agreed, the people should b heard, but this blog is a stumbling block for believers n non-believers alike.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, after a long break. I am back for the discussion. It is laughable that any organization would attempt to hijack the 1st Amendment. However, this is a test of the will of the new leadership. Are the tactics of fear going to continue? I believe as I stated long before that those who wish to silence the blog have an agenda that is un-godly. For the first time in nearly 30 yrs the people of this conference are demanding transparency. I submit this point, the blog is the reason that the offended are not in power. God ultimately sets up his leaders, and the formation of this forum played a role in not bringing to power men who have a selfish agenda.

    So, we move on. But the anonymous nature of this blog is why those who sit in the Executive Committee Meeting should certainly feel confident that they can vote what they are impressed on and not the will of someone else. Is the Seventh Day Adventist Church an organization that makes decisions in smoked filled rooms? No. Everyone is educated at some level on that committee and the notion that this conference would spend one iota of time on determining a policy for this blog is a waste time and money.

    There are more serious problems out there that require serious solutions. If I were the CEO, I would refer this matter to the Information Management Division, or my Media Relations representative within my organization. Strategic Plan folks, thats some free advice moving forward on your real tasks ahead. Every time something happens, the people are looking for a statement or a comment. After 24hrs whatever is out there becomes reality. For instance, the comments by Left Behind were made, exhibited and then ultimately seen to be true. Had someone stepped forward and offered another side to the discussion then maybe quite possibly a dialogue for change could have been advanced. Instead, there was no response from any of the individuals in the Left Behind stories and his comments were both accurate and revealing. As a matter of fact, factual news about this conference was being put out to the people courtesy of the TFS without a response from anyone from the conference. If the blog was not Christian, then there would be lies posted, profanity used and the constant attacking of one another online. This is not the case. People who comment, generally want to see change and are concerned for the state of the conference.

    To say you are going to fire someone for participating in Social Media that is constructive and advances the Gospel is a slippery slope. Its going to promote an inquisition and intrusion into privacy. Furthermore, it will be extremely difficult to prove and enforce. It is a waste of time, so members of the EXCOM, please cease and desist. Concentrate your time on advancing the Adventist Education system, homosexuality in the church, and most importantly a 5 year plan that divides your organization into categories of Strategy, Operations and Tactic. You should demand a plan that can be explained to all of you in person with results from several churches that the plan has been implemented in.

    What Say You?


    • Back Field In Motion says:


      I am glad that you are back on the block. Your statement is well worth the EXCOM to read. Please read an upcoming article I am told is informative concerning the strat planning. TFS informed me that it is good.

      I agree with all that you have said and hope our new president is reading this blog plus this statement.

      God Bless the SWRC


  4. No Fear says:

    No Fear
    I still have no fear. When God created angels and man, he gave us the power of choice. The gift of the power of choice came the right to make a decission on information received and the right of freedom of speech. God aloud freedom of speech in heaven by letting Lucifer to speak to the angels. Lucifer make a incorrect decission concerning God but he was still given his freedom to speak. In the Book of Job, Lucifer still had his freedom of speech as he assemble with the sons of God. God did not restrict his freedom of speech. God also does not restrict our freedom of speech. As children of God and Bible believing Christian, we are not to restrict anyones freedom speech. We made not agree with what is being said but it is the God given right. I have no fear that God will lead the president and conference committee to stand for everyones God given right. As always remember God is in control. Therefore I still no fear.


    • Back Field In Motion says:

      No Fear

      I never looked at from that biblical perspective. Thank you for such an inspirational observation. In God we have no fear. Man…that was tight


  5. T Jackson says:

    I’m a fan of this blog. It’s time for some ppl to start getting uncomfortable. Too many times we get stuck in out archaic system of belief. In doing so we miss out on opportunities. Let the people speak in a respectable manner once it has merit. If one is offended, perhaps they should find out why they are offended and speak to the “offending” party.
    Let’s love each other and go spread His love.

    T Jackson


    • Back Field In Motion says:


      I cicked on you blog site and it is an outstanding format. I to love this blog and I thank you for joining the discussion. I believe in the end we will be able to move pass the recent election onto other areas of conference and church building. This blog site was designed to be a issue oriented site addressing concerns of christians in the SWRC. It is not an anti conference or anti SDA site to bash administrators or the church. What it appears some disgruntled workers who were politically exposed in their plot to fix an election–was to tag the blog as anti conference. With this tag they hoped that members would visit, comment, participate in the site.

      Now that we have a new president and their scheme ‘foiled” we are faced with the “posibility” of the SWRC restricting the freedom of speech of members who choose to be heard based on the last actions of past Executive Committee. Like yourself you would not want someone to restrict me from visiting your site and deeming it a place of demons. What the committe did was…

      1. They entered into the record a disclaimer to be sent to all the churches in the territory to be read during the divine services that their is no association between Shepherdess International and The Forgotten Shepherdess Blog. No one ever associatted the blog with Shepherdess International. The originator of the blog, was deemed as a disgruntled, angry minister’s wife. I understand that the disclaimer was posted on SWRC Websit listing the action of the commitee.

      2. The person who felt offended linked up with the former conference president during the meeting–really for pay back purposes concerning the fictious stories that he identified himself in as the character “Frank”.

      3. The committee voted to look at forming a policy for restricting workers from participating in a blog(s) that may conflict with or may not adequately represent their interest. The problem here is that minister are involve in forums of all kinds that might not be in the interest of the conference.

      All of this resulted because a few people in power who didn’t like the opinions that some commentors shared.

      If we allow this to go un-noticed and not register our dissatisfaction, christian forums, especially this one, and others will come to an end. Then someone else will attempt to do what theforgottenshepherdess achieved only to find that their freedom was restricted in some way by the church.



  6. Anonymous says:

    Are these people really serious? I have just searched on my computer for the word, Shepherdess. Do you know how many hits or blogs using the name Shepherdess in some combination as a name are listed on the internet? A LOT!

    Are there any disclaimers by Shepherdess International concerning using the word shepherdess in their name? Not one that I found. Because Shepherdessis is a generic term just like adventist or A-!.etc. For the Executive Committee to thoughtlessly vote a disclaimer by the leader of the Shepherdess club of the SWRC is rediculous and was most certainly an effort by someone else to detract from the impact of the stories.

    As to the stories, I’m laughing all the way to church. Whenever I need a laugh I read the stories. The so named “offended” shouldn’t be so red since he has certainly described women in jokes in the most rabid male chauvnistic manner within private gatherings of workers. Nobody is out to get him.

    I hope that the president will put this to rest by repealing any voted motions, pulling the rediculous disclaimer statement and let the matter rest.

    Let it go people!

    Concerned Member


    • Anonymous says:

      Will the SWRC retrict our freedom of speech? It will have an impact across the denomination. We can all disagree but it doesn’t have to personal in the manner of amendments to the employee handbook.


  7. Dolomite says:

    It is hard to stop a train!tfs is a serious train on serious business!it will complete it’s mission!get on board all God’s children get on board !don’t get run over or be left behind !No pun intended!


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