I Don’t Understand This Blog

An Anonymous Contributor asked me to post this. 

From a Contributor

Thank you to the Forgotten Shepherdess for posting my concerns. I don’t understand this blog. So many issues have been raised here and I can see that people are following and many are having fruitful discussion. I don’t understand why no one has asked the most important question…should we follow this blog blindly without knowing who this author is and why he/she/or they started these discussions. Why do we continue to read when we have no idea how this got started or who started it? I contemplated on this for a long time before I sent this anonymous posting. I then realized that the reason why we follow blindly is because we are thirsty. The constituents in this conference are dehydrated from wayward leadership and self-service. We are thirsty to be heard and our voices validated by the “many.” I can see that those who may not have ever had a voice now have one because of this blog. I am not saying that I agree with every comment or topic but I am convinced that God has put this into motion for a reason. We must now decide to focus on how we are going to be heard next week on the floor. Let’s leave our fun tags anonymous or otherwise behind and make a difference.

Anonymous Contributor


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18 Responses to I Don’t Understand This Blog

  1. king amaziah says:

    What a bombshell for the union prez to withdraw his name from being renominated!How will this affect this territory,or even the upcoming constituency meeting being held next week?One can only speculate!


  2. snoopdoggy says:

    Left Behind?I thought I was Left Behind!Will the real left Behind please stand up?


  3. Jonah_77 says:

    Ok, who is the Black Swan? Lol. Obviously Leftbehind has a following. How does this translate into change for SWRC? It only helps if we change things.

    What say you?


  4. snoopdoggy says:

    “still i write and still i rise”


  5. snoopdoggy says:

    this is to borrow a phrase from a friend,”better than television!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. PETE says:

    Thank you for contributing. This is how we learn from each other whether we agree or not.

    Let me attempt to answer part of your post. If workers gave their name or the blogger’s they would be subject to the actions of the conference through policy. Workers or members could not say what they really mean. I respect your shoice and you said what you wanted us know. I can say this makes good sense or no sense. I think what you wanted us to hear makes great sense.


  7. The Great Condor says:

    A continuation of the Great Takeover influenced by LeftBehind

    While licking his wounds from an unimaginable mauling by a flock of swans, Frank gathers his allies, in the dark realm of his basement to form a list of future hits. As he sits behind his desk, his two consorts, Dino and Jerry await their orders. Dino, hypnotized by Frank, begins to use his sticky tongue to convince Frank that the swans are a meaningless foe and wont get in the way of Falcon landing in the great Southwest.

    Frank: Guys, I can’t believe all of the chatter I am hearing from these swans.

    Dino: They are swans Frank, they can’t harm anyone, and maybe we should ignore them.

    Jerry: (In a Deep Voice) Yeah, Frank, whats a little bitty swan going to do?

    Frank: It’s the Black Swan I am worried about. She has thrown a monkey wrench into my plan by educating the pigeons. Jerry, I want you and Dino to seek her out and put and end to this madness.

    Dino: Sure Frank, but how are we going to do that?

    Frank: Lets tell everyone that the Black Swan is really an Ugly Duckling, Also, make sure the pigeons know that if anything goes wrong at the Great Pigeon Convention, They will Sleep with the Pigeons, courtesy of Frank, Dino and Jerry.

    Dino: Frank, what do you mean by Sleep with the Pigeons?

    Frank: Dino, just put the word out. I expect more from a chameleon, use your tongue and color changing abilities. Jerry, I can count on you to do anything. Make it happen!

    Jerry: Uhhh Frank, there is more than one swan, there are over 9,000. That’s a lot of hits to put out.

    Frank: I know, but if we don’t, we might end up like the Dodo bird, an extinct species. Worse than that, we might have to migrate south or west. Except you Dino, you can’t fly, but you are cold blooded, so a temperature change is bad for you.

    So Frank’s people began the diligent work of trying to find the Black Swan, and eliminating as many swans as they could before the Great Pigeon Convention. But for every swan he hit, 10 more came into existence. Stay Tuned…cause if there is no change we all will be Leftbehind!


  8. Jonah_77 says:

    @ anonymous, this entire blog has put light on a deep rooted problem of bad political gamesmanship by the leaders. A vote for them is just that, a vote for them. It is sinful and sad.

    What say you?


    • Good point. I think anonymous is speaking for those who are interested in this forum but do not quite know how to respond or fear that it is wrong. I understand why that fear exists it is from years of suppression and retrubutive acts by certain officials when others speak their opinion such as Craig.


  9. Left Behind says:

    I am coming back to this discussion after much prayer. After seeing the minutes from the executive committee I felt it would be a good idea if I didn’t comment to allow others to have opportunities to enter the discussion and to move the discussion from being centered around my stories. TFS I hope that my actions did not affect the viewership or contributors to this blog. What I thought was a funny illustration became much more than that. I appreciate you not censoring me as this conference may seek to do and removing my stories from the front page as I requested. I think this coming election will separate boys from the men and we will see how many are really on the side for REAL CHANGE.


  10. @anonymous since you asked for this to be posted anonymously I do have a responsibility to respond for all readers as we discussed before this was posted. I do agree that anonymity can be controversial however as you can see by the recent actions from the executive committee discussion about issues is not welcome and even though comments to some may have been hurtful everyone has a right to their opinion. I do not think followers are blindly following this blog as some have used their identities such as Dr. Stanley. I think just like in many cases we are not asked to identify who we are when we vote it has the same premise. People do not want to be excommunicated for believing a certain way. Let’s hope and pray that those who are interested in change will take the helm next week.


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