Keep Speaking Out


This past week I took some time to reflect on many things concerning this blog with a lot of prayer. I appreciate all of your emails of encouragement, concern and support. Taking a much needed break this past week had several purposes. The first one was that I believe and hope that the Southwest Region Conference of SDA knows they have the full support of this blog. Leadership is a tough responsibility and you must expect others to be free to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of it. I believe and God has told me that this is not a sin. Secondly, I needed some time to reflect on several issues now that we have moved on with our new leadership. My plan was to take a two week break. When I woke up this morning something impressed me (God) to check my email. When I opened it I realized I had a new comment post on a topic posted two months ago. I felt it to be strange the posting “What Happened to the Good Ole Days” had appeared with recent activity. I then saw this comment from an anonymous contributor and it was like a fire ignited inside of me….

“To desire the good old days is to sit in a state of nostalgia and nothingness. We have today, the good old days are old and gone forever. What are we going to do today.  Ministers and their wives are always going to be talked about. I am a pastor’s wife. We have been abused and talked about enough that for me I am just going to do what pleases me. Most of the members don’t care about us. They feel that they can just call the conference office and request a new pastor, not caring how it may affect the pastor and his family. Cant speak for everyone, but as for me, I am not taking any more abuse.” Anonymous

I then began to recall a statement that was made and posted in Memorable Comments  stating  that our shepherdess are not forgotten. How can this be? It is my understanding that the Shepherdess Leader was very offended by statements and comments made on this blog, however shouldn’t the focus be how can we support these women and other workers who feel abused? It is the Frank, Dino, and Jerry’s of this world that create this type of atmosphere for other workers?

What is the plan to address that? Many workers feel like they are not supported by the administrators in this conference. Members can call and place complaints without any substantiated claim and instead of having a true chain of command to hear grievances they start trying to figure out how they can position themselves to be in “the know.” What stupidity, don’t they know that when you don’t support the leader of a church it breeds divisiveness and hate mongering? Did they not teach these leadership skills at Andrews University? Just like “Anonymous” I have seen this all too well…it’s called “playing two ends against the middle.” I would like to hear a committment from our conference leaders that these tactics will stop so we can begin operating with decency and order as God commands. One way of doing this is for our new leader to reach out to its pastors and facilitate a risk-free round table discussion about these types of issues. These are the men who supported you, throw them a life line. They need to talk and the constituents  need the healing to begin between administration and the field so we can enhance God’s work and hurry the soon coming of Christ.

To Anonymous: I hope you will continue to speak out and visit us regularly. I have already lifted you up in prayer and I know and believe that all contributors and readers of this blog will do the same.

I hope this  administration and our new president will hear the many voices of its workers and constituents crying out and respond.

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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11 Responses to Keep Speaking Out

  1. Anonymous says:

    No Limits,
    I have been around members a long time. Yes, all are not out to get the pastors, but a vast majority are. They are never satisfied. They appear to be chasing some mythical high! The pastor they have is never good enough. I think its a lack of spiritual maturity. It’s easier to talk about the pastor and his family than to work on one’s personal spiritual growth. Most members fall squarely under the umbrella of hypocrisy! They smile and laugh with the pastor and his family, all the while talking unsavorly about them behind their backs. It’s a very lonely and sad life in the ministry.
    There is no one to go to: Even the ministry is not trustworthy; you cannot even go to your peers with your personal problems! The first thing they will do is judge you as not living a christian life, and that’s why you are facing these problems. They then shun you like you have a plague that if thay catch it, they will not inherit eternal life!


    • NO LIMITS says:


      You speak for me. This can seem like the lake of fire that is everlasting. We are like a toy for a couple of years and after this the members want another one to play with. Only they took the wheels off and placed it in the garbage dump.

      Yes, there are good members but many times they go along with the gang to be accepted.

      What do you think?



    • WOW- I’m blown away with your honesty and straight to point conversation. Possibly, a support group or something should be designed to help ministers and their families deal with the mental demands and expectations of this job. Bravo Anonymous!


  2. No Limits says:

    Dr. Stanley:

    Don’t lump all members in a certain barnkyard. I think we may have a great president but he still has not been tested as to confidentiality. When information has been brought up in executive committees by presidents of the past, most of us have legitimate concerns. Every minister has something to lose…even you.

    The president needs to put down “all fears” that information sent to him will not be brought up in any board or meeting.

    No Limits


    • I think this is an excellent point No Limits oh and by the way welcome back and thank you for your encouraging emails and words I won’t disappear not for a long time! I do think confidentiality and freedom to express opinions with NO BOUNDARIES is a necessary first step in beginning the healing process among workers in this conference. I hope they are thinking about this. ~TFS


  3. dolomite9 says:

    hallelujah a change has come!


  4. W.B. Stanley, PhD says:

    As I read both your comments, Forgotten Shepherdess and Anonymous, I have to applaud the very first adminstrative move by President Sam Green; he has sent a notice to Pastors and Teachers asking us to write him a prive letter–not e-mail–addressing “Personal and Professional Goals and Concerns as workers. Well, before that note could settle in my “gray-matter,” my letter was in the hands of the postal service the very next day. My wife, who is a teacher in this conference delayed somewhat, until I “jumped in her stuff” and said, “you can procrastinate but the president has given us workers an OPEN DOOR to come and discuss our concerns and fears, so-that he can help us develop as workers.

    From reading the pre-constituency comments, you can conclude one apparent concern from the workers– there are strong elements Fear and Distrust amongs workers of past Adminstration. Now, the very first move by the new President is an attempt to REMOVE Fear and Distrust of Adminstration. The new President is asking for workers to come, sit and talk. He is justifuiably saying, “I want to see what I can do to help you you develop as workers. If I am correct, Forgotten Shepherdess, the Blogg was created to deal with such issues as Fear and Distrust of Adminstration. I consider this move to be Godly and prudent.

    When Christ appeared on the New Testament scene, the very first move by the Savior (God) was to take away the Fear of an Old Testament God; a feared God of fire and brimstone. In-order to remove this fear–Christ came as a baby. Ask yourself, what fear do we have of new borns except hurting their innocent fragile bodies. The President is setting forth an “Open Door” policy. As a worker, I refuse, as an individual to become psychologically programmed–gripped with fear, of what someone may do to me should I speak my mind. I refuse to live like that as a worker. As long as I stand on Biblical Principle and Spirit-of-Prophecy, I am on firm ground.

    Anonymous, I have been speaking to the Educational issue in the conference unitl I am tired. Education has to be addressed. BUt it is my firm belief, until we as workers support the cause all these efforts will be in vain. TEACHERS need to speak with the president, so-that he can hear their concerns, and they need to do it now! WRITE the letter! Write the LETTER! … Write the Letter– Workers!


  5. Anonymous says:

    It would make so much sense to hire someone to write grants for the conference, something I have suggested to leaders more than once but who listens nobody. The response has been we don’t have money, but I have explained the strategy time and time again that the individual assigned will pay for their own salary included in the grants they write.

    I have also suggested that we (SDA Denomination) provide Continue Education Units to every individual who attend a meeting since we attend so many meetings year after, year after year. We must realize and understand that we still live in a world (in the world but not of the world) that encompasses people other than SDA. These units should be set up for every category (ministry) within the SDA Church. It just seems to make sense but as I stated before we just want to spend money meeting and greeting and so call “educating/training” our people. There is nothing new under the sun in many cases just a new title, a new twist of the same old , same old. If we must go there should be a purpose in mind to discover what each other is doing, communicate with each other regarding plans or opportunities to build own businesses and discuss ways to help; exchange information about your company to spread the word, recommend your business to others and use your company instead of someone you don’t know helping to build your clientele. How do you think that “Black Wall Street” was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma that the world could not handle because they (everybody but black folk) were loosing money? We can still do something constructive if we desire, it is not to late because if there is life, there is hope. People helping, supporting, not destroying, people.

    SDA Christian Education!!! – Please, please, please, rescue our children. If we would just take time to follow the blueprint already given in the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy we would indeed be the head and not the tail. I can write a book but one was just printed that covered most of what I would say. The book is entitled “Why they must go?!?”

    I am still not finished but it is 3:00 a.m. Maybe somebody somewhere is hearing me, reading and deciding to do something to make a positive difference and do what they know is the right thing to do BEFORE Jesus comes!!!

    When the sunrises it is a brand new day!!! Stay blessed!!! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    We meet, greet and spend precious time attending meetings to listen to individuals who do not ever address the real issues in this conference. I have been a pastor’s wife in this conference for several years and often ask my husband why don’t you pastors ever talk about anything relevant in these meetings, plan for solutions to major issues and problems and work out the plan to accomplish these set goals. I discovered the reason is because of fear of termination or image (even though we know that perfect love cast away all fear – most pastors have not reached yet), lack of opportunity, negative overtones for speaking out for right, misunderstandings, literally ignoring important comments or remarks,etc.

    Some issues that are never addressed to resolve are:

    How long are pastors to stay on the infiltration program before they are hired, fired and/or looked over and others outside the conference are hired full time first? It was designed to last for only one year.

    Why are pastors wives expected to work for free in every capacity in the church, many times all at the same time and never receive a stipend or any considerations from the church level to the GC Level?

    What in the world are we going to do about hire unconverted people in leadership positions and continue voting them back in when their is no representation of leadership skills, Christian virtues, accountability, vision and much more?

    How can we dare treat the few dedicated teachers and principals left like door mates and won’t even allow them to represent on the Education Board, pay for training, receive a pay increase, provide a year end appreciation banquet? Many excellent professionals, teachers, employees, pastors and/or wives, member, etc. have left our ranks because they could no longer tolerant the mental, physical and verbal abuse year in and year out. “They will know that we are Christians by our love…” But we say “what does love got to do with it?” The answer EVERYTHING! At least treat people with respect.

    There is no reason why pastors and their families should always be sent to places where there is no church school and they have children unless that is a mandate to be a pastor that they must start a church school wherever they pastor because they believe in Christian Education. So now they have the responsibility of 2, 3 or 4 churches as well as a principal, teacher, painter, bus driver, musician, custodian, and the list goes on. And we say we care about our pastors and their families, yet they are… and we wonder why many of “our” pastors die in the pulpit and somewhere else before they reach retirement as though we encourage and promote an early demise so we don’t have to pay out. People just don’t care about people. Talk is cheap.

    I have not finished but I most go.

    Love you all anyhow.


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