Response from Dr. Winston Stanley

Greetings all. A former President of SWRGC coined the phrase, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Currently, names of ministers in our conference are being circulated to serve various post at the conference level that will be suggested at the up and coming Constituency or Nominating Committee (Small Committee), which will convene at the Union Office later this month. While I may have my personal preferences,as we all do, there are some names suggested (of ministers) I object to on the basis of Principal and Policy. I object and raise issue with any colleague who does not support Adventist Christian Education, based on (1) Biblical Principle, (2) Spirit-of-Prophecy and (3) SWRGC Policy for Church Workers.

As a worker/minister in Adventism and one who preaches this message from the pulpit every Sabbath … how can I, an ordained Seventh-day Adventist Minister or Teacher, or Adminstratative Assistant, preaching and teaching a mandate given to us by God–costumed designed for this day, serve a Conference post (or even Conference Committee) when we as God’s representatives lead such a “double standard.” Both Teachers and Ministers should lead by example, but more-so stand on the above mentioned (Principle and Policy). The “issue” at stake is “Principle and Policy.”

It is indeed a double standard when workers’ children (Ministers and Teachers) are allowed to have their children in public and selected parochial schools, outside of Adventism, when our very livelihood is subsidized by the very Tithe Dollar that carries the Adventist church. This is an issue that should be given attention at the up and coming Constituency and should be a priority or prerequisite for the selection of men and women who serve a Conference Post and/or Conference Executive Committee or Educational Board.

FACT: Consider our church schools: we have no more than 150 students across the entire conference as a sum total. In other conferences, this 150 students is a sum total of one school and not the entire conference. FACT, quite a few of the 150 total are Non-Adventist. Where are our Adventist Youth we ask? Our deceased Messenger–Ellen White would be be alarmed at what is happening. God did not allow Ellen White to give all this counsel to just be ignored by Adventist workers right prior to His Second Coming.

At the core of the Strategic Plan for the SWRGC, is our failing Adventist Educational System. If we as a local Conference, are going to correct this gi-Normous problem, it is without doubt we must start with LEADERSHIP Conference Officials, Ministers, Teachers, and Administrative Assistants. While some workers are pulling one way, the good efforts of some are off-set and stifled by a few workers pulling the other way. This should not be! Again, the issue before us is “Principle and Policy.” The ole saying goes, “I can only hear what ya say for what I see you do.” Membership is watching us.

In closing, Martin Luther King stated, “Evil and wrong prevail when good people sit back, do and say nothing.” If Constituency By-Laws allow time for issues to be addressed at the Nominating Committee in Burleson, given we/I have just three minutes, I am willing to drive that far and have my 3 minutes of say in-order to bring this issue to the front.

Might I say this, I have removed my name from wanting any Conference Post lest my motives be mis-judged. God knows my heart.

Winston B. Stanley, PhD.

Round Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church & School
4 Applegate Circle
Round Rock, Texas 78665


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6 Responses to Response from Dr. Winston Stanley

  1. Dolomite9 says:

    And the Jesuits too!


  2. Dolomite9 says:

    Even the Jews!


  3. Dolomite9 says:

    There is no doubt that extenuating circumstances would cause for exceptions but unless there are no church schools available a worker should put their children the locally conference sponsored church school.Have you workers noticed that we no longer have workers meetings where we can get answers and ask questions?You need to know what is happening to your paycheck and see whether you agree with changes and deductions made!Just a word to the wise!You cannot trust everybody even if they appear harmless and innocent!Remember the devil can transform himself into an angel of light!Unless you are not doing your job,you should not be afraid to ask if the people in the office are doing theirs!


  4. Jonah_77 says:

    Marian brings up a great point. However, I do believe that those are case by case basis. I think what Dr. Stanley is talking about is the outright open non-support of our institutions by its employees.

    But my question to Dr. Stanley is, while removing your name is an admirable quality, if God chose you through the upcoming meeting to lead, would you? Motives will always be judged, but if your heart is with what you speak why sit on the bench? Dr. Stanley, 3 min might not be enough for our Adventist children.

    It’s going to take someone with an education background and leadership attributes to tackle that problem. Also a clear and concise strategy that speaks to the expectations of this conferences workers and their action regarding a whole host of issues. I personally would like to see this addressed because education is one of the ways to ensure your children have a good upbringing.

    What Say You?

    I thank you for blog and hope to hear from you. God bless.


  5. Marian says:

    I agree – we should ask all employees of the denomination to follow the policy. That being said, there are extenuating circumstances which grace and mercy allow us to consider: if a worker finds themselves living where there is not access to church school, then what? If a child in the family has special needs which the church school is unable to address – then what?

    It is easy to make blanket statements and applications, but when it is one’s own family we want grace and mercy to prevail. Let’s offer that same grace and mercy to everyone.

    Workers must finally answer to the Lord for their actions – let’s not put ourselves in the position of judge. The Lord is still in charge!


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