Certain SWRC Teacher’s Face Drastic Pay Cut: By Dr. Winston Stanley

 Last Friday as I was preparing for Sabbath, my wife, who operates a small Adventist Summer School program, walked in the house after opening her personal mail, visibly becoming disturbed over the recent revelation of a pay cut of $2000.00, for the up and coming academic year. Needless to say, as her mate and pastor, I became disturbed over the matter because this is a second attempted pay-cut by our superintendent.  I challenged my wife to immediately call the conference president at his home, prior to Sabbath, and make him aware of the matter. 

As she concluded, in her conversation with the President, as was the case last summer—the SWRC administration was completely unaware of such an action by the superintendent. THIS MUST STOP!!!

I was very hesitant about coming to you, the constituents, and chose not to, prior to Constituency Meeting in May, because I thought that closure had been brought to the matter when I dealt with the issue privately in June 2010.   But as you can see, it has surfaced again.  There is an old saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”   

As a pastor and worker, I am calling on the president and the SWRC Executive Committee, to give our education department some attention and study.  I will go out on a limb and say; I Winston B. Stanley, PhD is “the most” supportive pastor in the conference on issues related to our education department and the superintendent—including conference administration as well. This is a fact!  God knows, I do so for the kids, and for Jesus’ sake only, seeking absolutely no merit.  There are teachers out there, in this conference, who put their all on the line, not because of the pay (because I do believe teachers in our conference are under-paid), but they do so for heaven’s sake! To give principals/lead teachers an undeserved and unnecessary pay-cut, at this time, in the history of Adventism and the nation is completely un-called for. 

On a Personal Note

I watch my wife, spend six of seven days a week, giving time and effort, attempting to make her schools local program a success.  I have watched her spend family and vacation time, preparing individual student lesson plans, recording student data in a not-so friendly Educational Computer Program (Ren Web), leaving home at 6:30 A.M. and returning at 8:00 P.M. She transports kids, sacrificing her all to purchase a personal special vehicle (suburban) for school purposes.  To reward her efforts with a pay cut of $2000.00 is laughable and in-excusable. If anything, they should have given her an increase rather than a decrease in pay for her and other teachers like her, who make these sacrifices. 

The most shocking element to this issue is that this decision is being made without executive approval! No pastor or worker can make a serious decision like this at the church level without school and church board approval, how this can be done at the conference administrative level blows my mind as a pastor.  Can we get some clarification in our by-laws?

 As I stated, this is a second attempt by the Education Superintendent which warrants some public attention by our new administration.  Enough is Enough! I do believe there are some teachers who are fearful of speaking out, because they are fearful to lose their jobs—especially in these times.   While I want to continue supporting our failing educational system here in the southwest wholeheartedly, I cannot continue any longer to sit idly by, quietly in humility, watching and saying nothing while this goes on.  God expects better and more from His church. 

Mr. President and the Executive Committee, now that you are in charge, please address this matter.  In closing, I would not have brought this to your attention publically if closure had been brought to this issue last year.



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7 Responses to Certain SWRC Teacher’s Face Drastic Pay Cut: By Dr. Winston Stanley

  1. dolomite9 says:

    Enough is enough and sometimes it is too much!This dear soul has crossed the lines too many times.She needs to be held accountable or she will single handedly destroy the rest of church school education in the swrc!Accountability is the watchword!


  2. Anonymous says:


    Thank you for your comment. God wll prevail and I believe that wrong will be made right. What about pastors? We have not received our pay raise in I do not know when. Will we get come this July 1? Who knows?

    A voice crying for our pay raises…Is the fat lady singing her song?

    Pastor’s, do you thinnk you deserve a raise?


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was shocked with the Educational Superintendent was voted in by most of the voting body who did not have a clue as to what was and is going on in the Education System in the SWRC. The “superintendent” did not present a report verbally nor in writing. I don’t believe the 1 1/2 page information about the the NAD Education Status (number of schools, students, etc.) was read or accurate that had nothing to do with the SWRC Education Department or what is really happening in our region. And why in the world was her selection a secret ballot of all people? I heart sank and spirit fell when I heard the verdict and said aloud, Lord, have mercy!!! When will the abuse finally end and at least a glamour of hope will appear above the horizon for our students, teachers, principal in the SWRC School System particularly. It is a literal nightmare!!! I asked the Lord, after the constituency meeting, I know that you are a prayer answering God, have you not heard my cry and plea, honor my fasting and prayers regarding our people? What else must I do? He replied, be still and see the salvation of the Lord!!! It is not over yet. He is still in control!!! When He allows individuals to be put in positions it is for a reason and when He works things out for them to be taken down, it is done. Be and stay encouraged men and women who will not be bought or sold but who will not fear to call sin by its right name and will stand right and truth and justice though the heaven’s fall!!! Prayer still changes things! Keep on praying!!!




    Thank you for for going on the record and answereing theses questions. I wish there were more people like you who have real guts.

    I hope that all the teachers get all there money.



  5. W.B. Stanley, PhD says:

    BACK FIELD IN MOTION, the president was totally unaware of the pay-cut. He did assure my wife that he would handle the matter. which gave us “peace” gioing into the Sabbath hours. As far as our school is concerned, we were/are meeting all of our obligations. It was not “they” but instead a calculated move by the Superintendent. As I stated in my previous note, I would not have gone public if there was Closure from last years incident. We were certainly caught off-guard.




    I share your concern and feel that this should not be under any circumstances. The president should step in immediately and realize that this will further diminish education in our conference. The dedicated teachers and even pastors don’t deserve a pay cut at this time. Did the president approve such a pay reduction or Treasure?

    I would like to add that we should remember the attmepted “cruxifiction” of Left Behind and the blog. When the conference takes away your ability to express your disgust they will have taken your freedom of speech to say what you mean. You deserve the constitutional right to love your organization but reserve the right to criticize it when rogue individuals are wrong. DON’T ALLOW THEM TO VIOLATE A CONSTITUTIONAL PEROAGATIVE–TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST WRONG!

    With that said and out of my soul, the conference committee should revisit the education department’s position. It is inconcievable that she would do this on her own. You never mentioned what the president said when he was notified by your wife. Is this secret information?

    Pay the teachers more and give them what they need if they want a stable Education department. Or live with the fact that they will seek out employment in the public sector–especially our great teachers.

    Question to you and for our readers: Can the school afford to pay? Is the school delinquent in the money needed to pay teachers? Is the school in a financial hardship? JUST ASKING SO THAT WE CAN UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE SITUATION.




  7. The most shocking thing about this story is that our educational superintendent was actually voted in before she presented her disorganized report at constituency meeting. Certain constituents found errors in her report and were concerned that she had not provided enough information about certain failing schools. I believe, that had this report been presented prior to her being voted in…unfortunately she wouldn’t have received the vote. She even became so frustrated with the constituent asking questions that the union educational official had to step in.


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