Term Limits Voted Down By Constituents

After a hefty debate and heated discussion the constituents voted down the proposed amendment to the bylaws for term limits on elected officials. The amendment was referred back to the bylaws committee. Constituents were very concerned about the language of this amendment and it’s impact on the current administration. Many constituents and workers stepped to the microphone to speak up including the president who yielded his chairmanship to speak as a constituent in a very colorful statement recommending term limits for all elected officers.

It is rumored that Frank, Dino and Jerry are at work to bring a former minister and brother of a current pastor in this conference in as president. Many question his ability to implement the current proposed strategic plan. Constituents will have to be very vocal today on every vote and proposed name.

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5 Responses to Term Limits Voted Down By Constituents

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was voted down because of the selfish intent to get the former president out.

    I am not opposed to term limits and still feel that it could be for the good of the field.


  2. dolomite9 says:

    What a difference a day makes!


  3. dolomite9 says:

    Amazing what prayer and fasting can do!We must keep on praying!Never let up until we get into the kingdom!Once again thank God for tfs!


  4. Jonah_77 says:

    We need a clear break from the past. Surely there could be someone that could step forward and lead the conference that is not affiliated with “The Big 3 or Rat Pack”. What is so amazing is that this whole meeting is beign manipulated by them the Rat Pack. The Prez just found out too late. We do not need another episode of Men Behaving Badly for four more years.

    I know it was late last night, and I know that you might want to go home and get this over. However, can you drive away from this meeting knowing that the decision you took part in was from God or from man? The NOM Committee is stacked with people that are Pro Rat Pack but you ultimately have the final say. If you stick it out, possibly looking to the Union or someone with proven credentials that is unknown and free of political gaming, at least you will have “change you can believe in”.

    It’s tough, because everyone claims they are Godly without an agenda. But, if you live in Houston, or Austin, OKC, ARK, NM, or Louisiana,its a long road back knowing that this meeting produced another leader, unwilling to lead and change the conference. The real issue is who is going to take you forward? Let it be someone Frank, Dino and Jerry, and Jerry Jr. cant control.

    Stick it out. You have done well so far!!

    What Say You


  5. Anonymous says:

    If Billy Cox comes we will have chaos with the the brothers. The rat pack mentioned are controlling THEIR AGENDA for power and control. THIS WILL NOT UNITE OUR CONFERENCE! They are not finished. Next they will put Frank in. AND HIS POLITICS IS SELFISH.


    Too bad the Prez woke up too late. He vented his anger at the wrong people.


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