Dr. Carlton Byrd Rejects Nomination

It has been reported that Dr. Carlton Byrd announced today to his congregation that with much prayer he will not accept the nomination for SWRC President.


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33 Responses to Dr. Carlton Byrd Rejects Nomination

  1. Anonymous says:

    History repeats itself!


  2. king amaziah says:

    Dolomite 9 are you still around?


  3. king amaziah says:

    I feel like we have been waterboarded!Unfortunately,it is not over yet!When will we ever learn that going outside of our field sends a message that we just can’t take care of business.As sad as it was to hear that the falcon was not coming after all,in a way,it was relief!Maybe God has some other plan and even though we want a change,how many of us saying that really want a change?We can get so comfortable with status quo,that tho we say we want a change, we are afraid we may go from bad to worse!So some of these agents running around talking about we want a change, are just double agents in disguise talking 1 way and voting an entirely different way!The devil is slick!Our onlysafety is to do God’s will and apparently, the “falcon” was not His will or he would have accepted the nomination.God’s choice is probably some overlooked banished but not bitter senior pastor who has not even thought himself worthy or even capable of such a mammoth task.But God rarely calls the able,He always enables who He calls!In the words of that old preacher”pray church pray”!


  4. Sister-girl says:

    I have just been thinking the past few days since the news broke about Dr. Byrd not coming. I think I am just disappointed, although as I said before, I just like fair. I am one of the main ones that asked more people to talk with this forum rather than everyone jamming the Mic.

    However, I think I have a good idea. Why don’t all the Senior ministers come together and decide what they can have ready for the nominating committee this week. They know each other. First, they can make a list of the (hate to use the term but “Frat brothers” who like Dr. Byrd is more qualified than we imagined at his young age), that should be considered. That means they have 10+ years (minimum). We already learned they have no system for promotion from Left Behind and Craig. So how bout yall come up with a system that seems fair to you! Everybody’s been fighting your fight on this blog, so why don’t you all step up, I am trying to say this in a kind way and would like to see you all treated fairly. Really, it is about your profession mostly and after all these years, looks like change is coming and we must surely thank TFS! The first place I check daily for news, I never go to SWRC! So what does that tell us about our information system! So Pastors, get on the phone talk to each other. If you would like the Constituency not to pass you up so you won’t be left behind. then prepare yourselves to be viewed. I’m coming back with a suggestion, when I can think of one.


  5. White Lightning says:

    Was Left Behind’s Story Visionary or Insghtful?

    For those of you who may have forgotten with our Left Behind’s permissin…Please read again!


    INTRODUCTION: Down in the dark basement of Frank’s home, the underworld boss puts forth an important phone call to an Atlanta celebrity called Falcon. Looking constantly left and right making sure no pigeons are hanging out at the windows listening, in reserved whispering tones, he speaks to Falcon.

    FRANK: Falcon, I need to know if you are going to fly west to be our new Boss.

    FALCON: Well Frank, right now I’m not sure. I’m in the jet set of Atlanta, and I am invited to many pigeon gatherings. Plus I’m now on several television networks. Right now I am ruling the skies. For me its heaven down here! By the way Frank, what are the pigeons saying back there in the west?

    FRANK: They love your show and they can’t wait for you to get here. They like the way you flap your wings on camera. Plus, they just love your falcon voice when they hear you speak to them. I have to say that the focus of those falcon eyes sends fear into resistant pigeons. Listen, Falcon we can make this happen. But there are some pigeons down here in the west I need to take care of. My two best generals are on it, and we believe that the head of the Bush administration won’t know what hit him. After Dino and Jerry take care of business, all you have to do is catch the next west wind in here and take over. Falcon, I need you to answer an all important question, WILL YOU COME?

    FALCON: Frank, what’s in it for me?

    FRANK: Falcon, just imagine, in four years you will rule the world of pigeons.

    FALCON: Ok! Ok! Ok! Give me a day or two and I’ll give you an answer. What about the pigeon’s in charge?



  6. No Limits says:

    Have you ever heard of a runaway bride, runaway groom?

    Carlton Byrd is a runaway preacher!


  7. jack says:

    why am i not surprised?


    • No Limits says:

      When you have too many toys to play with you become a spoiled brat. You can figure out who is the brat. It’s called self infactuation. The same sin that brought lucifer to the level of being a devil.

      The decision was expected so now we can get down to the real business of choosing a real president. Please don’t go back to the future with the current Prez. This Sabbath at church he announced that he was no longer the Prez almost at the same time Byrd said he would not come to the swrc.

      May there is alot of truth in that Frank, Dino, and Jerry trilogy. By the way, where is Dino?


      • @No Limits welcome! Let’s hope we can mobilize because it looks like if we want change there will have to be some drastic measures from the floor this nominating committee has already agreed that they do not agree with our ideas by placing everyone back in office with exception of two or so positions.


    • @Jack Welcome to the discussion I hope you will stay with us this is a crucial week! ~TFS


  8. Jonah_77 says:

    Really what has happened is someone blinked. I think that the nominating committee made an error in trying to discredit this blog. Then, in bold blatant style, they decided that they would go forward with the obviously pre-caucused, political plan to outsource leadership. However, what they did not count on is that this is a change atmosphere. We must pray and stay to the task of keeping people honest.

    What say you?


  9. Marian says:

    It was never a given Dr. Byrd would be president UNTIL the constituency voted him in at the session. The nominating committee followed the rules of the constitution and by-laws: it requires a nominating committee which meets PRIOR to the full constituency meeting and bring a report. In fact, the instruction say a full slate of officers is to be done. It’s unfortunate the new process does NOT allow a potential president to be present to help guide the process for other officers.

    Maybe if we all prayerful, we can watch the Lord work through His Holy Spirit to help our conference be what it needs to become for this area and we can finish the work and GO HOME before the next constituency!!!!


    • Ain't Too Proud To Beg says:

      Marian: you always give a good positive view. I get much out of what you say. And you give me balance when at times I have little confidence in our system.

      God will carry us through!


      I missed your comments.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for the thoughtful comments I agree the CHANGE ATMOSPHERE is here to stay. I pray and trust my impressions are touched by the unction of the Holy Spirit too


    • Welcome back Marian you’ve been missed trust me other have been asking! You are always so positive your the Paula between Randy and Simon 🙂


  10. No Fear says:

    It is written that we have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us in the pass. The future of our beloved conference is in the hands of God. Let us ask Him for wisdom to make the right decission for His work and our conference. Let us pray the leadership for our conference in all position will look with in their our heart and soul to seek God leading from the president to the membership of the conference. Therefore as God leads us the changes that are need will be according to His leadership and His will. Let us continue to pray and follow God’s leading.


    • Ain't Too Proud To Beg says:

      No Fear: obviously you are a person of spiritual and intellectual insight. What about the PACK who started their independent search team and contacted Byrd?


      They failed because God saw no good in their misrepresentation of HIS people.

      Also, we should listen to the people who are asking for change in administration and the departments. They were a part of the division across the field.

      My choice to suggest would be Buddy. I believe he would make the necessary changes.


  11. Jonah_77 says:

    Now what? I am sure that there will be those who try to blame this sight. However, let’s be Frank, or shall I say up front, most of the comments toward Dr. Byrd were positive. It was the idea that the current leadership was not really going to change that upset so many. I am sure some feel their plan was ruined and their futures are now back on the table. Good! God is in control not you. 

    The next move should be civility in what is sure to be a long, spirited debated meeting. However, this is our time. This is your moment to be heard. Pray that God moves you to be a voice for change. To properly move forward, the next meeting should look to address the issues on this blog and the ideas that will surround the next leadership. Constituents should not go into the meeting close minded, and leaders should be open to change. It’s our conference, we can have an organization that can be a model for the North American Division or the laughing stock of the GC. 

    What say you? 


    • This site was 99.99999% postive about Dr. Byrd…so I doubt anyone will blame this site for his rejection of the nomination. He has just become Breath of Life Coordinator and is a very successful minister in Atlanta. The timing of the nomination probably was not right…And let me say…it is refreshing for a man who studied to become a pastor…wanting to stay as a Pastor…whoever you get as president, it probably needs to be someone like that…who didn’t want the office…

      In any case, the next step would be to just put names out there as possibilities. Too often the constituency comes to a constituency meeting without even knowing the names of the alternatives for various positions. The Forgotten Shepherdess would provide a very good value if it simply named possibilities for various positions…That is my suggestion….


      • New Vision 11 says:

        @ Questioner. I respect Dr Byrd’s position on the matter now it’s time to move on! The nominating committee must have made a list of alternates for the position of president.
        My question is will the committee meet via phone and get the information out prior to the session?

        The situation is the same SWRC still needs a change !


      • Thank you for your comments. Just to clarify we only reported what was announced on the SWRC website. His acceptance was always in question. Links to the SWRC were provided to all readers to view the full nominating committee report. The question I have is what was the point of the earlier meeting of the small committee we have no nominee and little administrative change.


      • theadventquestioner says:


        it is also interesting in that normally you don’t have a nominating committee meeting so early and separate from the constiuency meeting..


      • You are absolutely right what a waste of resources to have such a meeting with no significant change and no nominee for president.


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