Elder Larry Moore: Newly Elected Union President

How will this impact the Southwest Region Conference Constituency Meeting?

I think Elder Larry Moore comes to the Southwestern Territory with a breath of fresh air compared to the former president. At least he has ministered as a pastor for a number of years, served as a conference president, and is very humorous (All missing in the outgoing president). Larry’s new approachable personality may be very good for pastors, teachers and workers in the five states. It might even mean that His office will have an open door. Something some people found non-existent with the previous president. I think he will make a good Union President even though we can’t say we “know him” until we have a chance to interact during the years ahead.

Most of us are eager to find out how he will interact on issues of race relations. The present make-up across the board in the union office is not acceptable in relation to “people of color” within the five states. As a leader in this field Elder Moore now represents people of all color. Yes, he may have to eat some real vegetarian soul food, eat a Tex-Mex dinner and foods of various cultures. When Larry comes to preach at our churches he just might clap his hands and stand up and fan a preacher with a handkerchief. Please, please, don’t expect Larry to pat his feed at the beat of our African-American and Spanish music (This might kill him).

The problem that Union Presidents have had over time, concern the issue of relevancy in the 21st century(Less Government). Some across church lines view unions as a reservoir of wasted money. I hope that “touching people” and not “committees” will define the direction of Moore’s administration.

When you ask yourself the question, “Who do they serve?” Most members in the pews cannot recall any of their names. In the seminary, the words often spoken by some professors, echoes the phrase, “It is the easiest job in all the Church” (They don’t have to answer to “them churches”).

For the constituents in the SWRC Moore could overturn what the retiring union president politically maneuvered the small committee into voting–retaining administration and the department personnel without giving the new incoming president input. Overall, I think Elder Larry Moore’s leadership will be something to watch with positive expectations.

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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5 Responses to Elder Larry Moore: Newly Elected Union President

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where were our young people at the Constituency? Where are the young people being groomed for future office holding? The Union staff reflects the problem with our system. Youth brings life and keeps an organization alive. For succession planning, where is the focus on bringing in younger talent? What are we thinking?


    • White Lightning says:

      Anonymous: As one writer so eloquently wrote in the stories called Left Behind,

      “Welcome to the feeling of BEING left behind.”

      However, you are witnessing the end of an era. It is only a matter of time before you will see youth (the fraternity brothers) rise to many of the positions once held by seasoned and senior men.

      This may come with positve and negative consequences. There exist a law in power concerning the rise of leaders too quickly. Many fall H-A-R-D!


      • The Questioner says:

        Yes it comes in cycles. And as White Lightning notes, there will be good and positive consequences of every move or change. The key is for the constituency to hold ALL accountable…young, old, well known, not so well known…ALL

        The constituency needs to recognize their responsibility…There is a reason why you vote…you have a responsibility…

        I am happy for the Forgotten Shepherdess blog…hopefully we will see this kind of thing proliferate…Get the information out so that we (the constituency) can judge accurately what is happening and can hold ALL accountable…


  2. king amaziah says:

    We hope he is all that and much more!


  3. PETE says:

    The exiting president will bring a breath of fresh air.

    For those wanting to get the rest of the new…go to this address.



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