What Makes a Great President?

Can the next president become our greatest leader?

Searching through religious periodicals on “what makes a successful President” I am intrigued by what I have found. My research seems consumed with the idea that a president of a local conference spends most of his/her time flying from one meeting to another around the country while rarely in the territory doing “conference building”. This has provoked the question, “Is that what it takes to be a great leader?

Discovery in the investigative process reveals that, presidents who travel so much are rarely seen in the territory building up the workforce, creating as much doable service as possible that would lead a field to the Kingdom of heaven. Many seek the job as president as a means of opportunity. But, some question whether opportunity and all the inherited amenities of the job along with traveling contribute to the greatness of a President. I say no! The above paragraph describes what a great leader is not. It makes me wonder are potential candidates missing something or is it just me. The number of frequent flying miles on the conferences dime does not define the success or the greatness of any President. In fact it is not even “working smart”.

What I have studied, researched and experienced reveals that a great President possesses a “creative vision” followed by the ability to become what may be described as the “question”, but not the “answer”. What I am suggesting is that being the “question” gives those who are team players the space they need to develop their “creative vision” that can become a driving force to make something happen. Their “creative vision” duplicates within the workforce and continues in positive directional ways toward the desired result of reaching the Kingdom of God. A president brings out the creative visionary process in people to advance the Kingdom of God in countless directions of service yet toward the achievement of the ultimate goal of reaching God’s Kingdom. AMEN!

Flying around the country if not even parts of the world is a perfect example of what great presidents, do not seek as a means to be great. If a President flies that much and doesn’t spend the majority of the time doing “conference building” he/she emanates a perception that being in that office is about “how much to get” while the “team gets little or nothing” (In another article I will reveal how true this is and it’s dangerous results).


  • Eight districts comprise our local field. A great leader/president should spend the majority of his/her time visibly in these areas meeting with pastors, workers, members and district leaders making sure that they are together on the same path as the conference plan for leading people to the Kingdom. The president should be on a cycle disseminating the goals and objectives down to the membership level.
  • Teaching, training workers pastors and members in the field should be a part of the leadership plan. A president shouldn’t fire or blame any worker unless he/she made sure that his supervising personnel are trained and have the information and tools to do his or her job.
  • There should be an accountability system established to make sure that the departmental people of the conference office are making their rounds, building up people and pastors in their area of concern yet adding to the fulfillment of the overall plan. On a weekly basis each departmental head should be reporting to the president briefing him/her on how and what they did to reach the conference’s goals. This should occur like clockwork. You can’t build your office in the air.
  • Great leaders have in place a workable system to solve problems. Great leaders always remember a basic rule, “They never give up their responsibility to lead”.
  • Great Presidents make other people great.
  • Great Presidents ask workers, “What do you need to do your job better and make sure they have those tools. A president can’t walk around with laptops, projectors, cameras, access to copiers etc. while the struggling worker has nothing to enhance his/her ministry.
  • Great presidents learn how to be an emotional support person.

When a group of members and workers are asked to describe a list of characteristic they would like to see in a great President. They came up with this short list:

  • A visionary of the future
  • A change agent
  • Someone who gets things done
  • Spiritually motivated
  • Spiritually consumed
  • Driven to lead people to God’s Kingdom
  • Confident
  • Effective at listening and communicating
  • Open-minded
  • Relentless in the pursuit to be great

In summary, our local field doesn’t need yesterday’s concepts of presidential greatness. If a president used the majority of the travel budget toward building up the eight districts as described, no one would question his/her travel. A president would then exemplify what leadership really means, “the ability to lead: the ability to guide, direct, or influence people”.

~Ministerial Contributor of SWRC


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8 Responses to What Makes a Great President?

  1. Marian says:

    I came across this the other day, and I think it has some validity in this situation.

    \’sē-gel’ ma-ni-jer\ noun [From Middle English gull, aquatic bird: and Italian maneggiare, to manage] 1. A hasty boss who interacts with employees only to criticize or “fix” their work, of which he or she knows very little about. 2. The antithesis of a micromanager. USAGE: Coined by leadership expert Ken Blanchard in his best-selling book The One Minute Manager, the term refers to a manager who swoops in, makes a lot of noise, dumps on everything, and then flies off, leaving the employees to clean up the mess.
    EXAMPLE: “My seagull manager just trashed my desk and my project, even though upper management already signed off on it. What a mess.”


  2. dolomite9 says:

    I totally agree and i hope and pray that the sincere seekers of righteousness will stand up and be counted.What do you have to lose?If the “prez stacks the deck to put a negative spin on things,what a great opportunity to put a positive spin on it?Tell him how much we appreciate all the good things that he has done but please don’t take it personal but we really want to have someone else build on what he has established.Tell him we wish him well and hope that he will still see light in pastoring somewhere in this conference where his pastoral skills and excellence can best be appreciated!Tell him that we are committed to seeing that he get his just rewards!Tell him that he can make it hard or easy but any shenanigans to upstage the nominating committee or filibuster until the majority leave and a fraction are left will result in swift and determined punishment for playing with God’s people!If 11 years are not enough for him 15 years is too much for us!What say you?


  3. Marian says:

    Let’s be realistic – if the President were interested in being responsive, he would have spoken long before now. This does not seem to be his style or ability. Along with realism, constituents need to determine what is in the best interests of the conference.

    I keep hearing we need a generational change. However, I also hear seasoned pastors are not being utilized to their full capacity. Maybe we need a combination of both to make SWRC effective. There are some things only time and experience can teach. The list of qualifications noted in this article. I just have concern about the last one – relentless in the pursuit to be great. Maybe our conference president needs to be relentless in the pursuit of making Christ seen, heard and known throughout our conference through his ability to build morale, acknowledge gifts and listen thoughtfully.


  4. Jonah_77 says:

    Unfortunately, dignity may be a lost attribute. So let me get this straight, he is willing to hold on to power so much, that he has stacked the service with individuals who are going to try to get the floor to twist the arms of the arm twisters.

    This is what I have been saying all along, a corrupt system corrupts men, even good men. Constituents, understand, that this is going to happen. This weekend you will hear from “All the Presidents Men”. You will hear from Dino, and Jerry, while Frank watches from a distance. When things start to go bad for them, you will hear from Frank. The question is, what will make this weekend a success?

    I will tell you, vote them all out and replace them with people who have no agenda and are willing to create a fair and transparent process. Only Caleb and Joshua left Egypt and saw Canaan. You must decide now who is best fit to lead, not preach. Is it a popularity contest? Yes. But you must look past it. Folks with connections to the above Rat Pack or Bush Administration should be considered counter-productive to the process and drowned out by the outcry for change!

    What Say You?


  5. Jonah_77 says:

    The President is on record condemning this blog. However, it only benifits him to come on an address his constituents. I think he could gain alot. However, knowing what I know about the nominating committee, it might be too little too late.

    This comment on leadership is excellent. I think we can talk about the core of what makes up a leader forever. What we should do is look to our left and right is start determining who its going to be. If I were the Prez I would think about three or four issues on this blog and address them. But, as with so many, pride will stop you in your tracks. But If I were advising anyone, I would tell them to embrace the discussion on this blog if they wanted to be re-elected or even considered?

    What Say You


    • LEFT BEHIND says:

      I certainly agree, Jonah77.

      Unfortunately, the Prez has demonstrated the concept of “cutting the hearts out of the senior men” by setting a biased format of platformed participants for Saturday night and Sunday’s session. I’ve never seen anything like it in the past sessions. He has set the tone for negativism and is demonstrating by doing this how closed minded he can be.

      This is not personal but the reason why members want a generation change.

      I certainly believe that if he is reelected that he will go after the blog as well as workers who participated with his weapons of “certain destruction” , locked and loaded.

      Can anyone tell us if the FORMER union president will chair the meeting? Now that he is out.

      For members who want real change they need to rise to the microphones and use the by- laws and speech to assure a fair change.

      Max left the office with dignity even though I disagree with him over some issues and how he handled them. I think our president should exercise the same type of dignity the union president exercised.

      By the way…I’m Left Behind


  6. Anonymous says:


    Mr. President you have an opportunity to reach 13,000 viewers. You have the opportunity to tell people how you can lead better and what you will do better.

    No one is perfect.

    Why not come on this forum on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and take advantage of being heard even if viewers disagree. How many people will see a better and open president.



  7. No Limits says:

    Now this is great stuff. I hope everyone reads this before the election.


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