Dear Mr. President: by Jonah_77

Are you really considering firing a minister or worker for statements made on this blog? Are you considering policy that would permit Pastors from reaching more constituents to bring them to Christ ? What has this person done to you? Has he robbed you? Has he stolen from you what God has bestowed on you? In my opinion he has not. While many people may not agree with your policies or strategy, no one has attacked you personally.

Actually the creator of this blog has informed thousands of people on the process. Leftbehind and others don’t agree with this process and are simply trying to change it or prevent its manipulation.

From my view, and its very close, you have an opportunity to enact reform. You can take the lead and position towards addressing the problems stated here by almost 5,900 possible viewers. To ignore the people is not the characteristics of a true leader. Some self-reflection is needed at this time, even if mistakes were made.

No one is perfect. To enact policy to silence people will certainly ensure that the issues addressed here are very loud and preoccupy the agenda of the upcoming meeting. Why not listen to what has been written. No matter how painful, or how much you may disagree, it is still a valid viewpoint.

Sir, my recommendation to you is to take the lead on these issues and get out front with ideas of reform. If you don’t do it, someone else will fill the void. This is not a time for inquiry; it is a time for reflection and prayer.

It may be Gods will for you to continue as our leader, listening to the views here will ensure you are in touch with your constituents. To restrict people is only going to make them more aware. The people on this blog are Adventist. They are Christian and they have voiced concerns. Some have been ministers for over 30 years. Lets try to open our hearts to change. People don’t like these tactics.

What Say You Sir


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13 Responses to Dear Mr. President: by Jonah_77

  1. Jonah_77 says:


    What has happened here is the creation of a political party within an Adventist Conference, plain and simple. I am not and will never speak against the anointed of God. Just as it troubled David to move against Saul, I will not speak ill of people I know and respect. However, I absolutely will voice my concern and disdain for their behavior and actions regarding leadership.

    I have been in the SWRC for almost 30 years. My letter spoke to a corrupt system, that until now no one would speak against because of reprisal. This is not a joke and should be addressed.

    Dr. Stanley, I respect you, and everything you have done. But, there is nothing fictitious about a minister being fired for speaking up. Furthermore, what would be his recourse if fired, what avenue of appeal? If your only avenue of appeal is the courts, then this organization is a failure. It means that the organizational power rest with one man and man can be corrupted.

    Now, as I mentioned before a we have a political party. When two or more people get together in an effort to influence the outcome of a vote, that group of individuals is a party. The sad thing is, they didn’t have a name until Leftbehind coined them Frank, Dino, and Jerry. I guess you could call them a Fraternity that got old and are clinging to the coat tails of the younger Fraternity. However, rather than looking out for the good of all, they are willing to manipulate people and openly ensure that the current president wont be. In addition, they are trying to bring in another person who shares the same interest. If thats not Fact then I am misinformed by a lot of people. This is very serious and beckons the question of why? Why people are not trying to find out who they are(Frank, Dino, and Jerry)?

    For years they have resorted to this and it is has been overlooked. However, God is watching and now over 6,100 possible viewers are as well. People KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. IT IS WRONG. The decisions they have made or influenced that have hurt people can blot out all of their accomplishments. To be clear, It does not matter how much you inflate your resume, enter condemnation into record or misrepresent this blog if you are kicking your fellow man to get ahead. IT IS NOT RIGHT.

    As I stated in my letter, this is a moment that the current Leader can actually Lead!! He can start from scratch and do things the right way without the political party. To me, taking a side against the voice of the people is confusing, likewise, ignorance of the men who are actually trying to put you out is confusing to me as well. I advocate for no one but a fair system.

    What Say You?


    • Jonah_77 says:


      My last paragraph was should state “without the political party”. A Party system is never the answer in this matter.

      Please edit it. Thanks.



    • dolomite9 says:

      Thank God for the opportunity to express ourselves and to maintain at least to a degree,a level of objectivity.As we look at our present situation and realize how difficult it is to admit mistakes,some seem to be more determined to stay on course no matter who is hurt in the process.While it is impossible to go back to yesterday and undo any mistakes,it is not too late to correct them.Sometimes change is the only way to correct a mistake!None of the people mentioned here have ever been in real “organized crime ” settings so how did we get to where we treat each other with such disdain and hatred that we don’t even care about their wellbeing?How long do we turn a deaf ear and look the other way when we see or condone a fellow worker being mistreated to the detriment of his health and welfare?How long dare we deviate from certain policies and over enforce others to our own convenience?How long do we look the other way while some workers hold 2 jobs while others are threatened to be terminated if they do?How long do we have a polarization in this field where workers don’t even know each other much less fellowship together for our common good?How long are senior men going to have to be disrepected just because they are senior men?How long do we have churchmembers being told that they don’t have to listen to their pastors by conference officials?How long are we going to have all these mixed and double messages going around?All of these are the ingredients of a”political party”.Like it or not whoever is elected in May is going to have to deal with this.We need Holy Ghost filled ,praying leaders,clergy and laity to do what must be done in this conference if we are going to save our children,our churches,ourselves,and get back to the main thing!Do you see how easy it is to forget the main thing?


      • @Dolomite9 All I can say is AMEN!!! You are so right! It’s not about “tightening up the senior men” it’s about conviction at the top! And with the emerging issues from this blog I have to say where is the conviction? A comment made earlier about “getting converted” is a pertinent question. Everytime I have a negative thought or want to do something in reaction to something someone else did I have to fall on my knees and pray for conversion. “Lord convert my thoughts and actions to be more like Yours.” We need to start thinking in terms of how we can support our workers and their families and look to Him to guide us in the right path.


  2. dolomite9 says:

    Now that you have mentioned that the swrc lawyers have been brought in to look into the matter,what kind of time and money is being put into investigating freedom of speech on a blog specifically for anyone to vent their feelings? How dare pay lawyers to investigate a constitutionally guaranteed right of every American? Why don’t we use the legal people for things like workers rights,benefits to their survivors when they die from unnecessary stress added to an already stressfull job?I am afraid that I sense alot of fear on the administration’s part and that bothers me because the Bible says” Perfect love casts out fear”.Allegedly it has been said that our current leader has no confidence in the “senior men” but eventually even the newest intern will one day be a senior man in fact even our leader is a senior man.But if this is indeed how he feels then it is obvious that he has some unfinished business with some men who have offended him in some way and feels that all senior men are like that.We need a leader who will not stereotype pastors but let each one stand on his own merit .If we use the logic that all senior men are worthless then we need to elect only young interns to serve as connference administrators and if we do that ,I promise you that we will quickly find that there is no substitute for experience!Even the Biblical model and Spirit of Prophecy supports that.So if the senior men are worthless,good for nothing,tithe eating vultures,then perhaps he is right and they should all be fired and told to take their retirement package and go find some other line of work!You will find that the Bible is right the young men have alot of energy and the old men have alot of experience and both are needed to finish the work.By the way the middle aged have some of both!All three groups have something to offer and in conferences where this is realized,alot of productivity takes place!Look at Allegheny East and West for that matter!


    • ANNONYMOUS says:


      Yes I am a senior person and believe that the Leader as such made a miscalculation when he decided to abandon senior men by putting younger men in responsibilities that usually were for ordained and seasoned men. Most clergy understand the importance of “field testing” before advancement to larger responsibilities.

      The result is evident…rapid turnovers…which cost the institution a lot of tithe dollars. And frankly it did not yield the baptisms in relationship to what the Leader envisioned. The statistical data that you will read soon will tell the Leaders story and nothing will be NEGATIVE. You see, our leader has not realized that he is not perfect. I accept that. No one is a perfect Leader. We have our successes and our failings. Why not acknowledge where improvement should be? Instead of downing men who have been here for many years and helped develop the territory. Even the “Pack” acknowledges this.

      When you think back one of the individuals of the “Pack” for a time was a part of the decisions just mentioned. DOES HE CARE ABOUT SENIOR MEN?



      Any one of us who have been here for at least twenty years knows the answer to these questions.

      Now that his involvement is being discussed, has he stopped doing the same stuff? NO!
      Understand the ISSUE. If the leader of the “Pack” became the “Leader” would he seriously reprimand workers who went around and held meetings that he didn’t know about who were involved in deposing him? You guessed it right…YES!

      What disturbs me is the lack of senior men to speak and say, “Yes I may not like my Leader, but I resent the “pack” for their disloyalty to the men of the field.”

      To all the men of this field, WHO DOES THE “PACK LEADER” SEEK TO REALLY HELP?


      • @Anonymous welcome to the discussion. I can see you are new to this discussion. I appreciate your willingness and courage to speak up for your colleagues and I understand, obviously, your need to be anonymous. My question is why not confront these issues that are plainly slapping us in the face? If we don’t take care of our workers especially “senior men” who will want to come and be loyal to this conference as so many of these men have been? For example, I can’t remember a time when Dr. Stanley wasn’t in our conference. Other men like him are dedicated not “un-electable” as so many of the “pack” have described. How do we as a conference stand by him?


  3. Ain't Too Proud To Beg says:

    When you tell people not to view something and communication will be sent…they made it personal.

    Go and get copies from your area ex member who I am told by ex members that he blatantly blasted the blog.

    I would like to see the leader come on the blog as Obama has used other types of the Net, and answer the question. Does he have any confidence in senior men?

    Can you answer this question?


  4. W.B. Stanley, PhD says:

    Greetings. Is what I am “hearing” Fact or Fiction?” I actually read three blogs–CNN, ESPN, and The “FORGOTTENSHEPHERDESS. Even when I do not respond I am reading it. A lot can be stated in meetings during the “discussion” that is not actually “voted” which is becomes “Fact.” I choose to stick with the “Facts.”

    Until I receive, as a worker, something “official” from adminstration, it remains under the umbrella of “Fiction.”.
    What I am sensing, is that the discussion has moved from the “issue” to the “person.” I do believe and encourage to stick with the issue.

    To be a little light-hearted, if you are in the area of Lone Star Camp, come by and visit with your school kids at Out-Door School sponsored the the SWRGC Education Department. I (Dr. Stanley), am the officialy “Out-Door School Chef” this year. I have put aside my Pastoral Portfolio for a few days and picked up my stirring spoon.
    I can make mean Vege or Vegan Lasgne and Pasta.
    I invite you to come by and get a sampling of Stanley’s Lasagne. We will be there till Wednesday noon. Come and the kids wth your teacing staff.

    W.B. Stanley, PhD.


    • Ain't Too Proud To Beg says:

      Believe me…Dr. Stanley…It is real. By placing those items into record made it so. It is fact.

      It was never personal…until they mentioned legal consequences as related by EX Com members by our leader of which they spent at least an hour on.

      They decided to make the discussion personal by stating that SWRC lawyers were looking into the matter.

      Do think this is fair? Do you have the right to promote your point of view on Christian Education? Can you take criticism of others on Christian Education? I think you have demonstrated that you can. You could be my President!


    • @Dr. Stanley I agree with you wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t call it fiction. It is a fact that items were entered into record this past week concerning this blog see the disclaimer at the top regarding Shepherdess International. What those actual items were will remain alleged until SWRC posts them for constituents. I think what we are seeing is the “fear” to get real with the issues. Why not consider some of the pertinent topics and questions raised here instead of trying to figure out who posted, who’s commenting, and why. I do think the alleged conversations did occur what was actually voted was “reportedly” some type of correspondence to be sent to churches condemning this blog as a “sinful practice which promotes discord and negatively influences the laity”. Please correct me if I am wrong I hope and pray that I am. Howver, I do think we can move away from this and focus on the the real issues which bring me to a very pertinent question that Jonah_77 raised 🙂 . Would you consider a position if offered although we do understand that you have withdrawn your name for consideration. Many view you as a son of this conference.

      Also you readership and contributions and valued. The Veggie Lasagna sounds great. If you send an advertisement for this week’s event I will post it as a banner .


  5. dolomite9 says:

    Deal with it!Take a stand and deal with it even if you go out in a blaze of glory!What have you got to lose?The future generations will remember what we said and did here and the price we paid for freedom!Freedom is worth whatever price we need to pay for it!Stop making idle threats because we are all grown up Seventh Day Adventists and some of us are even Christians!


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