“Houston…” We Have a Problem!

There is much debate and discussion about this topic. And how the bylaws can support what our constituents want. Being that a blog has already been submitted on this topic I am not going to re-post but I will inform of you the constituents of what has been communicated to me by several delegates and ministers in this conference.

Reportedly, there are strong forces at work that want to prevent our current incumbents name from being nominated for an up or down vote by the constituents.

What this means is that you, as delegates, may not have an opportunity to even vote on your current president and other elected officials representing the SWRC. You may be presented with a totally different name come constituency meeting at the end of May. If you reject this name the small committee will have to meet again and present you with another name. More than likely it may not be our current incumbent.

If small pockets or “cliques” of people have stacked the small committee to not even consider the current president or your desires for elected offices then “Houston, Dallas, Austin, Nacadoches, Lufkin, Cleburne, New Orleans, Alexandria, Tulsa, Little Rock, El Paso,” we have a problem.

There have been reports that small committee members were selected for this purpose by members in your local churches. Is this what, you, the constituents want? This blog does not promote any particular person only the process for which decisions are made excluding the will of the people.

If you want your current incumbent then you must communicate. You must contact your local delegates who are respresenting you on the nominating committee and tell them how you want them to vote. They represent you not Frank, Dino, and Jerry.

If you don’t want the current incumbents then communicate your desires and pray for God to give you direction for who would best lead this conference.

Do not let the “Few Make Decisions for the Many.” Get involved. If you’ve been reading this blog daily, then you see the challenges beginning to emerge within this conference… We, the constituents, can change them! We have to work together. Get on the phone, call your pastor, find out what’s going on. It’s okay to ask tough questions.

If you need assistance you can email me at forgottenshepherdess@gmail.com . I will help you get in contact with those who are representing you on the small committee.

God Bless


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18 Responses to “Houston…” We Have a Problem!

  1. Sister-girl says:

    Hi Everybody!

    I feel like I’m talking to friends. I have not commented for a while, because I just would like to hear someone else say something. Left Behind you are my hero. You represent what is good about America, about the civil rights, about the little people who need someone to stick up for them. There, however is nothing little about the ministers who you are sticking up for. Just by the fact there are only 5 or 6 maybe speaking out, makes me feel like they are part of the cliqueish system the blog is talking about. In fact, if that is all they can do is sit by the sidelines and let others suffer for them, then maybe they deserve to have their “hearts cut out ” It AIN’T DOIN EM NO GOOD, THEY CAN’T FEEL NO HEART PAIN.

    Well, let me talk to people in the churches! what yall think! Is FALCON COMIN! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! I was at church the past Sabbath, and I found out people are following this blog everyday, … at work, at home, on their smartphones and I mean everyday. They know about everything. Like I said before, I am wishing for a smooth Constituency, and the last thing I wanna see is someone talking crazy, when we can all talk to each other right here. Please, get it out of your system. My name is not Sister-girl. But I like the idea of being anonymous. However, change only happens when many people speak out. It’s hard to suppress the masses. That’s why I know Wisconsin’s is only going to have a 1 term Governor. Because the masses came together. The masses must speak out here. It is not good enough to just view. We are all christians, no one cares if your choice for President goes either way, For the current President, for Falcon, for the Fraternity Brothers, For outside the Conference,for the Senior Men (by the way who are HEARTLESS (smile) . However, I am asking, let’s voice and share our opinion, cause can’t nobody do nothing to us. It’s our Tithe dollar that keeps food on their table. And lest they forget, we got the last and FINAL say on these matters. They can bring out any name they want, it won’t be the first and probably won’t be the last that we send them back to deliberate some more! However, if we talk now, we can get the feel of others besides ourselves. This blog is all over the FIVE STATES and other Conferences, the Union’s, the GC. Let’s start the dialogue. We can agree and disagree and still be friends. Someone, a while back, mentioned that all interested parties in this job should have Resume’s available,including the President, so what is everyone thinking! REMEMBER, Constituency is just around the corner and my Pastor passed out a brochure, but I have not heard another word about the Strategic Plan and I have not heard who is “running” so maybe the blog is making a difference. Because, by now a main name would be floating around, including the President’s. Let’s talk!


  2. Anonymous says:

    This Is “Houston” What’s The Problem Apollo ?
    By John Dillinger

    Have you forgotten that in 2000, the constitution and bylaws committee chaired by the incumbent President voted that it would no longer be permissible for a sitting President’s name to be the first considered by the constituency for an up or down vote. This recommended change in the constitution and bylaws was approved unanimously by the constituency and not by the so called “Rat Pack”.

    Isn’t it ironic that the same process that elected the incumbent who was the executive secretary at that time is now 11 years later is being challenged by certain supporters of the incumbent as being put in place by “pocket” or “cliques” of people. When in fact it was voted by the same “Houston, Dallas, Austin, Nacadoches, Lufkin, Cleburne, New Orleans, Alexandria, Tulsa, Little Rock, El Paso.” Why is there a problem now Apollo when there didn’t appear to be a problem 11 years ago.

    You stated “This blog does not promote any particular person… ” That statement is almost laughable then one comes to the sobering reality that you are serious. This blog is doing everything to promote including name calling those who are rumored to be not for the incumbent. Which is your right under the first amendment. However just as you have free speech rights others have free speech right as well. Which include meeting with others who share your views also speaking with those who are elected to make decisions and nominate officers and department directors. It’s all free speech protected by the first amendment.

    That’s what’s so wonderful about this great country of ours is that not only are your rights protected but the rights of others as well. One can even set up their own blog and state their own opinions, not only on a blog but also on facebook, twitter, youtube and other avenues as well.

    So to those who are upset about this blog or cartoon or whatever I strongly encourage and recommend that you create you’re own blog or some other venue to make your opinion or voice heard. Apollo this is “Houston” what seems to be the problem.


    • Ain't too proud to beg says:

      Hold on!

      The issue to me is not about those who want to exercise free speech or what has happened in the past. Each person of the “Ratpack” has every right under the constitution to talk to whoever they want expressing their political preference. But, in the arena of “politics” of which they make themselves to appear as the “greatest politicians” of all, they are in fact operating out of the “realm” of the rules written or unwritten found in the constitution and bylaws.

      You being a very knowledgeable person will agree that most leaders in a territory “probably” would send a worker to the “boonies” for holding such discussion meetings without the knowledge of the Leader. In many of these meetings it is well known that the question is “who are you going to support?” and “are you with us?” If the “party” gets in power, repercussions most likely will follow against some who did not follow their “guy” or “girl”.

      For instance, in three elections past the “party” issued out their reprimands because some did not follow their plan for that incumbent they sought to depose (who is not in power today). Keep in mind, in that electoral process the change in the “rule” was specifically introduced and voted deliberately so the incumbent’s name would not come out. Who did this? The so called “Ratpack”…and we know who came out of the back room in that tumultuous election.

      Now, in this present election, if you go out and “stack the deck” our present system has been compromised thus giving a “party” an advantage over the incumbent. I have read the constitution and there is nothing in the by-laws or constitution that permits the establishment of political parties. Since on the GC website, sda.org, it states that the nature of our governing system is democratic, it seems only democratic that the election field should be as such. The only point that is being emphasized is that it could be done by changing the rule by 2/3’s vote by the constituency. (Which I admit and believe won’t happen)

      Therefore, if the “Ratpack”, a group of people, an unofficial political party, interest group should achieve their intended goal, we as constituents are thus denied the opportunity of knowing their political agenda. What is their platform of ideas for leading? What person do they represent that they want to be the Leader? The point written in the article was an attempt by the writer to emphasis the present inequality.

      The only way that all this could be purely democratic would mean that each person who would like to be the Leader should declare him/herself and at some point in time allow them to give their speech and present their agenda to the nominating committee and constituents. Then let the constituents vote.

      Please read the quote from the article below…

      “If you don’t want the current incumbents then communicate your desires and pray for God to give you direction for who would best lead this conference.”

      “Do not let the “Few Make Decisions for the Many.” Get involved. If you’ve been reading this blog daily, then you see the challenges beginning to emerge within this conference… We, the constituents, can change them! We have to work together. Get on the phone, call your pastor, find out what’s going on. It’s okay to ask tough questions.”


      • Anonymous says:

        No My Brother or Sister,
        I think that you are the person that needs to hold on for a bit
        go back a read who was the chairmen of the constitution and bylaws committee in 2000 was it not the incumbent who recommended that their be a change in how the nominating committee may consider a candidates name. Please take the time to at least read instead of just reacting like most Negros.

        John Dillinger


      • @JohnDillinger I appreciate your comment however this an older post and you may not get a response. As I stated before I do agree with you tht the incumbent voted on it because it did not effect him at the time and now because he is president it not applicable. I just think the whole process stinks. Without accurate data to support whether the PEOPLE want him back in office the small committee shouldn’t blindly make a major staff change. Does this make sense? Believe it or not there are many constituents who are upset about the new nominee and as you said before they have to vote.


      • Ain't too proud to beg says:

        John Dilinge,r my fellow Negroe, I am still wrestling with your point.

        1. The incumbant was the chairman of the Constitution and by-laws committee.

        2. He is now the President. Wow, we agree.

        Did certain people in the selection process “stack the deck?” I say yes. The evidence now proves it.

        What would happen if the Union allowed different individuals to go around and do this? There would be political chaos which our system has not made room to handle this. The members would react negatively to it and would be detrimental down to the church level.

        Is it illogical to assume that if a chairman was sefishly wrong, and is now the president, that it makes it right to be unfair in a christian system?

        Before you shoot me check your bullets and make sure that they are not blanks. Ha! ha! ha!

        I do like your courage to speak out and have a civil discussion. It makes it fun. Thanks! People get to see both sides of an issue and who knows…see if you can change me.

        From your fellow Negroe


    • @John Dillinger I really had to think about this before I replied. I don’t want anyone to think that this blog is bias or promotes a certain individual. I agree with you on the fact that the incumbent did vote eleven years ago to remove that option. However, times are changing. I think fresh ideas are great my concern is who is selling them? Is it someone who declares “hey I have great ideas” let me lead? Or is it a group who secretly wants to push an agenda to suit their purpose? I hope that I have opened the door to not only expose the “Frank, Dino, and Jerry’s” but also our current leadership see transparency in an earlier posting. I am not saying he should be re-elected I am a proponent for the PEOPLE! Let us decide if he should be essentially…Fired. Why should a few decide…what agenda do they have? What motives do they have? Here is a perfect example, years ago a certain “few” decided that a certain person’s name would not come out…because they knew if it did then he would most likely be voted back in (not our current incumbent) their plan was perfect and tidy. They had all the members signed, sealed, and delivered. Until they miscalculated one step…The PEOPLE didn’t want him. So instead they settled on a name that would come out instead of the incumbent. Now, lets think about this, how is it that the “few” did not know the will of the people? Why would the nominating committee present a name and have no idea on how the people would receive it? It’s simple…THEY DIDN’T ASK THEM. Small committee members are nominated by delegates from local churches. They should have known what their churches wanted before they came to this meeting. Instead they were stacked in favor of someone else who did not care about the PEOPLE. I say ask the people what they want and nominate according to their will. If that means the incumbent, well then I guess John “it is what it is.” If he’s not fit the people will speak.


  3. Me says:

    This is funny.. It was “cliques” that got the current President into office in the first place and why he won re-election so why is it an issue now.. I didn’t here anyone saying anything years ago..


  4. Marian says:


    We just need to be individually prepared to accept by faith His leading!

    However, we serve a God Who deals in orderliness – the process for elections is the same from the local church up through the General Conference – an organizing committee selects a nominating committee who elects officers and the whole body votes!

    What we are seeing at the conference level is the process voted at the last constituency meeting – if this is not satisfactory, then vote for a change at this year’s meeting!


    • @Marian thank you for your response. You are so correct orderliness should be theme of this year’s meeting. We as a people, a body, a church must stand together and say that BACKDOOR DEALS WILL NOT FLY ANYMORE! The caps are for emphasis 🙂 We have to be vigilent. God gave us choice. He gave us a responsibility for the souls who are lost. We must clean house within so that we can bring lost souls into an environment that is prepared to embrace the unbeliever. Voting for a change means to put forth to the committee OUR VOICE! Our voice must ring loud and true this year. Our voice must reject underhandedness and dirty politics. Stay with us Marian we need more voices like yours.


    • ANNONYMOUS says:

      Thank you Marian. God is always with us. This is why I want to do what is acceptable and right in His eyes.

      Remember the history of Israel and why they were sold into captivity? God was there too. Doing nothing and not standing for the right to keep God in the process, could bring God’s judgements on us. It’s not who becomes our President that is most important, but what we do that is righteous in His eyes. I want to be on the side of right and not wrong.

      If the constitution is perfect why seek to improve it with another committee?

      Thank you for your insight I appreciate your opinion.


  5. Ain't too proud to beg says:

    If they paid a reported 30 grand for something like this…it is highway robbery! However it is a beginning.


  6. Ain't too proud to beg says:

    I just looked at what appears to the SWRC STRAT PLAN. I am disappointed if this is all.


  7. Jonah_77 says:


    You can not be serious. This is why we need change. I am not a fan of the current President. But, I refuse to stand by and let the process be ran by the few, who claim that this is a open and fair process.

    The idea that Frank, Dino and Jerry or anyone else would allow themselves to be embraced in these tactics is an outrage. God speaks through his people, and it seems that a few are allowing themselves to speak for God.

    Members if SWRC, they, (Frank, Dino, and Jerry) are counting on you to be ignorant. Furthermore, if yuo show up at constituency meeting and are not a voice for change then you might as well hand them your future.

    What say you.


  8. firstangel1844 says:

    Outstanding work!


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