Wheel of Fortune: The World Keeps going Around and Around

The blog must continue. Good or bad. The upcoming meeting may divide folks. If it does, people will need an outlet to exchange ideas. My last comments were very direct and pointed because at a time when ministers should be standing up for their members and themselves, we initially witnessed a hesitance.

This hesitance to stand up is not a characteristic of a true Christian. When our religious freedoms are challenged you either are with God or man. To be Cautious and caring is what many should be instead of sitting on the bench waiting for the coach to put you in.

When are the Frank, Dino or Jerry’s as illustrated by Left Behind going to come onto this blog and become part of the solution? What about their supporters? This is an open forum. They have a position too. This blog beckons their explanation to how they would address the current issues. My opinion, they don’t want to operate in open any more. Why? After playing this game for so long, why cease to play now? Because It’s not a game anymore when it’s your family, your health, your kids, and your money or your church being placed on the table of life.

Where is anyone to address these issues from the SWRC. They are absolutely losing the message war to this blog. I believe everyone participating in this blog is a SDA Christian. But if they were not, they could put out false info or privileged information that could further damage the SWRC. For almost 2 months that has not happened. But if it did, the SWRC would be defined before they could get ahead of the issue.

A real strategic plan addresses areas of information management, leader development, organizational growth, and the mission or plan for the next 5 years. We don’t have that. You can have the title Dr., Elder, Rev., pastor, President, secretary, treasurer, but if you can’t lead and don’t know how, then the people you lead will be left behind.

Sometimes leaders get so far out in front, the people they are leading get lost because they can’t see them anymore.


1. How probable is it that the SWRC elects someone from one of the churches who has stayed away from the political fray?

2. Will the people get dooped into another four years?

3. Will Frank be president? ( I am sure that’s what he would like).

~Jonah_77 Still Waiting to See the Strategic Plan


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5 Responses to Wheel of Fortune: The World Keeps going Around and Around

  1. Jonah_77 says:

    Is anyone going to answer the questions. I say that because this meeting is about to go down, and the hidden agendas are going to come to light and this is going to be real fight, hopefully with the right temperment. But how discipline is our message going to be? What is worth compromising. What isnt. Change certainly should be on the table.

    What Say you?


  2. dolomite9 says:

    Finally my sisters and brothers,pray about everything and worry about nothing,but make sure you do your part too!


  3. dolomite9 says:

    We need to keep this blog as long as there is freedom of speech in the usa.We need a leader who will not feel threatened by the blog but will accept constructive criticism from it.He may even feel so secure as to participate in it,but to actually threaten those who participate in it is a serious red flag!All of us who are attending this weekend meeting need to be prayed up so that we can stand up and speak up because that is what is needed for such a time as this!Thank God for
    TFS and the eye opener that it has been.


  4. Marian says:

    I personally see nothing wrong with the continuation of the blog – as ONE means of communication. There is still a digital divide, some members of our conference do not use or have access to a computer. I pray the Lord will bless us with the environment where open dialogue is encouraged and expected. Our by-laws call for annual town hall meetings – not just prior to elections. At those venues, I would anticipate the opportunity to express not just complaints but kudos for things done well.

    We need a change – that means everyone’s opinions are respected and valued. No one is afraid for their job or position because those opinions expressed. If we don’t get a leader who can handle that – we DEFINITELY need deliverance.


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