This phenomenon may be worse than the disease known as “Mad Cow”. It is so contagious that it can wipe out an entire organization. To this day only one cure exists—so please read the rest of this post. For those of you who are scared out of your sox, the only way to avoid such a dangerous sickness would be for you to avoid direct contact with suspected infected individuals. Believe me you can’t wash it off and presently only one cure exist. Even herbal remedies won’t cure this rapidly spreading sickness.

At this point, you might be asking, “When and how in the world does a sickness start like this?” Does the Center of Disease Control know anything about it? Beware; it is a silent but slow condition which eventually destroys the essence of a person from within. Evidence shows that the sickness can be traced back to the beginning of time.

What are the warning signs and symptoms? The ones we are aware of are fatigue, uncontrollable rage, feeling withdrawn, loneliness, depression, and the diminished ability to think.  The most damaging effect from this sickness leads to an altered personality state. It even sounds ugly because when you get it you turn into something so grotesque. People know you got it when they observe your facial expressions.

Humans contract the illness when they come into contact with “Rat-like-behavior”. When infected subjects take on rodent-like habits, such as hoarding, and returning to the point of entry as most rats are accustom to doing, health professionals may refer to such an infected person as a “Retrograt”, because they seem to assimilate rodent like behavior.

You can identify a retrograt almost at anytime especially in church communities where they seem to congregate. A Retrograt’s behavior reveals observable and identifiable features. A person fully overwhelmed by the illness can only think in a backward mode. Hence, the infected offer nothing but the same old methods and revert to concepts of the past (Professionals may refer to this as retrogressive behavior.). Further identification can be visualized by observing an individual’s fixated stare. The stricken person can only think of the past because in their untreated state, past thought processes are like a digital recording skipping back to the beginning over and over again.

Eventually, glimpses of future possibilities cause further withdrawal that leads to self destruction. When a Retrograt reaches the reality state that he or she can’t control everybody, and they no longer control anything, they end up contained in mental and spiritual isolation. At this progressed state, Retrograts can’t stand to change. To change, brings on even more emotional torture. So what seems to comfort them–the soothing knowledge that other people exist like them.

The only cure a Retrograt can seek would be a continuous, intravenous transfusion of the blood of Jesus.

Yes that is their only hope!

Beware of Retrograts.

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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  1. king amaziah says:

    i am still amazed that the falcon flew the coop before he got here.So who is next on the list?If you can’t stand the heat you know the rest!Who else do we know who are visionaries?We need someone with charisma and a hard back because frank and the boys will try him according to their modus operandi.But the new visionary must be able to say no when necessary and yes when he needs to without patronizing any group.Personally i think left behind could do it!


  2. New Vision 11 says:

    It is easy to confuse the urgent with the important! So if we really want change let’s prioritize our issues… a new vision in my view , is electing Dr Byrd then refering the report back to the nominating committee with recommendations to change the other officers and allow Dr Byrd some input on the departmental leaders.

    What say ye to that?


  3. The Questioner says:

    I think this is important, but we also must recognize that all of our forward looking should also include a look towards the past. Dr. Byrd does this well…

    Many people were saying that Evangelistic meetings don’t work. Well Dr. Byrd simply retooled them…He may call them “Bible Conferences”…he may call them something else. Tremaine Hawkins or Byron Cage may be singing, but at the end of the day it is the evangelistic meeting.

    We need to take the best insights from the past…unite them with a progressive look and then you have something.

    I guess the point I am making is that the only true antidote to retrogratitis is not to live in the past, but to take a healthy respect of the past into the future…


    • White Lightning says:

      OUTSTANDING COMMENT! You see, this is how we learn from each other. Show me a better side…and you did. You just made my day.

      Thanks for your comment.


  4. White Lightning says:

    Forgottenshepherdess: This is really funny. People in our churches need to read it and then avoid it.


    I appreciate your


  5. Kobe says:

    I hope members in my church don’t have this stuff. I think I know some people who are infected. They are untreated!


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