Who Can Pastor a Large Church?

There is a fallacious myth circulating around the North American Division within the African American community. Some lecturers who have spoken at our workers meetings and planning sessions have said to workers that only certain men or women are skilled and capable of ministering in large churches. Is this a fair statement?

To approach this question I would like to point out some very important observations. First of all there are no large churches in the Southwest Region Conference. Now I know that some will refute this, but before you attempt let me elaborate further on my observation.

Here it is there are no churches in the Southwest Region Conference with an attendance of over one thousand members present on a consistent basis. And I have been very generous I believe. There are no churches with an attendance of eight hundred or even five hundred per Sabbath. If my unscientific findings are correct this would mean that most of our churches in attendance are below the eight hundred mark. This would mean that lecturers have derived their findings based on book membership.

My observation would mean that most ministers in this conference are presently ministering in mid to small size churches. Therefore, the above claim would be illogical. I would conclude that any ordained seasoned minister in actuality could pastor any church in the Southwest Region Conference. However we must take into account that there might be some preachers who would like to stay in small churches, who have no desire to be in large ones. Also, the larger churches are usually assigned based on the preference of the Conference President, because he is usually under pressure from the Union for numbers concerning baptisms.

So the question of today: Is this observation true? If so, what qualifies a minister for any church pastorate?

I would like to hear your responses and discussion.

Remember if you don’t know how place your comment please contact forgottenshepherdess@gmail.com at the address below.

~A Ministerial Contributor of Southwest Region Conference of SDA


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2 Responses to Who Can Pastor a Large Church?

  1. dolomite9 says:

    It is true that there are no large churches in the swrc and somehow,the subject seems unnecessary unless to satisfy someone’s misplaced ego,who thinks that there are large churches here!There are large egos but not large churches!The way we shoot our own wounded ,we don’t have to worry about having any large churches either!
    we need to learn the art of cultivating and grooming and appreciating the talent that we have and when we have exhausted our resources,then look elsewhere.We have to learn to embrace success and stop being afraid of it.Let us cultivate the diamonds in the rough that are in our own backyard!We have the power to make this constituency awfully simple or simply awful! I prefer the former!


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