President’s Report Requests 4 More Years from Small Committee

Delegate packets were sent to constituents this past week. Enclosed was a letter from the president requesting for four more years to begin implementation of the strategic plan a plan we have yet to see! Was it included in your packet? The brochure sent out to churches two weeks ago is not the 50 page document that is supposed to be posted on the website and disseminated to constituents at least fourteen days prior to the constituency meeting. How can the conference expect us to effectively become familiar with a 50 page plan in fourteen days even though that is the minimum requirement consistent with our bylaws?  If you click on the Strategic Information Sheet the top of the tab identifies the document as a “Sell Sheet.”

Our current incumbent wants a nomination but has yet to produce the document that everybody wants to see.  Sources inside the small committee are not confident that the incumbent will receive the nomination. Regardless of how we vote we have to ask God are things “decent and in order?” Can our current leadership make this happen? Everyone has to vote according to what they believe God will lead them to do.

I will post the nominee on this website when it is released and confirmed. Continue to check this blog for the latest information.

One thing that is for sure is that we cannot continue with a plan that still takes secretive measures. Delegates should not be expected to vote on something “sprung” on them at the last minute. Think about it, is this a lack preparedness or transparency?

Here is a significant and transparent challenge how long will it take the Southwest Region Conference to release the nominee after today’s meeting?

~The Forgotten Shepherdess


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8 Responses to President’s Report Requests 4 More Years from Small Committee

  1. snoopdoggy says:

    Something is fishy here!If we had term limits,this problem would not be a problem!


  2. dolomite9 says:

    It is possible that the constituents will see all the others being returned and feel that it was personal against the prez and out of pity fight to put him back in.Has he really been any worse than some of the others who were given a free pass back in?Of course with the excitement of a new prez it is not likely that the nomination will change but what about the slackers who just got back in?Without much change in the executive committee how much leeway will the prez have to make any changes?Who will be the ministerial secretary?Elder trevino I love you like an uncle but did this committee really pray about each of the names selected?Prayer changes things but there are not too many changes that were made.Never the less God’s will be done!


  3. dolomite9 says:

    We still do not have a nominee for president?I hope we don’t go back to business as usual or even worse a sympathizer to the present administration.This is not to cast aspersion on this administration but for weal or woe,when it is time to go mit is time to go!”You gotta know when to hold em know when to fold em know when to walk away know when to run”!I say run over to the Union Office and take that job!Enjoy the best of both worlds!!!!!The worst that could happen is for the prez to get a small hellraising church district like he joyfully sent sent the senior guys to.


  4. dolomite9 says:

    Be sure,if the falcon comes ,he will bring his own team with him!He does not do anything halfway or halfheartedly but if he does not come,it could be anybody’s guess who we will get.Somehow though the more things change,the more they stay the same!Get ready for a rough ride no matter what but please do not go back to what we had.JUst say no to 4 more years!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • @dolomite9 it looks like the committee had only one purpose and that was to remove the president. One must then ask what data did the committee have to substantiate that all other departments were doing an effective job?


  5. dolomite9 says:

    4 more years?Are you kidding?


  6. dolomite9 says:

    We have put up with this behavior for so long ,so there must be someone else reaping the benefits.It is time for a change,a radical house cleaning a total housecleaning.How will the houseworkers do if they are put back into the field?If they can’t handle it,let them retire!Where is the strategic plan?Let us ask the hard questions.Will the pres get a free spot in the union if he doesn’t get back in?


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