Actions Voted by the Executive Committee Regarding This Blog

The following actions were voted by the Executive Committee of Southwest Region Conference of SDA in response to the publication and participants on this blog. Click Here for the Full Report.
Actions Voted:
  • Voted to place a disclaimer on the Conference website, to be drafted in counsel with Adventist Risk Management.
  • Voted to formulate a policy regarding the proper behavior of an employee relative to Internet conduct via social media sites and other online activies such as blogs, to be placed in the Employee Handbook.
  • Voted to accept the disclaimer presented from the Sheperdess Club leader, to be placed in the Conference files and attached to the meeting’s minutes.
  • Voted to accept Elder Durandel Ford’s statement to address false statements perpetuated in the blog, to be placed in the files, and attached to the meeting’s minutes.

A Couple of Points:

1. The statements of the Shepherdess Club leader and  Durandel Ford were not published if you want to view them you will have to request them from the conference office.

2. I am confused about “false statement perpetuated in the the blog.” Where has his name ever appeared in this blog other than in this post? His name appears as he has officially entered an item into record drawing identification to himself as an “offended” person which was posted publically by the Southwest Region Conference. I can only assume he is offended as he has stated the certain “statements” were false which “statements” we will never know.

3. I have not seen any inappropriate comments towards any certain individual written by anyone. I have seen constructive criticism and identification of emerging issues within this conference.

What is evident is that some sort of censorship will occur in an effort to suppress the damage that this conference has done to it’s workers.

Dr. Stanley you now have it in writing.


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15 Responses to Actions Voted by the Executive Committee Regarding This Blog

  1. Questioner says:

    Isn’t there real conference work to do? Why are they worried about what a little website does? What are they afraid the people will learn? Are they afraid that the people will now actually have real information?

    Maybe we aught to give them some real work to do…Oh yeah I forgot the conference did give them real work to do…but instead of doing that real work, they are trying to mess with a little website from providing information to the constituents…


  2. king ahaziah says:

    Survival of the fittest is the law of the land!Sadly even here where we teach and preach “the Truth” but how much effect does “the Truth” have on us?Do we really believe what we preach?Do we practice what we preach or is it just another job?Obviously,it is just a game to some but for those who have been tested and tried,we know that it is just a matter of time before God reveals Himself.We need to remember how when all seemed to point in one direction in 2000,the Lord put someone in who not many had expected and made him king.Now apparently his time is up and who knows who the Lord wants this time?all appointments no matter how long they last are still only temporary according to divine wisdom so enjoy it while you can then get out the way for the next man!Dolomite put it so nicely when he said”!Take a Christlike attitude toward the problems confronting this conference,this country ,and this world.Think ,pray and act with a persevering hope,instead of despairing.Replace excessive self interest by an eagerness to serve others!Dolomite I am glad that there are people like you in this worldand personally,I hope to get you into our conference one day!Just call me an eternal optimist!


  3. Jonah_77 says:

    The offended minister now knows what it feels like to be in the spotlight with so many unknowns. #1. what if his guy doesnt get in? Will he be moved? Will he go to a remote region of the conference to become dried up bones? Will he retire? The fear that he and others have placed on other men is the reason he wants to hide behind the executive committee. But as he lobbied and caucused to keep in place the current leadership said nothing.

    This is so typical of cowards. When the game they play backfires they want to change the rules. As I said before, they can vote all day, suppression of free speech is a lonely road traveled. The fastest way to end up on a news network explaining yourself is to fire someone for their 1st amendment right.

    But let’s just show them and reject their policies, and vote a new executive committee. Send them home and leave them behind. Again the people who are the most vocal are the ones who have lived in Big D for years and cant risk a lifestyle change. However, they are more than capable of changing the lifestyle of others. It is sinful! If we don’t act, we will be wandering for forty years like Israel. The time is now.

    Also, everyone has called them out and there is no response. So it must be true. There is a real Frank, Dino, and Jerry. I just hope Dino’s tongue isn’t that sticky. Maybe there is “bad news from the Prez”, cause Falcon is coming here and has been nominated. People their doing this stuff in your face. Slapping and degrading senior ministers. Where are they? They could at least respond to some of these truths.

    What say you? We need Left behind to come back and give us one more glimpse at reality!


    • @Jonah_77 thank your for raising these issues. In response to your email I am not commenting in the forums for which I post only to give those with opinions opportunities to express them. I am watching all comments closely. I think its important for me as a facilitator to take a back seat and let the people talk.


    • snoopdoggy says:

      Jonah you are on point all the way on this!The best way to deal with a coward is head on!Face to face!First they will lie then they will run!


  4. New Vision 11 says:

    In my previous comments the opinon was that to surround Dr Byrd with the nominated officers was to impact his abilty to produce change. This knee jerk reaction confirms that opinon in my mind.
    It is fundamental that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, as well as , Federal laws both allow and protect freedom of speech. Of course that does not include slander but criticism of the government and supporting unpopoular ideas is protected.
    What this action seems to imply is a direct threat to free speech and intimidating ministers or others that exercise their rights. We need to review and change the nominations if Dr Byrd is to set a new vision or enact any plan!


  5. snoopdoggy says:

    any committee foolish enough to listen to this foolishness much let entertain a motion to act upon it ,is unfit to be a committee!I the USA where freedom of speech is a constitutional guaranteed right how foolish to threaten punishment for it.Is this committee tough enough to take on the US government?It is a wonder we can win any souls or reach any significant goals.We have set up an ideal environment for inhouse fighting and are subject to the casualties of “friendly fire”.As long
    as we engage in self destruction, we do not have to worry about the real purpose for our being here.I have travelled around the world and have never seen such a tiny conference with so much pride it refused to correct its mistakes.We cannot blame God for the selections made last week but we can ask divine help in making necessary changes.I know you can read between the lines but there should be input from the potential new president as to who could best assist him in reaching the desired goals for the great swrc.The so called strategic plan has not been to all the churches so please do not ask us to vote it!The Bible says only a fool answers a matter before he hears it!If it was that important then the time wasted on fighting this blog should havee been spent on the strategic plan!There are enough intelligent people in this conference delegates in particular who will not stand to be lied to picked on and kicked around anymore!Enuff is enuff is enuff!


  6. Craig says:

    In my opinion the Conference has no legal or ethical jurisdiction over this blog. It would be a terrible mistake if this blog comes under the jurisdiction of this conference. A BIG PROBLEM!


  7. PETE says:

    This is amazing!

    The majority of the members on the EXCOM HAVE MADE COLORFUL STATEMENTS concerning those they disagree with. Some prominent lay members as well. I HAVE HEARD THEM in private gatherings. I think the EXCOM reacted emotionally rather than sensibly. They judged the blog based on statements from one person that was read with out equal rebuttle and equal time. Many people will see this as an attempt to destroy the forum based on emotionalism and not facts.

    Next out, ministers have used similar or the exact phraseology concerning the person “who can’t take the heat.” However this may play out the EXCOM will have to take action against this minister who is “KNOWN” for his off camera and on camera jokes, statements, phraseology etc.

    If the EXCOM or RISK MANAGEMENT attempts to regulate speech through policy, we may just quit reading LIBERTY MAGAZINE.

    I am told that one of the “owls” in “BTOWN” said that the policy should be made on this regarding this matter of participation on blogs because presently there are not in any handbook. Some Corps.might have such policy but it is usually regarding internet behavior concerning pornography etc. This blog doesn’t come close and is NOT IN THAT CATAGORY.


  8. dolomite9 says:

    Now I understand why the nominating committee got personal in their selections!People everywhere want to be free!Free to speak their minds and free of being threatened when they do.Why would the ex committee even entertain much less vote such frivolous motions?The main ingredient in religious liberty is freedom of speech so to waste time and money trying to control people’s rights to an innocent blog is to throw us back 200 years to the good old slavery days!


  9. Anonymous says:


    As a person who was converted into Adventism, I find the items concerning the blog from the Executive Committee really disheartening. I have been reading the blog and find nothing that suggests statements that violated any ethics. A blog is what it is an opinion forum.

    The offended internalized the stories and became reactive. I have read and find the stories to be humorous and not to be taken seriously.

    I have also listened to the different ministers in our conference who have used descriptive language that some members have found to be offensive.


    Why don’t we go out and have some vegetarian beers and move on.

    I like the blog because it has done some real good. It has done a balanced job of allowing commenter’s to express their opinions. When we can talk to each other we end up with a better conference because people were heard. NOTHING IS PERFECT! There are issues that are personal when they affect people’s lives.

    Why doesn’t the offended minister come on the blog and give his side of the story? Or for that matter the president? Are they afraid of criticism? They have an opportunity to address an audience that would like to hear from them.




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