Ever Heard of “The BoogieMonsters?”

I must say that when I received this link I was a little skeptical. I thought…Who and What is the “BoogieMonsters?” After reading the testimony of Pastor Ivor Myers I then realized that our young people had to see this. This former hip-hop rap star searching for fame and glory in the secular world found Jesus and the three angels message. He now uses his talents to reach others. This story is so inspiring no matter what your musical preference. Click here to learn more about Pastor Ivor Myers and his ministry.

Question when we look at our youth and the wayward path they are treading how can we find ways to connect as the “BoogieMonsters” did? This testimony will inspire you to think about how we can think outside of the box to reach our youth.

Part I

Part II


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14 Responses to Ever Heard of “The BoogieMonsters?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this story almost as much as….well you know what I mean!There is a great lesson here also and I hope we don’t end up with zero!


  2. ZERO says:

    The Land of Zero

    Once upon a time there was a Kingdom called Zero. The Kingdom was known throughout the earth because everybody got zero. One day they called a strategy meeting to figure out how they could get something.

    Now the inhabitants of the Kingdom lived in total darkness and desired only one thing, to live on top of the earth, where if they could get there, they could enjoy real light.

    At one of the great council meetings Royalty decided to employ the services of some of their skilled subjects, Blind, Stupid, and Dumb. So Royalty called all three together for an interview with the purpose of seeing how they could get all the people to the light.

    The Interview went like this…

    Blind’s Idea: Since I have never seen light and experienced it, follow me to the top. I know how to get there by hugging the walls and following my markers.

    Dumb’s Idea: “Follow me” he said… I will plant dynamite at Blind’s markers, and at an exact moment in time I’ll press the button and instantly light will be revealed.

    Stupid’s Idea: Follow me and when we get to blind’s final marker I’ll set the land on fire and we will all see and feel the light.

    So Royalty didn’t know who should lead because their ideas seem so convincing to them. After an executive session Royalty made a decision, to employ all three strategies. Following this decision an announcement went out through all the Land of Zero that every inhabitant would gather at one location, to meet at a certain time where indeed all citizens of the Land of Zero would for the first time see real light.

    What a great gathering it came to be, friends, relatives and all the leaders assembled. There was music, singing and cheer in the land. It was a day of great celebration. And then the great moment arrived.

    Blind started leading, and after several hours his followers looked around and found that they were back at the same spot they started from.

    Next, Dumb planted the dynamite at blind’s markers and at a specific time press the button and blew up the land of Zero.

    And finally Stupid, in his last moments, set the kingdom on fire.

    Conclusion: Because the citizens followed, blind, because they followed Dumb, and followed stupid, they all got ZERO.

    Moral of the story: Zero plus Zero always equals zero and never follow blind, stupid and dumb ideas.


    From Zero


  3. dolomite9 says:

    Anytime you work in an organization, you will be controlled by them!Who are the campmeeting speakers this year?Is attendance mandatory?Why do they always have it on Father’s Day Weekend?Is it really necessary to go if the campground is almost condemned?Why not bring it up to par before we have a half baked campmeeting?”whatsoever thy hand findeth to do,do it with all thy might”!Let us be first class all the way!We serve a first class God!


  4. @Anonymous and Marian: How can we as a church embrace parents who are inexperienced and show them how to positively influence the decisions of their children? How can we take this musical genre of rap and use it to our advantage to connect with our youth? As you can see we are out of the loop on this musical takeover. It reminds me of how disco or rock and roll took over and parents thought it was the end of the world for us! Now you hear christian music using this type of music genre and it is now widely accepted. Is tapping in to this musical genre the missing link?


    • Marian says:

      I believe we must step back as a church and realize salvation is the work of our Saviour! JESUS SAVES – not the pastor, church or the Sabbath School teacher. If we as a church, come beside parents and hold up their hands, like Aaron and Hur, rather than criticizing their struggles, parents will be encouraged to work with their children.

      Anyone who is a parent knows there comes a time in a child’s life when it seems there is absolutely nothing you can do with them! How encouraging to be a part of a fellowship which empathizes rather than condemns! Just as adults have free choice, so do our children. We can only live the best life we can in front of them. Involve them, listen to them and encourage them when they seek to become independent of our choices.

      Yes, we can use the current media – rap for Jesus – if we become less judgmental and more willing to listen to another point of view. (I think responses to this blog show we have a difficulty with differences of opinion.) Grace means we offer to others the same measure we want extended to us. It won’t be easy, but the Holy Spirit will and can lead those who choose to reflect the fruits of the Spirit.


  5. Marian says:

    I can’t help but feel parents have abandoned their role in the lives of their children. It is the parental responsibility to not only teach but walk in front of their children in a manner that the Lord is is primary and children desire to follow the Lord – not a pastor, teacher, or even the parent.

    The church has to take some responsiblity for not preparing parents for thie awesome privilege. It has allows parents to think they are unable to prepare their chldren for the Kingdom.

    We need to select leaders who believe in strengthening the home to be all it can be – since churches are made of up of people from homes – our churches, and our conference will all benefit!


    • @Marian Welcome back! You were missed 🙂 I truly agree that it “takes a village” and we have to start from the top when it comes to reclaiming so many of those youngsters that would fill up our camp grounds as described in the post The Good Ole’ Days.I always enjoyed hearing the laughter of children at various events! We need them back we aren’t going to live forever! 🙂


      • Marian says:

        You know, maybe if we were ALL more grace based, there would be more laughter EVERYWHERE on the campgrounds. Children need to know religion is not something to make you cry, but we can all delight in the Lord! When I look around, I don’t see a lot of joy on members’ faces.


      • @Marian you are so right. See today’s post. I am exceptionally glad to see a young person take delight in standing up for what is right. 🙂


    • ANNONYMOUS says:

      Great comment! What you are showing viewers is something that I agree with. When young people don’t turn out right we can’t blame it all on drugs, or even them. It all comes down to PARENTS!

      What enviroment did they give their children?


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