The First 1000 days of Our New Conference President

What should He tackle?

“Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing.” — Warren Bennis, Ph.D. On Becoming a Leader

The President should Face Reality

A reality check says today’s church environment is highly competitive. A church or President that does not understand their highly competitive church community is out of touch. The only way to remain relevant is to reshape ministries to the needs of a rapidly, changing religious community. The mega congregations are doing this and people are responding by flocking to them.

The President Should Seek To Understand What Kind Of Change He Wants To Introduce

Often, when constituents talk about change they want in the local territory, or even in their churches, I am not so sure that they really know what it takes to produce it. Many leaders of larger and improving congregations have encapsulated themselves with the notion that I am doing fine over here but your situation over there is your problem. We might describe this as a bad attitude when contrasted against the framework of synergy. Too many leaders focus on the parts rather than on the whole. Leaders sometimes develop the attitude of, “all for one” but, “every man for himself”. In order to become relevant, members, pastors, and teachers need to change the way they think in terms of ministry and education within our communities and local field. This means that workers and teachers have to figure out how to work together.

Tackle Education With Urgency

The problem of education cannot wait. One example of solving a declining education system in the SWRC would be for the President to seek out all the top educators in our field involved in public education, and get them in one room as a think tank, and come out with a plan to save our education system. Find out and listen to every worker and member and involve them in the process toward making our schools thriving learning centers.

Develop A Working Atmosphere of Synergy

What if, change meant that we all worked together so that all churches in each area defined by the conference achieved? Our major emphasis could start by improving the church with the greatest need then, ascending to the least. We could get away from individual baptismal numbers and point to the overall goal of a total desired result. Everyone gets recognition. Ministers and members would focus on the whole rather than every man for himself. Together we could descend on a congregation that is in real need, and over a period of months we would focus our attention on that one church or several congregations to bring them up. Church Ministries, Stewardship, Education, Community Services, Adventist Youth etc. would all work harmoniously to build, rebuild a congregation to a level of relevancy in their community. By fixing one congregation we start rebuilding the conference a church at a time. Where would we be in five years? The President should acquire a scale to rate each church base on need and urgent care.

Teach That Resistance To Change Is A Dead-end Street

For many members who champion the cause of making sure that everything remains the same, they have not accepted that resistance to change is a dead-end street. Members want a great church or conference but may not be willing to put out the effort to make it happen.  The above concept can only work when a church signs on for change (Please read George Knights Book, I Used To Be Perfect). Change begins in the mind.

Understand That Many Members And Workers Are Spiritually Burned-out

The President should seek to bring Renewal. Pastors and lay leaders are over taxed with the burden of meeting the demand for “more” from local church members. Parishioners and workers are not only demanding excellent service, they are also demanding more from their conference and pastors. If this demand is not met, other non-Seventh-Day Adventist churches will meet it.

Figure Out How To Meet The Demand For More

Today, conferences and local churches within North America are reshaping to change quickly in order to meet the demands for “more” from their members. The church’s top leaders know they cannot throw money at every problem and that they need highly committed and flexible workers who are ready to meet the demands from congregants. As a Conference President (leader), Elder Sam Green should consider actions and make changes as quickly and smoothly as possible. “Resistance is futile”.

In Retrospect

So what should our new President consider during his first one thousand days?

I believe that he should consider changing the status quo. He should become innovative by making constructive and positive changes as opposed to the same processes used by former leaders. To do this he should move quickly and effectively. The president should lead workers and teachers to work together for each other rather than for self. This is missing in the SWRC.

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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11 Responses to The First 1000 days of Our New Conference President

  1. dolomite9 says:

    The questioner is right the best time to make things happen is when you are first elected and the excitement and support is strong.If you wait too long the “power brokers” and deal makers will sabotage your program.A good leader certainly gets ideas and info from the team but he who hestates is lost!Hit the iron while it is hot!Even the legendary “Falcon” would have had a plan and a vision to take us to higher heights!”Higher than the highest thoughts can reac is God’s ieal for His children….”So let’s go all the way to heaven!


    • Anonymous says:

      thats cute dolomite but the more things change the more they stay the same!Oddly enough some of those same birds who were there when H Turner was turned out or turned in by the new prez just happen to still be there now!Coincidence or Karma?Are there any debts leftover needing to be paid in full?How much of this is God’s will?When will we ever learn?


  2. Jonah_77 says:

    What the new president should do is recognize that there exist a political system in this conference. It still exist. As we speak the same people whose policies were defeated are trying to manipulate and control the new president. 

    The first thing they will do is attack this forum, under the guise of the new president. The second thing they will do is start settling old scores by moving people with no regard for their families or health. Third and finally, they will attempt to create a movement to get back into power. 

    Look, I am not trying to be negative but I am a realist. The new president deserves an opportunity to put forth his agenda. However, he is surrounded by the facilitators of this corrupt political system. The new president in my opinion has been mandated to eradicate this system and bridge the gap between senior men and younger ministers. He can do this. 

    If he accomplishes this, he will be the greatest president in our history, in just two years. But, as I said, a great leader must do two things, Plan and Decide. He must decide if those around him are going to put the conference interest ahead of their own. I think he can do it. He must be mindful though of the pack that still operates behind closed doors. I also would like to see the president submit a statement to this blog, neither supporting or condemning it, but rather reaching out to feel the pulse of ordinary people, ministers and officers.

    What Say You? 


    • LEFT BEHIND says:


      Your comments have such depth. I believe we have a great president and I will support him. Every great leader is not afraid of criticism even from his own supporters.

      The “offended” in time will come after him. I think the president is smart enough to handle them. I admit, our leader will have to find a sleeping ground that is not disruptive to him. He can do this.

      It would be nice if The president came on this forum since we are not against him or the conference. We are not anti conference because we share our opinions.



    • dolomite9 says:

      I totally agree!


  3. Marian says:

    Well, let’s not set the new President’s agenda – he has been in office less than a week! Let’s allow him, at least until campmeeting, to determine what he would like accomplish and then announce to us how we can collaborate in the accomplishment of the vision.

    Christian education is primarily the responsibility of parents. Parents need to re-order their priorities and place their children in church school and become involved. Sure, our schools don’t have everything, but parents CAN and SHOULD make a difference. Church schools will never be competitive as long as members send their children to other christian area schools, or choose not to send their children to church school at all. I’m not willing to buy “I can’t afford it”. If the parking lot at constituency was representative, most people drive late model mid to luxury model cars. Aren’t our children’s salvation worth more than cars?

    We need to live up to our calling as royal priests and stop being spectator christians. When is the last time you have reached out to meet someone’s need whom the Lord has placed in your path? People are won to and remain in the church because of relationships! We ALL have a responsibility to make certain we are friendly and hospitable.

    Just some thoughts


    • Gone Nuts says:


      If Elder Green sets his own agenda then he will be like past presidents. If it is shaped by the needs of the people he has become a leader. It’s a what could he reach out to solve as important issues in the trying days ahead.

      He is already calling on workers to tell him how can help them be better leaders. This is a jesture of good leadership. To seek out advice before action.



      • Marian says:

        We have a strategic plan, duly voted by the constituency. Why do we need a president if he is not capable of setting the pace? Please allow some time before we start determining what should be done. We have a sufficient amount of personal work to do so we can meet him halfway with out “to do” list accomplished.


      • adventquestioner says:

        this is difficult. Becuase it is prudent to learn what the people think are their needs and factoring that in as you set your agenda. that is prudent. However the clock is ticking…

        Allowing some time before setting the agenda and moving forward often is a plan for failure. The time when you have the most “position power” in a new position is right when you take office. hopefully the new president has a lot of “people power” that will catch up…but it is very early when the president needs to set the president’s agenda.


      • Moving forward with a new agenda can be very complicated if you don’t have the right people around you.


  4. dolomite9 says:

    I am determined to be as optimistic as possible!I strongly encourage you to keep the blog going because even now I see reasons for its continuance.Somehow I feel that there are other mountains yet to climb before we reach the promised land!By the grace of God we can make it if we try!


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