“Pass Me a Brick”

This was the theme today from the sermon delivered by Elder Sam Green newly elected president of the Southwest Region Conference of SDA preceded by a touching ceremonial laying of hands by the ministers of SWRC.

Pastor Green addressed the concerns of constituents and workers in his message to the congregation at the Lone Star Campground in Athens, TX. There is much work to be done which Green acknowledges and commits to forge a new path in spite of the nay-sayers. A predominant issue is the failing system of Adventist education in the local conference including the decline of the facilities that led to the suspension of the normal ten day camp-meeting activities. Pastor Green asks for unity and a willingness to work together to overcome the great struggles in this conference.

Workers meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning and there is a looming sense of uncertainty amongst many workers about the future of their ministries which Green confirms as being a sense of “mistrust” clouding the progress of this conference.

Green asks that members of this conference be “undivided” and go out and do God’s work instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for change. “Pass me a brick” he says to those who may not have supported his election to office, “I believe that God put me here for a reason.”

Workers and members left with a sense of hope and positive outlook on the next four years.

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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7 Responses to “Pass Me a Brick”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are typical of those who give the devil more credit than you give our Creator! Who is in charge of the affairs of this world, God or the devil? Sounds like you have a lot of anger. I bet you will throw a brick too. All of us are capable of brick throwing. Its easier to throw than to pass. I am for passing the brick. I have known Elder Green for a long time. I think, with God’s help this conference is on the road to recovery, under Sam’s leadership. I plan to do my part to spread optimism. Many of us focus on the end time and probation, everyday probation closes for many. I just want to be ready


    • DPA says:


      Do I hear a personal attack? Certainly that would take you out of the Christian arena and certainly out of character in the good interest of dialogue.

      You read more into the comment than was not intended. I’m for passing the brick. I to love and know my president. I to want to see him do well. I to want to see him progress. Realize this is not a game but a reality of humanity. What we project and want to see done will become a hard task when we fall a victim to our decisions. This is the life of a leader. Our president in his humanity will make good ones and many bad ones. People always remember the bad ones.

      Because I reacted to and interpreted what he was saying doesn’t mean I am non cooperative but looking at the real deal.

      Try to react to the issues not the person.

      Bring it on…


  2. DPA says:

    Bricks wii soon turn into broken rocks when the first moves arrive. Disgruntled pastors always reserve their long term anger for another day when the leader’s popularity is open for a rock. A president will need a rock proof glass shield when that day arrives. And…it always comes. I can hear the rain of rocks falling, falling falling from the sky.

    The carry overs from the BW administration especially members of the infamous PACK will regroup and rearm and then seek to destroy. Put the pack down for the count or you will be making straw instead of bricks.

    How can you avoid the rocks? Read-my-lips. “It’s the pack——–?”



  3. Anonymous says:

    Some will pass the brick and some will throw the brick. It’s the natural order of things. The church is filled mostly of hypocrites, many will continue to throw the brick, unfortunately


  4. Annonymous says:


    Well done and well said Sam. You said all the right things that a good leader should say.

    Are you open to critical thinking?


  5. Anonymous says:


    Well done and well said Sam. You said all the right things that a good leader should say.

    Are you open to critical thinking?


  6. Dolomite says:

    How can you trust anyone who does not show themselves worthy of trust?when u have been shafted for so long why. Trust is something that you earn and it doesn’t come instantly!


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